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  1. @Hornete @Ogrecakes Uncompromising mode is pretty spicy though
  2. Over the course of the series Woodie is not seen anywhere yet the trees seem to be going missing...
  3. Knowing how le funny trolls are, they'd probably host worlds/rate people bad so they get kicked more often, but hopefully if it ever does become a thing, real ratings outnumber the trolls. also i did a funny friends list clear and removed you... so sorry
  4. Villager from Animal Crossing seems fitting to the game, although the fact that they take the inventory management to an even more extreme level such as digging up and pocketing entire trees and workbenches means they would theoretically be able to pocket research stations in DST, including the ancient pseudoscience stations as well. They can probably also use a bug net to catch spiders, considering the size of the tarantulas in the game. A downside that Villager could have is *susceptible to spiders and bees* and instead of simply taking more damage from these mobs like Walter and bees, Villager has a unique craft for Medicine taking something like 9 petals and a honeycomb. Getting hit by spiders and bees gives the Villager up to a 40 hp penalty which stacks with telltale heart revive/florid postern penalties. In short, Villager seems like an OP workshop character considering they can pocket pretty much anything.
  5. Stone fruit are more like avocados, considering you can make guacamole out of them. All aboard the mango train.
  6. Spawned a poisonous birchnut tree on one of my worlds only to realize it was missing its usual monster noises. From what I can tell its missing all noises except for the tree tendril noises when it directly attacks you. The poison birchnuts are also missing sounds.
  7. If a player had not known some differences in simple things that the two games had (I've seen my fair share of players claiming day 9 is a full moon and then dying to darkness randomly...)
  8. Laughs in frog rain (hard to prep for early game or when starting in spring, haha. playing wendy isn't my cup of tea, but to each their own :D)
  9. I'm not much of a theorizer so this might be a little over a stretch but I'm fascinated by the thought of Tiger Lillies being added into the game as another mob/plant hybrid. Besides this idea I'm clueless
  10. Make food's healing take effect over time. To put it simply, up to two minutes healing food will regen 1 hp/s for its given amount. (ex: Pierogi heals 1 hp per second for 40 seconds. This effect would stack but not overlapping hp gain, which caps at 120 seconds, causing eating 3 pierogi to heal 1 hp per second for 120 seconds.) This effect would make characters like Wigfrid (for hp from attacking) and Wormwood (not relying on healing food) better compared to other survivors. This change seemed annoying to me at first, but removing the healing received entirely seemed like a bit much. Eating something like monster tartare/lasagna/meat would slowly take away your health in the same manner that healing would be done. Jellybeans would stack the healing done (with other healing food, for up to 3 hp/s for two minutes,) making it more important for boss fights. I'm not quite sure if this idea is good at all, as I confused myself writing it haha. That's all I've got, I'm not the greatest at figuring out what makes something balanced.
  11. Most people are making Walter memes and here I am trying to beat the final boss.