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  1. I usually keep things pretty professional in these types of discussions, but if anyone makes a mod that replaces all the textures in the game with Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh memes...
  2. Definitely on Tencent's platform because it's China we're talking about. I'm not sure how rampant spyware is on Steam in games, but I imagine even if they do care about it, they can't do much to stop it. I'm genuinely unsure about Klei's choices concerning stocks. If they give out cash dividends, odds are Tencent WILL make some money with an increase of sales, as when your company does well, the faithful thing to do is pay your shareholders a little extra at the end of the year. The main issue is shareholders get to vote on who runs the company. Klei said Tencent respected their creative decisions in the past. But now they have the biggest vote when it comes to how the company is run. It's not uncommon for companies (all companies, not just Chinese ones) to sweeten the pot and get you to trust them.
  3. If you don’t like them, you are 100% within your right. You are not within your right to tell other people what media they can and cannot create/consume. I disagree with both South Park and Pewdie Pie on many things, I have criticized them both on occasion. They have also criticized things I believe in. I don’t like this. However, I will defend until my last breath their freedom to say things I disagree with. With this comment, I’m getting way off track on the actual deal and just voicing my hatred of oppressive communist governments in general. To come back around to the main topic, government pressure on independent companies besides that of ensuring safe environments for workers is very, very, very bad, and it is beginning to extend to companies outside of China, and you should be afraid.
  4. It’s not just that. China puts extreme pressure on companies (interior and exterior) to adhere to their laws and doctrines so their citizens will not see what freedoms other countries have. Do you ever wonder why whenever Disney come out with a “OFFICIALLY OPEN GAY CHARACTER” (tm), it’s always a one-off remark or innocuous joke? It’s because homosexuality is illegal there, and they are the main demographic of Disney movie goers (and movie goers in general). They make it easy to edit out. South Park was banned for calling them out on this (they didn’t care, because hating censorship has kinda been their thing since the 90s), Pewdie Pie was banned, Winnie the Pooh was banned for a meme, the list goes on, but those are just the ones off the top of my head. It’s wrong for all companies to sell data without consent. I’m sure Steam does, and that’s bad. They shouldn’t. But there are more issues at stake here. It’s not like Klei was political to begin with, but if they are more heavily scrutinized now, that’s a concern.
  5. I do not trust Chinese companies in general because of heavy government censorship and overreach, including multiple breaches of privacy. It’s extremely scary. Klei says Tencent respects their ability to create and distribute as they please, but these companies lie constantly. It’s a well-known fact you cannot trust a single word published by any large Chinese company simply because they will do whatever their oppressive government tells them to. If you don’t, you will be replaced, and by replaced, I mean disappear from existence until someone finds your corpse in a bag floating down a river a few months later. They have no respect for their own citizens and no respect for outside individuals either. Does the Blizzard Hong Kong incident ring any bells? Tencent owns a large portion of the stocks. I am not saying Klei would cave to the pressure like that piece of crap company, but you can never be sure. I’m kinda scared to play anymore. I honestly might uninstall the game and wait a few months to see what people say happens. :/
  6. Woodie just because wood farming is such tedium. I also like using the goose perk occasionally to try to scout out the ocean. And if a Varg is somewhere by my base, I'll go Moose on it.
  7. It was getting pretty overwhelming. Even with the new farms, there were way too many seed.
  8. Webber died and his skull was inside the spiders stomach. Someone found the skull and buried it. He was then resurrected. His whole origins are quite magical.
  9. First thing Maxwell would do if he escaped the Constant.
  10. Okay, fellow dumb Americans, which of you, like me, saw this update and were surprised for a split second they updated on Thanksgiving... before remembering Klei is Canadian?
  11. Dang, it's been a while. I've been busy with a lot of things, but I have gotten some Don't Starve artwork done. I'm more active on Instagram and Tumblr, but here's my entry for the Halloween Contest:
  12. The beetle somehow got stuck on the water, and when she fell off, she was stuck.
  13. I didn't even think about Wormwood, this is actually a great weapon for him.
  14. Plus, they probably wouldn't charge for it just like the beards (At least, for the first few weeks), which would be many hours of work on a project that wouldn't net them that much.
  15. I'm curious if we might get an option for seeing which dish is which character's favorite. I was testing this out with Wilson, and it tells the standard hunger replenishment, but not Wilson's (+15). Perhaps there should be a tiny addon that says "%'s favorite dish!". (A cute little bookmark or sticky note might be fun and won't clutter the page that way!) I don't think there would be any need to change those values for characters that are immune to certain effects though (like, don't change it for Wormwood's lack of ability to gain health, or Wortox's half value, or Webber's monster meat immunity) Edit: Also, not in the near future, because this would be a pretty major change, but maybe we can get an ingredients section as well, so we can know the hunger, health, sanity values of them.