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  1. I was thinking the downside of not being able to place structures on them would be good enough to still make the player want to create a regular boat. Not being able to use masts to travel would be absolutely horrendous, if the player wants to spend 10 days rowing a lilypad to the lunar island, then I think they deserve it, lol. I was thinking they'd come in varied sizes, from around half the size of a regular boat, to 3/4th the size of a regular boat.
  2. Hey guys, so I had an idea for adding lily pads to DST! They'd be similar to the Lily Pads you can find in hamlet, but perhaps be darker and smaller with brand new art. You'd be able to find them in the ocean surrounding the Swamp Biome. They would act just like boats, being able to hop on them and they'd be able to move around, with one downside of not being able to place structures on them. What do you guys think? I think this would be a really nice addition and spice up the swamp a bit!
  3. wormwood in real time

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      Looking good friend!

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  4. Oh, I did not know that about SW. Yeah he uses an oar in DST the same as everybody else.
  5. rideable = function(inst, doer, actions, right) if right and inst:HasTag("rideable") and (not inst:HasTag("dogrider_only") or (inst:HasTag("dogrider_only") and doer:HasTag("dogrider"))) then local rider = doer.replica.rider if rider ~= nil and not rider:IsRiding() then table.insert(actions, ACTIONS.MOUNT) end end end, I believe you'll need to add on to this component action, currently Beefalos are only rideable if they have the rideable tag, aka have a saddle. What you can try doing is, giving your character a special tag, and if the player has that tag they'll be able to mount the beefalo whether or not the beefalo has a saddle. I'm sure there's more you need to do but this is a start. What do you mean? Wes looks the same as any other character when rowing with an oar.
  6. They are, but in a late game megabase world, I imagine its not too hard to switch to Wendy for a bit and switch back.
  7. People don't use Mourning Glories to decorate enough! They are so so pretty, glistening at dusk and night. Here's my little boat with Mourning Glories on the perimeter!
  8. I don't want more NPC's personally, maybe just one more but that's all I'd like. If I had to choose between more characters or more NPC's, I'd go for NPCs
  9. I hope we're not getting any more characters. Atleast not until after RoT. We have a wide variety of characters and I really don't see the point in adding more, I want RoT content, not characters. Yeah, characters are cool, they usually allow you to take on a different playstyle, but you know whats even cooler? Content available to every character, such as biomes, bosses, items, structures and what not.
  10. I killed Crab King in a world with Sea Weeds! They're really good for the fight Here I am returning back to land after killing Malbatross quickly after the Crab King fight so I can get 2 malbatross sails back hehe And finally, I plan to destroy this boat and build a new one to put and build stuff onto, heres a screenshot of everything I emptied out from my boat!
  11. Yeah I can see your point for tentacles. Would you mind telling me which bosses other characters besides Walter would not be able to do with no damage taken? Because in my opinion I think that is very possible.
  12. All of these items do something every other character can do but in a objectively more efficient way. Bernie is for killing shadow creatures and mobs which every character can do. Catapults help kill an enemy, which every character can do. Books help farm resources, kill mobs or overcharge Wx, which other characters can do. Wilson would be the only character able to cure disease, other characters would not be able to cure it.
  13. No, please dont limit a disease cure to one character.