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  1. Does this mean u can shoot the camp fire or just put it in?
  2. idk much about dst lore but more gameplay and my mobile only friends can play. =D
  3. I think i feel the same. I don't like playing with superstar speed runner pro dst players that much since i get to do nothing. Sometimes i paddle my way to the island and find nothing. Sometimes i find the ruins and realized i waste time. Maybe i'm just too slow to deserve either of them though lol
  4. Yep, it's like 8 to 10 units. I think that is half a tile of range.
  5. exciting since some of my friends only play games on mobile =D
  6. I never actually tried to kill a beefalo since i found that monster meat seems easier to get. Maybe i could try these poop pellets
  7. I spam gold vs everything since walter makes more gold than he uses
  8. I tried changing the range with a mod. With a few extra tiles of range It seems to miss a lot more if the target isn't standing still. Maybe having the range at 2 tiles or 8 units (default) is the most reliable for hitting them?
  9. Sounds like a good idea for a quick tweak mod to see how much it would change gameplay.
  10. isn't this skeleton already there to help us by placing extra loot?
  11. Me playing with friends only last between 10 to 40 days before we take an extended break. We like to focus on one or two boss per world/run.
  12. Small price of 1800 spools if u use the 450 spool links