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  1. Bold of you to assume he'll be satisfied with just one cake.
  2. Webber is by a huge margin the character whose rework is requested most at the moment but if Klei plans to squeeze in a rework in November, I wouldn't want it to be Webbers as it'll most likely be a rushed one between Return of them, Hallowed nights, Winters Feast and Chinese New Year. I'd like webber's rework to be huge and inclusive too all spider s of the constant, as well as giving webber mid to late game relevance. The character I see being fine with a Willow or Wendy style smaller rework is Maxwell so my answer depends on when Klei plants to work on their next rework.
  3. Probably meant to say turn based combat; its true that RPG games evolved into a wholly different place but in the SNES times and before, turn based combat and RPG were used interchangeable. Think of Pokemon, Paper Mario, Earthbound, Final Fantasy etc. Honestly could make a fun forge & gorge style side game but the gamestyle is sooo different that I can't see it being used anywhere in DST aside from very dedicated mods. A Warg Appeared! You engage in combat The E.F.S Of Winter Plays Warg spawns 4 hounds -Wilson used spear. 1... 2... 3... Hits. 60 dmg. Hound 1 faints. -Wigfrid used special attack! Rude Interlude. All enemies will target Wigfrid. -Winona used dart. 100 dmg. Hound 2 faints. -Warbucks used special attack! Blunderbuss shot. 200 dmg. Hound 3 Faints. Warg growls. A new hound joins the battle. Hound 3 bites, Wigfrid lost 20 Hp. Hound 4 bits, Wigfrid lost 20 HP. -Wilson used spear. 1.. hit. Hound 3 takes 20 dmg. -Wigfrid used battle spear. CRITICAL HIT. 60 dmg. Hound 3 faints. -Winona used special attack! Catapult. Winona builds a catapult that'll target enemies. -Warbucks used rapier. Hound 4 takes 20 damage. Hound 4 is marked for death. -Winona's catapult targets hound 4. 50 dmg. Hound 4 faints. Warg attacks, Bite. Wigfird lost 40 damages. Wigfrid is bleeding. Hound 5 bites. LUCKY! Hound misses. -Wilson took Fishsticks from bag. Eat up, Wigfrid! Wigfrid heals 40 hp. -Wigfrid is bleeding. Wigfrid loses 5 hp. Wigfrid used battle spear. CRITICAL HIT. 60 dmg. Hound 5 faints. -Winona used dart. CRITICAL HIT! Warg takes 300 damage. -Warbucks used special attack! Blunderbuss shot. 200 dmg. Warg collapses Victory! You get 10 hound teeth, 15 Monster meat. 450 exp each! Wigfrid levels up! Wigfrid learned Startling Soliloquy. Use it to prevent enemies from targetting Wigfrid. Winona levels up! Winona learned spotlight. Build spotlight to mark one enemy for death as long as spotlight is functional.
  4. I sincerely think that Glomglom should require Glommer's Wings instead of its goop. Except for Giblet and Mothling, all critters require items that are obtained from killing of their regular mob counterpart (giblet requires the murder of many birds and tentacles while mothling requires a moth alive). Glomglom is the odd one out and it doesn't make any sense creating it from what is essentially Glommer's excrement. It's essentially like making a baby beefalo out of manure. Instead, making the recipe use Glommer Wings would be both more thematic, add value and rarity to the critter by saving its material from being something that is mass produced regularly and would honor the death of a fallen glommer or provide a choice of equivalent exchange. An additional idea I have for the wings is to have it as an ingredient for a Glommer's head statue on potter's wheel. The statue would be small sized and look cute on its own but it'd be great if it would also act like suspicious marble and can be carried to a glommer's statue to repair a mined statue. This would solve the problem of mined Glommer's Statue and depending on how creative the devs are feeling, could be used as a basis of more glommer variations through different statue materials.
  5. Heh, I just noticed you can watch them from the compendium. I had seen that button but never bothered to click it. Apparently, unlike the new reign short, it doesn't play it in the game but it directs you to the steam browser, opening them from youtube so a very inconvenient way to watch them. I'm not surprised noone reported.
  6. oof I had weaved those belongings with spools, am I going to get a net loss? D:
  7. Le goop has its uses does it not? It's the matriarch of the bioenergy items: Rot-Manure-Guano-Goop. It immediately fills the campfire, it refuels flingomatics greatly, revitalize farms, fertilize crops and hydrate plants. Plus, it can be eaten for instant 50 sanity loss, proving to be a vey useful item to get insane, especially for lunar expeditions. It even has a craft through the critter den as you can craft glom glom. If they were to pick a gooey substance to update for a QoL, Phlegm or Slurtle Slime would be my picks.
  8. I wonder if we'll get a new rework on November or will the next rework come on March 2021.
  9. I just hope it won't be as minute as Wigfrid's rework. Wigfrid's one sorta works for her since she wasn't at a bad place to begin with, they just added a single new mechanic to her. But for Webber I'm really hoping for an extensive rework, potentially involving all spiders of the constant. After Wilson, Wes, Wx and Wolfgang, his gameplay is the least nuanced and doesn't put much to the table, especially in comparison to a much better mob character like Wurt.
  10. That's a lotta wreckage. Is that a setpiece? I've been seeing similar "snakes" of wreckage lately in the waters of the constant