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  1. Looking forward to it! The thing is, seeing these overarching mechanics of the game being tweaked and changed is really exciting, whether I like the initial change or not. (Gonna hunt some MacTusks right now and see for myself )
  2. That's okay, but with this campaign I have seen you bother people who I know to be super chill and expressly okay with people playing how they want.
  3. I just don't understand who you're trying to benefit in this argument. One one side it's people saying it was nice and more stimulating the other way, and on the other it just sounds like a lot of uncalled-for "get gud-ing" on the basis that whatever the devs resolve is the correct way. If you actually enjoy the new way I'll be honeslty glad and interested in hearing you talk about your experience! (And I haven't tried the game myself since the patch), but otherwise, that line of thinking is just gonna tie a knot on itself if the devs go back on their decision, since it's in their best interest that the game is, indeed, nice and more stimulating.
  4. Ancient Guardian also suffers from this issue. Good to see that getting fixed for the Fuelweaver without affecting the range or damage of the whip!
  5. Well, uncompromising took inspiration from Hamlet biomes and SW mechanics, and this update borrows from Hamlet and SW as well.
  6. I'm watching DontStarveJazzy's stream right now and Zarklord mentioned he should fly, but there is a bug.
  7. Ok, this is great While I'm sure some people will have their complaints about this, increased hunger drain always seemed more annoyance than challenge to me, so I think this will play out nicely, considering the other setbacks that have been added, ESPECIALLY: Hounds waves will focus more on Wes than the other survivors. This sounds really fun. And makes Wes joining the server a plus for everyone else (particularly public servers without tooth trap fields).
  8. omg u n00b, you just gotta prepare ahead, I'm f2p and I already cleared like 4 tiles and prototyped a pitchfork. source: some kids that were born into such a decaying industry that somehow figured out how to successfully keep from them the secret that the goal of games is to have fun. Which is why we love Klei so much and are now kinda worried
  9. Depth Worms eat the bananas from banana trees. All right, that's all, good night
  10. The day the Lure Plant finally fit its job description:
  11. An old base setup that I'm still really proud of: mod:Aerial View
  12. You can feed Heavenly Eggnogs (Winter Feast's food) to a bird to get eggs. It's considered a meat food.