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  1. New Wes Rework Idea

    Type F in chat and Wes auto dies. Any character can trigger this (unlimited) power
  2. As Wolfgang, carrying 80 pieces of bundled jerky that self replenish every full moon via pig farm. Screw this survival stuff man, I just want to be a speedy lazy boy
  3. Man ya'll have some low priorities. Reach for the stars and get this exemplary mod into the main game
  4. Wurt

    So I know all we have is a silhouette but Wurt kind of looks like Etrigan from DC comics
  5. People like me who live in the caves still see her as optional. Free rocks/decor/walls baby
  6. Concept idea: Shields

    If blocking for people was limited to one person and shield defence didn't stack with anything, including other shields, ide say this would fit perfectly ingame. I like it.
  7. Become the innkeeper and reap the rewards muahahaha... but no I'd probably be a Wes (someone be my gym partner I'm begging)
  8. Off-Topic's bizarre anime thread

    So... any of ya'll catch that ridiculous chapter 122 of attack on titan this morning? Cuz it blew my mind
  9. Showcase for tidy bases [3]

    The ideal place to base would always be somewhere near permanent structures. For some, the oasis desert and its cactus and volt goats hare a great choice. Another great spot is near the swamp for its reeds.Pig king's actually a meh choice. You wont be visiting him very often and you can just move the pig villages. Personally I found a sinkhole that, in the caves, is close to a other sinkhole, and leads to the other side of the map. You just have to be lucky to find a wormhole/sinkhole. The good thing is that they're not very rare If you have stuff to do above ground like farming trees or stuff like that an above ground summer base is nice but I personally have a cave base to explore the ruins/caves during summer Summer in the caves is quite nice. No heat, no smoldering, farms, berry bushes, grass, mushroom planters, basically anything you can think of grow year round (farms still need a natural lightsource so place them under sinklights) you may want to consider just making a small base down there, next to the entrance of the ruins so you have access to lichen, a great food source. You always want a twig and grass farm. Apart from that, it's up to you for food. There are so many ways to get food in this game. The only thing you need to do is pick one and stick to it. Make your food source grow in output and you'll never grow hungry. My personal favorite are bee farms. Just 7 of them and enough flowers around them and you can get at least a stack of honey a day. You dont even need to use them in the crockpot with that much honey, I just eat raw honey. They can be used by any character, even the monsters like webber and wortox Oh and for your 1st question, yes the oasis desert is a fine choice for a base as long as the sand doesn't bug you too much.
  10. Most are kind and smart enough to know not to go outside. Plus it's mostly just to keep the willows in. Yes torches exist, bit I haven't encountered a single griefer that wasn't a willow. Griefers are lazy, figure that.
  11. Take some fossils (very common from mining cave spider dens) and place them down in a circle or square around spawn. They can be placed practically inside of one another and are Indestructible unless you have a hammer, which newcomers will never have. Personally I have a lazy deserter inside the cage to transport people out once I gauge then as being non griefers (simple test of saying hi. Griefers for the most part are silent and do not like being reminded there are people on the other side of the monitor)
  12. Imo the main problem lies that we're using an immovable structure that uses rare rocks to craft..... slightly better versions of basic tools. It's the pick/axe and thulicite club all over again No ones going to take the treck to the island just to chop wood faster when there's a multitude of other ways that are faster anyhow. Why make the glass cutter to farm NM fuel when the dark sword does the same but better. Why would you not want to be insane when farming NM fuel. These two tools only true use is to kill misery toadstool the one time(which I guess is kinda nice with the recent buff to his lamps), and help save on NM fuel for fuelweaver (it's no sanity drain use shouldn't even be noticeable as you're either wearing the bee queen helm or you're not wearing it and are experiencing-400 sanity drain anyhow.) Honestly no matter what the future update holds these 2 tools will always be niche (unless of course buffed). Now what they CAN DO is add actual new items that will keep us.coming for more. It's moon magic rocks. There's a multitude of unique things you could craft to justify the scarcity of moon glass. Maybe an amulet that when worn replicates the islands enlightenment status, or how about a staff that summons meteor showers in a specific spot like the volcano staff from shipwrecked. Unique stuff like that. Just take a look at what anyone even bothers crafting down in the ruins to get an idea on what would be nice to craft. Anything but it's like a dark sword, but better(?)
  13. Showcase for tidy bases [3]

    The blueprints for the desert goggles (and by extension the goggles) can be fished out of the oasis lake during summer and are quite cheap to make When worn, you'll be able to walk around the oasis desert like normal and your vision won't be nearly as hampered. These goggles, along with the fact that random smoldering being negated by the sandstorm and the antlion being so close makes the oasis an ideal summer basing location
  14. This one willow came onto my server and started burning everything, rolled back to before she chose a character and spawned inside the bone cage at spawn. Poked fun at her then banned. Yup I sure do love this rollback system