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  1. Skin Submittions

    Funny you tag me here, I posted a similar idea some time ago, where every three months or so there'd be a skin designing contest, with a special theme. After submission time was over, Klei would open a thread for voting on the skins. The best one(s) would be put in the game, the designers would get it for free, maybe a special rarity version of them, and everyone who participated gets a badge and/or a participation skin? That'd rock imo.
  2. With the release of the free A New Reign expansion, comes more puzzles and mysteries from Klei. The Fuelweaver's 3rd form, fightable in the Atrium, has a string of quote that said "Metheus..." The user @ImDaMisterL, with his ingenious and brilliant mind, just goofed up the webpage and inputted that there as a what if. What an Einstein. Click here to be redirected to the puzzle's page! So, what exactly lead the community to think something was going on? Klei posted the release trailer of the A New Reign free expansion: And it had some moments where hidden images could be seen i one paused at the right time before/after/in the middle of transitions. The first one: The second one: The First Day When entering the website, you'd be face to face with this: Ater that, the user @Mobbstar used pro hacking skills to access the available assets page and found 4 very interesting images: Those images appeared to depict the murals that told us a bit of the ancients' story in-game, but much more detailed now, of course. People realized though, that the 2nd mural was missing. Some time after, Klei restricted the assets page more than before, and if you tried getting those images now, they'd be like this: The Metheus page updated again that day, adding bowls of what seems to be paint and brushes: The Second Day The page updated once again: @CarlZalph Made a compilation of the symbols and the apparent alphabet of the ancients: And @Zeklo made a post with each individual symbol, found here: @Cherryzion made a compilation of the symbols we've had in older puzzles, their names and meanings: The page updated 3 more times that day: @Maslak Made a truly great discovery as well: The Third Day In this day, the page updated thrice! According to @Canal_WP, the page will update 2 more times today, at 2:55 and 10:55 PM, as it appears to update every 8 hours. EDIT: That turned out to be wrong The Fourth Day So far, the page has only updated once today: Thank you so very much, @Aeschwutz, for helping me with all the images I haven't (and even the ones I have) collected. This probably would've taken much more time if it wasn't for your awesome help! Huge Update (And link to guide!) This topic would be updated as the puzzle progressed, but I'm a bit busy nowadays, so I'll take longer to update it properly.
  3. Alright guys, we're getting a bit off-topic here. If you see a post you consider rude, don't reply to it, simply report it, else the thread starts to derail, and that's no fun. Thanks for understanding. And please, report any bugs you find in the ONI Bug Tracker: The Klei devs will be able to aid you better in there.
  5. Probably, but that might break a few rules. And the universe.
  6. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    Now, who killed Abigail?
  7. Pretty sure that was a Krampus costume, not Klaus :thinking:
  8. As posted by Bigfoot, Klei's founder, right here, there's a new free content update coming to Don't Starve: Shipwrecked! The new content is currently available under a new Steam Branch called "beta" with the password being "shipwreckedbeta". Got stumped and don't know how to access that? Here's a helpful link: So, what's new exactly? World Crockodogs. Will hound you at land and sea. Ballphin followers and the Ballphin Den. Roe. New food item. Stocks the fish farm. Cormorants. New sea bird. Source of Roe. Tar Slick. Pools of crude oil bubbling on the surface of the water. Tar. New resource. 3 new variety of tropical fish. Rainbow Jellyfish. Coral Nubbin. Replant coral after it's mined. Ox will produce offspring. New Craftables Galley and Sea Lab . Make your base at sea. Sea Yard. Keeps your ship repaired on the water. Tar Extractor. Gets Tar from Tar Slick. Tar Suit. Temporary protection from wetness. Tar patch. A sticky situation. Oil Lamp. Quick lightsource for land and sea. Fish Farms. Grow food on the water. Encrusted Boat. Quackering Ram. New craftable for the Quacken Beak. Sea wall. Water craftable wall. Blocks waves. Tropical Bouillabaisse. New recipe with new tropical fish. Caviar. New recipe with Roe Klei hopes you all have fun testing the new stuff! Don't forget, if a nasty bug threatens you, your base and/or the cookies you've been saving for later, you can head over to the Shipwrecked Bug Tracker (link below) so they're properly squashed, no mercy to the mean fellas: Nice sailing out there, chumps. .------. / ~ ~ \,------. ______ ,' ~ ~ ~ / (@) \ ,' \ ,' /`. ~ ~ \ / \ ,' | ,'\ ~ ~ ~ X \ \ \ ,' ,' V--< ( \ \ \ ,' ,' (vv \/\ \ \ | | (__,' ,' / (vv "" \ \ | | | (__,' / / vv """ \ | / / / \__,' / | vv / / / / / \__/ / | | \ / /,',',' \__/\_^ | \ /,'',','\ `-^.__>.____/ ' ,' \ // //---' | ===============(((((((================= | \ \ \ / | | \ / / / \ \ `. | \ `--------'
  9. Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked Content Update

    Very likely. I think this is just the beginning Nothing official though, afaik
  10. You're not the Fuelweaver, you're his nerdy cousin.
  11. Won't let me play

    Try verifying the game's cache! That should do it Welcome to the forums
  12. Thank you for the report. Would you please post this in the Don't Starve Together Bug Tracker?
  13. @Zeklo Thanks, my dude!
  14. Her speech file leaked some time ago, so a big part of the active commuity here in the forums already knew that, that's why people weren't all that hyped with the lore that came with her release But thanks for sharing anyway!
  15. Badge Mistake

    You meant the hamsters, right? A system.
  16. Badge Mistake

    Hmm, I think it makes more sense for only game badges to be given, not DLCs. Else, there would`ve been an SW badge too.
  17. Forum Game - Which character are you?

    Wes, ... WX-78, ...
  18. Singleplayer DLC

    If you have nothing constructive to add to the discussion, simply do not post. Don't derail the thread, thank you.