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  1. Seems like a mod is conflicting with the update.
  2. Clockwork Rook = Big robots Clockwork Knight = horse Clockwork bishop = lightbulb Chicken thing that comes out the bush = Chicken
  3. Maybe the ruins are still on a lower level if you imagine that you have to go down slope to get to the ruins
  4. Enjoy the wipe club My friends enjoy coop games that involve wiping a lot.
  5. I think about a route/plan to beat a certain boss, start a new world and do that route. Every route i have for bossing involves a bunch of log suits though.
  6. One more thing I can think about. DST is rendering using your integrated graphics instead of your Radeon 540X..
  7. Maybe it's AMD's super resolution thing where it lets you pick a higher game resolution than your monitor's resolution.
  8. If some mobs get on a boat and the boat unloads from render distance, they become water mobs
  9. After thinking a bunch, I think it's reasonable to think that if a modder can make it then a developer can surely make it. Maybe the reason why there isn't Hamlet Together is because each entry of Don't Starve is separate like how other games has sequels. Example: Original = DS 1 Ship Wrecked = DS 2 Together = DS 3 Hamlet = DS 4 Single player entries also are the complete experience while multiplayer require different content. (I think i heard this from some documentary)
  10. Stone fruit + Spider + kelp because me and my friends are all too lazy to make farms. At some point we just start stuffing ourselves with stone fruits.
  11. I once played a mod where it had some kind of factory thing where it will duplicate items for you. DST became get one of each basic resource and suddenly we had everything after afking for a while. I think DS/DST is a game about taking risk when leaving base for resources. If automation was available, we would barely leave base for resources and just wait at base because it's easier letting automation do it.