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  1. Hey everyone, just a friendly reminder to keep posts constructive and on topic. Thanks
  2. Hey, I just checked your post history and nothing seems to have been deleted. Are you talking about this topic? Regarding what's happening, we are aware of the issue, but it appears to be happening because of a PSN outage that is affecting some games (DST included). We are sorry for the incovenience that this has caused.
  3. Hey everyone, remember to always keep your posts constructive and on topic. I don't like to lock threads unless the OP is actively derailing it. Every suggestion is important, so let's treat them as such Thanks for understanding.
  4. oh my god

    your name is red 

    does that mean what i think it means?

    you're evil now?

    how can you do this to us mr L

    i used to look up to you but i guess now you're evil

    (congrats on becoming a developer big man, you deserve it)

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    2. viberr


      so does this mean you won't be moderating the forums now?

    3. ImDaMisterL


      I'm a developer by name, but moderator by heart (and job). So don't worry, I'm still going to make sure everything here runs smoothly ;)

    4. viberr


      do you get paid for being a moderator?

      also why are you so nice?why can't you be rude?

  5. This file isn't found in your Don't Starve steamapps folder, but in your Documents folder! Go on %USERPROFILE%/Documente/Klei/DoNotStarve The file should be right there
  6. Of course! Sorry for the mistake, the file you're actually looking for is called "settings.ini" Once you have your file open, you can use the ctrl + F command, a box should pop up for you to insert the bit of text you want to find un the file, which is the one I added to my post. Any line from there should work, but if for any reason one of them doesn't, try another one. For example, if "audio" doesn't bring up any results, try "volume_ambient" After you delete what's needed, starting up the game again should fix your file automatically. In case that doesn't happen, you can try renaming your settings.ini file to settings_corrupt.ini If the error keeps persisting despite all these changes, try verifying the cache once more, it should be fixed by then, but keep me updated Cheers!
  7. Hey @Boredhippo! It looks like your client.ini is corrupt. Can you remove the [audio] section? Mine looks like this: [audio] volume_ambient = 10 volume_sfx = 10 volume_music = 10 Delete those lines and you should be able to run the game. If that doesn't work, try renaming client.ini to client_corrupt.ini and running the game again. On Windows, your client.ini is located here: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\ (Hit WindowsKey+R, paste that path, hit enter.)
  8. All-powerful


  9. Woah, I just checked your profile a little bit ago and you were a mod.

    Now you're a developer.






    Congrats man!!

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    2. Mike23Ua


      So what’s your first thing you plan to do as a developer now? (You probably aren’t allowed to tell me) but I thought I would ask anyway just incase you could!

      Its fun to ask dev’s what the first thing they did was, or what their favorite thing they’ve added to their games over the years were.

      So like which games will you be working on? ONI? DST? Something new? 

      the hype is real man!! Enjoy it.

    3. ImDaMisterL


      I will make a rocket to the moon!!!!

      Aside from that, mostly community management. Make sure you guys are enjoying your time at the forums :)

    4. minespatch


      Oh, so just a way more bigger mod.:wilson_ecstatic:

  12. I mean, despite being simple they're not really breaking any rules. There's no rule in this thread that says every single post needs to contain a meme, so I think they're fine, even if they were posted on page 666 without being spooky.