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  1. More ways to display previously played servers would always improve the experience so yes, it's a good idea. Just wanted to note though, that you can do that to a similar effect with the tools in the game already. To see if a game you previously played is online, simply toggle the "Previously Visited" toggle on the server browser to 'yes'. You'll see the servers you've entered before with the icon of the character that you chose. If a game you previously played isn't there, it's either offline or reset. And from the main menu if you go the Compendium -> Encounters, you'll see the list of all the people you recently encountered in the game, as well as the server you encountered them in the chronological order so in a way, that is a limited list of your last played servers.
  2. What happens to getting Guano from feeding seeds to the bird though? I don't know if random seeds are so important to garner the need of a way to mechanize the process of obtaining them, they are already common enough to quickly collect a stack of. And their very common but limited nature adds a nice challenge to do prior planning or not neglecting.
  3. It's a small and basic suggestion and forgive my bad editing but I don't see why we shouldn't have more skins for Abigail, corresponding to every other skin collection of Wendy. Right now Wendy has 11 Skin collections and for 5 of those (Guest of Honor, Survivor, Triumphant, Roseate, Nostalgic). It'd be a great improvement for Wendy, the most played character in the game, to have an Abigail skin for the other half of his skins. If they are added, like Wilson and Webber's beard variations, it'd make sense to spawn Wendy with the Abigail's flower corresponding to the skin Wendy choses. This'd also greatly increase the value of Abigail skins as they'd be useable not only through clean sweeper but simply through picking a head skin. One of the best changes in the previous year's May and August Quality of life updates was the beard skins for Wilson and Webber. They greatly improved the player experience and customization for playing those characters. Thus, I think it'd be fitting to give Wendy such spotlight too, since she already has a corresponding Abigail for half of her skins. Could be a flashy, easy to implement addition for a future Quality of Life update.
  4. Warly Rework Hook, Line & Inker Reap What You Sow Turn of Tides Over the last couple years, we saw DST evolve so much and distinguish itself from its classic singleplayer roots where so much became unrecognisable. Despite my little nit-picks, all the updates the game received since the 2019 rework were phenomenal and I love every single one of them. But if I had to pick favorites, I would pick the ones above. What they all have in common is that they morphed the fundamental basics of the game; after so long, we were blessed with new crops, new dishes, complete new fishing mechanics, seafaring, navigable ocean, lunar island, glorious return and extensive rework of a classic character and a very sophisticated agriculture system. I think those signify the peak of how expansions can improve a good basis. As such, my favorite updates are the most daring, most revolutionary, most expressive ones; they are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the game, they are inspired from the past and they shine innovation into the future. I can only hope that more such game-changing, transformative updates will arrive to build such greatness of the already great core of the game.
  5. Lately because of the Cawnival event, I've been only joining Summer or Late Spring servers and it came to my attention that the starting items (The vanilla setting added in the march QoL to make the life of late starters a bit easier) are inverted for Spring and Summer as they, end up being not helpful at all. I was wondering if this was intentional game design to make these items only microscopically helpful or was it an error in judgement? My argument is that the items for spring and summer would be infinitely more useful if they were given in the opposite season. I'd understand it was done intentionally but it creates an inconsistency where the winter's starting item is so much more helpful, viable and well designed. The items I'm referring to are: Winter: Rabbit Earmuffs Spring: Straw Hat Summer: Pretty Parasol By far the worst starter item is Summer's Pretty Parasol. The biggest problem with this starting item in is that it's very obsolete compared to the straw hat & whirly fan combo. While it provides a respectable 120 heat insulation, in practice this ends up being only useful until your first overheating in mere seconds, as you cannot cool you down to comfortable temperatures without going into caves or finding an endothermic firepit, which is locked behind finding Nitre and Science Machine. What ends up happening is that experienced players start rushing around to find unwithered grass for a straw hat and immediately after