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  1. yea, they look a bit weird, especially their top. If they could be fixed, its worth a try imo, but if no, then no.
  2. Yea, some time ago I was marathoning them trailers, and then I noticed that they had walls back in the day (I wasn't around back then). ANd yeah, walls make much more sense than empty holes of infinity. but there is one thing I dont understand with the walls: when you rotate the camera, can yo see from behind the walls, or do they disappear, or what?
  3. Yup! I always get my red n blue gems from graves, to refine them into a purple gem for the Manipulator
  4. I would bet money that you pronounce it like that Oh, and how much time do you spend thinking about these creatures? This question is for you, @Mr0idealistic
  5. True, but that isn't what I'd call a renewable source of gemmies
  6. Hamlet and Shipwrecked cost extra money in singleplayer, and to just give them out for no extra cost in DST wouldn't be very beneficial for Klei. and if they were for extra cost, that wouldn't do either, as Klei specifically said that they won't split the player base with paid expansions like these. (Also, it is a little unfair, that some people bought the DLCs in DS, only to later get them for free in DST. This may not be everyone, but I like DST more than DS, so if I knew that DST was gonna get them DLCs, I wouldn't have bought them for DS.)
  7. yea,in my opinion, new crafts is what she needs. For example some sort of buffing totem maybe. something, that enhances her, as a support fighter. Wolfgang is a lone wolf(gang), his powers only extend to him only. Wigfrid, I believe, is a support fighter, who can dish out damage on her own, but she can also craft equipment to others. And I want this role to be better, with more crafts that benefit everyone's fighting power.
  8. The Clean Sweeper can 1 hit kill butterflies, exactly like the Dark Sword!
  9. Yeah, the problem with that is, a third server would be VERY difficult to run for most computers, so that is basically out of the question. In singleplayer, the Ruins are even deeper than the caves, and the very reason that in DST they are on the same level as the caves is, so there are only a max of 2 servers that has to run at the same time
  10. Exactly what I was thinking. What also could be done, is to implement the Shark Fin Soup from Shipwrecked, as it could be used to farm krampii
  11. yea, or maybe before he gets down to 5000 health, ergo before he spawns some krampii
  12. Honestly, I wanna see new and exciting stuff added to DST, and not the old DLCs that I've seen a thousand times before. I would rather Klei works on new stuff, instead of spending time making the DLCs compatible with DST
  13. yea, slimes are a classic enemy in these types of games, but DST hasn't got a single slime