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  1. Can you explain how to use it please? I could never figure out if it just showed you what the weather is at the moment or if it could also predict
  2. Why doesn't Webber have 2 favorite foods (one for each of his 2 halves) Where can I buy a crockpot like Warlys Why is it that when I'm mapping out the map, I always end up at the spooky swamp when nights almost here? Why does it take me until day 20 to build the shadow manipulater but I had the alchemy machine by day 1 Why can't we shave Wilson's beard one level at a time and keep that handsome stubble
  3. I hate to be a bother but did you guys figure out/fix that bug where you exit the game and it just didn't save, possibly losing a few hours of work? I've had it happen to me 2x so far I still appreciate the update tho. Thank you
  4. Thanks! It's just The Victorian head piece with The Roseate chest piece (Stagerose Wardrobe)
  5. There's still always the telelocator staff if you want it to rain everyday during summer, unless that's been patched and I don't know about it
  6. I don't even use willow so.... Meh. That Yawn emote however is my precious
  7. I don't know how I didn't see this topic for so long. Thanks dude
  8. Awesome, now the crockpot setup with the fridges in the center will work with controller c:
  9. On your head, it's visible, but when on the floor it's not appearing at all. Bellow are two pictures showcasing it. The tophat skin is of the kind I am wearing and is in the same place for both pictures. Hope this helps.
  10. He's adorable, but I fear he might be a little .... Can we say dumb on this board.
  11. That's a heck of a patch. I already only add mushroom spores 2x an year (at the beginning of autumn and right before winter ends) With this the glowcaps with spores are gonna last almost the whole year with a single fuel cost, rotting right around the start of summer if you added spores on autumn day 1 (fine by me since I move to the caves for summer)
  12. This was when I was taking on dragonfly for the first time and I had no idea how many heals I needed so I thought what's wrong with 4 stacks of souls...... Of course now I know that's way too much but hey hindsight is 20/20
  13. The same happens with bees... learned that the hard way stockpiling heals for wortox :[