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  1. I just opened up the forums to check, what a nice surprise!
  2. One of the main reasons I play DST is that there are other players, which leads to a lot of fun and doesn't make me feel so lonely in the wilderness, even if they don't talk at all. My longest solo world was 40 days on PS4 for a trophy...
  3. As Don't Starve Together has a world that is randomly generated, luck ties into the happenings in the game quite often. I was wondering; what are some of the luckiest or unluckiest moments a player could have? The Krampus sack is also very rare so times you've also received it are also acceptable. There might've been an older topic about this, but I might as well bring it back up For me, I felt like my luck was at its peak when I was playing with my friends and decided to dig up the world's graveyard to get four life giving amulets.
  4. From what I can remember, before any RoT updates showed up and the water was no man's land, you could glitch into it in a variety of ways, and the "Rescue Me" option took you out of the water and put you on the closest land. It probably also works when you aren't stuck in the water, too
  5. The steamed hams is my choice, but imagine a coffee and Warly spice induced Moose.
  6. Although it's unreliable, sea treasure hunting eventually pays off if you're looking for gems. They can also rarely give lanterns and thulecite armor. On the topic of ocean content being useful for those without caves, glassed hot springs have a 20% chance to drop a red or blue gem when mined (not too worth it considering bath bombs cost nitre.) A varg farm is probably more worth the time though, it's consistent https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Sunken_Chest https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Hot_Spring#Glassed
  7. As much as I love the funny creatures, skittersquids could be a possibility for recipe materials...
  8. @Hornete @Ogrecakes Uncompromising mode is pretty spicy though
  9. Knowing how le funny trolls are, they'd probably host worlds/rate people bad so they get kicked more often, but hopefully if it ever does become a thing, real ratings outnumber the trolls. also i did a funny friends list clear and removed you... so sorry
  10. Spawned a poisonous birchnut tree on one of my worlds only to realize it was missing its usual monster noises. From what I can tell its missing all noises except for the tree tendril noises when it directly attacks you. The poison birchnuts are also missing sounds.