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  1. The proper ultimate DS character tier guide

    Puh-lease... we all know who's the lord and savior of Don't Starve Universe is
  2. what new content would you like to see?

    Whoa, have you been living in a cave for years?!! (At least on Summers and in DST? )
  3. Awesome idea. I think they can even use the unimplemented skulls for the event, maybe making a skull shrine building... (Designed some myself for the characters with no skulls). Would be cool id dead players dropped them during the event. Also the unimplemented chest skin can also be used
  4. That's awesome, don't worry about it, all tie items you listed are upcoming in the next three weeks, it seems like you didn't miss any encore drop
  5. Screenshot showcase

    Singing Beefalos is my favorite feature. It's how Wes expresses himself when he can't talk
  6. On Sinkholes

    Ah it means the caves in that server are disabled. That's kind of strange as most dedicated servers allow caves as almost half of the game content comes from there. Still they are by default disabled because in DST a separate server is used to run them so it is sometimes too much strain in people's internets and computers, causing lag. Unfortunately it cannot be changed once the world is generated and as there are no caves in that server you're stuck with those useless closed cave entrances where there would have been actual cave entrances in a cave enabled world.
  7. Next time try Amazon, they proved really convenient to me. My Wilson funko even got stuck in customs for some reason and they helped get him out without even asking any price.
  8. Can't find it right now but I'm sure it wss said that some would require newly generated worlds. There was a popular thread about it here
  9. Fun fact, when you hit it with hammer it displays a low degree like 25% for a second. Wish it was randomized but it's still cool to play around it
  10. items that need rework

    Good list, thank you for this, let me voice my opinions on each of the items: Night Light - Agreed, mostly useless. Not sure an eternal light source for the insane is a good idea though since it'd encourage staying insane all the time as it's a growing opinion that insanity isn't hard enough and people should stay insane all the time. I think the opposite is what we're trying to achieve here and maybe- I don't think it'd work though since the best use of this is in ruins where there's constant sanity drain from darkness and monsters- to light it up if everyone near it is 80% or more sane, encouraging Sanity over insanity. Whirly Fan - Idk, I find it fine as it is, of course pretty parasol is the better alternative but it's also much more expensive, when you're overheating in summer you don't have time to look for 6 flowers, this requiring only one and quickly dissolving makes it a great disposable item imo. Making it a hat would be even worse if you ask me since Straw Hat fills that role already and in any case none of these small summer insulation items, not even the summer frest is a sustainable summer equipment anyway, you'll eventually need high tier things like Ice Cube Hat, Floral shirt or Luxury fans if you want to survive summer without Thermal Stones. They feel balanced right now and the only summer item I think that may require a rework would be the Summer Frest, which is too weak and outclassed by floral shirt at the moment in my opinion. Water Balloon - I always liked these but yea, they are not awfully useful, an ice staff works as a better extinguisher and Dragonfly is too weak when overwhelmed to even require it. I'm fine with it personally but your ice idea would be great; maybe a bit OP even, perhaps just 1 use glacier would be fine. Fire Dart & Staff - Agreed, scorch earth is no longer a viable option when you get an intermediate grasp of the game so they'd be great, even a bit OP (compared to how harder it is to make regular blow darts when you consider these make more damage through burning) if their fire didn't spread, but not sure how that could be implemented with the current state of fire mechanics. One Man Band - Agreed, just a cool item and I never get to use it, I always intent to but feeding them excess meat is usually better, with how much sanity it drains. Maybe buffing your followers or even other players would be nice like the bonus aura of generals in many games. Belt of Hunger - Don't get to use it much but I suppose it's a good item; unlike yours, my play style doesn't involve using backpack all the time and I'm usually happy with chest items like Puffy vest for winter, Floral shirt for summer, raincoat for spring and dapper vest for fall so I'll use it next time, totally forgot it existed. If anything I want Breezy Vest and Summer Frest from cosmetic tab to be reworked as they are too weak and even as transitioning items, bunny earmuffs or whirly fan seem to be better; I get that they are a chest version of them so you can stack insulators but with the medium amount of ingredients they require (similar case also applies to Cat Cap which should match winter hat) makes them overlooked and left unused. Telelocator Focus - it has some uses; I don't think three purple gems is a big requirement, it's a late game item anyway and by then you should have lots of Red and Blue gems to mix colors from hound attacks. Bee Mine - didn't think of it before but used em against depth worms a few days ago and they worked miraculously. My new philosophy is Spike traps against hounds and Bee mines against depths worms. Still it's a tedious item as you have to recollect bees after use. I wish Stingers had a use like building this instead of living bees or at least some other usage than booster shots and sleep darts as you get to hoard a lot of them. additionally Basic Farms can be somehow improved as they are almost always skipped in favour of advanced farms. Marble should be used for more things like marble walls. Pumpkin Lantern is almost never used so slower or no durability or even recharging like normal lantern would be good since it uses the almost unpublishable source of fireflies. Finally Eyebrella too OP nerf it
  11. Sorry to burst your bouble but the official Best Girl 2019 Index Algorithm is out and according to it the new listing of Don't Starve Together survivors from best girl to the worst is as follows: [Unfortunately the old hag isn't very high on it]
  12. Dawnt yu dare talk manure about the Best Girl Winona. She'll crush your old geezer's spine anyday, and repeat it three more times by the dusk by putting it back together with tape.
  13. Oof, then the solution is easy, go the Celestial Portal with a Moon idol and change into Winona and then sleep. Though if you for some unimaginable reason persist on playing as the old lady my suggestion would be going to the nearest desert with an armor item or two. Both Dragonfly and Antlion deserts will do; pick all the cacti while wearing armor, more the merrier. Cook them and eat them. I find the cacti fleshes to be a more reliable and sustainable edible for restoring sanity than the mushrooms in the overworld. One will restore 15 sanity alongside 15 hunger and 1 health
  14. Fastest way to get sanity is sleeping, preferably in a tent to get healed too but if you need sanity only and have many grass to spare, you should just make a straw roll and sleep in it for a quarter of a day, you'll gain all the sanity back, just have a crock pot dish ready to bring your hunger back up
  15. Which Skins are the Best?

    I really like many skins, especially the ones from skin sets but here are a few of my favourites that come to my mind: From shoes, my favorites are: Steel Toed Boots, Riding Boots, Smelter's Boots and Punk Boots. Don't have many favorites from pants but if I had to pick I'd go with Cast Iron Legs, Brawler's Leggings, Battlemaster's Legguards and Gardening Trousers. Onto gloves, I like Alchemist's Handwraps, Brawler's Knucklewraps, Furnace Gloves, Welder's Gloves and Buckled Gloves. Favorite clothes are Dryad's Tunic, Fissure's Armor, Furnace Went, Gardening Apron, Hot Rod's Jacket, Orchardist's Tunic; but especially Usurper's Tunic! Finally to heads, I love all skins of Winona but especially Triumpant, all Wes skins save for Victorian, Wigfrit's Wonder Woman, and WX's Furnace. Basically I really love many of the Forge items, it may be my favorite skin set in general but some others, even some common items stand out for me