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  1. Ah yes, skeleton next to amulet. What I call the rage-quitter's set piece.
  2. Do mispronunciations also count? I like how half of us pronounced it Beer-Dger instead of Bear-Dger until we heard someone else say it correclty and then went "Ohh! Bear + Badger, of course!"
  3. Yes, I finally get to give you a shoutout! I remember you posting this image some time ago and feeling really inspired, but later I ended up forgetting who had posted it. My bases used to be overly symmetrical, almost in a grid, and your beautiful base here motivated me to break out of that rut, and it's still my favorite base setup I've seen. Here's the one I'm currently working on (But after seeing your base again I'm still itching for the vibe I get from yours.) Oh, and disregard Chungus on the top right. It's from the Chungus mod.
  4. omg u n00b, you just gotta prepare ahead, I'm f2p and I already cleared like 4 tiles and prototyped a pitchfork. source: some kids that were born into such a decaying industry that somehow figured out how to successfully keep from them the secret that the goal of games is to have fun. Which is why we love Klei so much and are now kinda worried
  5. Asking or worrying about any changes feels weird when it was explicitly stated there would be no changes to staffing, projects or operations, it's just that I'm left head-scratching when the paragraph for ' why are we doing this ' gives as reason 'This partnership helps us navigate a changing industry'. It's vague and I'm sure we're all still wondering what's the catch gonna be from Tencent's side
  6. Can we get a clear cut clarification on the possibilities of in-game monetization changing from now on? This seems to be a big concern to many people. Is there any chance new gameplay content might be pay-walled, in current or future Klei games? Or will it remain as is, only for skins and aesthetics (and incredible DLCs)?
  7. Currently playing Walter, but if I had to choose only one character I can play it would be Wurt. So, Wurt.
  8. Depth Worms eat the bananas from banana trees. All right, that's all, good night
  9. Thanks for sharing! Everyone keep in mind that seeds only work properly for the game version they were generated in, so if you want this map you gotta make it before the next update comes out. Also, the Gem Core API mod makes getting and sharing world seeds easier. Made by @zarklord_klei
  10. The day the Lure Plant finally fit its job description:
  11. An old base setup that I'm still really proud of: mod:Aerial View
  12. You can feed Heavenly Eggnogs (Winter Feast's food) to a bird to get eggs. It's considered a meat food.
  13. I really want it to be refuelable so I don't have to keep making the long trips, but I also wouldn't want it to be as cheap as it is for the magiluminescence. I think an orange gem refueling 33% of the Lazy Forager could be cool, and it would still be more worth it to craft a new one, unless you're lazy (heh.)
  14. I entered this thread like... meh. But now I want critter Toadstool more than anything. I do wish they made no noise, though, yes.