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  1. DST Forge Fire Staff skin

    Not that it wouldn't have been sweet to get that awesome effect on the normal game.
  2. don't know name in discord

    +1 to this. If that doesn't work, though, do look for help with the professionals:
  3. He knows that, he just doesn't have time currently to play it
  4. Just the most adorable thing ever made

    Moved! Really nice work, OP!
  5. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    "Red on black, yellow's dead. Black on yellow... wait, how did that go again?"
  6. Thank you for the report. Would you please post this in the Oxygen Not Included Bug Tracker?
  7. Thanks for the report. Could you please post that in the Oxygen Not Included Bug Tracker?
  8. You can go to your profile, click on "See my activity" > "Bugs" You can follow bugs, the option for it is in the upper right corner of the bug itself.

    1. minespatch


      Fits Nightvale's eldritch element.

  10. Co-op Mode for PC?

    Sadly, that's not available for the PC version of DST There is a mod for DS though, that might help! Check it out and tell me what you think of it, I never tried it out myself:
  11. Thank you for the report. Would you please post this in the Oxygen Not Included Bug Tracker?
  12. All these Hazard easter eggs man, either he's becoming Klei's new Wilson or that's foreshadowing Hot Lava's beta.
  13. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    No shadow really likes the mime, eh?
  14. It's not official, but I doubt they'll make it tradeable, honestly. Why would it be untradeable during the event if so anyway?
  15. How to get your Oxygen Not Included save file: How to get your Oxygen Not Included output_log.txt: How to get your DxDiag: If you find a bug tagged as a Known Issue that isn't found here, please PM me about it or post it below in the comments. Thanks! Important/Pinned Reports: Game crashing when starting a new save When loading: game is frozen / resources are gone / can't build Known Issues: Liquid Pump thinks it is not submerged. Thermal Upgrade: Pufts don't emit Slime, NaN Slime amount Instant crash on load - Thermal Upgrade Game freezes every few minutes Tooltips crop on the edge of the screen Oddly-colored Dupe guns/tools To much Water and steam in tile(10 000<) [Thermal Update] Dupes can still have a trait disabling their profession Dead Dupes lashing out Narcoleptic getting a cot assigned without waiting for other dupes Door build order spawns sideways Water purifier destroys water Loosing 7kg of water through water filter. Solid Oxygen won't liquify! Water / Pipe Bug Game Crashes on Startup Gas Permeable Tiles let water through and become unusable "The Invisible block "glitch "Wobbling" Liquids Gastrophobic Chef Infinite bouncing ball of dirt Low algae Algae Deoxidizer refuses to accept algae Dupe eaten by a Hatch Dig Stuck at 100% Lavatory in Use forever Coal Generators ignored by Duplicants Suffocating in breathable air Puffs should not be able to pen Airlocks Noisy Sleepers Graphical Bug Sleeping Interrupted is stuck Wire Bridges don't work Dupes suffocate in front of closed airlocks 50c Degree Duplicants destroy Plants Dupes not building underwater CTD from unknown cause Raw mineral quality is not a bonus but a multiplicationy Suffocating in just-built tile Save file corrupted after ending on full RAM Battery power drains, Net increases Pipe Junctions Planter's 'needs a seed' icon is misplaced Resource stats zero out Loading with 0 food Blocks not being built or dug when requested to do Bio Distiller animation bug Puffs Climbing down a ladder and suiciding into a tile Medical Cot graphical bug All resources disappeared after game crash Pathing bug Temperature of wires If Puft's path is blocked it freezes Overlays cause framerate drop Temperature Units Power switches do not save states after save \ load Duplicant Navigation - Closed Air Locks Hatch doesn't bother escaping water Lag after a few hours of gameplay Sweeping Buried Seeds and Food Without Digging Airlock door pathing bug Resource deletion, on building and deconstructing. Unable to prioritize Deconstruction Minimum system requirements misdetection Duplicant not moving Material Decor Value Bonus Decreases Decor Value Game crashes when trying to rename a Duplicant Skill increased to 1 when already at 6 UI Scale Problem Infinite scrolling to the right Auto-Save crash Disabled Mechanized Airlocks still use energy Random crash after vanishing Puft "Select Raw Mineral" does not scale with UI scaling Deconstructing Tombstone Drops Dead Dupes Behind the World Initial tooltip does not update on keybindings change Storage Compactor Meter draws in front of duplicants Pause Button Incorrectly Showing Not Paused UI Window doesn't react on ESC UI forgets player presets after game load. Dirt and digging byproducts too hot and displays two temperatures in tooltip Not able to Harvest after a Reload
  16. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    She would blow Wagstaff's 'stache right off.
  17. Removing mods

    Moved to DST Mods and Tools (that's the one, right?). No need for me to repeat what Zek and Mobb already said It isn't if she can pay for our freedom, but the legal process is a pain.
  18. Bug in The Forge

    Thank you for the report. Could you please post this in the Don't Starve Together Forge bug tracker?
  19. As long as you have Notepad++ you are good to go
  20. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    Ms. Wickerbottom has some weird hobbies.
  21. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    *insert a good joke here to lighten the mood* *laugh track*
  22. "Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his posting level?"

    1. Zillvr


      "It's over 9,000!" 

      crushes scouter

    2. Mobbstar


      Hello beauty, plese open bob and vegeta.

    3. minespatch
  23. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    She's pretty chill (though not really, those clothes are rather warm)