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  1. (Works for knight too) (It's loot will turn to ash if its still on fire, the fire was going out when I killed it so the loot did not burn, just something to note) Using fire is pretty great in a lot of cases, I feel not enough people give fire damage it's credit where due.
  2. Oh no, that'd be Seafood Gumbo, it's an objectively worse dish than Surf n Turf and is harder to make, only possible with either barnacles or eels in a specific set of ingredients. But yeah! Surf n Turf only requires 2.5 meat value or more, and 1.5 fish value or more as a future note!
  3. You forgot to capitalize the first letter. : (
  4. Could also dump monster meat into it! Two medium fish and two monster meat will give you surf n turf, since surf n turf has a higher priority than monster lasagna, makes it a great dump for monster meat for a whole 60 hp and 33 sanity food which I absolutely adore.
  5. The highlighted lines should be in the part of the code where the entity is being created(with the components, tags, and such, like so)
  6. It's the image used for the cook book! For some reason all the foods images for the cookbook are SUPER hd which is wonderful. The actual sprite when it's on the ground or in your inventory is not as high quality though.
  7. Surf n Turf! It looks soooooo good, it's probably one of my favorite foods to cook in DST for gameplay reasons and just how good it looks.
  8. Alright, this should be the last stuff you need now, I swear. local TRIGGER_MUST_TAGS = { "singingshelltrigger" } local TRIGGER_CANT_TAGS = { "playerghost" } local function PreventImmediateActivate(inst) if inst.entity:IsAwake() then local x, y, z = inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition() for _, v in ipairs(TheSim:FindEntities(x, y, z, TUNING.SINGINGSHELL_TRIGGER_RANGE, TRIGGER_MUST_TAGS, TRIGGER_CANT_TAGS)) do v.components.singingshelltrigger.overlapping[inst] = true end end end -- Prevents shell from immediately playing if spawning within range of a singingshelltrigger(or dropped) inst:DoTaskInTime(0, PreventImmediateActivate) inst:ListenForEvent("exitlimbo", PreventImmediateActivate) The Mod Tools are the only way, it should not be difficult to use though, open it up, select "Don't Starve Together" as the game to upload the mod to, click "Add" and that should bring you to this page. For "Update Data" simply click browse and then select your mod folder, select a preview image for the mod, and put in the details you'd like (These details can be changed later in steam page itself, I usually like to do that since I find it easier to type in the steam page itself). Also, you may want to create a copy of your mod folder and make that the public release version and use that to upload to the workshop, and then remove the "exported" folder and any other png's, since those aren't needed and are just unncessary space taken up, though the game won't blow up if you leave those things in.
  9. Oh silly me, add the "singingshell" tag and the shell should bop when going near, it'll also make the "Cycle" string "Hit" instead like the other shells!
  10. @BezKa I'm pretty positive it's intended, it's just a silly pun since Gnarwail likely comes from Narwhale and "Gnarly" (Gnarly is used a lot to describe guitar riffs and what not, "Woah dude! what a gnarly tune!" as an example)
  11. timeline = { TimeEvent(30 * FRAMES, function(inst) local cycle = inst.bufferedaction.invobject.components.cyclable.step if inst:PerformBufferedAction() then inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("hookline_2/characters/hermit/plugged_fissure/"..cycle) else inst.AnimState:SetTime(94 * FRAMES) end end), }, If you go to your "play_shell" state and replace the timeline variable with this instead, then it should work! Ah! Looks like I missed a few crucial things. local function RegisterActiveShell(inst) if TheWorld.components.singingshellmanager == nil then TheWorld:AddComponent("singingshellmanager") end TheWorld.components.singingshellmanager:RememberActiveShell(inst) end local function UnregisterActiveShell(inst) if TheWorld.components.singingshellmanager ~= nil then TheWorld.components.singingshellmanager:ForgetActiveShell(inst) end end These functions will need to be defined, and then in the constructor function for the shell you'll need to have inst.components.inventoryitem:SetOnDroppedFn(RegisterActiveShell) inst.components.inventoryitem:SetOnPickupFn(UnregisterActiveShell) inst.OnEntityWake = RegisterActiveShell inst.OnEntitySleep = UnregisterActiveShell (This is so the shell can "activate" and "deactivate" when unloaded/loaded or picked up/dropped, main purpose is for optimisation! I assume atleast)
  12. Heh, this reminds me, I really wanna see a water spider in DST like the ones you see irl that sort of skate on the water. Could be a neat addition in the future when they keep adding onto the ocean!