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  1. Game-supporter badges - where are they from?

    You needed to have posted in the forums during the early stages of the games: DST's Beta and ONI's Alpha.
  2. I feel your pain, brother
  3. [Game Update] - 293880

    Nice! Can't wait to check out the new stuff
  4. [Game Update] - 293625

    It's back, everybody!
  5. Early Access Waiting Thread

    The aporkalypse is coming...
  6. If you would pick this up after that, call me. I'm always ready for strings.
  7. We'll all have to work together to complete shared goals?! \0-0/
  8. Nice, and it's much closer than I thought it'd be! The hype is real
  9. Griftlands Update

    I agree, that would be perfect! Thanks for reaching out to us, Klei, and good luck with the project! It's the one Klei thing I'm most hyped for
  10. Hamlet Update - October 29

    Okay, so we'll keep the game for free as they said, but it won't be removed from our accounts? I thought it'd be removed and we'd only be able to play it in November, so that's why I was confused.
  11. Hamlet Update - October 29

    Yeah, the FAQ doesn't mention that, only that the game will be removed from everyone's accounts after beta, which it will. I see where he is coming with his post I think, but they never said that their plans wouldn't change, and this is a welcome one.
  12. Hamlet Update - October 29

    There's nothing about this in the FAQ though...?
  13. So...this game is dead?

    He replied to this thread.
  14. when does beta end?

    The end game has come, peeps