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  1. That would honestly be amazing. Be sure to share it with us if you do!
  2. Fanart by MomoSweetPeach

    Your art is really good! The first Maxwell art and the Wilson comic are definitely my faves hahah
  3. Tradução PT-BR Don't Starve

    Movido para Don't Starve - Mods and Tools. Não posso lhe ajudar, lamento. Recomendo que escreva seus próximos posts em inglês. A comunidade internacional aqui nos fóruns é bem pequena, principalmente a de modders brasileiros. Um post em inglês teria mais chances de resposta.
  4. Definitely one of my favorite skins! A shame it's a proof of purchase . _.
  5. Game forum badge?

    Klei games usually only get forum badges once they're officially released.
  6. Definitely going to sit down for this one on Sat/Sun. Thanks for the skins, Klei!
  7. Guys, let's not go off-topic. If you want to discuss this sensitive topic, do so in PMs. Thank you.
  8. Even if he kept it vague, he still gave us years to base ourselves off of. I don't know, I understand where you're coming from, but it'd just makes things more complicated, and it sounds more like "we just thought this lore up right now, but how do we change the old stuff? Oh yeah, time works diffferently, boom."
  9. But then how could the devs have made that old timeline of events? This was made by Kevin, if I'm not mistaken.
  10. That's right, and it can't be someone we know, since in the timeline, everyone was already in the world before Winona... right? But something I don't understand, how was Wagstaff still in our world? Weren't the events of DS all after the Voxola factory fire? @-@
  11. I know your pain xvx Here's to an Elegant tomorrow!
  12. I can't even grasp how long it must've taken to animate all of this! Amazing job! Congrats!
  13. Yeah, it's likely a bug that should be addressed soon.
  14. Nah, that was all for the joke. I gain nothing out of moderating the forums, except for access to Klei games and DLCs. (Not EA either, I access stuff with everyone else)
  15. Quick, hide the post, don't let Klei alone! [Just kidding, don't do that, Joe don't fire me pls]