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  1. I usually change character to anything else. Wendy or Warly, or WX... Word of advice - always carry some food as Woodie and maybe totems to do not turn into geese while having nightmare creatures on the back. But there are few tricks that other people use to avoid transformation: - hide in caves for night - guess sleeping all night was preventing transformation but dunno if fixed - use snurtle shell to hide in (not tested by me) Woodie has extra chances for treeguards if use Lucy for chopping, not sure if you mean this. ^ ^ but yep, werebeaver has 0 chances, for all wood and no treeguard needs.
  2. Sounds like almost you can grief by planting them everywhere... About fire/hammer will alarm mod, but that can be sneaky.
  3. Actually we already have in base game "modded experience" - thanks to Klei employing one or more modders, who added global pause and quick drop : ) probably it's much more, just I am not always updated with all mods.
  4. (back to topic) Now I have random idea, not even know if there is a way to balance that but... How if Winona could build something like sun generator/batteries, and add cables to place her building less dependely on generators? Like whole patch of her reflectors without need to refuel every one of them?
  5. I didn't played beta yet (I was waiting for some mods to update + later busy with other stuff), what is wrong with Banana Shake? It is even worse than Medley?
  6. nah, joked about necromancy to topic, not to Winona T^T
  7. Small reminder that Winona is still sad necromancyyyyyyyy
  8. ... To add sort of skins of turfs? I would love to see more variations of carpet (Charlie-style maybe?), marble (is my favourite, so why not m o r e of favourite?) and... well. Cobblestone road is always everywhere. I cannot complain about ugly, just since its only really useful road, is sort of overused and makes some areas look bland. Amd how about some crazy-looking scale turf variation? Like hot magma! (Hot magma preventing from fires, lol.) Or maybe some turfs giving more of old theatre ds vibes? Ideas can be endless. ♡
  9. as far I know we cannot reskin stuff from game and character specific skins. Even combatibility skins for mod entities/items sometimes feels like gray area. So anyway you cannot change head but you can make bee costiume for "any character"
  10. As long developers get a good deal then is fine. Mods can be added ouside of workshop. Tho I am not a fan of EGS, but if is more accesible for someone (like I would hate to use 3-5 platforms for gaming), then guess some people would be happier
  11. Would have to fight with Walter for some bullets.
  12. If you missed of forum I just repost thing here Cherry Forest Art Updates Scarenival Thingies
  13. So... It just feel horribly wrong when you do some trading which cost hunger. Just horribly wrong. Is not really like she crafts, just buys. And her speed barely matters here. Probably it was somewhere reported but as is not fixed yet, I made my report.
  14. re-grown crops are unhappy and give only crop back without seed. You would need spam bird to get seeds back
  15. Worldgen, because while general placement is random, the biomes are the same +/- optional biomes. Also all missing setpieces and traps. I wish we could get a worldgen that can really surprise.
  16. Warly can be used as swap only because of wraps/bundles but at same time these things can mitigate his downsides. As well you can still live pretty well munching meaty stews and meatballs (I knew one Warly like that), if you just time them right and many other easy recipes still exist. But still is worth staying as him if you just like cooking and want concentrate on being Food Machine Mk5. Only thing sad about him is nerf to monster tartare. Was even a reason to do it...?
  17. on early days I just use whateve r comes handy, but after getting speed 2.0 I use 2 speed + any other 2-slots circuit (health for now, as is cheapest imo and allow stupid decisions) I am not in late game with WX yet so its not final setup.
  18. There are still few ways to cheese him. For playing solo I am going to just stick with these. But I don't think is going to be reworked, more probably is buffing boats...
  19. maybe less optional and more... survival, rn we have only two bosses who just come to player and both of them can be avoided (so as well that one could be avoided) and one of them is great lumberjack and cleaner of tentacle trap. But again to not trouble beginners, that boss could be triggered after two or three years in game (not for speedrunners)
  20. and yes, we need more dens than chance for none :")
  21. I think both, and without going to such extremes. Imagine playing game casually, or after long break... But for now I would love some more late-game content + more survival, as we are getting in my opinion a lot of beginner + sandbox content.
  22. I dislike meatballs, but at same time there are characters that dont care about health/sanity from food, and eat only to refil hunger, and there are characters probably forced to concentrate more on sanity and healing food and/or diversity. So for certain playstyles meatballs will be more way to go than any advances recipes, as well opposite.
  23. I wpuld say, while leafy meat is not a peoper meat, but it contains proteins same as meat. So technically is not meat, but is not going to be edible for Wurt, because of 1-2 proteins that don't usually happen in plants. Carrot and dragon fruit drops are free from that protein, but if drops that are polluted with it they turn into leafy meat. Also high-mobile plants-creatures might have that protein for the movement. So its like plant cells, but with meat proteins (I simplify it to "protein", because I would have to carefully study what protein plants do not have and which is common in meat). In normal world plants don't have muscles, but hamlet plants, lureplant, and plant-creatures have too rich movement to be just hydraulic (like mimosa or flytrap), so I still I would think is sort of plant cells (able to photosyntetise and with vacuole) hybrid with muscle strings.