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  1. It is where all the forum spam eventually ends up which explains the high degree of insanity permeating that place.
  2. Add a forehead slot so you can don a Top Hat and Fashion Googles simultaneously (yes, a forehead slot and not an eye one).
  3. Spider Queen. "From where did I come? Where am I heading? I feel much more than a tier 3 spider den and at the same time compelled to turn into a tier 1 spider den. Why I am haunted by acts of inadequacy and stunted personal growth?".
  4. How the heck did people discover those Ruins recipes? Were there clues in the Metheus Puzzle?
  5. You are saying that a player who enjoys the normal game by simply playing it is wasting time while one who is obsessed with rerolling a world to meet arbitrary criteria and gets annoyed by that fact is having more fun and is more entitled. Nice? Varied worlds is one of the things that makes DST interesting. While players can definitely be subpar while the world generation is not. And the Lazy Deserter is fine as it is.
  6. ??? No. You can simply create a world and roll with it and play it for > 800 days. I have at least three such purely random worlds. Stop lying, please. If you want to reroll and pray for certain RNG until your whims are satisfied you are free to do so but don't pretend it is the downfall of DST. The game is just as fun and functional when exploring / playing a new world regardless of how many walrus camps it has or some other arbitrary criteria.
  7. Telltale Hearts are useless in single player worlds and nobody cares nor should care. >_> The Lazy Deserter is perfectly fine as it is (unless you want to make domesticated Beefaloes and other mechanics for traversing the world completely redundant).
  8. I think the Lazy Deserter is perfectly fine as it is. It even fills a function when playing solo. When playing with my friends (typically 3-5 players) we use it quite frequently and everything feels "balanced".
  9. The manure reskins from the Catcoon mini-game. It could even be a DLC skin pack for 3.50 USD.
  10. Simply playing on public servers with greenhorns is challenging (and potentially rewarding, unless they end up driving you insane IRL :pp).
  11. That the player who has them gets to see them. No, it would not be distracting. The point was already outlined twice in the post. Read the post again. Better luck this time.
  12. It could be visible only to the owner. That way nobody won't get distracted and the special people get to see something special and feel special (no offense or sarcasm, I am including myself here). It would be fun for those who obtained the original Loyal quality skins to have some sort of slight distinction in terms of added value. Because we like to think back on our Early Access participation and dedication and are proud of our collections and the fact we were there when history was being made. Our DST laurels and pride, if you will.
  13. Add a "Slightly better person" badge under the character portrait for players who were around in the EA. Boom. Problem solved.