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  1. Hmm, nothing new really but thank you very much for reviewing last year and restating a commitment to the goals of the last rework. Statistical notes on the success of rhe game is also reassuring. It seems they haven't backed down from the 4 DLC characters promise and we will indeed be getting the 4th one for sure. It's good that they also didn't close the door to any new additions either so hang on, fans of Walani, Wheeler, Wagstaff, Warbucks, Wilbur, Wilba, Waverly and Winnie; no matter how slim the chances are. As for the reworks, I'm now fully convinced that the next one will be Wendy, as if I wasn't sure pf that already. Looking at 2019, there were a total of 7 character updates: 4 reworks and 3 DLC character releases. This year we're likely to get a similar amount of character updates and from the tone of this rework I can tell they're planning way less new character additions and more reworks- might be as crazy as 1 New character and 6 reworks. If that's the case, I sense that klei will be using one rework slot to bring a singleplayer character like Warly to the game for the novelty effect and I hope to stars that it's gonna be Walani. After Wendy, the most likely candidates for the rework slots (~4 according to my prediction) in my opinion are Webber, Wilson, Wes and WX87. My biggest frustration from this roadmap is the lack of anouncement regarding the next RoT update. The next step is really unpredictable and I can't wait for the 4th batch given the awesome quality of Turn of Tides, Salty Dog and Hook, Line and Inker. I got a slight feeling that they'll be focusing more on characters and less on content updates this year but I hope we get at least 3-4 RoT updates this year. The creativity they bring with those substantial updates never seize to amaze me
  2. umm. Yee Hooray. Glass Eyebrella, Woo, zee, Dadalaa, ai-karambaa. It is a good skin though I'll give you that, I'm yet to see it in the game and yet to start watching streams (I used to AFK watch them in my second screen but turns out joining the "playing with the viewers" streamers in their servers is much more fun). Although I saw a lot of people with the Profile Icon and the portrait frame, so it looks like the drops system is really contributing to the DST streamers community one way or another by at least adding to their viewer counts. As for the eyebrella it's a little bit too OP for my liking so unless I have a spare deerclops eye and really don't want to bother with the watery shenanigans of the worst season in the game, I prefer other water gear like umbrella, parasol, rain hat, rain coat etc. A problem I have with the rain gear in the game is that they don't really add up well. Umbrella already mitigates 90% of wetness so adding any headgear with water resistance (Top hat, straw hat, miner hat, rain hat, football helmet, battle helm, beekeeper hat, cookie cutter cap, and believe me or not the fashion melon ) is enough to stay completely dry. But when it comes to the rain hat, it provides 70% resistance so it won't make you wetness free with any body slot item which usually have 20% resistance. You are only safe with an umbrella or a parasol. I do like parasol + rain hat but I really think that either Rain hat's wetness resistance should be raised to 80% or the body slot items with rain resistance should be raised to 30%. Breezy Vest and Summer Frest are often listed as some of the most useless items in the game and this'd at least give them an alternative use as spring gear, and would be fitting as stuff you'd wear in transition seasons. Apparently basic torch also provides 20% resistance to rain (complete news to me) so rain hat + torch would also be a viable option at nights. TL;dr: Increasing rain hat's 70% to 80% would really open many new avenues of gameplay. Crafting the rain hat already requires as much, if not more effort than the simple recipe of the umbrella so why is it so much inferior to the umbrella?
  3. They usually do the pinning when the new stuff stops getting comments and falls to the second page. So lets not post anything in this thread so that this falls out of sight.
  4. Weren't they doing that already? Thanks a lot for fixing the backpack glitch though.
  5. Mm, ahem, this is a Constant announcement. It is now 10 P.M. As such, it is officially nighttime. Soon the sinkholes to the caves will be locked, and entry at that point is strictly prohibited. Okay then...sweet dreams, everyone! Good night, sleep tight, don't let the batilisks bite...
  6. Wait you can put carrots in it? I thought it only accepted seeds...but I suppose carrots also make sense.
  7. OMG, Secret add on to the hook line and inker too!! This whole update looks bootiful. Please tell me the new fish are permanent additions. Or are they seasonasl for the event?
  8. Yea, as a Winona main I love all of her skins (Except maybe the hallowed night one) and own each one but the Marrymaker skin, which I'm saving spools for right now. Can't give you any macro number on how much her skins sell but as someone who enjoys her character and gameplay, you can be sure I'll buy or obtain any skin that she gets.
  9. I saw other bug reports on this issue too but they date back to 2019 and weren't answered by any officer of Klei so I thought I should file my own report. Beefalo Saddles aren't losing durability- I didn't have a chance to try it with War Saddle but both Regular Saddle and Glossomer's Saddle didn't lose any durabilty despite being shaken off by my Beefalo due to low obedience level or falling to the ground due to the Beefalo being killed.This makes them unable to lose any durability and turns Saddle Horn into an obsolete item.
  10. Dear Diary, Today I adopted a pet beefy because my damage output sucks. Meeting up with friends, we challenged the mighty ruler of winter and toppled his reign of terror. After our triumphant victory, we decided to hold a toast over our battle gains. And then my beef got angry and threw me off into the clouds. Best, Wes.
  11. Hi, I thought this was a known bug since I saw this explained in one of the Hook, Line and Inker beta videos but yesterday I found that it's still in the game and I couldn't find a similar bug report. The thing is, pocket scale functions normally and loses 1% durability every time you drag it over a fish in your inventory and measure its weight. However it won't lose any durability if instead you drag a fish onto the pocket scale and weight it that way; it still weighs the fish like normal but no durability is lost on the tool. This is especially apparent if you have a pocket scale in your inventory and you open a tin fishing bin full of fish and drag each fish directly from the fishing bin to your pocket scale, since the game doesn't allow you to weight the fish in the tin fishing bin by using a pocket scale on them while they are in the bin. At least that is how I discovered the bug.
  12. Noone respects culinarians these days...
  13. Nowadays they don't specify the length of these drops but they usually last between a month and two, until a new one replacea it. You aren't late for Klaus Cap, go ahead and watch some drop enabled streams, there's probably still a few more weeks.