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  1. Happy holidays, and thanks for all the updates!
  2. Ayyy, better performance is always welcome. Thanks!
  3. Seems more like an SP game to me. If it does get Co-Op, it'll likely only be added much later. That's how Klei usually does stuff.
  4. Monoxide Memes

    They're using their head for something, at least.
  5. Doodles! of DS!

    I love that Terrorbeak, so kawaii <3
  6. Home Sea Home on console

    Very likely. They usually release it to consoles after everything has been released and tested on PC.
  7. Shipwrecked Update - Home Sea Home

    Oh boy, can't believe I missed this! I love the update poster
  8. What happened to Slipstor

    It was probably just a scratched feature, sadly. We can only hope it gets used in the future. There was a mob Nome himself was making the sounds for that also got scrapped
  9. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    Reminds me of Black Clover, where characters from The Eye of the Midnight Sun would grow a third eye when performing ancient, darker and more powerful magic
  10. Trading for Wendy Guest of Honor!

    Moved to Don't Starve Together Trading
  11. And that'll keep happening, even with a sticky. When ONI's Alpha was released, we had "how-to-buy" stickied everywhere and we still got dozens of threads making the same question every day. Compilating everything would take a lot of work which I don't have the time for nowadays, and I don't like the idea of making a thread for "the best suggestions" as that's really subjective, I'd no wonder get many messages asking why their thread wasn't added in the sticky post.
  12. I'm so happen to see this!
  13. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    Then the grave just turns up to be the throne in disguise and it goes all like "Sup my dude it's Wednesday, time to go back to being a slave"
  14. The Forge

    There's no official date. My guess is in a year or two.