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  1. There's the Pearl house i suppose. But I never found salt too be too difficult ti fubd. Salt shoals are always near the shore so you find them generally quickly.
  2. He's mostly fine, he just falls very short on the utility ammo's of the slingshot. Poop pellets are only useful against single targets since it still activates herd aggro, which a lot of instances in the game where you'd actually wanna use poop ammo is it's a herd of mobs. I would love to pelt that annoying spider that so happened to aggro on me but it's not even useful there else I aggro every other spider. Slow-down rounds should also slow an enemys attack cooldown, one of my favourite weapons from SW is the poison spear, and poison slows mobs for 25% movement speed, slows their attack cooldown by 25% and makes them deal 25% less damage. It's an awesome tool to use and it's such a shame that Walter's slowdown ammo only... slows down movement speed which is just kind of lame. I would appreciate some more special ammo's too.
  3. No, it's very much the same as it is for other characters.
  4. Walter is still affected by sanity sources coming from darkness, magic, wetness, and 'drowning' (Though he only loses 12 sanity from falling overboard instead of the usual 25 sanity) Have you ever actually played him?
  5. It's one of my favourite downsides in the game... If the sanity downside gets removed I likely won't play Walter as much as I do now. It's a nice flip on the sanity mechanics of the game.
  6. I don't want the slingshot's attack speed to simply be increased. Not because I think it'd be overpowered, but because that sounds boring. I think the slingshot is much more interesting as a utility-type weapon, but unfortunately the current utility ammo's we have aren't that great, and we don't even have that many of them. I'd like to see a main focus in improving that department first.
  7. I have a lot of these same questions... Klei's been leading us with a carrot on a stick on Metheus for soo long now haha. Feels like they hint at them, and then stay quiet, and then hint at them again, and it's been like that for a while. I do believe Them is a collection of beings rather than a single entity though, I think both Alter and Metheus are part of that collection of beings, and if we're to believe the shadow eye you see in the gateway in the ancient murals is metheus, then that gives us two eyes. This is a theory i've seen floating around that the collection of 'Them' make up a whole body, Alter and Metheus the two eyes, Perhaps The Gnaw is a part of Them and is the mouth, maybe even big foot is part of Them. Though i'm not tooo confident in the theory. An idea/theory a friend had that I really like is the next arc would be focused on Metheus some way like how RoT focused on Alter(in a way? kind of? I mean they only popped up in the last update so maybe not xD). It'd be focused on shadows and maybe even revamping sanity mechanics in some way, sort of like the shadows are trying to fight back as the moon tries to take hold of the Constant with it's growing power, do quite like the idea. Let's hope the first "Setting The Stage" update of this year gives us a hint at the next story arc.
  8. Alright, what do I mean by this? In a QoL update a while ago, the game changed avatar images in the Tab screen and character select screen to use animations and pull from the characters build rather then needing a seperate image. However, player indicators still use the 'outdated' system of using the images rather then just pulling from the character build and using animations like the tab screen. Perhaps this is intentional, but I think it'd be best to update this to use the new system rather latch on to using images.
  9. Way back when the devs were still figuring out DST and it's design, Ghosts had health. No really! They had their own ghost health and ghost hunger. To keep up ghost hunger you had to haunt stuff, but haunting was really destructive, stuff would burn or get hammered or spoiled and etc from haunting. So the idea was one person dies, theyre trying to keep their ghost form alive, but they have to destroy the world around them causing suffering for the currently living players and things would spiral on from there. DST's original design was a lot less multiplayer friendly and you kinda had to be an A-Hole at times haha. (Sometimes part of me wants to play a version of DST where it's design philosophy was you had to be an a-hole, definetly glad they went with the much more friendly option though, haha) Early DST was an interesting time, a game with a rougher attitude in multiplayer, design changes specifically to try and balance PvP, and moonrock walls were designed to try and fight against griefers which is why they take so many hammer hits to break.
  10. This was an idea I had a few years back! Would make for some really fun interactions between ocean and caves and I love the idea of expanding upon slurtles/snurtles slightly. Glad to see someone else thought of it.
  11. I would imagine this is actually a bug, not an intentional feature. Would be a wonky intentional feature!
  12. I like this a lot, you can do some fun stuff with this idea. Could even have possessed players attack other players, bless the poor fellow who has to now face against his Mighty Wolfgang friend who has a dark sword and bone armor on hand . Would be the kind of mechanic that naturally gets tougher to deal with over time as the player themselves get more powerful.