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  1. I have no idea what is happening here. Looks like a tile of polluted air is blocking liquid from spreading upwards? Not even sure if this is a bug or feature... Anyway is not first time when tiny block of air is blocking tons of water from anything. Or when polluted air destroys less than 1kg liquid block. Now I just wonder how much liquids I could store this way...
  2. I think this is normal for game or part of the trap for greed. I had a map with few geodes, and every one of them had inside a huge amouts of gases. Probably it would be too easy to just have diamonds before oil biome.
  3. Once, for older version of the game, dupes have packed some coal into fridge. Yes, I was loudly thinking, there was so much coal they could eat it, but I wouldn't think they would hear me... Happend once, long time ago, so I attach thing just only for amusement.
  4. Hi, I was just playing with Sweepy for first time... Docking station was separate from main energy lines, with own battery and generator. I turned off the generator just to see what Sweepy will do without power. And... It's not only stuck trying to recharge, but also animation of Sweepy's Dock is stuck with "working/charging" animation, despite being without energy. While I was expecting thing go to sleep, or standby, or be dead, it still for at least 5 or 8 cycles tries to recharge.