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  1. Try checking the chat log of the server, [00:42:49]: [Say] (KU_ExAmP1e1d) weee: i am greifer, muahahah Try to find messages of the griefer and their klei id should be listed something like that
  2. Boss Concept Idea/Sketch

    I believe the DS and DST art subforums are the same. Clicking Art, Music and Lore leads to the DS art forum
  3. I'm not a big fan of this rework idea either, but I think we're being a bit harsh.
  4. Hornet's Art Thread

    OH YEAH GIRL, SHOW THOSE EYELASHES For Werewilba's Victorian, I'm gonna go as goth/punky/rebellious as I can. Hehehe
  5. More Lore

    Native mythology! Maybe the idols are based after totems? I have no idea why that never came to me, hehe.
  6. More Lore

    That always felt weird to me, him getting idols. Woodies being a naughty catholic, smh
  7. modding contest

    This could be really fun if done right! There'd be a lot Klei would have to think about but I like this idea.
  8. I was there for when JoeW discussed about Woodlegs and Wilton, I'll see if I can find the screenshots.
  9. Hi! Uh, It's about time I start getting out there and showing my art so here it is! My art thread! This is a rough idea I had for a Hallowed Night's skin for Wormwood, I'd like to create a new head made out of living log. I may do that soon! Another random concept I had for a Wilba Victorian I had ideas for 2 skin sets "The Enlightened" and "The Insane" with each set having skins of characters depicted in a cult-like way worshipping the opposite magics of the Moon and the Nightmares. So this is my Wx-78 The Insane! It's a bit short right now, but i'll fill this thread as time goes on! Wee
  10. Hey all! For the past few days i've been working on some code to put the head/base skin option for Modded Characters. And I have finished! And felt it was optimised enough to share to the public! All I ask for you, is to credit me if you do end up using this! What do I need? -My File! : skins_api.lua (You can rename it to whatever you want, but I named it to "skins_api" for this tutorial) -Some basic knowledge of compiling -You should probably have a finished character mod before attempting skins, haha Something to note, Make sure, for the name of your skins you will HAVE to name it in the way shown below "prefab-name-of-your-character_skin-set" Some correctly named skins would be... "wagstaff_roseate" "wheeler_nature" "warbucks_victorian" "wilba_formal" The skin names below are NOT correctly named "nature_wilba" "gladiator_wheeler" "magma_wagstaff" --For reference, Here is a list of all the skin sets in the game! GoH - formal Survivor - survivor Triumphant - shadow Roseate - rose Costume - [skip] Gladiator - gladiator Snowfallen - ice Verdant - nature Victorian - victorian Magmatic - magma Hallowed - [skip] Wrestler - wrestler Now that we made that clear, You're going to want to create... well your actual skin! If you've followed the Extended Character Template (Which i'm pretty sure you obviously have) you can simply download it again, or if you already have it, and then get your exported folder and start drawing your new skin! What'd I reccomend is copying all your characters files over to this new exported folder and then start drawing your new pngs. Now you can finish drawing the assets or set it up and move on to the code and finish the art later. Once you are done your art run the game and the autocompiler should run exporting your skin into an zipped folder in the anims folder. You'll want to download the file I put in the beginning of this tutorial and put it in your mod, like this! (Again, using the name skins_api, but you can name it to whatever you like!) Now, you'll want to put this code in your modmain.lua --Hornet: I am currently using wilba as an example, youll want to change all instances of "wilba" to the prefab name of your character! --Skins local _G = GLOBAL local PREFAB_SKINS = _G.PREFAB_SKINS local PREFAB_SKINS_IDS = _G.PREFAB_SKINS_IDS local SKIN_AFFINITY_INFO = GLOBAL.require("skin_affinity_info") modimport("skins_api") --Hornet: We import the file! If you named your file something else other than skins_api then youll want to rename this function to the name of the file SKIN_AFFINITY_INFO.wilba = { "wilba_victorian", --Hornet: These skins will show up for the character when the Survivor filter is enabled } PREFAB_SKINS["wilba"] = {"wilba_none", "wilba_victorian"} --[[ --Hornet: The table of skins youre going to have, You can have as many skins as you want! PREFAB_SKINS["wilba"] = { "wilba_none", "wilba_roseate", "wilba_victorian", } --And So on! ]] PREFAB_SKINS_IDS = {} --Make sure this is after you change the PREFAB_SKINS["character"] table for prefab,skins in pairs(PREFAB_SKINS) do PREFAB_SKINS_IDS[prefab] = {} for k,v in pairs(skins) do PREFAB_SKINS_IDS[prefab][v] = k end end AddSkinnableCharacter("wilba") --Hornet: The character youd like to skin, make sure you use the prefab name. And MAKE sure you run this function AFTER you import the skins_api file --Skin STRINGS STRINGS.SKIN_NAMES.wilba_none = "Wilba" STRINGS.SKIN_NAMES.wilba_victorian = "The Victorian" STRINGS.SKIN_QUOTES.wilba_victorian = "\"WILBA'TH DOTH NOT WANT WEARETH O' MOTHERS DRESS!