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  1. My last suggestion would be to check your antivirus. It tends to mess with some functions of the game, so make sure the firewall is not stopping any of the game processes. I doubt that's the issue though
  2. I was going to respond seriously, but if you're going to steer the conversation this way you're clearly not capable of talking in public spaces.
  3. Yeah, love it when you make fun of people by misrepresenting the facts. Eyebrella- lasts several days and fixable, so essentially you can have one forever, saves you from rain and heat Luxury fan- a tool requiring several feathers, several uses, then you need to make another one. One will probably be enough for the entire season, sure, but you will have to keep fighting MG if you want more and then there's all the other crafts you can make with the feathers. And "silly hat" is still difficult to get for everyone, considering limited amount of beefalo's, so you have to plan for the future to avoid killing them all off. And the main point is not, in fact, about one item nullifying a season- if it was, we'd be crying over autumn not needing any item at all. It's about scarcity and cooperation. Because pubs, whatever low opinion I may have of them, are wild west, unless you get along. I think that's what's fun about DST; each world looks different depending on not only you but other people. In pubs you can fight over rare drops, raid people's firdges, extinguish their fire pits and campfires. With friends, you can share the drops, with my friends we always juggle the rare items between us. Alone, you just get everything to yourself, because you do all the work yourself. Rare and limited items are a part of the challenge. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth that an item can just get you more of the normally limited drop. I don't know what's best for the game or whatever, but i wish pointless "haha you forgot about item x" while conveniently forgetting about repair kit, or limited uses of "item x" were left out or maybe formed into an actual argument.
  4. I have a feeling the hostile flare was added for monkeys and Walruses- and then came the idea to throw in Deerclops as a punishment for farming tusks which normally you have to leave your base during winter for, which even for veterans might be a bother. But it still gives you multiple eyeballs, which is kinda meh. So like, good idea, bad side effect. Makes me think of blind Deerclops, that arrives because the sound lured it in, and doesn't drop an eyeball because it has none. Could have eye stitched the same way Klaus has.
  5. Check it out! I got three of each sticker, I love them so much!!! I also got a Perry the Platypus kigurumi, but you don't need to see that.
  6. I want his animated short to be just 10 hours of ragtime while he sits on the throne.
  7. The only thing coming to mind is changing the social filter. You can also try to ask your friend to invite you to play via steam- in the friends tab, right click and invite to play. After pressing the join button in your chat you should get directly connected to the server, though it still might not work.
  8. I think the 3 hours might be an error. The rewards would sum into 6 before but now they all load at the same time so it only takes 3. They're probably gonna fix that
  9. No matter the material temperature, the building will always be at 45 degrees C.
  10. No, the roadmap says ALL characters, and that 4 character reworks will happen. We got WX, Wickerbottom, so now all we have left is Maxwell and Wilson.
  11. That's GREAT news! You gotta find a way to let me pay you for these updates though. In DST, I can just buy skins- which I love. But I really want to support your work somehow, how do I do that?
  12. sorry to burst your bubble but strength doesn't stack it's only 13, not 26
  13. But like. It's a weapon purely for the pun. It could be wrench instead but that's not funny. "Fencing sword" for adjusting fences, that's hilarious, it deals any damage at all to be consistent. I'd rather get a proper new weapon that was made with damage in mind, not redecoration.
  14. I didn't get to experience the events myself and had to play them via mods, but I did like them and I wish the arc could be completed. Maybe someday.
  15. You can put the docks over shallow water, so depends where you want to build the bridge
  16. It's also flammable, and the flare explodes so it's not like it's noticable or there's anything left. But I'm mostly talking about how Deerclops can be argued because the eye is a valuable drop that is known to be fought for in pubs, and Bearger is just a lumberjack and it's drops don't really matter. Summoning it is either useless or just a luxury mechanic which there should be as little as possible imo.
  17. Walruses look for prey, player just fits the category. Deerclops looks for structures and human activity, flare is exactly that. Pirates look for ships, get notified with flare. Bearger looks for food. Fireworks got nothing to do with food. Moose Goose looks for a nest. A flare would scare it away. New Bee Queen needs to be born and build her own nest. Afaik explosions don't speed that up. Dragonfly (assumingly) grows from lavae in a magma pond. Not sure how flares relate. Etc etc. I personally think even summoning Deerclops is too much, but i can somewhat understand it. There are multiple moose geese in the world already, and raid bosses have a cool down for a reason. As for Bearger, he really doesn't need to be farmed. He has no super good drops to offer, and you can already farm his fur via tufts. I think the flare is good as it is, or there should be some other summoning items so they work in context.