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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    This is my new favorite thing
  2. To me the answer is an obvious yes. Before 2019 my favorite Don't Starve edition was Shipwrecked, and by the end of this last year Klei had me divided between SW and DST. I can't second what Rellimarual said enough: I guarantee you, 100%, if any of the old characters had been added in 2019 they would have gotten the same complaints the new characters are getting, or much worse. Yes, if it was the old Woodie, the old Willow, you name it. For some reason, all of a sudden this year, people got this idea that new content means a competition to see whose complaints gets the most likes in the forums.
  3. Also the Elder Mandrakes from Hamlet. Especially during full moon. They get so happy, the ol' chaps
  4. The first one on my mind was Bunnymen, but if we include single player DS, of course it's a Pog
  5. I never thought people disliked Warly. In fact when there was a poll on which character is the most balanced Warly was one of the most voted. I agree he's an awesome character
  6. I know, I wasnt comparing the two. Just fun facts
  7. The nice thing about fishsticks is you can put 2 monster meats + fish + stick and it still works
  8. DST Fire Farm kill Beequeen

    Even Dark Souls has exploits, cheese and glitches. It's one thing asking for an official hard mode or whatever, it's another picking on exploits to try to make that point, when those can be found in pretty much any game ever that has complex enough mechanics. For those who don't know, Dark Souls is a game notorious for its intense difficulty. It was made to be frustratingly hard.
  9. We need sneezing

    Sneezing is an actual game mechanic of Don't Starve Hamlet. During Hayfever season they temporarily sneeze and drop items + lose sanity each time. Then there's allergy medicine to prevent it
  10. [Game Update] - 376201

    Woo!! thanks for the update! Merm guards still won't aggro on Hounds or giants. They idle around until the hounds/giants successfully land a hit on them first.
  11. Don't Starve Together Crossplay

    and this is a BIG worry. Developers can't just willy nilly update console games whenever they want, like they can on PC, and the process can be impeditive. So to go through with compatibility PC players would have to suffer, being stalled on updates until it can also be done on consoles. As for mods, that would be another problem in integrating PC and console servers, but you can soft solve this by only making non-modded worlds cross-compatible.
  12. Boat Adventures Showcase!

    That's the best. Great to have new uses for the catapult, and good thing they don't take up much space. And for sure we will have a new sea mob.
  13. Boat Adventures Showcase!

    Fig. 1.2: Wickerbottom in her Winter-Viking attire, next to a Lighthouse, displaying her Ship, the Splinterbottom.
  14. Wheeler in DST

    They should just add everyone