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  1. It was getting pretty overwhelming. Even with the new farms, there were way too many seed.
  2. First thing Maxwell would do if he escaped the Constant.
  3. Dang, it's been a while. I've been busy with a lot of things, but I have gotten some Don't Starve artwork done. I'm more active on Instagram and Tumblr, but here's my entry for the Halloween Contest:
  4. The beetle somehow got stuck on the water, and when she fell off, she was stuck.
  5. I didn't even think about Wormwood, this is actually a great weapon for him.
  6. Plus, they probably wouldn't charge for it just like the beards (At least, for the first few weeks), which would be many hours of work on a project that wouldn't net them that much.
  7. I'm curious if we might get an option for seeing which dish is which character's favorite. I was testing this out with Wilson, and it tells the standard hunger replenishment, but not Wilson's (+15). Perhaps there should be a tiny addon that says "%'s favorite dish!". (A cute little bookmark or sticky note might be fun and won't clutter the page that way!) I don't think there would be any need to change those values for characters that are immune to certain effects though (like, don't change it for Wormwood's lack of ability to gain health, or Wortox's half value, or Webber's monster meat immunity) Edit: Also, not in the near future, because this would be a pretty major change, but maybe we can get an ingredients section as well, so we can know the hunger, health, sanity values of them.
  8. I'm super happy! These look awesome! Thanks again for the free beards and points! Ooh, and WIGFRID! HECK YEAH! She's one of the ones I was really looking forward to! Can't wait to test it out. And this will help make the headache of remembering what goes into each recipe so much less stressful! I can finally cook all the obscure foods and only check the wiki once. Finally, putting in a command for dropping items from your inventory thank so so much ;__;
  9. I wanted to finish this pic in three hours, and I did it just in time! (Lineart, I hate how long you take.) The kids of the Constant are so cute! I'm glad we have more of them, though I do hope Klei doesn't go overkill by adding too many more without adding more adults.
  10. Why does mixing a monster meat with three red mushrooms in a crockpot not kill you? Maybe whatever it is that drains sanity in cooked redcaps cancels out monster meat poison?
  11. I see this becoming a theme with me being an idiot and not just uploading directly from my computer... Should be fixed now
  12. I know this is DS not DST and very old, but does anyone have the sound file for the little music box tune that is played as a character is released from the nightmare throne? It sounds so sad...