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  1. I just carried an entire server on bunnymen (24 huts) with Walter. So yeah, bunnymen are my vote. Feels good when you make all the Wigfrids smile Best part is when you use your army on the local beef herd and you get 4 horn drops
  2. Woby is a Good boy and refuses to participate in Bad boy activities such as transforming because a strange rock told him to
  3. I already got my favorite character from shipwrecked, Warly. (He may not be powerful until late game but that porta Crock-Pot is just soooooo fun) But if I had to choose another, it would have to be either Woodlegs for the challenge or Wagstaff for lore purposes (I need to see Wx78s reaction)
  4. Mancy- Divination by a specified means Divination-the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means. So from what I can tell, it's the usage of the untapped supernatural power of... Balloons
  5. You know how the grinches heart grew 3 sizes on the day he learned compassion? That never happened to Maxwell
  6. Powdercake. Not because it looks appetizing, but because it looks like a radioactive Twinkie. Always gets a good chuckle out of me.
  7. It depends on how many torches there are. The one with 8 torches, 2 on each corner? I'm keeping the torches and center my base around it. Cool factor is too good to pass up. Just the one in the middle with Berry's surrounding it? Bye bye piggy, hello free filler. Honestly same goes for the rest of them except for the 8 torch one
  8. Can you explain how to use it please? I could never figure out if it just showed you what the weather is at the moment or if it could also predict
  9. Just use lureplants/make a lureplants trash-can for rubbish. They'll eat practically anything that tends to pile up quickly
  10. Why doesn't Webber have 2 favorite foods (one for each of his 2 halves) Where can I buy a crockpot like Warlys Why is it that when I'm mapping out the map, I always end up at the spooky swamp when nights almost here? Why does it take me until day 20 to build the shadow manipulater but I had the alchemy machine by day 1 Why can't we shave Wilson's beard one level at a time and keep that handsome stubble
  11. Impossible. According to the vast majority of her quotes, she has none to give
  12. I hate to be a bother but did you guys figure out/fix that bug where you exit the game and it just didn't save, possibly losing a few hours of work? I've had it happen to me 2x so far I still appreciate the update tho. Thank you
  13. Thanks! It's just The Victorian head piece with The Roseate chest piece (Stagerose Wardrobe)