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  1. After I get a good enough base prepared where I can store food and valuable items, I usually start preparing for one of the following goals: Exploring the caves and finding the Ruins: When I was learning the game I thought the caves were nothing more than a dark, dangerous place with mushrooms and bunnymen, and I avoided it like the plague cause I didn't see much of a point in going down there. But then I read about the Ruins, that were hidden somewhere deep in it. Just having "Find the Ruins" as a quest in itself is exciting enough, but after that there's the added challenge of getting the rewards it offers. Making preparations to fight a static boss: Usually Dragonfly or Bee Queen. You can either just go ahead and try to figure out how to fight them and die several times trying to learn, or you can go on YouTube or the DST wiki and see the standard strategies to beat them. Either way is really fun, and will require preparation. Building a boat and exploring the Ocean: Right now there's not a lot in the ocean, as it's still being developed, but I still have fun doing it! I remember when I was first learning the sailing mechanics I sank one boat after the other.
  2. Would you mind explaining this strat a bit? Also congrats on discovering a DST strategy, it's one of my life goals to discover one myself and I am BARELY kidding. I am not kidding. LMAO
  3. If you are like me and get really annoyed having to reset tooth traps after each hound wave, Wormwood's kinship with plants comes in super handy. Make a big field of Eye Plants and just run around in it while the hounds chase you. Just make sure to put a flingo in the middle of it, because fire hounds. Works great to farm spiders, too. Edit: oh yeah, and they also gather up all the drops for you, how polite. I hope Klei makes more aggressive plant mobs so this perk gets more fleshed out, but as it is I am happy with this use for it.
  4. Wow, that was captivating. Love, love, love it. The canals running through the city is a fantastic idea.
  5. I love the suggestions and it would be great to see Wurt additions and tweaks. The tweaks would be the obvious and easy ones, like no sanity loss when wet and King's hunger going down slower. But I LOVE @Mysterious box 's idea of being able to spawn fisher merms (like in Shipwrecked) to fish for you, maybe once you give them food. Also this
  6. The grumpy radar assumption, or the thinking merms are less efficient than pigs can not possibly come from well-rounded experience assumption?... Cause I feel I explained the basis for both pretty clearly
  7. I mean, you don't have to make it THAT obvious that you haven't played Wurt for more than a little bit, lol. It doesnt take long at all to make enough merm houses, and with chopping forests without worrying about dusk or Treeguards it pays off at like, day 20. Also I talked about a bunch of things, from which you gathered it could all be done by pigs, but worse. ?. But to be entirely and completely honest, from what I've seen and read from you in this forum I see you as a radar looking for opportunities to be grumpy
  8. aw man, I gotta HARD disagree with "no depth". Basing on the swamp surrounded by guards and feeling like home cause when I leave I lose speed, making sure I make meals for the whole family (me + the king I FREAKING CROWNED AS A BABY) while fishing to trade fish for rot and tentacle spots, and then hiring said guards to chop inordinate amounts of wood during the night, over night, while farming... Is a wild time.
  9. Wormwood is the most challenging, and if you don't have an easy time surviving with the other characters, and if you play in solo worlds, you might have a bit of a frustrating time as Wormwood. Wortox is certainly the "most OP" with the healing and soul hopping. Wortox also has a harder time with hunger and sanity. Wurt is definitely the solo player's choice. With Wurt you can have a VERY different experience in DST, but she's not a team player. With Wurt you are motivated to base in a way and place other characters wouldn't (in a Swamp and surrounded by your Merm guards). She also likes building a boat early game to get seaweed and crown a Merm King. She's awesome. But do pay attention to everyone else recommending against her. It's not a popular character.
  10. I think most people who disable music do it either to listen to Spotify or to listen to podcasts, rather than to be in silence. I only play by myself and even though I adore DST's soundtrack, I'm always listening to podcasts ou audiobooks while I play the game. And the reason is just that I enjoy the "double entertainment" in my free time. I don't mind about immersion that much, I guess.
  11. There is no game I play without listening to podcasts and audiobooks
  12. I've been playing Shipwrecked lately, and as Wheeler. It does make me want both Wheeler in DST and the Shipwrecked sea + boats in DST. And by Shipwrecked sea what I really mean is many, many islands. The true joy of sailing around in the game is discovering new places where you can base or find resources. Even if they added islands with regular biomes in DST that would be great. Or a game mode where instead of one continent it was islands