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  1. Winona boring the Infernal Swineclops to death. Who wouldn't submit after a 30 min snorefest?
  2. Maybe it saw a sign and thought it said "dessert". With those black beady eyes reading must be troublesome.
  3. Perhaps a new vegetarian pirate character is waiting around the corner? (I wish)
  4. Looks super neat! Looking forward to this!! The only humble request would be to get any sort of optional mechanic or use that incorporates hound teeth, or a way of disposing them easily, because they accumulate and tend to litter the game world to an absurd degree (when collecting them after hound attacks there is simply nothing to do with them and it never stops - and I have similar issues with bone shards, although people who play other characters apparently have uses for them).
  5. Cheesing means doing something unoriginal but in computer games a better meaning would perhaps be to do something that minimizes the difficulty of a challenge, often to a degree that there isn't any challenge to speak of. Cheating would be using console commands and rollbacks and things outside the game world. If such definitions are meaningful in the context of a sandbox game is other story, like others have already pointed out. .... for me, using any command, mod or doing a rollback would feel insanely dirty and make the game extremely boring. For that reason I have never done that. (Although I did admittedly use that Chinese mod during The Gorge, and the dirty tasty it left still lingers, plus a mod to remove the pig crowds in The Forge because my old potato laptop couldn't handle the animations).
  6. Too late. Do you remember when Klei ran the beta for Don't Starve: Hamlet, free for anyone to sign up, and first intended to have a limited number of testers, but when it became apparent that everybody wanted in they opened the registration for everybody who wanted to join and later gave away the whole DLC to the beta participants for free? This kind of recurring generosity is unparalleled in the gaming world and Klei was beyond generous. Look at Tencent's website: The beta is exclusive for potential participants in certain regions. Only a limited number of users will be able to partake in it, and to make it extra scummy they are using the word "apologize" as if it was outside their control (lol?). And of course, if you participate and reach some in-game goal during the beta you will be eligible to receive an item, which nobody else has a chance to get, so you better be fast (and "lucky") and sign up and start grinding immediately! Like @Sinister_Fang wrote above, this is nothing but a cash grab. Even at this point it is blatantly evident.
  7. Their pompous introduction cracked me up. Let's hope that they are better at developing games than name-dropping IP's and being humble.
  8. Indeed, it looks pretty baffling. Although it says "beta" I wouldn't get my hopes up that these are placeholders. Oh, well, I have absolutely no interest in either Tencent nor mobile games, so further comments are redundant. I do appreciate Klei sharing these news however.
  9. Indeed. Long ago I saw a video on Youtube where a duo were playing as WX-78 and Maxwell and exploring the ruins. Suddenly the WX-78 player panicked and shouted, and the Maxwell player wondered what the ruckus was about, to which the WX-78 player replied that he had very low hp, after having fought some creature, and it turned out rather comical when the Maxwell player pointed out that he had less HP than him even though his health bar was full and that he should calm down.:D
  10. It is against the community rules and guidelines to hang out people, so your post should be edited accordingly (remove any details that can tie it to an individual). If someone has done something really bad, against the EULA, then presumably you better send a private message to the developers, but griefing on the public servers doesn't fall under that, for better or worse (annoying as it is for those who enjoy playing on the public servers, this sort of behavior is nothing new).
  11. Any hints about when the GNU/Linux and MacOS ports will be available? I am super excited that Griftlands is out on Steam and I have been longing for a game that would give more of what Invisible, Inc. had, in terms of immersion and atmosphere (that game is amaaaaazing). A huge thanks and praise to the devs for giving us Griftlands! Can't wait to try it myself!