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  2. Personally, I haven't progressed a world to the moonstorm event yet as I normally play with friends but when I play Woodie I'm usually a bit gung-ho with how often I make totems and transform. And the way I play is if I know I'm going not transform for a while I'll get my hunger satiated, but if I might or if a full moon is coming up I'll keep my hunger very low. Very micromanagey but during the moonstorm event I suppose I'd just always play like a full moon is coming up. If I'm with friends and they're the ones doing the moonstorm even I'd probably just let them handle the quest and then come out for the Celestial Champion fight, since I can just meet them at the lunar island via goose Jesus
  3. Ban NightfallsCurse for lack of explanation on banning themself.
  4. I'm thinking that it'd be like the way Klei ported DS to DST when first making DST, but then porting DST over to DST2 except making every item and skin HD, adding in customization options for thematic worlds which will have most mobs and every structure/item (not resources) reskinned for a visually enhancing experience. As for new content, an exclusive mode akin to a world's settings such as Light's Out or PvP called A New Reign. Players in worlds with A New Reign setting turned on would be encouraged to work together and reach the shadow throne. However, upon reaching the throne an obstacle will present itself requiring at least 4 boss drops to be removed, giving one player exclusive access to the shadow throne, and depending on which character claims it, new enemies, items, and at the minimum one special setpiece or occurrence that has much to or against the remaining survivors. Yes, some people may be bored on the shadow throne as death will be impossible, but some people enjoy that kind of gameplay as well; being what is essentially a god over a little world. If the occupant of the shadow throne decides to leave the server, a bot will make decisions in their place, doing so on a default every 5 days, but this can be configured in the world's settings, along with a player starting on the throne or a bot starting on the throne. Also maybe like 5 more characters because why not? I've got more ideas but I don't want to clog the post because some might be common or not worth mentioning. Also each character has completely unique things they bring to the table while on the shadow throne, if you're all interested I can brainstorm some! TLDR: Funny shadow throne go brrrr
  5. A woke meter for Wickerbottom that is both a downside and upside, starts off at a quarter full, Wickerbottom is not very woke at the beginning. Exploring the map and uncovering new territory and prototyping new things will increase Wickerbottom's wokeness and she'll gain powerful benefits, such as increased vision and temporary knowledge beyond her years. The downside to Wickerbottom's new meter involves the cookbook and gardeneer hat's information to be wiped for the client, giving Wickerbottom more knowledge to obtain and become woke. On a sidenote she gets a blunderbuss that fires bee stingers because why not. Jokes aside meters are cool
  6. I tend to be picky with games sometimes when it comes to playing them for a long period of time, but since DST's release I just can't put the game down I haven't played too many other Klei titles besides Don't Starve (alone with all DLC) and Griftlands, but if I ever get bored of DST I'll check them out for sure! They're definitely doing something right to keep a devoted playerbase
  7. I think it's a bit of a mix, where you have people on a scale of dying > surviving > thriving and it'd probably be for an example like Wes/Wilson equally dying as Wilson's luck is displayed in each trailer throughout the series as not very good. Surviving would be those like Wendy, Maxwell, and maybe Wolfgang(?) Thriving I'd guess is Woodie, Wortox, and Walter, for the most part. Although if they're all living together it's going to be a huge mix of the three
  8. Was that the byte of '87? I'm sorry
  9. Strange how they imply it was done with a pitchfork and not a shovel. Either way, poor guy must've realized too late that you can't stave off hunger with them.
  10. Don't know if anyone is still looking at this post or if it has been buried under everything else, but that's okay. It didn't take long to tally it all up, but I was waiting on some responses from participants, yet I have also lost track of all who've participated, so sorry! Here's the stats of all of the skins that were given away! Gothic Belongings: 22 Bounteous Bundle: 13 Snowfallen related: 6 Fantasmical Chest: 4 Other: 30 Total: 65 This is the final reply I'll be giving on this post! Thank you all for participating and see you next time!
  11. To me every animated short's music was wonderful to listen to. My top three are from Woodie's, Wigfrid's, and Warly's animated shorts (not in any particular order) Really hope there's eventually a place for all of these to be appreciated, maybe when the final character refresh and their paired animated short come out?
  12. If I can recall, I believe Klei never intended to add DLC as it'd split the playerbase into people who played on either, say, a DLC expanded world or a non DLC world. A lot of people wanted Shipwrecked content into DST and wanted it as potentially a DLC. Again, I don't like putting words in peoples' mouths so I'm not really sure if this was the case!
  13. Mike is correct when saying the crafting tab is more difficult to use on console, for sure. Not only do controller users have to do the same number of 'clicks' as PC players to get the same results, but also have to use analog sticks to navigate to each individual item. When I do play on PS4 and have to access the crafting menu for something specific I ponder for a little bit on how to get to it, although that could be because I need to adjust more to it or that I'm drawing a blank looking for said craft. Finding items in other tabs like the top hat in rain protection is a bit odd as well, because if I were to want headwear to prevent wetness, I'd choose something like a rainhat or a helmet primarily, each being much easier to find as they're either in clothing or the armor tab, which is much simpler and easier to think about. I could just be grasping at straws on why I don't like the new menu but that isn't true, I like the fresh and new aesthetic it has going on!
  14. Second to last update on this topic from me! I've just about hit the intended 500 USD budget and if you've sent me a friend request, I'll still be getting to you, don't worry! Any further participants will not be accepted, however. Sorry and thanks for understanding That aside, thank you to all who have participated and thank you to those who I have yet to contact! Your patience is much appreciated. Edit: Editing into original post
  15. I like to think that a good DST player is one that can adapt given the situation. Sure, you can host your own world and play alone and have everything perfectly planned out and follow through without flaw, which is an impressive feat given the RNG and random generation provided. A majority of my gameplay has been on pubs or with friends and from some of my experiences, the servers proved to be quite chaotic and I'd have to end up surviving in the caves/going out in the midst of Winter with nothing but a torch and my immediate inventory to get thermal stones for others who are tied to getting food so the residential Wolfgang (pre-refresh) wouldn't starve to death. The players and myself weren't perfect and could've done much more at the time, but I had a lot of fun and we ended up not dying! We avoided the Deerclops entirely too. So, I think a good player is someone who can adapt to their environment and also... you know... not starve
  16. If you've sent me a friend request, don't worry if I haven't accepted it yet. I was busier today than I had anticipated, sorry everyone! The reason I haven't accepted friend requests instantly is because it helps me keep track of who I still have to get skins for And to clear up some confusion, this isn't a raffle or anything like that, it's a giveaway where everyone wins (everyone who gets skins before my budget is up, anyway, hehe) Besides that, this post was made more so for the sake of the sixth anniversary of DST! Also, I have seen that the early access has gone back farther than 2016 but I suppose that doesn't count because it wasn't the full release
  17. I don't know of any other ways. The friend invite is for 1) messaging and 2) Sending of the gift because Steam requires me to be friends with the recipient! Afterwards you can remove me from your friends list if you'd like Speaking of which I'll be home in some 4 or 5 odd hours and I'll continue the giveaway! Sorry to all who've been waiting since yesterday!
  18. If you have a Steam account connected to it, I believe so! It'd be a great workaround if that were the case!