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  1. Canadians(Which woodie is one) celebrate Thanksgiving in octobers instead of november, thus its "early" to americans. The "perk" changes depending where you live, in America it says that, in Canada it says he celebrates at the right time and in the rest of the world it says something like he appreciates bountiful harvests.
  2. this is intended, they purposely make the sea weed target a player when it catches on fire. it is really annoying though....
  3. @The Letter W Okay, sorry for the delay but here's the problem ! Change line 119 here local pt = act.pos or act.target and act.target:GetPosition() to this local pt = (act.pos and act.pos.local_pt) or (act.target and act.target:GetPosition()) And that'll fix the crash, have fun : )
  4. That's what the OP suggested yes. But I like the idea of a tree that grows and grows and a lot more could be done with the concept.
  5. I like the basic concept here, perhaps not infinitely but I can see this being very cool if done right.
  6. How much... ram do you have?... That is very abnormal and shouldn't be happening. I don't think DST's 32 bit system is at fault here.
  7. Some people like the moon statues a lot, so once they're mined they're gone forever. I'm fine with this personally but that's something else some people want renewable.
  8. Walter, Wendy and Maxwell. Abigail is such a useful asset when fighting mobs, Maxwells shadow duelists are also wonderful for the same reason and Walter can agro enemies from afar, his slingshot is REALLY helpful for Malbatross when she moves away from your boat and starts to constantly shoot waves at you.
  9. Troubled Waters, She Sells Sea Shells and Forgotten knowledge took one to two weeks to release from beta. The other updates took 2 weeks to a month. Considering this is a "big" update itll probably take 3 weeks tbh.