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  1. Why Valentines, it already is a pretty nice minor event in the form of an annual tradition of Klei that they never miss a single valentines about releasing a skin. Ever since Valentines 2017 they have been releasing a skin, giving away the Swoon emote to those who don't have it, putting the beating heart chest on sale... So I don't think the status of Valentines needs to be changed. It's great as long as we got a skin annually. Valentines would especially be a bad pick given how many events are already piled to that part of the year, especially Winter's Feast and Chinese New Year. In any case I don't think we need a new seasonal event right now but what we would appreciate is another minor event like valentines where we get an annual acknowledgement present every year. I was really hoping April Fools to be one as we got special treatments in 2020 and 2021 where we were given a fun fake Wes rework, Salt shaker themed salt box skins and an actual Wes rework last year. But sadly we got nada in 2022 so the tradition got broken, the event died before it could be established. I'd personally love the annual April Fools acknowledgement to return or something macabre to come after Halloween, something to do with the personalized unused character skulls for Dio des Muertos.
  2. Top hat provides the 20% wetness resistence vital for fighting wetness so they are still reasonably differentiated
  3. ^And besides you can't build Pearl's house fully before summer hits you with cacti flowers anyway so 65 days is an extremely, extremely generous time scale for you to locate a salt marsh or 3-4 deep sea treasures for someone wanting to do pearl's quest as fast as possible
  4. might you some how be stuck in September 2021? Cookie cutter shells are super common now (50% drop rate). With a little expedition to any salt marsh you end up with enough cookie cutter shells (and twice the monster meat) to build pearl's house and make helmets for everyone. It's such an abundant resource now and with how many salt marshes and seaweeds typical world gen produces, it's not at all unfair RnG. If anything, getting enough salt for a salt box is more reliable than finding gears for an ice box.
  5. This is such a first world problem. Any world that starts up without major bugs in world generation gives everything essential for you to reach all the content in the game (minor exceptions include worlds without any saplings, juicy berry bushes or fancy berry bushes but even then you aren't blocked off from content as you'll still get twigs and berries. There are no worlds without beefalo, without volt goats, without rock lobsters, without pig king, without crab king, without dragonfly, without the essential shadow marble setpiece (specifically relevant in your case), without at least one ancient pseudoscience station, without oasis, without lunar island, without at least one mctusk, without a decidious, without archives, without grotto, without mosaic, without waterlogged, without red mushforest, without pearl's island etc. The randomness in world generation serves to make worlds unique and different in each playthrough while ensuring players aren't blocked off from any parti6vular content. I agree that more ways of world regrowth should be added to ensure nothing becomes extinct forever so I really appreciate the recent changes made about volt goat spawning, hollow stump respawning, reeds re-materializing etc. But overall I don't think this is an actual problem in DST as healthy world generation ensures at least minimal amount of everything will spawn and world will regrow to ensure integrity of most entities/resources.
  6. I'd like it greatly if they totally changed the way books function in her rework, making them all hand slot equippables for a weak forge-inspired book bash attack and the right-click action to pick the area of casting where relevant, specifically for horticulture abridged, the end is night and also the meteor spawning book , which would be very relevant in DST's moon themes. In addition I like the ideas for fish school spawning book and a book that allows the crafting of any item anywhere without being next to the relevant crafting structure
  7. Ok hear me out: Hydration meter It'd be a blue rectangle next to hunger, each food item would have a hydration value, drinks would be added like water, juice, soda, tea, wine and gin. How it'd function is it'd play an assisting role to the hunger meter. Eating stuff regularly would be enough to keep your hydration at medium but drinking in addition would raise your hydration for nice effects like slower hunger loss. The hydration stat of food would be like warly's nutrition downside so you'd get dimimishing returns from the same food. Having very low or no hydration would cause you to quickly lose hunger and make you lose health faster if starving.
  8. Bear in mind that if we get a new crop, it should cover the missing "light manure & growth formula" role. All the other crops cover the rest of the roles with 2x Heavy Manure, 2x Heavy Compost, 2x Heavy Formula, 2x Med Manure, 2x Med Compost, 2x Med Formula, 1 light Formula + Compost, 1 light Manure + Compost crops.
  9. Wendy: too popular to like Maxwell: big great antagonist of the first game reduced to an out of control gatherer. Wilson: poster boy of DST for doing absolutely nothing. Willow does the generic character much better. Wormwood: Evil plant that tries and fails to monopolize farming.
  10. We absolutely need more storage solutions: coat hangers, umbrella racks, oar barrels, armor┼čies etc. Such more specialized item holders would be great imo
  11. Uu does that prevent fruit flies from spawning? Now that's a hugr life pro tip
  12. Giant rotten crops don't replant themselves, you have to harvest each and kill the two fruitflies spawned by them. Thus it's one of the worst experiences ever to have a full garden full of giant crops that have rotten.