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  1. I dont even remember how I did fit everything. My boat before RWYS. After RWYS i just stopped doing "all year boats" and let be some space for running in circles.
  2. I'm Wes in game, but instead of balloons I have pictures. Also talk too much instead of too little.
  3. I hope it will stay this way. I was annoyed with two gnaws for stump while in DS you needed only once gnaw. Btw. Did anybody had an issue with "disappearing" weremoose?
  4. For base building yes. I like marble floors and marble ambient sounds.
  5. I use mod for that. But mods are imperfect and at least for flowers it could be changed into "in game" thing.
  6. I dont know. I think resolution might be a bit wrong for it + better that art looks small than big.
  7. Not Webber. Because they could do him long time ago. Eventually Klei will troll us again.
  8. I must pay more frequent visits. I just love colours here!
  9. That mean is not a part of post. There is a feature for auto-signature under posts - look for it in settings>signature. You can put there a nice picture, or links to you favorite posts... or to guides...
  10. Looks like quite mixed info about that. I assume one or other antivirus panicked and some people started to spread that stuff. Probably Epic store was collecting a lot of data about users (which could look like spyware, as they for sure collect data about software and hardware, preferred games, or IP - same does Steam). I believe Epic had very weak user protection, but none of sources looks specially believable about spyware. Officially denied but I wouldn't except any other answer, no matter if true or not. tl;dr - probably there is no spyware, but I would take it with a grain of salt.
  11. There are many things that could make me leave game, but probably we just need one of these: - no new content (I'm rather casual lazy base builder for now, but even for me lack of new content or new challenges will be simply boring) - deleting all mods ( >:C ) - removing game from steam and moving to epic/tencent only (I was asked for reasons, not if they are possible) - Unbelievably awful thing in update which is supposed to be new core mechanic - Pay2win (lets consider Wortox is not a pay2win despite what some people think) - Deleting all my favorite characters (1/3 of all characters to be clear)
  12. I just miss ambience sounds from some turfs (marble, carpet...). Also I would like to turn off farming music without mods.
  13. That idea is too crazy. Totally impossible.
  14. Actually is not very bad loot. Not good, but at least royal jelly might help you on next fight. Consider you could get along desert stone: spider hat, and single feather or lavae egg
  15. Considering how in shipwrecked you need just two doydoys... Two is actually enough.
  16. To let THEM have fun. Surviving in Constant for some entities is literaly a kind of hunger games to watch. Also keep in mind, some shorts can be a bit more (or less) than metaphor. They may show much less details than happen in story. Also from Walter short we know Woodie had troubles with curse before arriving to Constant.
  17. I believe after finishing Moon content we can still get later sea updates. Or maybe a series of updates that will bring another island.
  18. I was about to scream because of that bug (and almost ate my hammer).