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  1. I wish year of the snake could be the year of the Pugalisk. I love that thing, if only something similar could be in DST.
  2. No, I recently had a world where precisely 0 totally normal trees spawned.
  3. Thank you for your hard work, sleep's important though
  4. Not up to Klei. It's decisions on Funko side, and who knows what goes on in there.
  5. I'm having a DST burnout atm and trying to take a break, but when I play other games I keep thinking "man, i could be playing DST right now." I turn on DST and don't feel like playing anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Can't wait for it to pass. I really want to experience the update properly.
  6. I hate when people forget Cadence. What about Cadence, damn it!
  7. Huh. It did work for me, wouldn't share otherwise Maybe it was limited time for a short time or something.
  8. Caught this one during the stream :V
  9. ghhhhh I don't have my money yet, I want my skins now >:(
  10. A boat with some fishing rod related stuff. Like a tin fishing bin with fish that like a specific bait more than others and a chest with one or two pieces of bait of the kind.
  11. Enable texture streaming If that doesn't work, try adjusting the resolution
  12. This is the closest I found to an answer to your question.
  13. Oh, that's awesome! Big thanks to the artists, the new versions look amazing!