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  1. Seems you guys need to be interrupted, huh? Try again.
  2. People say this, yet no one ever replied to my post in the main topic. Aditionally, no matter what you think, a "dead" subforum does not give you the rights to post spam in it, so please everyone, avoid to make off-topic or meme-y threads, I've had to remove some already.
  3. Exactly this. I mostly look out for reported threads to move, since I can't watch all of them with the naked eye alone. Thanks to everyone who helps with that! Threads about character ideas are usually gray areas. They could either go to Suggestions & Feedback, where the devs could take some of the perk ideas for future characters, or they could go to Mods & Tools and someone might be interested to mod the character into the game. I usually tend to leave these in General Discussion unless the OP or a vast amount of members would prefer to see it elsewhere (for various reasons).
  4. Thank you for putting all of your posts in the same thread. So as not to spam the forums, I went ahead and hid your other threads. Thank you for understanding.
  5. These QoL changes are simply fantastic! Thanks a bunch for them, Klei.
  6. JanH might not visit the thread, but us mods still do. Glad to see everyone getting together to keep the thread alive, I think maintaning a weekly theme for drawing is a wonderful idea! But my opinions aren't Klei's, so if any of the big guys change this, don't blame me! Don't think they will, though. Happy arts and stay safe, my fellow quarantiners
  7. Or just comment about it on my profile, and I'll move it once/if I see it. The report button is more likely to get you help, though.
  8. I might be a bit biased, since writing strings for mods is my sole job in the modding community, but yes, I love it when mods do that lol.
  9. I think there was some trouble with people using gif images that could cause convulsions? I'm not exactly sure either, but I believe it was something troubling like that.
  10. Meanwhile, I'm here missing the old mod badges. Not Moderator mod, but modding mod. If only those DS teams were still active...
  11. It also makes our lives as moderators much easier, so thanks to everyone that uses that properly!