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  1. Hey everyone, remember to follow the Community Guidelines and to be respectful, constructive and on-topic when posting, thanks for understanding, and have a great sunday
  2. Ban ZTheNecromancer in the name of all doctors.
  3. I can't believe nome and Peter were brothers and they never told me!
  4. Hey everyone, Halloween is approaching fast, and to celebrate the season we wanted to propose a mod challenge to the community. That's right, a Hallowed Nights Mod Challenge! Alone or with a group of friends, work on a mod that follows the theme of Halloween or Hallowed Nights, then submit the mod on the #submit-here channel in the Klei Entertainment Discord server. During the submission phase, users will be able to submit mods that add content to the game with themes commonly associated with Halloween, such as trick or treats, horror monsters and the like! We will stop accepting submissions October 21st. After that, there will be a one week voting phase where the members of the community will be able to vote for their favorite mod. Be sure to read the guidelines below to see how you can participate! Both of these phases will happen exclusively on the Klei Entertainment Discord server. The users that worked on mods that have been submitted and accepted will receive 2000 in-game spools, and the top 5 community favorite mods will receive the complete Hallowed bundle. To receive these rewards, you will need to link your Discord account to your Klei Account over at - this feature is not yet ready, and a tutorial on how to do this will be made available as soon as it's working. RULES TO QUALIFY Failure to follow the rules will disqualify the submission. 1. Your mod must follow our Modding Guidelines, Steam's User Generated Content and the Steam Online Conduct guidelines. 2. Your mod must be related to Halloween or the Hallowed Nights event in Don't Starve Together. 3. You may work on your mod alone or together with a group of people (maximum of 5 members). ◦ You may work on multiple mods, but will only receive one reward. 4. No tricks for treats! You must “try” to make an interesting mod. Try to put some thought into it! ◦ Mods that have already been published and mods that copy other mods that already exist in the Steam Workshop will not be accepted. 5. All mod content must be PG and follow our community guidelines. 6. As with any community submission, event rules are subject to change. We will be accepting submissions between October 1st and October 21st (Pacific Time). The voting phase will happen between October 22nd and October 29th. Rewards will be granted upon verification of submitted mods at the end of the event. Have fun!
  5. There is no beta branch currently, the update has already been released:
  6. Hey everyone, remember to keep your memes and messages on topic, thanks
  7. Ban HellHeater because this thread never died. Never will.
  8. Hey everyone, just a friendly reminder to keep your posts constructive and on topic. Thanks
  9. Hey everyone! Remember to keep posts on topic. In the end, this is a meme thread, so let's keep our posts lighthearted and fun Thanks for understanding, have a great day *insert deepfried image here*
  10. I mean, despite being simple they're not really breaking any rules. There's no rule in this thread that says every single post needs to contain a meme, so I think they're fine, even if they were posted on page 666 without being spooky.
  11. Ban Pinegrove because off-topic posts don't count, literally.
  12. Just go here and click on "start new topic"
  13. Hey, nice art! May I recommend you start your own art thread in the Off-Topic forums for it (and any future ones)? Posting them in someone else's thread might not only derail it but also break their artwork chain and gallery. Also, it might be good to add a spoiler tag to the image and a warning above it for gore since it has so much blood. Thanks for understanding
  14. Maybe the real lore was the friends we made along the way.
  15. Translation of the report: I got stuck between the cushions and the couch I can't move I fell in between the cushions and the couch and I tried to jump to all directions but I can't leave
  16. Having the two tragic torches just makes you more special