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  1. It's been too long since I've last done a low-effort Kashio meme soooo... Flashio the orange even fits in with the Spark Barons' theme
  2. I haven't been keeping up with the experimental branch, so seeing that mouth on Vix's belly made me go like :0
  3. Wait, ain't the QoL still in beta? We got plenty of time before that, settle down. Also, yes, Steam says YOTB lasts till the 17th. And after that, we still have the entire rest of the month ahead of us, so unless the ppl over at Klei go Supersonic, I don't see the RoT Beta coming out in March incorrect, OP is talking about the RoT update
  4. Oh yeah, that mod is pretty sweet, however I did find that it kinda messes with some of the other music. For example I couldn't get the Lunar Island working theme to, uh, work with this mod. Also Crab King's theme is for some reason replaced by the Epic Ruins track. But, I do love the fact you can actually configure the mod making it so the working music plays constantly, except when other tracks should be playing, obviously
  5. no, the video was just the game's soundtrack, the already existing music. Also, I remember a comment on that video asking about the very same thing, whether they'll do one for DST as well, and Klei said something like "maybe". Lemme look it up
  6. Yes, in fact when it was first uploaded I was also wondering about how great it'd be to have that but DST.
  7. I think he be talking about the ONI soundtrack lofi thing video on youtube which lasts a couple hours
  8. I mean, I guess that'd work for Fuelweaver, but still n reason for the Guardian one to exist
  9. I can understand why they aren't visiting them is purely optional, and how would "more" and "lots" of Fuelweavers work? It could be funny, but not really lore-accurate, if you get what I mean
  10. This is actually really good. This is what I love about these QoLs, they don't really hype you up that much, so the delivery is even stronger
  11. Where did you hear about this? Cause this is the first time I heard about it.