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  1. Because that is a nightmare fuel to see dead rotting head (with flies) staring at you with open eyes during full moon... Dead one is bad enough. Good they don't whisper. To some level I think it sort-of coming from character imagination, object is just a mere medium for that.
  2. All that rework sounds AMAZING! For first time I literally want to play Webber!
  3. Actually problem is quite deeper than this. Somebody explained to me it quite long ago, so I will try to not mess up anything: every turf has its number, not only priority and there is limit of numbers. Every "skin" would take another number - which could make many mods incompatible. Klei would need to make complete rework of turfs (which I dont mind, actually I would welcome hd turfs and option to freely mod more), but last thing I want is to pay for turfs.
  4. Tbh I dont like that part about banning, especially when loading takes so long and someone is just stuck for 10 mins in loading.
  5. Honestly I believe 99% people here will say they are mostly active on forums. If that poll were on different sites the answers could be more various (which is impossibru)
  6. Maybe is dancing? Like forgot its dancing anim and dances in other way. In other games when I don't have anims/poses/comamnds to make character dance i pretend it in that way.
  7. I use paint tool sai for most things, and clip paint studio for some advanced effects. If you are looking for free art programs, then you can try medibang, krita or fire alpaca. Basically anything is better than paint. Another important this is a graphic tablet. You didn't mention anything about that, so... As is possible to edit drawings from paper to art programs, and more or less make them look in DST style, still there may be a quality loss, too much grain or blurr. Tablet allows to draw directly on computer, but much more smooth that mouse (note: some art programs have extra line correction, and some don't) and without mess from paper. Third thing... DST style is harder than it look. That means, it require training and time to make it right. As Hornete said, in this case good is some tracing and comparing results.
  8. Actually is quite not right to get damaged during loading time. Also changing/upgrading computer will work only for person who did that and not everybody can get better pc/laptop. In-game protection would be something more fair for everyone, even if some people will say stuff like "buuuu game treating players like babies buuu". So far most important part of the game is "multiplayer", and being unable to do any action during loading time, is just unfair.
  9. I continue the thing I am best at: bone maker.
  10. Well, there are more things to burn that structures and we dont know what that guy had. Like stuff in the chests, where could be 8hr of wood chopping, or 40 pigskins, collection of or whatever is burnable and valuable.
  11. Honestly I simply don't mind warning and reset button is always somewhere between tempting and "forbidden button". That special feeling "oh just don't click it!". If it saves some frustration from people why not.
  12. Why are you posting random art of the end of your posts? That one is not even marked to who it belongs.