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  1. I think almost everybody agrees and would also love having those DLCs as multiplayer. Indeed that has been the case for years, Klei is well aware of it. If you play on computer you can always try the Island Adventures mod. (Read their description before downloading.) But heads up, there are bugs and such, and long loading time depending on your machine.
  2. Would making DS obsolete even be that big of a problem? Don't companies releasing sequels make their prequels obsolete all the time? I think the main arguments are more about: Financial viability: For all the months or work, how many new players would it bring about? How many people would purchase the DLCs? People who already bought the single player version would need to be given it for free. The game getting heavier: Keep in mind new players die all the time and have to keep regenerating their worlds. A longer loading screen for world generation may and probably already does affect new player retention. This problem could be avoided depending on how the expansions are implemented but each type of implementation would have a whole new set of problems. Local islands like Lunar archipelago: longer loading time, plus the content being "hidden" for new players, which makes the whole thing net negative for increasing the player base. Separate servers: Most people would have a terrible time running more servers in multiplayer. Completely separate world generations: i.e: you either gen Hamlet, or SW, or RoG. Everyone would complain that they can't connect the whole content. Also, many new bugs would arrive.
  3. Oof, having to wait until Wilson's rework for this drop... is having to wait a loooong time. Not that I care, because I don't want this skin, but y'know.
  4. You keep saying people are complaining about you pointing out a bug, but that is not what is happening at all! The times I have seen people complaining about your behaviour, it was about your passive aggressiveness or hostility to other users. In the case of this thread, it was actually the opposite of what you were understanding the situation to be: I was trying to figure out why I and people I was playing with had a king as Wurt and weren't getting a bugged skin, as you and other people were. I would later find out this was because of another bug causing a misunderstanding, which I already reported, and posted a picture of above. So I was hoping for your -- very small -- colaboration in tracking an issue, and you only offered sarcasm. I know this is the internet and we all have our problems and mood swings, so it's okay, but just know it's not exactly with you posting bugs people have been bothered with.
  5. After a Merm King dies or is created, Wurt changes appearance and stats. That change is triggered with an animation sequence. If right before the animation is supposed to begin, Wurt makes an attacking action (a second or two after the moment a king dies or is created), her buffing animation will be canceled. Then the stats will still change appropriately, but not her appearance. (Only tested on her new skin, Little Sinker). I have tested this with some other actions, including opening the wardrobe, equipping and unequipping handslot, but only managed to reproduce it with the attacking action. Could very well be because I only managed to get the timing right while attacking.
  6. Found the issue. It's what I was saying before. Teamwork, I guess! (lol)
  7. It's more that I'm trying to figure out why were we getting different results. It's hard to tell on your picture you got the kinged skin, for one. On the server I was in everything seemed fine, and I wonder if I was stuck on un-kinged form without realizing it. I'm testing on my own world now and managed to get myself stuck on king form after king dying, but not the reverse.
  8. At some point you gotta wonder if you're trying to cooperate or not. Is the skin bugged on king form?
  9. On my game and other people I've heard from, that is fixed... Is @Viktor234 still having this, but everything else fixed?
  10. Then your update is queued up and you might have to wait a little. Unless you check some other fixes mentioned this thread and discover the Sinker skin problem to be the only one still present of the list. Can you try, for instance, placing walls or fences on the very edge of the map? Or check Walter's ghost eyes? Thanks.
  11. Close the game and open it again. Or if you use Steam you can check your library for any queued updates.
  12. That would be really fantastic. There's room for so much story! Would it begin in single player times with Max on the throne? Would it begin centered around Maxwell before he got pulled into the Constant?
  13. It's not about being Offended™, it's about the question: how do we tend the environmnet of the game so that it doesn't descend into territories we don't want to co-exist with. In my opinion and in that of some others, this mod is fine. But some games, services, websites, or what have you, do descend into such territories, and that's part of what some people in this thread are concerned about. So even if in this particular case I really wish we could all just move on and forget about it, I very much appreciate the concern and examination of... spider butts.
  14. If what you want is to generate a donut world in general, all you have to do is change these world settings before you generate it, in this screen: That way you'll consistently get a map shaped like the one I showed, but it will always be a bit different. You can do it for Forest (surface) and Caves separately, in their respective tabs. If instead you actually want a map exactly like the one I posted, yes, I can give you the seed, but to use the seed you first need the Gem Core mod: After turning on the mod, go back to that same settings page I pictured above and you should see a space to paste in a number. Here's the seed for the map I posted. It's the same one for surface and caves. You can leave one of those blank if you want either randomly generated: 1602988219