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  1. Pigs from Hamlet are for sure bigger than survivors
  2. I think he could mean copy-mods, like 99stacks or copy-characters mods because original had not enough hp.
  3. Usually I set autumn, winter and spring a bit longer to have more time for everything and to do not rush base. Recently I discovered egde of rock biome as a place for starting/temporary base (in my case worldgen was so good it was a good place even for permanent base) because rock turf is good as protection against eye-plants and for having mess without chests (and for turning into paths), some starting easy rocks, close to ice without pengulls, little to none of unwanted tree expansions/invasions. Buzzards may be annoying or additional food source.
  4. Wendy alone is strong pick, double Wendy even stronger. Like one does job with pipspooks, while other nuke spiders or frogs. Together or alone Wendies are not limited to trapfields. And later in game when you will get Celestial Portal you can always change to other characters. OnceI was playing with other Wendy, so we were kind of exchanging Abbies - when mine was low health, she was putting her own to run, and I got extra time to heal or hide mine.
  5. I think this is intended. We are forcing it to kill its family...
  6. Not true. 1 potato could be value 2; 1 garlic could be value -1 and win still can have value 4. as potato could have value 1, garlic 1 and win 4. or even potato can be 4, garlic 0, and win 16.
  7. As long ambient music will not be 20 seconds of loop, then why not. Most problem with DST music I have, it just.... a... short... loop, which usually plays like "Did you chopped a stick? Now is a time for work music! Oh, you planted a one tiny seed? FARM MUSIC, ohno spider, fight music, but boss because you have a one chilling treeguard nearby!". And most sad are caves and ruins, because not only their loop is super short, but also all same all year...
  8. I usually prefer in ruins surf'n'turf. 37,5 hunger, 33 sanity and 60 health. (if I properly remember). Two eels and two monster meats.
  9. ... is because shipping is sometimes twice (or more) expensive than funko
  10. Can somebody remind me how big hunger drain have beefalos? And how much filling for them is food. (I know about healing, as scaling x4)