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  1. I bet, it's only because winter is too cold for that, but I cannot say it's a thing I really connect with summer. To me more connection with summer have bbq and garden parties (sometimes with cheap smoll pool) or going to sea to swim in water.
  2. Nah, I don't keep on her rile. I said, she does in peaceful mode annoying things, and I an certain about it, imo would be simply great, it that was fixed, intead of impling is all my fault : ) (Also used to have slow reaction due to internet connection).
  3. A bit, but sometimes I don't want to summon-unsummon-summon-unsummon when I get to the base, because there is a 4-5 decorative pens with different mobs, including farm ones like grass gecko. Sometimes looks like "back to base, then in base run some wild skittersquid and require action because attacks lureplants, then again just base, then random Warlus/blue Hound, again back to base, etc." I played a lot of Wendy and sometimes happens too much in game to remember which passive mobs are going to be attacked just on the way, especially if you move a lot around. Not sure how you don't see a problem with her AI. Like somethings can attack me, but she decided to try attacking first some passive mob with "prey" tag. You can unsummon her with hovering flower over her. No need to hurt her :C
  4. I dislike Abigail, because she is dumb and stinky (stinky ectoplasm) and kills little animals like wobsters, rabbits (carrats too?) without even being in attack mode (YES. You need to maintain Abigal, to those who think you don't have to. Or she will try kill something that is too big for her or something you don't want to kill). While Wendy's depression and dark humor are not necessary that far, Abigail used to be very cheerful person... So I don't get why she turned so evil to kill innocent rabbit just because it was on her way. Walter is smoll, ugly, stinky and dumb. The first thing, how ineffecivevis his slingshot. Just buff it klei, don't be scared. Then his so random bee allergy, like he didn't had already gamechanging downside. The difference in his head shape between his cinematic and game - I prefer that one from cinematic. Wes, because he is slower with collecting resources. All debuffs are fine, but that one is just boring and tendious. Wilson, because Devs probably will give some dumb and stinky reasons to not rework him, while he need some funny tools and toys for later in game.
  5. I think The End is Nigh supposed to be fight book, but not very reliable. Not like it was much damage, probably it burned loots? I think only once or twice I used that in that way, and first time I forgor any anti-lightning clothes. But ye, there is something missing with her books, like versatility? Not sure how to describe it...
  6. Ah ye, One more thing about Winona I would love to be added. Purely cosmetic, but there now two characters who can see in darkness and always exist moggle users... Animation of dodging Charlie ;_;
  7. I like idea of upgrade to enlightement after beatin CC to something more dangerous... But at same time I would love more changes to world when insane - I think both mechanics are underused.
  8. That eyes now reminds me some disturbing things, but I am not gonna run into detail, because is just disturbing. I believe it was supposed to be comical, but welp...
  9. I use if I have many lures, but almost never craft them. If I find on sea, I would use spork and rubber bung for fishing, or feathery floats (I am getting lots of them from chests) and heavy lure. From not-lures-but-lures I use rot for wobsters, sometimes berries, and usually seeds as they are plenty and last long. Not a fan of these that depends on season, time or weather. Instead I more rely on nibbling and/or reeling to get fish fast.
  10. I would say "take a guess", but honestly is only 1/3 of my gameplay. I am 1/3 Wendy, 1/3 Woodie and 1/3 Warly.
  11. I dont think every boss need to be super bossy. They are sort of legacy from singleplayer, don't they? Or minibosses...
  12. I would add guardian horn. Is not that big deal imo, especially now guardian is harder, funnier and not-so-cheesable, but to repeat his fight you still need to kill fuelweaver (reset ruins) and that is a bit more painful.
  13. I would love more skins for other containers than basic backpack and basic chests.
  14. tbh some of them require rarer and rarer funkos :C