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  1. She also has the ability to detect tentacles, which other merms cannot. That can also be a mark of intelligence.
  2. Idk, I think she likes the survivors. She didn't kill Wilson when she had the chance, she gives them presents, they can ressurect through many methods, including touchstones, which spawn naturally, and she seems eerily excited by the prospect of them fighting in the Forge. Maybe she wants to strengthen them, but still hold the power of fear over them, so she continues to attack? They are gatekeepers, maybe she needs them to open new worlds for her? To make a long story short, I think she thinks of them as her little minions, who, while weak, possess mobility she does not. She needs them, but needs to control them.
  3. Nobody is attacked by Charlie while wearing moggles, because they aren't blind. I think one of her limitations is that she cannot lay a finger on you if you are not visibly impaired. Also, not related to this particular post, but I just remembered she doesn't attack you by striking; she does damage from the inside out, so she has no reason to fear being attacked. Interesting theory! I like it.
  4. But Walter isn't afraid, even in complete darkness. Charlie will still come after him. Maybe it's awareness rather than fear? Awareness of her presence, at least, as opposed to sight. She'll make a noise before she attacks (surprised the crap out of me the first time I died to her.)
  5. I always figured it was a combination of the mind and the actual lack of light. Not only does the character have to be immersed in darkness, they have to be blind. I think it fits with DS's theme of the perceived becoming reality and mental and physical worlds becoming intertwined, the same way the shadow monsters can't spawn unless you are insane, but then do physical injury to you. BTW, the pigs will still run around in darkness if they're befriended to the player and not get hit. I've been surprised by pigs that show up out of nowhere at night because I forgot I befriend them and then left them behind when sunset came, only for them to find my campfire. I don't think Charlie is afraid of Wilba or Woodie or merms, anyway. She's essentially a god.
  6. Wurt and Wortox are both monsters that originate from the Constant, but there are obvious differences between them and their brethren. Most importantly, Charlie will kill them. It makes sense with characters like Webber, WX, and Wormwood, who don't belong in the Constant (I mean, Wormwood is from the Moon, but it seems like the Moon is at odds with Charlie). Even pigs and Merms are aware of Charlie, but they don't get attacked by her. What changed for Wortox and Wurt when they became survivors? I have a theory that Wurt is the first merm who was born a merm, as opposed to being transformed by the Gnaw. She seems a bit more self-aware than the others and has this idea of greatness, whereas the others have lost their minds when they were afflicted. Wortox... I guess he rejected the idea of the Constant? Not entirely sure. Any theories? Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad that the Charlie thing stays in, because it's almost as integral to the game as starving itself, but I'm just curious how they are different from the merms and krampuses.
  7. I like the necromancer theme, and the idea of shadow magic. Perhaps it should be powers that are only useful in late game, as opposed to his already existent beard and stuff. Magic seems like a good theme. If nothing else, he needs a rework simply so he can create character exclusive items. All the other characters have received this, he needs it too.
  8. Everybody hound Netflix like a Varg sending hounds after Wigfrid so that we can potentially get this.
  9. Nuts, okay. Try it now, and if not, i'll post it here, too.
  10. Haha, wow, it has been a while! Still a fan of the game, don't worry, just been working on a lot of different projects and haven't been super invested in DS specifically. I did start playing Darkest Dungeon, however. Scientists, amiright? (In case you can't read my terrible writing: Wilson: People have no respect for scientific approaches! Plague Doctor: I agree! It's as though they're afraid of progress! W: I mean, you build one portal to hell... P: You dissect one teacher...)
  11. He is so cute! I like how there was at least a little expansion on the Woodie lore. And, nice, it's cool to have a character who can wear shadow armor without the massive sanity drain. Really awesome, I'm actually super excited to play as him. Next trailer should be with the children... Can you imagine Webber, Wendy, Wurt, and Walter (And maybe Wormwood?) having a good time sailing together? DEATH BY CUTENESS!
  12. Haha, nah, it's just a random island. I just kinda threw some colors on real fast because I didn't want to get bored and not finish it. But if you want it to be Shipwrecked, then, yes!