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  1. It was added as a fix to merms and seems to apply for pigs too
  2. Loot stash stays few days into spring. It will disappear in 2 or 3 days
  3. They don't? Rat races worked perfectly fine for me in the world that I played during and after it. I think this is fully intended.
  4. It's... Hard to tell. I do all of these things. Does exploring ruins once for entire season in my solo world count as little time spent? If this poll is for short term worlds it's also hard to tell, since it depends on the character I pick, whether it's public, etc etc...
  5. I just think there is a chance. But that would be after next update season is over and some massive events occur, making him upgraded (downgraded?) To a survivor. That I predict will be in a couple of years, so we can get used to the Wagstaff NPC character, just like before Maxwell was one for long time before he was playable- don't try to deny the hype. So it's not impossible, but if it's about to happen, it's a long wait. And being unlockable would be a nice touch as well.
  6. I wish you luck then! Burnout is normal, and you can either force yourself through it or wait it out. Either way you choose, I hope you get to all the stuff you want!
  7. Wilson just deserves it. He's the main character ffs, and after going through everything he did, he should have more abilities than 'grow beard'. Without the leveling system of Don't Starve, nobody chooses him as first character. I know I didn't. When we started playing with friends we chose Webber ("He looks fun!") Woodie ("It says here he's got a curse and I want to know what that means") and Wormwood ("Since you don't have him and he's a plant apparently??"). We looked at Wilson, compared to every other character and decided "meh, I want a full game experience". Wilson is great and I play him in all my DS worlds, but in DST it feels like a waste to pick him. Why would I play Wilson when I can just go crazy and farm Beardlords in caves? I'm trying to play my game and I want to be efficient if I'm planning on reaching some late stuff. Wilson has a great character and is my fav no contest due to his backstory and canon story, but he's just bland to play. He deserves to have more going on for him.
  8. You don't have to have long term worlds you know. If playing just enough to have fun and not get bored is good for you, do just that. Some games feel better if you don't stay long enough for all the lategame stuff, and some people just don't want to do the same thing for a long time. There's no sense in playing a game if you're not having fun with it. So even if you have to use mods/codes to get to the stuff you actually want to do (skip prep for bosses by spawning items and just fight) it's your world and your rules. Doing everything 'legit' isn't a big-brain-only-best-gamers thing. And doing a 1000 day base is not a goal, it's what some people do because they want to.
  9. Take breaks. You'll notice that after playing on a different world for a while, or different game, or anything really, you'll start missing some of the stuff from your long term world. Then just hop on and hang around, wait for an idea to strike or just survive for a bit. I like grinding sometimes, I have forests dug out be Bearger I never picked up, so I just grab my Beefalo and krampus sack and get to work. It takes a long time and doing it will usually tire me out enough to want to do something else in the world. I also got lots of long term goals, like making roads, arenas, decorations spaces and farms of different kinds. I'm usually too tired or just not feeling like getting to them, so after playing ds Hamlet or Shipwrecked I remember them and crave to do them. Fill the world with pointless stuff. You have to like your world to keep playing in it.
  10. Who's Jack nap Also I think Wilson already went through all the hells possible, considering the Canon. What else can happen to him that would break him? If getting mauled by a giant ice deer, then Bear, Goose, Bee (etc etc), getting sent to a lava fight arena temporarily, becoming connected to literal gods, and having to do the worst possible thing, which is working with other people didn't make him evil I don't know what caliber of trauma we expect
  11. I think their personalities are too far apart. Not to be rude, but Wagstaff is straight up evil, and he made a robot that is just as evil as him. Wilson may not be the sharpest, but he's a soft sweet guy. Like c'mon, he's not afraid to just call everything he finds adorable 'cute' at loud. Meanwhile Wagstaff only thinks about world domination.