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  1. My brother calls Walter: Trumpet Guy Even though that's technically not accurate. I find it quite funny and don't correct him.
  2. But if people are saying it is should at least give you pause and wonder if there is more to it. You need to do your research, especially if there are things that bother you. I bought "What Remains of Edith Finch" and I can't play it because I can't stand the idea of being alone in a giant house. It skeeves me out too bad. But I should have watched some LPs of it. Now, I get you are saying that the updates change the game, and the people with phobias couldn't have expected this, and are not able to experience it. That's fair and true. However, this is a case where they don't get less, everyone else gets more. Something not being given to you is not the same as it being taken away from you. While this is clearly a joke, there are times when a game with a "cute" front is a horror, so the tags normally are quite useful.
  3. That little + sign shows the other tags. It's true that the ones further down are typically less true to the game than the ones displayed on the page, but they are still relevant. It is your responsibility to research a game if you have certain fears. There are other games I've done this for. Edit: Oop, posted this at the same time as several others, but just to be clear, I've looked up the tags for Don't Starve in the past, just because I was curious, and it had a horror tag (As in, Vanilla DS. So, the form of this game with less content still had the tag).
  4. I think the point Mike is trying to make is that, Klei would have to reskin something every time the vocal minority found them upsetting, which, let's be real, in a game that tens of thousands of people play, uh... something is gonna upset someone somewhere. Maybe they're too sensitive, maybe they have an actual phobia, but you don't stop production of a creation just because a small percentage of people can't enjoy it. You move on and ignore them, because while Klei is awesome, they are still a company producing media for thousands of consumers, and they cannot pander to each individual customer (not that any content creator should have to do that). If they stopped production every time someone was disturbed by their content, their updates would crash to a halt. The people who are making the mods are doing good work, helping people out with phobias. But now you are asking that Klei, the creators themselves, takes time away from updates, which the majority of people enjoy in their entirety, for the minority who cannot handle the scary imagery. So, yeah, actually, it is a poor use of resources, because if it was the majority of their fans expressing unhappiness at it, maybe there would be a reason to change it, but because most fans are actually quite pleased, and only a few people do not want it, the majority suffers for the pandering of the few who refuse to use the solutions presented to them.
  5. "Like" was a poor choice of words. But I'll stand by what I said: you don't have to play the game. You can toggle the switches if you don't want your phobia triggered. They DO have accessibility, they're upset because it is in the unmodified version of the game. I'm not talking about people who go "Oop, I can't handle body horror, guess I'll install the mods or turn off hound attacks." I'm talking about the people who are complaining because they know they have triggers, know a game has THOSE specific triggers in it, and then get upset because that game triggers them. That's like someone telling me, "You can't have this antibiotic, it has penicillin and you're allergic. You can have this one that's just slightly less effective." And me saying, "No, I don't want to compromise for something that's less effective.", and then getting upset because I break out in hives.
  6. Yeah, I gotta say, I really don't get the people who are upset about the body horror. I know people hate hearing this, but if you don't like it, it really is as simple of a matter as not playing it or turning off hound and Pengull waves. You don't like body horror, fine. But no one wants to miss out on lore, and the story Klei wants to tell requires body horror (mutations caused by the presence of a Lovecraftian horror). And using the wheelchair analogy makes no sense. Video games are not a necessity, they are not something that is owed to you. It's not the same thing.
  7. Both sides are being rude. The people who like the content are calling them babies. The other side is saying they don't want mods or settings you can change, they want the game changed for their vocal minority. If it was, they wouldn't have raised the complaints in the first place, because those already exist.
  8. That's a very entitled way of looking at things. I enjoy horror, but I absolutely cannot stand jumpscares. They make me very anxious. Do I complain to directors of horror movies and video companies for having horror elements I enjoy with jumpscares I despise? No, because it's up to me to choose what to expose myself to. The world doesn't exist to accommodate you. Edit: Also? What? No one said video games are therapy. No one ever said that, Klei never said that, what are you trying to say? First of all: You don't have to play the game. If it's really that anxiety inducing, maybe you shouldn't. And I'm not saying you're a baby or a wimp if you don't, I've had to do that for other media. Maybe it just isn't the thing for you. Second of all: I get you're turning off some of the aspects of the game you might not have a problem with, but if it's as severe for you as you say it is, then you should be more than happy to make the compromise. Consuming a work of media (book, comic, movie, tv show, video game, etc.) means you are putting yourself at risk of seeing something you might not like, or may make you uncomfortable. That is a very transparent risk you take, whether you have a mental illness, phobia, or even if you just dislike it. You take the good with the bad, and if you cannot take the bad, don't take the good. It's ultimately up to you alone, not the creators.
  9. Oh my gosh, that's disgusting, but I'm still listening. Maybe a voodoo doll-connection type thing? He can injure himself and do the same amount of damage to an enemy. Idk, just came to mind.
  10. I feel like Wilson's will probably be last due to lore (a few years at the rate we're going), but I do really want to see how he changes. He isn't desperately in need of a rework, though. I'd say WX, just so he can take advantage of upgrades without screwing others over. Or have his perks more positively effect other team members (like, having a combat heavy haracter instantly is useful for everyone, having an instant rideable animal/Chester is good, having easy access to silk and spider glands via Webber or Wendy is great, better foods faster via Wormwood and Warly, etc.) As others have said, WX is kinda (fittingly) only good for himself, unless you count his "OVERCHARGED" light radius as a bonus to other players. I also desperately want his lore.
  11. The beetle somehow got stuck on the water, and when she fell off, she was stuck.