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  1. Wurt

    Previously on Klei forums: Hallowed Nights will be returning in a couple weeks and with it our Survivors will meet a new friend. We'll have more details soon, but we thought you might enjoy this little sample from our next short. a couple weeks .. .. A COUPLE = 2 this was posted on october 3 Klei Changes the thumbnail of forums Coincidence? Prognostics, UPDATE NEWS COMING TODAYYY
  2. Don't starve quiz

    Against the grain questions in celebration of my favorite DST update; here we go: 1) What is needed to traverse through the Sandstorm effectively in summer? a) Fashion Goggles b) Desert Goggles 3) Moggles 4) Fashion Melon 2) Which trinket can you present to the Antlion in order to receive the lazy deserter blueprint? a) Gnome b) Tiny Rocketship c) Hardened Rubber Bung d) Beach Toy 3) How does one initiate a fight with the Antlion? a) Hiting it with waterballoons b) Detonating a gunpowder near it c) Preserting it a freezing thermal stone d) Lighting it on fire 4) Which item can you use to teleport into a Lazy Deserter being channeled? a) Orange Gem b) Desert Stone c) Nitre d) Salt cristal 5) Which of the creatures respawn in the Oasis every summer? a) Fireflies b) Catcoons c) Volt Goats d) Mosquitos 6) Which of the crock pot meals below lowers your body temperature? a) Flower Salad b) Trail Mix c) Ceviche d) Fruit Medley 7) Which flora only grows around the Oasis? a) Ferns b) Roses c) Dark Flowers d) Succulents
  3. Hallowed Nights Suggestions

    DLC characters and reworks don't usually coincide. We'll probably get the rework (of Wendy probs, but I'd love a Walani rework) on November and either the last DLC character or another rework in December with Winter's feast.
  4. Huh, didn't know this. I didn't download the mod because it seemed like too much job for too little visual tweaks but if the mod successfully turns the twigs and hibernation vests to the HQ images (which I assume it does as it's on the top of the popularity list), why can't those images run without the mod/ implemented into the core game?
  5. Gesture Wheel is a must, it's so organic and natural for the game, writing down emotes is so unintuitive. I can also see Dusk and Night music being official, on the "play when busy" setting. The music remixes are honestly of official game quality. There is no realistic reason that 2/3 of the game should be silent. More Players mod may also deserve to be official, 6 is an arbitrary maximum player cap that can easily be overridden via a mod. WHy not default at 6 but let people increase it by default. Other than those two I don't see many mods being worthy of getting added to the game, aside from minor ones like disable mod warning, HD twigs and other items etc.
  6. Weirdd, you just made me notice these aren't his shoes
  7. Cookie cutters eating pumpkin cookies would make my day
  8. Wurt

    Woww, that happened?!! Poor Warbucks Make next rework Warbucks'
  9. Wurt

    Fun fact, Merms aren't actually very agressive, they are just territorial. They'll only attack when you approach their house. You can stand right on tha face of a merm away from its home and you'll be fine.
  10. Ermm, you sure you're on the right thread? It's always been about leaked content, baseless speculation about what new additions might entail etc. etc. Return of Data Mining, Speculating...
  11. The last character?

    Why Wallace? I'd like Wilton and Waverly but Wallace doesn't look appealing to me at all, he's just like Woodie, similar to how Winnie looks like a proto-Wigfrid and nobody expresses much enthusiasm for her addition. I don't think they'd make Charlie or Wagstaff a DLC character. if they are getting added they will get the Winona or Warly treatment
  12. No way, Salt is rarer than nitre, I'd make taming so much harder than it is now. Though I like the ideas suggesting a upgraded salt lick or replenishing it with salt crystals. Replenishing it would be perfect. Can't imagine taming a Beefalo without one .
  13. Wendy has a canon age

    You're right, perhaps the best option here is to TREAD lightly... .... ... sorry sorry, Wes out.
  14. Boat Adventures Showcase!

    Goodbye my boat D: It was nice knowing you
  15. [Game Update] - 371739

    oh wow, yay! I was sure they'd give us an update about hallowed nights but didn't expect the whole Salty Dog update to release! This is awesome! I was so confused when I saw Malbatros on the main menu instead of Woodie, thinking I accidentally turned on Beta.