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  1. As long as we get some means to make it rain so wildfires won't happen I will be fine with it. Currently its just a mechanic that makes me always choose the Oasis as a base location.
  2. Also, if anyone has any requests, go ahead and make them. I don't think my world is particularly interesting, but maybe it fulfils some particular desire. Speaking of which: does anyone have a recent world with the Basalt setpiece? I would love one
  3. In case anyone is confused, if you get the Gem Core mod, you will be able to seed world gens, and also share yours with everyone else. Made by @zarklord_klei That is a good reminder. I hope a thread like this is created after every big update so we can continue to shop around for interesting worlds.
  4. Nessuna ricetta. Tutto quello che puoi fare con esso se sei Warly รจ darlo da mangiare a un uccello in una gabbia per ottenere un uovo. "No recipes. All you can do with it if you are Warly is feed it to a bird in a cage to get an egg." brought to you by Google Translator.
  5. I'm watching DontStarveJazzy's stream right now and Zarklord mentioned he should fly, but there is a bug.
  6. I like the forums a lot and pop in here every now and then, but it's really not the place where the DST community shines. Here goes I defending Klei on the comment that pointed out some people defending Klei unconditionally Klei listens to suggestions quite a bit, and just to mention recent examples, Astral Detector pointing to Crab King and giant crops being able to be waxed for decoration were suggestions by players on the forum that almost immediately got implemented. The whole thing about Return of Them taking the direction of mostly very-late-game stuff -- which actually bothers me since the early game has not changed since single player DS -- addresses one of the most common and insistent complaints before this chapter, which was Fuel Weaver not being enough for end-game content. The huge amount of suggestions from users is something I really like about this community, and it actually gets incentivized by the fact that we know we might get heard. It just so happens with the sheer amount, it's impossible to take in most suggestions, though I understand the frustration in that. edit:But the point then is.... since a new round of updates is coming, there has never been a better time to make your complaints about the direction of DST and state them clearly. I'm certainly not trying to disincentivize you from that.
  7. What a cat-loving community. That's nice. Also, it's not that I don't like the ocean content that is there, like the seaweeds, Gnarwails, and the huge variety of fishes and fishing equipment, it's just that the result still looks barren. Would look even more so without the sea-stacks, but they still are too many, kinda ugly, and just an annoyance. So... hard to vote. And I wish the different depth levels had more contrasting colors, like in SW. That would make the ocean look less homogenous.
  8. Happy to see Warly getting some early votes. I've recently started playing as him and it's been a blast, but -- or maybe because -- his perks are the ones you have to organize yourself the most to make good use of.
  9. What if instead of removing the reliability on sanity you could "corrupt" the crown with nightmare fuel to make it reliant on insanity?
  10. To have the crown work better with low-sanity characters it could take into account max sanity minus current sanity, rather than percentage. For instance: the crown will work until the character is 50 sanity away from its max sanity.
  11. You can also use it to break sea stacks from far away. It's pretty cool, but I'd still rate it below the drops of most other bosses.
  12. Agree very much. Just adding that Wheeler also has a compass which allows you to find items, structures or mobs. But even in the DLC's that is not super useful, and if that, only in the first year. It's generally really tough to make an exploration-oriented character remain interesting in a game where exploring is not hard or the main point.
  13. Earlier in the thread someone else requested more old man characters. Same thing, really. Nice requests, both. If one is more common or whatever it's just as lovely to see, I'm sure.