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  1. Pew o matic turns literally any idea into a projectile, Fryfocals deal 50 dmg + fire, Blunderbuss's need gunpowder to be reloaded, Warbucks will die before he waits for eggs to rot, :>
  2. Please help, These people have gotten really toxic over Warbucks. (Thankee to cookie for image) Also, I've offically declared War on Warbucks, get your Pew-matic Horns and Fryfocals. We're at war.
  3. and you good sire, shall have this. oh and that dabbing wilba.
  4. Huge Memory Issue RoT

    I see my Hanlet Characters mod there, so you definitely enabled some server mods, haha
  5. @__IvoCZE__
  6. @watermelen671 Hey, can you extract Wagstaff's telebrella animation? And can you tell me the files you used? Thanks.
  7. P.S. Moonleaf doesn't talk much or get out there but he does lurk in the forums, can you guys just send him PM's congratulating him on the carol, @Moonleaf He doesn't like praise but he's gonna get it damnit.
  8. Wagstaff is a solo character, despite me porting him over, he's really not one for DST. He has all these tools which give him access to an array of tools of gathering, mobility, perks and armors. He's 3-4 characters in one, He's meant as a solo character.
  9. Well, I traumatisied a man for life. also subscribe to my hamlet characters mod, ty
  10. My friend made this a while ago, so yippie. @DavePlaysDST
  11. Help with widgets

    I'm really sorry for bothering the forums but does anyone have any ideas? This will be my last post here(For real this time)