making one, ditch the parasol for a whirly fan and start running around trees to cool down, explore the area, gather materials for a base or head to potential base indicators on the map. In the meantime, I see almost all the novice players equipping the parasol but not benefiting much from it, start overheating, getting confused about the health loss and swiftly dying to the heat. If this mechanism was added to the game to help less experienced players a little bit, the few seconds parasol provides against the first overheating never helps them to survive nor provides a them with a tool to avoid overheating. Straw hat would be a multitudes better starting item for summer as despite its smaller insulation value of 60, it would actually help save players from dying to overheating as combining it whirly fan and walking around a tree cools players down even at the hottest summer day for the character with most disadvantaged with overheating (Wes). It would also address the issue of withered grass tufts, since madly running around to scramble for unwithered grass tufts or other grass sources becomes a concern for summer starters, as the grass around the spawn quickly becomes depleted and unusable. Compared to parasol's 1.6 days durability in summer, straw hat's 5 days durability would also be much more consistent and en par with the rabbit earmuffs given in winter with 5 days of durability. Pretty parasol would be so much better in spring, where it'd shine with its 50% wetness resistance for two days. Much greater than Straw hat's 20% but not in an unbalanced way, since the heavy rains of spring would raise your wetness pretty quickly regardless combined with the short durability. Straw hat isn't a bad starting item for spring but it'd be exponentially better for summer. A number of characters: Wigfrid, Walter and Wes already start with items that provide the same 20% wetness protection, making the straw hat largely obsolete for them as well as unnecessarily giving players an item made with 12 grass in the season where grass is most available as it grows the fastest due to rains. Straw hats in summer would be useful for all characters in summer, as well as parasols in spring. I don't have much to say about Rabbit Earmuffs aside from the fact that they are really well suited for winter and compared to the starting items in spring and summer, they are immeasurably better. This is a very good design because of a multitude of reasons: Rabbits may not be immediately available to locate and catch two of when simultaneously having to allocate resources to make fire and combat cold weather. Earmuffs work well for all characters, even synergizing with some character's starting assets like Willow's bernie and Woodie's beard. Freezing can be stopped without technology using torches and campfires, so the earmuffs don't clash with the main mechanism of freezing, and instead work with it to provide much needed insulation to characters to sustain the heat they get from a fire source. And finally they help beginners by instructing them how to combat freezing, with the use of clothing and fire. As they stand, the spring and summer starting items are leagues below the earmuffs, ending up as a bad design, precisely for failing at the strengths of the earmuffs. They don't provide you with something challenging to collect due to the weather conditions of the season. They clash with the mechanisms of their respective seasons as in straw hat's case 20% protection doesn't provide a change as big as insulation items and parasol doesn't help with cooling down. They clash with and are turned obsolete by other items including some character starting items. And finally they don't serve to teach anything valuable to novice players; as such players end up running around in panic with their parasols, wondering why they are still losing health, potentially not discovering the whirly fan whereas a switchup with straw hat can teach them a very valuable lesson on the utility of whirly fans and how to combat overheating pushing them in the right direction to defend against their hardest perceived seasonal challenge. Tl;dr: I believe starting items for spring and summer would work much better if they were given in the opposite season in a balanced way and I strongly urge Klei to switch them with each other in a future patch or QoL update.
  6. Yea, we set up the carnival buildings in our base at the end of summer, Corvus went missing in action for quite a while and in the middle of Autumn finally encountered him walking slowly to the base.
  7. I believe there is a layering error with the feeding minigame as can be seen from Chester's position in the following image but otherwise it's a fun little update so far:
  8. Didn't expect an endtable skin after all this time, pretty great. Time to find out what the even is all about
  9. Might sound a bit morbid but I like naming my rider beefalo Ground Beef and the ornary beefalo Beef Stroganoff. Haven't come up with a meat based pudgy name though.
