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  1. Awesome event and awesome submissions! I will have to postpone looking for my own submission in the pumpkin collage, but rest assured, I want look through all the creative contributions.:D And on the glitchy flip side of things: the reward I got was the head and costume top for the Wickerbottom Volt Goat outfit. They are listed as 'create item'. However, when logging in the next day the Willow Dragonfly costume top appeared. It is listed as a 'daily gift'. In total I got away with obtaining 3 heirloom quality items. Was this really intended or is it a glitch? Cheers to Klei for being awesome and cheers to everybody else for also being awesome! Hopefully I will find the time to try the new lunar cave content in a foreseeable future. Stay safe, take care and have a spine-tingling Hallowed Nights.:D
  2. @Hekateras: That game is virtually flawless in many aspects, hence it is daunting to try to do it justice. You pulled it off, though. <3 Agreed, more Invisible, Inc. related content and creations would be grand to see.
  3. Having an out-game event like this is a really great idea! The submissions from the community are amazing! Thanks for accepting my low-effort Crabbit vector image, haha, and giving us a chance to obtain a set of Heirloom rarity skins. I got the head and costume for Wickerbottom's Volt Goat outfit.:D Spooky and happy Halloween 2020, everybody!
  4. Same here, only to find out that the axe and the shovel could be woven in-game using spools. The regret was palpable.
  5. Indeed, it neither looked nor felt like Don't Starve... at all. The Warly animated short was really good, despite the cheerful and unorthodox colors, but the Wigfrid animation was a huge and confusing letdown. The mansion scene set the atmosphere... but the battle undid everything. It simply didn't add anything to the backstory while looking out of place. The Woodie animated short is easier to forgive because it felt more like a comic relief.
  6. How come? I am not sure about the technical aspects but hopefully it would be easy to implement. My idea was that you unlock unraveling per session, not per item. That would be tedious and silly indeed. Once you exit the inventory screen and enter it again and want to start unraveling items you would first have to enter the pin again. I think this wouldn't be a hassle to do, and it would let you have kids around your computer while DST is running without having to worry about your precious belongings.:D EDIT: Having a 24 h period to undo your unravels would still let someone in front of your computer potentially grief / prank / accidentally ruin your belongings without you noticing it. That is my main concern. Other than that the idea is good though, because it would at least remedy the problem with accidental unravels that you made yourself.
  7. This is why a pin-lock system for the inventory would be useful. :v In order to enter / exit the unravel mode.
  8. I mean, the manor scenes and part and atmosphere was spot on. More of that, please. <3 Indeed, the color scheme didn't feel right, although there is nothing wrong with using colors like that in itself. In Warly's animation the use of vivid colors was very effectual. In Wigfrid's animation the whole 3D perspective made me scratch my head. It hardly belongs in Don't Starve. Yup, the monster also didn't make much sense, although I am not very familiar with Die Walk├╝re.
  9. The overall idea and concept of the rework is actually nice but I can't get over the art style from the animated short. It doesn't feel like Don't Starve, at all.
  10. Much obliged, @YormanA!! Nobody mentioned, nobody forgotten, haha. (And the rest of the lovely people at Klei - credit where credit's due!)
  11. omg, you can even click on the image of the items in your transaction history to bring up their description with their rarity and other information. Thank you graciously @ScottHansen and @PeterA, this is extremely useful and neat! <3
  12. It would be neat if Willow's lighter stayed the way it is now with the added feature that it would recharge itself when reaching 0% after some longer amount of time (or other condition). Then it would be both infinite and finite and useful in the sense that you don't need to spend precious resources for something that has its uses but can still be considered a "weak" item, that gets outclassed by other items and whose crafting ingredients make its investment hard to justify.