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  1. Raising a Beefalo With Wes Early on Can never go wrong Give him a balloon saddle Alongside other Balloon crafts On a Balloonomacy tab Accessible by putting down the Pile of Balloons Like the Codex Umbra On his rework Please, Klei <3
  2. I cannot receive drops because they are on a hiatus [Also this thread should totally go to Developers' Log until the rewards are back]
  3. I fantasize about the QoL update where Dusk and Night music mod gets integrated into the game so that we don't have to deal with constantly broken and outdated music mods. Sadly the likelihood of that happening could have a neck-a-neck race with Warbuck's chances of coming to DST.
  4. Huh, you must have been really unlucky (or lucky) in that case. Last Winter's feast event (2020) I'd say about 4/8 of my weekly drops were consistently chests, which contained an assortment of icons, vignettes and shoes I already had. Not a single icon or snowfallen/merrymaker skin I lacked dropped. Might be less efficient most of the time but I prefer getting the singular unweavable items and hoping I get lucky with the Trade inn.
  5. To me the tough part of raising a pudgy is resisting the urge to ride it or fight with it. Unlike the other two types where Hunger can largely be ignored all that matters is obedience, Pudgy demands no obedience but you should largely refrain from using it for the advantages you get from a beefalo, just keeping it near a salt lick and feeding it pumpkins or dragonpies everyday until it reaches full domestication
  6. Here's hoping, whenever this QOL update releases, it adresses the community's desires for beefalo bell to be a permanent addition. And while at that, what better time to integrate beefalo skins to the game too
  7. Awesome perk ideaa, would make me go for pudgy for a reason other than just to have one
  8. Of course there are character combinations that offer greatet utilities in unison and Wendy x2 isn't exctly such a great combo but more [active] players (players that at least try to contribute than living vicariously through others or aiming to destroy the progress of others) is always more beneficial in any almost combination. Even two people playing as Wes offers much more than a single Wes offers, just from having two active players to handle the workload.
  9. Recipes like Barnacle Linguini make quite a situational sense. You wouldn't commonly farm barnacles just to take them to your mainland base and make barnacle linguini- instead during your seafaring adventure finding seaweed is a great sight because you can make all the cheap and easy recipes (except for barnacle nigiri). Meats and eggs are somewhat sparse in the sea while while fish, kelp, barnacles and corn are quite accessible. The most problematic recipes for me are the ones that make little to no sense in many situations, with minute stats, often shadowed by the ingredients themselves or the recipes that can be made with the same ingredients: > Ceviche: why 2 fish, I feel like someone made a mistake when converting fish values and ended up with this impossibly sad recipe. The fish value should be dropped to 0.5 or 1 and it should have great priority as a punishment for using ice/too much ice on fish recipes. > Fish Tacos: Corn is by all means superior to a stick yet this recipe that replaces sticks from almighty fishsticks does nothing but make it restore half the health. If anything it should restore more health or have unique properties. > Seafood Gumbo: Again, something might have gotten messed up with the fish values or priorities. Not only does this it lose priority race to Unagi and Surf n Turf, it's stats are a decreased version of Surf N turf while it's almost impossible to make on the surface. Only makes sense to make when there's no meat in the caves and even then you can make more unagis with the eals you're using for it. > Mush cake: Given its pitiful values, it only makes sense to collect and combine all four mushrooms for the sleep resistance, which is barely effective. Perhaps the effect should be buffed a lot. ~Honorable mentions: > Stuffed Eggplant: The recipe everyone likes to hate on, Bruised Eggplant is quite a better use of Eggplants as this only makes sense as a sub-standard hunger recipe for combining it with pitiful vegetables like red mushrooms, kelp and monster meat. > Asparagus Soup: Makes sense only to give your asparagii healing properties, otherwise eating them cooked, using them for vegetable stinger or in other vegetable demanding recipes makes more sense. > Banana Pop: Ruins bananas and Ice don't get to meet each other often. Okay stats but would make sense if Ice was removed or replaced with something more accessible in the caves. > Barnacle Nigiri: Same problem with banana pop: okay stats but eggs and barnacles don't meet each other too often. You need a caged bird on board. Can we instead get the official Crow's Nest mod to the official game and make it double as a birdcage?
  10. Ohh that's what happens. Sometimes I cant interact with any object in the primary way (all left clicks become examine, eat etc) so I quickly press on everything on my whole keyboard to fix it. Was an easy Tab-Tab enough to fix my predicament?
  11. While the four Funko Pop skins are technically proof of someone's purchase of merchandise, they don't have the "Proof of Purchase" rarity grading, they are all Elegant grade skins, unlike the skins that come from redeeming codes from the less mass-manufactured merchandise ordered and sold directly by Klei (Funko© is a huge toy-figure manufacturing company that makes figures for characters from many popular media culture products like movies, anime and games and DST happens to be one of games they made figures for; this is not exactly the same as Klei designing a winter hat or a Chester plushie, picking and paying a textile manufacturer to produce some for them and sell them in their own merchandise website.). So yes, this is how they are supposed to be, don't worry about it. This arrangement was also possibly made to make them tradeable in the steam marketplace. You can't buy or sell actual skins or belongings with the Proof of Purchase grade. The rarities listed on the picture to the right are the only rarities you can trade in the market. So in a way them being elegant is the very reason you were able to buy them from the steam community market in the first place. The actual proof of purchase cosmetics can only be obtained through redeeming the codes from Klei's own merchandise and they are as follows:
  12. I've been telling this for a while now. If they're going to add anything new for the crock pot from the Turkish cuisine, it's gotta be Ashura (A.K.A. Noah's pudding). It's a dessert popular in Turkey made with Nuts, Beans, Sugar and Pomegranate seeds, which can be simulated in DST with a Pomegranate, Roasted Birchnut and Honey; and would be a good way of giving Pomegranates their own recipe.
  13. Well if you don't want to block yourself off from the default contents of the game in the long term and shape the constant in your image, Winona would be your best pick. She has very fast crafting, easy and convenient sewing kits/boat patches, isn't blocked off of any features of the game through a downside, has a pretty good favorite food and most importantly can dominate the constant and keep shaping it in line with your desires using all sorts of catapult setups.