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  1. Spider + Spiderhat = ??? Brace yourself. The Constant is going to implode on Thursday.
  2. Co-Cane: Once equipped, another player can grab on to the other handle, superimposing their movement (when running in the same direction the players will run faster and when running in the opposite directions they will stall). Co-Cane Recipe: Has a 5% chance to drop from Wee MacTusk after being confronted when he has started hanging out with questionable company / merms after being orphaned.
  3. Agreed, although I am happy that the disease mechanical got removed. It was not fun, detrimental and a tedium in general. Wildfires are more than manageable with (some) planning in regards to base building, with items like ice staves. Wildfires are really not that bad that people are claiming, even when it comes to bigger bases. Just like in real life, leaving spaces between structures and using firewalls does the trick.
  4. The layout seems to be random and change every time you start a new game... although this mini-game must be the easiest one yet, since it doesn't have any loss condition. Simply go crazy and explore until you find every piece of junk! There is no need to reset once you start playing or chart the layout. The other mini-games with timers were a loooot more difficult, in my humble opinion.
  5. Cloud saves would be a welcome addition. Get more crock pots (in the caves, preferably). The caves are severely underrated for the safe space they provide. I have areas with both many crock pots and drying racks (I have yet to try making the new farms, but they should also be viable), and nothing bad has ever happened to them. The only real threat are the cave-ins caused by the Antlion, although that boss is easy enough to kill, even in a solo world. Hay walls in the caves are also severely underrated, since most mobs there can't destroy them and they provide all the safety you need against depth worms.
  6. Needs a bit more shading / scribbly lines. EDIT: The carpet, that is.
  7. Keep an eye out for the "Drops Enabled" tag and you should be good for receiving drops.
  8. It makes more sense to forage rather than to farm mushrooms. It would be pretty boring if every growable resource could be farmed in arbitrary locations. In the world I am playing there is a blue cap forest next to lunar cave biome and it is nothing short of a blue cap El Dorado. Whenever mushroom caps are needed in industry scale quantity they are only one trip away from that place.
  9. Wonderful news!! It's hard to contain the excitement, both for Don't Starve Together and Griftlands! :DD The only bummer pertains Hot Lava; I still haven't played the game, since no GNU/Linux port is available yet and now you announce that there will be a time-limited event with exclusive rewards. This is bad practice, and I am happy that you have made all your previous games available for all major platforms before any event-limited rewards took place, so that everybody had a chance to get them. Other than that.. Two more days to go! Thank you in advance, Klei! <3
  10. Haha, I have seen buzzards getting stuck like that, before Year of the Varg even. I have never seen it happen to beefaloes however.
  11. Plus the Winter's Feast video where the developers were caroling and the 'beefalo song' video the developers wrote that it wasn't canon, only videos for fun, if not mistaken. What @Wardin25 writes makes most sense.
  12. A global pause function (preferably activated through a mechanism in the game). A way to dedicate / reserve slots in your inventory for certain items, since I can't for the love of my life learn how to make items land in the desired slots when unequipping them and keep my inventory organized (to the degree that I want).