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  1. ancient skin decryption website cannot be opened

    Hey, thanks for the report. Could you post this in the DST Bug Tracker?
  2. Don't starve my art

    Seems to just eb a drawing of her in the DS style. Nice art! Moved to Art, Music & Lore. Welcome to the forums
  3. a thread for dev memes

    Klei: Fun allowed
  4. Return of Them is a series of updates. The devs will likely keep it that way to separate bugs and feedback in an easier way. Ultimately, JoeW knows better than me, but that's likely what it is. They always do this for DLCs and RoT is technically a free DLC.
  5. Oh, Klei doesn't tell me anything! I know just as much as everyone else here
  6. Count to 200 without interruption

    I use mine on my cellphone, work pretty well! 13! I hope you all don't suffer bad bad luck
  7. The puzzle would need to always be available for that, and it would separate the community a bit, so I dunno about that... But don't worry, with things the way they are, I'm sure you'll be able to be part of a puzzle soon
  8. A question about the cussing rule

    This is how I, as a moderator, usually view foul language. As long as it isn't being used to target another user or to troll, I leave it be, unless the post is reported due to people having problems with it. If it's being used excessively though, I will try to censor it, replacing the swears with potato cups (original idea by LadyD). This forum is for people of all ages, so it is good to mind your language, considering there can be children around. Just be mindful and respectful. Of course, other mods view this differently. This is solely my subjective stance on the subject.
  9. Deerclops is a she?

    I don't have as much time to check every thread nowadays, but feel free to ping me and/or report a post you believe doesn't follow community guidelines. Anyways, yes, let's try to get back on topic
  10. Moved to the right place Welcome to the forums!