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  1. [Game Update] - 355234

    Very excited for this and extra happy about the new/gorge veggies. Can't wait to play when I get the time.
  2. Look like Stream prizes.
  3. Oh, he's biracial, I think! That's so cool! I like how he's getting a Victorian skin! Also, can't wait for the veggies! I've been hoping they would get added for a while! Edit: just realized that he looks exactly like Wybie from Coraline as a baby!
  4. Ideas For ONI Steam Cards

    5 to 12 in my experience. They don't all have to have the same subject matter, but they usually do.
  5. Ideas For ONI Steam Cards

    Uh, for most games on Steam, when you play them enough, you get little digital cards that depict something from the game. If you get all the cards from a set, you can combine them to get a badge as well as backgrounds and emotes for your profile.
  6. Does Klei have any interest in ever making Steam Cards for this game? Just curious. I feel like a card for each biome might be a cool theme. Or for the creatures? The badge idea might be the electrical equipment, from manual generator to solar panels. I'm not saying that Klei is under any obligation to make these, I just think that it might be a cool addition when the game is fully ready.
  7. I just flashbacked so hard to the time a simple google search of Triumphant Wes showed me a gallery of DS vore.
  8. Maybe Wortox's will be him summoning a little wisp of his flowy red soul power, like in the short for a few seconds. And Winona can check for tools in her pockets or something. Edit: Just realized Winona already has one, oooops.
  9. wheezwort: wild vs domestic

    Everybody arguing about how powerful/broken Wheezeworts are while I'm just shocked you could plant them in a farm tile instead of a flower pot.
  10. Extoller's Art

    I work at a theme park that caters mostly to children. These are called handimals :). Thank you!
  11. Extoller's Art

    Got bored at work (i used a dirty piece of paper, because I wasn't selling it) He's holding a digeridoo, btw.
  12. Layering issue with pig torches

    Just a layering error. It was occurring with every pig guard. No mods installed.
  13. Return of Them Status Update

    No problem, guys! I think it's really cool you'd rather release something awesome than to jip on the quality for the sake of getting an update out.
  14. Extoller's Art

    Yeah, I was so tired I decided to just call it a day and not do a background because I didn't sketch one when I started. Thank you! I was trying to practice cleaner lineart and painterly techniques simultaneously. I think it turned out pretty good, at least, for Wormwood. Webber is really hard, though, and his fur was starting to make me a little salty.
  15. Extoller's Art

    Initially, I didn't think much of Wormwood, but after the short, my heart completely melted, and now he is my son.