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  1. Even modified survival can lost resources - usually due to wildfires outside of base. Very slowly if played carefuly and alone. Very fast if party of newbies is making grass and berry farm outside fligo range. Like... 50 grass tufts and saplings just gone forever in a moment.
  2. I also think Deerclops is more envy, and Goose/Moose... Well, she had kids. Lots of kids.
  3. My biggest problem is AI of mobs and their interactions. As I mentioned somewhere many post ago... I had one pig stuck in one place for over 500 days of game and it was trying desperately get to its home in most possible straight line. After one of my friends tried to play as Wurt, I had scattered merms around half of my map, because they couldn't find their way to homes. Rockjaw and Rook can get stuck running into some edges - usually Rockjaw is enough busy "swimming" into edge I can sail to it with my slowest boat (and in middle of "attack" it can simply despawn). Sea Weeds don't attack hounds, despite that hounds are monsters and they can swim and hounds don't attack them (well barnacles in theory are safe... But while everywhere else is possible one big war, that situation feels odd).
  4. Depends on time and work. For some people is easier to buy than play lots of hours, and for others is easier to play 764322700432 hours than to buy something. If Alchemy Pod skin doesn't normally drop or drop is extra rare, then it may be considered as limited and "not achievable" for most people.
  5. I consider this as normal for 95% of existing games. Minecraft before recipe book required to remember a lot and even with this some things are "hidden"; They Are Billions - you can struggle a lot before finding better strategies or some guide; Dead Cells - some things may be missing for long time due to random worldgen and some fight mechanics are "hidden"; Oxygen Not Included - Luckly it has a index in game, but without digging in external sources I wouldn't made proper automation nor start properly using rockets. Games with secrets, and things to discover are best games and I love to discover something that nobody else did. It doesn't matter if I struggle with something and I need to seek information - I also enjoy reading about my favorite games.
  6. I play with much less experienced friends - because they will do all kind of possible mistakes and some extra not predictable things which may ruin game and/or be extra funny. XD
  7. That could be problem on pubs. Imagine someone choosing Wolfgang or Wigfrid, playing for once, then leaving server. Nobody else could play those characters because slot for them was taken (until next reset...).
  8. It could simply lead to same level as caves, but to some "unreachable" area like Atrium.
  9. I would really love if I would be able to bring to my base one of (ancient roombas) dust moths to my base. Just only for its cleaning and sweeping behavior, I dont need them for thulecite. I would put them in fancy homes and with their great help I would teach everybody to not throw stuff on the floor, but in chests. I want to pet it and put on them fancy ribbons...
  10. well... In one of my worlds just happen to have blue mushtree biome totally in middle of my caves. Or rather that biome is conneting most of cave entraces. I prefer to have this war slightly more separate from me.