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  1. It's just occurring to me that when we make Bone Bouillon we sometimes use our own bones as food. That's... that's messed up, man.
  2. I think everybody does get their way with all the incredible mods available (to PC players) + varied world settings you can mess with. A common complaint is wanting the game to be more difficult for experienced players when that can be achieved in 1000 different ways with mods and world settings and/or personal rules. But I get that there's something different about an official change in the game endorsed by Klei... like it's cannon or something and that helps our... immersion? I don't know. Of course then it's impossible everyone gets their way.
  3. Cookie Cutters and Pumpkin Cookies

    It took me a while to realize they're caled cookie cutters because the boats look like cookies
  4. Wickerbottom's free pierogi machine. 1- Build two or three Bunny Hutches next to each other. 2- Read On Tentacles once or twice while standing between the hutches. 3- Collect your daily 4 carrots + 2 meats in the morning. 4- (ATTENTION: Most important step) Maniacally laugh at people who need to mine stone fruits for their veggies. *You will get hit by tentacles every now and then so it's not free free.
  5. Just eyes. Eyes everywhere. So many eyes you can't get enough., come get your eyes. It's eyes 24/7 baby, you can't miss it
  6. Wurt

    lol I was definitely exagerating there. Dear Klei, don't get weird.
  7. Wurt

    Pumpkins for hunger (37.5 cooked or raw) and cooked Eggplants or Pomegranates for health (20 health when cooked) But like, surviving the first winter without eating meat might be rough. It's okay, I'm not forcing anyone to change anything, I call Wormwood and Wortox 'he' too. Just pointing out that if devs want to make a Plant or Imp character universally seen as female it has to give it tlts. Or be like, Wortoxa. And that sucks.
  8. Wurt

    Just to get a little something off my chest it kinda sucks that any monster/non-human character that doesn't explicitly have a dress, bow, pink color and a name that ends with -a is gonna default into being 'he'.
  9. Walani in DST

    no please god no
  10. There's a mod for that that does it in this exact way, but it also clutters the crafting tab, so I dunno. If it was applied to the game I'd prefer turning the igloo into a crafting station for the reskins
  11. Mate, don't you know the update is still not over and that we will be getting new content still?
  12. Don't Starve Together Crossplay

    and this is a BIG worry. Developers can't just willy nilly update console games whenever they want, like they can on PC, and the process can be impeditive. So to go through with compatibility PC players would have to suffer, being stalled on updates until it can also be done on consoles. As for mods, that would be another problem in integrating PC and console servers, but you can soft solve this by only making non-modded worlds cross-compatible.
  13. Wendy has a canon age

    Guys let's close the thread