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  1. I'd love it there was an update which introduced permanent changes after the Moonstorms, or rather after defeating Champ for the first time. Not only does the moon cycle reset, Alter visually changes, so there could be some new content about the aftermath of such events. I dunno, maybe the mosaic could get permanently lunified a bit or something.
  2. So when Wagstaff tried to steal Alter little energy there, Alter threw a rock at us, which is the Celestial Champion, kinda like Alter's defense mechanism. Champ consumed the energy and used it to try and defeat the survivors but they killed her anyway and Wagstaff yoinked the energy because he is awfully sussy
  3. the epic fight scene between him and Wilson in the Cyclum comic was cool, but I always felt that Maxwell should get punched by others more often. After that, sure, he's good.
  4. that fixes nothing. What about the guy actually trying to fight the thing, they just stand there like idiots. And there's no guarantee the next night won't go to waste because of the same thing. Why even is this still an issue, making it target the closest player is so obvious
  5. A miniboss. And by the way if they are minibosses, Varg definitely deserves that title as well
  6. you can, but you will have to pay the required resources again
  7. oh I'm sure it's much shorter. I don't know the exact cooldown, but I'd be surprised if it were longer than a day or 2
  8. You need to scan the right mob to unlock them. For example, for the Super-Acceleration Circuit you need to take your Bio Scanalyzer and have it scan a Clockwork Rook
  9. Wickerbottom will age over time and as she does her ability with her books get stronger. She gets a new teleportation book and a book that deals a lotta damage. instead of health she gets a book meter
  10. you can copy the cluster file of the world in the folder of the beta branch and paste it into the folder of the main branch, theoretically But be careful about its number, as it shalln't match that of a different cluster in your main folder. Rename it to a new number
  11. Okay, sidenote, how are there so many people seeing a beard there, there is literally none. Though I do agree on the shaming part, it does get a bit repetitive. We aren't here to argue, we are here to talk about the game. But still, as others have mentioned, WX is, after all, canonically they/them, ignoring that is just begging for someone to cancel you on twitter.