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  1. Wolfgang isn't op

    ↑↑↑ Wolfgang is [d]op[e]
  2. Bearger is male

    Yes, it is obvious that this humble man merely wishes and hopes to gain a fraction of the insight and wisdom left in the wake of revelry these forums have had with topics such as "how old is Wendy?", "how old is Wendy, actually?" , "how old is Wendy, actually, officially?", "is Snurtle a snail?", "what gender is Deerclops?". Whilst an admirable aspiration, I fear that this kind of wisdom and deep understanding is beyond the comprehension of the average user. Although.... now that the general public has concluded that Bearger is a male, without any disputes, the aforementioned picture screams the question: is Bearger THE male [of DST]?
  3. Wardrobe idea

    A piece of cloth to serve as protection against dangers and harm? A robe to ward its wearer? A ward robe! A most magnificent idea!
  4. Way to pause to investigate

    Create a "cheat sheet" with a few assorted recipes, print it and put it up on display next to your screen. Works surprisingly well, not only for DST.
  5. That's why you build a pen of stone walls with one-two bunny hutches inside next to the unplugged and voila, you'll never get bothered by the bats again. Seriously, it really works that well and it's easy to make.
  6. The fighting mechanics are very simple, and I have nothing against that. The only gripe that I have is that there's no visual indicator when landing a successful hit and damaging a monster (well, there is usually an animation for getting hit, but it only shows occasionally for most monsters). EDIT: Although I loved the combat from The Forge, but that was quite another type of game.
  7. What operating system is your computer running? Please provide the model of your monitor and a screenshot of the display settings screen in Don't Starve Together.
  8. Vote needs a fine tuning

    Just make a craftable white glove so that people can issue duels and settle such things in a civilized manner (preferably involving sharp objects).
  9. And while the landlubbers debate who is the ruler of the high tides, Willow has nothing to prove anyone.
  10. Who is the most polite Survivor?

    Willow, because she isn't sugarcoating the truth.
  11. Wendy rework skin

    Let's hope for an Abigail and Abigail's Flower reskin, haha.
  12. If there only was a red furred demon with black horns and a giant white sack in the game that would collect things on the ground. Guess we're out of luck.
  13. [Game Update] - 379886

    Wow!!!! The promotional artwork is amazing!!!! Herman Melville, eat your heart out! Thanks, Klei!!
  14. Don't Starve Together is not a very multi-threaded program (according what the devs answered here on the forums long ago when the question was brought up). This could be the reason why your quad core CPU doesn't show above 25% (that is, one of the cores it being utilized to the max). Your system (operating and / or BIOS) might be not up to date or perhaps there is some system setting that is causing these crashes. This is a a shot out of the blue, but you can try to set each DST server instance (process) to a dedicated core using the CPU affinity ("Set Affinity...") option in the Task Manager. This helps sometimes when old (and 32-bit applications) are trying to run on all cores, because this is what the system is trying to do to optimize performance but it doesn't always work nicely with said programs.