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  1. Grand stuff! Albeit Willow looks a tad bit funny on the sketch. ;d Really nice to see all of this, however!
  2. What happens when you try to access the Cyclum puzzle? . Using the same browser to sign into Steam, that is.
  3. You should check this :D

    Intriguing! And very well made.... and also blended well with the official cinematic. I like it!
  4. Hypothesis: the perceived time flies by faster when enjoying the company of others.
  5. I think it is intended. The Winter's Feast items have never been able to be woven, if I recall. They appeared for the first time before the weaving system was implemented, no..? That might be a reason. Usually the items from the last event are still able to be woven a while after the event has concluded. On the other hand, the drop rates for higher rarity items are substantially increased for the duration of Winter's Feast, which might also be a reason for them not being able to be woven.
  6. What @Sinister_Fang wrote. The devs said it on one of the streams (can't recall which one). If memory serves the developers explained that they want to add something so that new players / players that usually don't get far in the game (and usually miss out on much of the normal content by not crafting it themselves) get a sense of contributing to the progress and teamwork when playing with others.
  7. Even when you start a game and / or create a new world on a single computer the game fires up a server instance (and yet another server instance if you enable caves). The difference would be that the computer that you're playing on would connect to a server instance on another computer. The data and progress will be saved on the other computer (except for some minor local data, like the minimap file). The progress will be saved on the computer that runs the server instance. The progress will be loaded once you start the server instance again.
  8. Thank you for the beautiful in-game art, Leira. <3
  9. Nope, the Winter's Feast pet skins were never obtainable through weaving, only dropped during the event or found in chests acquired during the event. The Year of the Varg / Lunar New Year pet skins could be woven though and they were purchasable as part of a skin collection for the duration of the event. Perhaps that is why they could be woven also.
  10. That's fishy! The developers will probably want to know your Klei user ID so that they can look into it. Send them a private message. You can find your Klei ID at
  11. You should get the lantern skin automatically when starting the game and logging in during the Winter's Feast event. Which platform are you on? Steam, Tencent or any the console ones?
  12. They're marvelous. I'd love to print and hang them on the wall for Christmas! Can't help to wonder who drew them. Jouste, presumably...?
  13. This is most fantastic! No words can describe! Looks like Jouste drew the new vignettes on top of that. This is the best winter holiday yet!
  14. Yeah, every second Thursday. The hour is more of a mystery. Probably at the same time as the weekly drops get refreshed or a little earlier.
  15. what new content would you like to see?

    Nice idea. Barbarian pigs that start building a settlement somewhere in the world. Eventually they will form a raiding party and come after your base, so you better send somebody to scout the map every now and then in order to destroy their camp before they become too strong. (More fun than the rot mechanic?)