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  1. She was holding Bernie, which gave her that last tick of Sanity necessary to stop being attacked by shadow creatures
  2. [Game Update] - 329526

    100000/10 dev team
  3. Holy **** what I'm saying is the game IS changing. Soon.
  4. Again, most of the topics on the poll do have to do with lack of fresh content, and AGAIN I gotta tell you the suggestions you speak of are vagueries. Could you please be more specific on how you think you could help Klei better entertain the inevitable demographic of the unsatisified? Or maybe point me to a game immune to these vague criticisms and how they achieved it? THAT would be actually useful for Klei.
  5. I was gonna edit out the "for free" part for the exact reason I knew that was the only part people would address, ignoring all the rest and the main point of my comment. Could you please adress that? The reason I said I'm not asking this rhetorically is because I legitimally want an answer other then a joke.
  6. friend, you only quoted part of my comment. You also read me saying. "Most of these options have to do with wanting more content, which Klei is actively working on." What people's suggestions are you refering to other then vagueries about wanting more and refreshing content, which is a criticism Klei is finishing making for us. For free. My biggest point is that this side of the discussion is endless. There is always; ALWAYS going to be your side of the argument. There is nothing any game can do to escape the criticism of needing more. I'm not asking rhetorically.
  7. Outside of killing bosses and beating all the seasons, there is nothing more to do. You just want to complain. It's not a fault in the game, it's just not your favorite game, get over it.
  8. Yeah, and many people have been playing this game for years
  9. How many times can you play any game before you get bored? Don't be disingenuous. And people with 1000 hours in the game are still learning things they didn't know in the game Enable Netbook mode in settings. It got rid of all the lag except for occasional loading lag for me. And both my laptop and internet are crap.
  10. The game is perfect. Most of these options have to do with wanting more content, which Klei is actively working on. I mean.. lack of end game content? Are you kidding me? We just got used to the goal of killing Ancient Fuelweaver, which is bound to happen with any game/content in time And no comment to people who say it lacks replayability. Just not the game for you
  11. Would still not be a good idea to set mobs on fire. I would prefer keeping the basic weapons but making it so if a mob is set on fire by Willow it doesn't spread
  12. Lights out world, question

    Brilliant! Unfortunately according to the wiki it's only a 0.3% chance of them coughing up a bird, so you'll have to be patient.
  13. Lights out world, question

    Wicker's book does indeed workd at dusk and even night. I can't think of another way to get a birb in LIghts Out
  14. Shipwrecked characters in hamlet

    Well I derped in the exact same way before
  15. Shipwrecked characters in hamlet

    Yeah, since posting that I slightly changed my mind. First of all, someone reminded me prime ape hut is already a craftable structure for all characters, which I had completely forgotten about. And with Warly all I'd do is revert the nerf as you said. Maaaaybe give a slight extra boost to health and sanity gain from crockpot foods. Like from the current 33% to 40%