  10. As the title claims, Maxwell's story has remarkable similarities to the story of Karl Fritz, the 145th king of the walls. Based on their similar circumstances, I took a segment of Fritz' bibliography and modified some words to make it reflective of Maxwell. Beyond demonstrating their similarities, this should also help in getting a better understanding of Maxwell' potential mindset and character traits since homages work both ways: Some hundred years in the past, the ancient conflict was ended, not by weapons nor by the advancement of technology. The saviour who ended the fighting, the hero who saved the world was Maxwell himself. He was plagued by guilt over the ancients' vicious past. He'd grown weary from watching families and countryman haunted by shadows and he wept for humans, a species under constant pressure. So when he inherited the Codex Umbra, he plotted his own downfall with his assistant. Her name, Charlie. Together they created a tragic accident which would drive the magician out. After that, Maxwell moved as many survivors to the Constant as he could, erecting great waves around it. He left a warning, that if anyone threatened his rule, countless calamities would be unleashed in retaliation. However, he never intended to make good on this thread. Maxwell made a vow renouncing war, and bound his successors to uphold it, just as he had. Thus, his ideology was passed down to each new occupant of the nightmare throne. And the shadow creatures with the power to invade the world remained in the constant. Wilson didn’t stop the ancients, and science hasn’t kept the world from being haunted by nightmares. It was the king of the constant Maxwell, a man who yearned for peace. That’s it, that’s all he wanted. He said that if the survivors grew strong someday and came in force to shatter his reign and seize his throne, he would accept it. He believed the sins he committed were so horrific that they could never be atoned for. “When the day of retribution finally comes, I will accept it, but until then, let me enjoy this lost paradise free from strife. I ask for nothing but a brief span of peace.” Those were the final words Maxwell left us with.
  11. I though they could be used as ranged explosives, somewhat similar to the Heartfire Crystals from Forge, maybe also having the limited utility to detonate marble trees & stuff. In any case, a grenade/explosive weapon could be pretty interesting and useful. Regarding Glommer's Wings, it reminded me of this neat idea of a Lunar parallel of Glommer called Glōmmer. I don't think they'll add many lunar structures now since Return of Them is over but if they do, they can add a Glōmmer statue to the Lunar island. Perhaps it might be a broken statue in the first place but would require you to fix in a similar fashion to Pearl's home, which may require glommer wings. I think it'd be very cute and could be a rather useful creature, supplying you with light bulbs and an insanity aura. Additionally, one of the small gripes many people have in public servers is that the Glommer statue can be mined and it'll look sad but it cannot be repaired- There's often someone in the server that'll mine the statue to see what happens, for the heck of it or even Maxwell's diggers will automatically do it and i'll stay unrepairable. It's just an aesthetic gripe but I think it'd be cool if you could build a small glommer statue head on the Potter's Wheel using moon rocks and Glommer Wings. I'd be a unique structure, a small one without variations. You could both use these small glommer statues for decoration or carry it to a broken glommer statue to fix it just like fixing the shadow statues. The glommer sketches could be obtained from mining the glommer's statue and once it's mined, could be obtained from tumbleweeds.
  12. Best suggestion I heard on the renewability of saladmanders. Maybe combine the ideas and make it so that a saladmander would spawn by breaking open a giant dragonfruit if the said giant dragonfruit is left near a hot spring for 2 days.
  13. As far as the moonlenses go, I've been wanting them to be given related structures for ages. For green moonlens, my suggestion is to make a late game structure on the long desired bin structure. I think it can be called Ancient Refurbisher, taking in any item and when loaded, returning some basic materials. I think this purpose would fit well to the Green gems' element of labor, construction, deconstruction and the theme of going green. The element of yellow gems is light and there is a nice mod in the workshop already, turning them to Lightbug towers to control lightbugs around a base. I think that's very creative and while it's debatable whether the caged lightbug would need feeding, a structure like that could be implemented for the yellow moonlens. Also, can we please get the bombegrenade suggestion realized for the Pomegranates. It'd give Pomegranates, otherwise useless fruits such an interesting and unique use. Speaking of Pomegranates, they could also use their own recipe in the form of Asura
  14. Yee, Klei will be delighted that the OST is already ready and certified for jamming Gooper Blooper Theme.mp3 In the meantime, lets look at an alternative universe where Klei was obsessed about making two versions of their products like the Pokémon franchise: