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      Join us this Thursday, August 17th as we show off new features (and more) as well as discuss the upcoming Outbreak Upgrade for Oxygen Not Included. As always, the stream will be going live at 3:30 PM Pacific (10:30 PM UTC) only on the Rhymes with Play Dev Cast on Twitch. Where is it?
      On our official Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/kleientertainment When is it?
      Show date: Thursday, August 17, 2017 3:30 PM PDT (Pacific)
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  1. Charlie's Sister [Spoilers]

    Nobody knows, but it was likely a leak that they are desperately trying to make us ignore. Here you go: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/guidelines/ Welcome to the forums
  2. This game is simple, you gotta make up a (nice) rumor of the user above you, like: I heard @ImDaMisterL is actually a clone of @Asparagus in disguise! O__O
  3. Thank you for the report. Would you please post this in the Shipwrecked Bug Tracker? http://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/ds-shipwrecked/
  4. Kevin AWOL?

    Will you guys upload any of the gameplay footage of the demo to your YouTube channel or will you leave that to the PAXgoers?
  5. 2 Questions

  6. Sorry, I probably skipped the notification without seeing it. T'was moved now
  7. The forums have upgraded once more! Fear not, forum dweller, if you hate or just heavily dislike the new forum and its features/designs, it usually passes after the first few weeks/months of being exposed to it. We are humans, and as such we despise change (most of the time), so it's normal to dislike this too, but I'm sure it'll grow on you Still, I've heard a few complaints, and some are valid, so you can both compliment Joe down below about how awesome the new forums are, how nice he is to allow us to change our ranks (or horrible, if you disliked that), ask him why the flip flop is the default text color now gray and marvel at how well trimmed and waxed his mustache is (I swear, that thing's an alien and not part of his body, but none of the mod staff will listen to me!).
  8. If you buy it for your account, yes!
  9. Is DST dead?

    Quickly saved it for future use
  10. The forums are still very active, mainly in the Off-Topic and Oxygen Not Included sections. DS and DST are slow due to the current lack of updates. Although DST was confirmed to be getting more things in the future, DS is a hiatus for who knows how long.
  11. My birthday's tomorrow.

    Klei, if you could start developing a card game as a gift, that'd be great. Thanks :)

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    2. MenaAthena


      Happee bifdai!!!

    3. minespatch
    4. DragonMage156


      Heh, Skype told me it was your birthday ^_^ (idk why I didn't say anything ( ._.)

      Happy birthday! ^_^

  12. Thank you for the report. Would you please post this in the Oxygen Not Included Bug Tracker? http://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/oni-alpha/
  13. Forum crashing?

    I believe Joe has fixed all/some of the weirdness? (I know he fixed the themes' backgrounds). Report back here if any more weirdnes comes your way, guys. Thanks!
  14. A New Reign is done, but Klei is currently working on something for DST they wish not to speak about for the time being.
  15. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    My thoughts exactly xD
  16. Ash's brand new ART CORNER

    Wes waving to the "camera"!
  17. about this game

    Yes, there are a lot of servers. Yes, you can both chat and whisper chat in-game. Yes, it tends to have constant updates. We just have a batch of new, free content some time ago, but Klei has said they're working on new stuff already, just not ready to give us any info yet. Welcome to the forums! Hope you have fun here
  18. Is it just me or did the background art disappear? 0-0

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    2. Mobbstar


      Minespatch had an issue with the forums earlier too... bizarre.

    3. DragonMage156


      Only a matter of time before it gets us then :?

    4. minespatch


      Yup, we need to report to Joe. This isn't right.

  19. I love her design, tbh.
  20. She seems chaotically neutral.
  21. Trading inn questions

    I don't know the percentage, unfortunately. Sorry.
  22. This seems more like a suggestion than a bug. Please, post all suggestions here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/forum/133-oxygen-not-included-suggestions-and-feedback/ And leave the Bug Tracker for actual bugs. Thank you