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  1. At that magnitude, wouldn't the cost of operating such a number of accounts be very high and far from proportional to any income they might bring? I mean, dear heaven, having to set up a system that log in every one of those accounts must be a most cumbersome thing. Without analyzing it farther, it feels like it would most likely not pay off... although I might be wrong.
  2. After rewriting your equation we can see that one garlic equals a quarter of a victory minus a potato.
  3. To be fair, once a month sounds ideal! And It is certainly better than nothing. Welcome back, and take care.
  4. The silly thing with summer is that overheating has basically the same mechanic as freezing during winter, except that it feels more boring and confusing (standing by a fire to warm up is straightforward whereas overheating that comes and goes at a whim and without indication is only confusing).
  5. Use a bush hat and hide (away from any fire, meteors, darkness, with a fully belly) and hope for the best. Or save and log out, yes.
  6. The "support center" link over at is broken. How / where can I file a support request regarding redemption of merchandise codes? Cheers!
  7. Indeed, the Victorian skins really made the base-building aesthetics pop! Chiming in on this!
  8. Why aren't the Clucky Slippers visible as a grayed icon in your item collection? Once you redeem them as a reward they show up in your inventory,yes, but before that you have no idea that they even exist merely by looking at the item collection in-game. Is there any technical explanation for this? Are there any other 'hidden' items? Item reskins that you get from merchandise also seem to be hidden.
  9. The article is 8 year old and totally worth the lengthy read. It doesn't take a genius to realize that Klei's success story has been unlikely, filled with hard work and emotion and that the staff could use a financial safety net plus additional resources.
  10. Short summary for those who don't want to read through the first 37 pages: Tencent bought many shares in Klei Some people don't like the Chinese government Other people don't like the U.S. government Only the future will tell how said shareholding affects the way Klei develops games
  11. Hahah, this raises an excellent question: how does Don't Starve actually look like in China? I guess it must abide to all their censorship laws..? I've seen seen pictures with comparisons of the normal Dota 2 client and the Chinese dito; depicting skeletons is a huge no-no in China, so Valve has changed the icons, and even 3D models, to look different (apparently a drawing of a man getting impaled by a spear is better than a drawing of a skull over there). There are quite a few images of skeletons and skulls in Don't Starve.
  12. A necessary evil of sorts, no..? The rationale makes sense. Any indie studio could use more financial security, that's for sure. I hope that the information in the announcement in sincere and true and that Klei won't compromise when it comes to integrity and autonomy. The only concern is any future nasty surprises that might come from a huge company like Tencent, who relentlessly favors any means and dubious methods to 'create' questionable games, sacrificing creativity and risks for cookie cutter tactics. Personally I find all of their titles completely uninteresting. That being said, I am eager to see what Klei can do with more these extra resources and added financial stability! (I believe them when they say that they have been working at 100% capacity to make more content for Don't Starve Together in the last year)
  13. Everyone's favorite fuzzy storage companion is named 'Otto von Chesterfield, Esquire', at least according to Wilson.
  14. Does that only happen for that particular world or any world in general?
  15. Adding more enemies in certain encounters depending on the number of players can arguably work and add to the challenge but slapping on more HP on bosses sounds like horrible concept, especially in this game. @ShadowDuelist already pointed out very valid concerns why the latter is not a good idea to begin with.