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    It kind of makes sense, though. What if a player is new to DST and really likes the game and starts playing alot? Then this is their only chance of getting the nifty icons from the past events that they missed out on (even if it won't be as nifty for a person who already has them all). It might be the rationale. And you still can convert them to spools without messing with current economy, in contrast of getting items that are unravelable and marketable (a big drop rate of those probably would have led to an influx of item farming and flooding of the Steam Market now that there is an upper limit of 15 weekly drops).
  2. Yes. It was a politically incorrect joke, since they speak English in Canada, except for in Quebec where they insist on speaking French. I am sorryyy. Forgive meeeeeee. I'll stick to Don't Starve memes and stay on-topic in the future. Although Don't Starve is developed in Canada, so it was arguably on topic. PS. - What do you call the functional unit of the kidney in a minute Glommer? - Glomglomglomerulus.
  3. I've heard they have the same technical issue in Quebec.
  4. Peeeerfeeeeect. This is perfect! Perfect! P.E.R.F.E.C.T! Now Winona has a unique flair without any nonsensical downsides - only unique drawbacks that adds to the challenge without counterintuitive mechanics. This is a super nice start, considering it's only the beginning of the character reworks!
  5. It's Don't Starve science. Never question it. Ever.
  6. Yeah! Let's hope that the other character changes will introduce even more inception, haha.
  7. That's why you will be able to construct a new weapon of war - the catapult! It will help you wage a war for gems and nitre - which fuel the catapult! And thus completes a circle for a war over resources that nobody wanted in the first place - except for the Moleworms! PS. Don't worry, I love the red and blue gems. They are pretty to look at and it's fun to use them for decoration and stash and sort them in chests, haha.
  8. Change it to 'duct tape' and we're in agreement.
  9. I think her current perks will remain (it sounded like that in one post that the devs made).
  10. Wonderful! I won't have time to watch it live, but I'll catch up given the chance! The last animation tutorials were super nice.
  11. I really believe that Klei has been both transparent and very honest when it comes to their stance regarding Don't Starve Together and its development (unlike the vast majority of different developers, but that's a completely different story, heh). I'm not a huge fan of microtransactions in general either, but considering that DST is actually rather cheap to begin with, is often discounted on Steam was even granted for free to the owners of Don't Starve when in early access and received many free updates in the long run (together with Don't Starve) I cannot possibly think of anything bad about Klei releasing paid content at this point (eye-candy, skins or whatnot). They even wrote after the last season of The Forge that the skin sales barely covered the costs of running the dedicated servers for the event.:o EDIT: Oh, if you mean making any new characters purchasable only and not mix them with the 'hat economy' (with skins and spools), I don't think it matters that much, lol. Well, it would be nice if the income from the new content would go directly to Klei in the biggest extent possible, I assume. Other than that..... yes, you can probably survey the Steam Market and try to optimize your spool acquisition and so on, but we are talking a few dollars or cents here and there. I don't think there is any major concern or need for alarm about confusing the customers, haha.
  12. My thoughts exactly. The silly thing being that once the first batch of said items gets the unique and exclusive (?) Heirloom status with added benefit of providing additional spools when unravelled it will be quite counterproductive since people most certainly will fancy the status more than the extra amount of spools they might provide, so they will probably not end up being used for spools anyway. It will also be a bit awkward to have the apparent identical item with two different rarities in your inventory, although that kind of worked for the Tragic Torch (Loyal + Timeless version) but on the other hand you can only have one of each version, making it still not-so-awkward. It would be worse to have the same iteration of tradable items with two different versions.
  13. "To moon and Beyond!"

    I know what to call it! 'PAL 9000'.
  14. Nice! Deal. One week is no problem. A Koelefant doesn't forget. I can always send a reminder. EDIT: Oki, I got the Shadow Dress - thanks for the trade! - although I still have the Cool Shadow Clothes and Shadow Armor left to trade. If anybody wants to trade them for another torso items from the Shadow or Formal collection, that I don't already have, send me a message. Looking for Willow's formal torso piece, for example.
  15. @Nino123, would you like to trade your duplicate Shadow Dress for a Cool Shadow Clothes or a Shadow Armor? I was just looking for a Shadow Dress.