\"" STRINGS.SKIN_DESCRIPTIONS.wilba_victorian = "Wilba's tendency to go Full Hog was simply not enough to stop her mother from dressing her up all fancy-like." Now that you've done that, it's time to actually create the skins code-wise! You will want to head over to your characters _none file. I named it "wilba_skins" but you can keep it as character_none! Whatever you wish --Hornet: This is how I did my skins prefab file!, Obviously youll need to change all instances of wilba to your characters prefab name local prefabs = {} table.insert(prefabs, CreatePrefabSkin("wilba_none", --This skin is the regular default skin we have, You should already have this { base_prefab = "wilba", --What Prefab are we skinning? The character of course! build_name_override = "wilba", type = "base", --Hornet: Make sure you have this here! You should have it but ive seen some character mods with out rarity = "Character", skip_item_gen = true, skip_giftable_gen = true, skin_tags = { "BASE", "WILBA", }, skins = { normal_skin = "wilba", --These are your skin modes here, now you should have 2. But I actually have 4 for WIlba! Due to her werewilba form and transformation animation werewilba_skin = "werewilba", --If your character is a character like Woodie or Wilba with multiple transformations then youll want to have multiple skin modes transform_skin = "werewilba_transform", --Usually your character should have "normal_skin" and "ghost_skin" and Yes! You can actually edit the ghost skin to your liking ghost_skin = "ghost_wilba_build", }, assets = { Asset( "ANIM", "anim/wilba.zip" ), --Self-explanatory, these are the assets your character is using! Asset( "ANIM", "anim/werewilba.zip" ), Asset( "ANIM", "anim/werewilba_transform.zip" ), Asset( "ANIM", "anim/ghost_wilba_build.zip" ), }, })) table.insert(prefabs, CreatePrefabSkin("wilba_victorian", --Now heres the fun part, Our skin! I did "wilba_victorian" but you can do whatever skin set you want! { base_prefab = "wilba", build_name_override = "wilba_victorian", --The build name of your new skin, type = "base", rarity = "Elegant", --I did the Elegant Rarity, but you can do whatever rarity you want! rarity_modifier = "Woven", --Ive put the rarity_modifier to Woven, Doesnt make a difference other than say youve woven the skin skip_item_gen = true, skip_giftable_gen = true, skin_tags = { "BASE", "WILBA", "VICTORIAN"}, --Notice in this skin_tags table I have "VICTORIAN", This tag actually makes the little gorge icon show up on the skin! Other tags will do the same thing such as forge, yotc, yotp, yotv, yog and so on! skins = { normal_skin = "wilba_victorian", --Rename your "normal_skin" accordingly werewilba_skin = "werewilba", transform_skin = "werewilba_transform", ghost_skin = "ghost_wilba_build", --And if you did a ghost skin, rename that too! }, assets = { Asset( "ANIM", "anim/wilba_victorian.zip" ), Asset( "ANIM", "anim/werewilba.zip" ), Asset( "ANIM", "anim/werewilba_transform.zip" ), Asset( "ANIM", "anim/ghost_wilba_build.zip" ), }, })) --If youd like to make more skins, simply copy the CreatePrefabSkin function and accordingly make new skins you want! return unpack(prefabs) Congratulations! You've created your prefab skin! And now, it's time to test! Congratulations! You did it! I'll be going over skin portraits and swap_icons right now You may have noticed there's no icon here. Well that's because there's no SWAP_ICON! You will find your swap_icon image in the exported folder of your skin. The image should be around 192x192. Make sure the pivot of the symbol is in the middle in the spriter file! If you for some reason don't have this swap_icon, you'll want to make a new folder named SWAP_ICON, put your 192x192 image. Go to spriter and plop the image down, and make sure the pivot of the symbol is in the middle! Next, open the game up and let the compiler run and badum! You should get something like this once you load into the game. Portraits Once you're done drawing your portrait, you'll want to have your xml and tex as usual You can use the game’s autocompiler to compile your tex and .xml from a .png or use Handsome matts Tools(https://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/73-handsome-matts-tools/) to manually decompile the tex. However, you’re probably going to need to change your xml file to this <Atlas><Texture filename="wilba_victorian.tex" /><Elements><Element name="wilba_victorian_oval.tex" u1="0.0009765625" u2="0.9580078125" v1="0.36181640625" v2="0.99951171875" /></Elements></Atlas> If you haven't noticed, the name variable here is going to need a "_oval" at the end of the skin name, so go ahead and put that in if it isn't like that already! Woo! And of course don't forget to declare the big portrait assets in modmain.lua like this. Asset( "IMAGE", "bigportraits/wilba_victorian.tex" ), --Into the Assets table in modmain.lua Asset( "ATLAS", "bigportraits/wilba_victorian.xml" ), And there you have it! That's all! Let's go over some obvious things Am I allowed to create skins for Official Don't Starve Together Characters? No. Am I allowed to create skins for Non DST Don't starve characters such as Walani, Wagstaff, Wheeler, Wilba, Woodlegs and Wilbur? Maybe? I get a lot of mixed answers from people and i'm not too sure on that. Obviously you can see I've been using Wilba as an example this entire time. I'm not going to release these skins without an official clear answer If there's something you don't understand please PLEASE tell me! It's my first tutorial and i'm not sure if I explained everything well. Happy modding!
  11. A drawing made by my friend @Mr. Tiddles Maxwell tries out lunar magic and chokes on Moon Dial Water don't try out lunar magic kiddos, stick to nightmare magic
  12. God, that would be so cool. But I'd imagine it'd be very finnicky to get it to work.