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  1. Ironically the site is called "sewing our sanity." Jelly Salad should restore some of your sanity no?
  2. This? http://sewingoursanity.blogspot.com/2012/11/green-jello-salad-recipe-family-favorite.html
  3. so in order to equip a beard you have to equip the WHOLE set related to that beard correct? can i still put other items in the spots that the set doesn't occupy?
  4. Ever feel that you had a question about DST but felt it didn't deserve it's own thread? Well then ask it here.
  5. I think that's only if you drop them and set them on fire because it's the fire that kills them. Cooking them live over a fireplace/fire pit still increases naughtiness, at least according to the wiki, which I'm quoting.
  6. if you're playing dst solo and your base starts on fire, disconnect and reconnect and it will stop the spread, you will still lose structures/plants that were burning though