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  1. Happy valentine's day bro!!
  2. Dragonfly because I love how everyone at base stops moving and starts typing when you put down a furncace before day 10 Coincidentally he's also my least fave because someone always try's to hatch the egg... without reading up on how it likes to start fires
  3. Wes' B-Day

    Ahh well. At least he makes for some fine bone bouillon Heres to Wes!
  4. Can we get Sealnados Cute form as a backpack. Yeah he tried to kill us but he's still a cutie
  5. I have never so closely identified with an emoji until I saw that facepalm. It looks old enough to file for disability checks from ww2
  6. Definitely hook line and sinker. I like how calm fishing is, and now theres so much fish to... fish!
  7. Lore wise I feel Warly should as he has the most experience (though, considering he most likely found his way here by accident and apparently forgot how to make all the cooler boats, it's debatable how much he has on the others) Vikings knew how to build some battle ready and sturdy boats..... but then again Wigfrids just an actor (nobody tell her otherwise or else they get a good wack in the head)
  8. Year of the Carrat

    Well with the seas being updated.... maybe it's not out of the realm of possibility to eventually add the tiger shark from shipwrecked?
  9. Who is the most polite Survivor?

    Opinions on my favorite characters (kind of headcanon-ish) •I literally can't picture Wilson doing anything mean.... to people. Animals however...he sure loves using animals for his experiments •I can't vote for wicker. She strikes me as slightly superficial. Webber could learn how to teach a spider a new trick and she would go "yes that's nice dear, now let me get back to my reading. •Maxwells kind of an a..jerk, and most likely only acts once when it suits him. He does have his moments tho, he's still human(?) after all •Wolfgang is the stereotypical tough guy with a big heart so yeah he's pretty polite. •Wes is well Wes and although is very weak and can't talk, he'll always listen if you need someone to talk and likes when everyone's happy
  10. Screenshot Showcase - Off Topic Edition

    What do the gold chests do. They look cool
  11. Screenshot Showcase - Off Topic Edition

    So I've been playing mh world and I played a resident evil crossover event where you get a talking knife wielding tofu as a pendant.
  12. I like how when you run past a tree it makes this really nice rustling sound. The torches fire and smoke animation is oddly high quality for such a simple tool. Mounted beefalo mimicking whatever emote your character does
  13. Is he smiling or holding back oil tears from getting punched in the face
  14. Triumphant looks cool but it also feels like it's a reference to something. Anyone got any ideas? Only thing I could think of was the iron giant
  15. Look on the bright side, now you can make a barrier on the edges of turfs with them (ok maybe the dimly lit side)