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  1. Another way to transport items is just using the telelocator focus. All it costs is purple gems, something abundant in mid/endgame Just link the 2 focus like in this video
  2. Ah I see. It does invalidate quite a few recipes If you're hoping warly will fix this, unless they rehaul the base games recipe values/make it harder to obtain filler/nerf recipe flexibility, all he will do is spice things up occasionally and only when he's around Right now it's ( meatballs, perogi, eggs and bacon --> everything else) all warly will do most likely is (some warly recipes --> meatballs, perogi, eggs and bacon --> everything else)
  3. What's with the hate on meatballs. It's so efficient (hunger wise). iterally one meat of any kind and 3 food item fillers of almost any kind for 65 hunger. At it's best (morsal/monster meat and 3 ice) it practically quintuples/sextuples the hunger input. Unless they come out with new recipes for food it makes little sense to make anything other then meatballs for hunger (bacon and eggs for longer expeditions but imo is subpar comparatively) unless you're using either farms(honey or veggie) or cave basing (lichen) and all those require setup while the former require almost no resources other then a spider den 2 shovels for berry bushes and 40 rot
  4. Yeah I second this. I dont want to sound ungrateful considering how much free stuff gets thrown at us.... but I don't really feel like I own wortox even though I played ten bucks.
  5. So kinda like a cake from minecraft where you place it down and take nibbles off of the thing until it's all gone. Sounds like a bad way to go out
  6. Wes character refresh

    That was actually another idea I thought about a while back. He could be the character with a bunch of pretty looking useless items to help spruce up the base. We have balloons and for me at least, they really do liven up the mood when they're around.
  7. Ps4 peasant signing in. As one friendly neighbor to another, could I get a cup of MODS please ;-;
  8. So I personally have been thinking about this characters refresh for a bit and I've had a few ideas as to how they could refresh him What if they (and hang in there with me) gave him perks//powers but they ONLY applied to your teammates/only benefited your friends. I have no idea what these perks could be, but it could be one way to make wes feel more welcome online without losing his hard mode status. It's either that or they could just go all in on his downsides and make him even harder. Whatever direction they go with wes I'll be happy as I use him just for his awesome skins anyhow
  9. Actually I received my twitch drop and currently have it on the ps4. I just kept watching (well at that point I put it on autoplay in the background) but I DID EVENTUALLY receive the crystal thermal stone skin. If you have further problems you should talk to a moderator or maybe make a topic about it in the bug forum
  10. winnona is practically a blank slate apart from her crafting mechanic, adding more structures/character specific recipes I feel would just further emphasize "use me for my structures and then switch characters" What she wants are character specific perks/mechanics
  11. Well this whole time I was actually thinking we were going to get to see human webber and have him be a nice in game skin, but it seems people like a good mystery.
  12. Honestly I just want them to introduce a way to control werebeaver better then just eating logs. What use is Lucy if you either have to eat the materials she gathers or transform into werebeaver and not be able to use her at all. "I love lucy!"
  13. I have my twitch linked to my account of the game, I even got the first two drops from the 30 minute mark and 2 hour mark, but the 6 hour mark prize just won't drop for me even after 20+hours of just watching streamers who may I add explicitly state !drops are enabled on their channel. I play on the playstation four btw.
  14. Yeah so I've watched streams for like 20 hours and never got the 3rd item prize to drop. Should I just keep watching to get the skin or am I just boned here
  15. They could just have Lucy have trees cut down by her drop 1-2 more logs and were beaver form makes the trees drop double. Something along those lines