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  1. About post of @Surenjaf that merm speaks english. Untitled Project.mp4
  2. Can you change screen size with windowed instead of fullscreen?
  3. The funny thing I posted few hours ago, that we do not know, not even imagine something about Wilson's short. https://forums.kleientertainment.com/profile/913445-adm/?status=34377&type=status I believe Wilson could be reworked after all big lore (Like RoT) updates and his updates might be about it and how they survive or escape from DST world.
  4. I was going to write this. Also this would make sense why Lucy is a red fire axe. But I could not find anything related to being a firefighter from his quotes. So that shows he is probably not him.
  5. The best way to dealing with sanity is not dealing. You just fight with nightmare creatures and you always have passive nightmare farm and this small sanity buff takes you for few days. For situation that I need sanity, like fighting another creature and need to not be annoyed, I use greencaps or I cook whatever gives sanity from my icebox. After having a normal sanity and to keep it high, I use tam o' shanter. But like i said, in general; I do not manage it. Just let it down since nightmare creatures are not hard to fight. Even terrorbeak is easy to kite.
  6. It's weird that I though it's an winged atom. I just saw it today while I was playing and looked at it. Was it a bad eyesight or kind of mandela effect, I dunno.
  7. It might be super stupid post, but I just find out something different. Is this only me or I remember totally wrong? How was the crafting icon in there? The answer is:
  8. I dunno I might have a secret dyslexia. For surviving while gathering resources enough to survive. Because some of characters are very good for surviving but hard to play for new players. Like winona makes you rush ruin and comeback in minutes which help a lot. But her age system could kill people in minutes too. I think Woodie's goose and beaver forms are great in gaining time, specially in early game. He is hard for news because handling hunger and sanity is a big problem for newcomers as I saw from my friends. They see curse as real curse lol. Yeah, this migh be right! New players have fighting obsession and they always tank. First critic for new players was tanking in my list.
  9. Just relax, you still can make torches with twigs and grass. Also can make balloons with... even who would need baloons?
  10. A clown and a clown with lighter? Huh, I'll pass it.
  11. lol she wasn't on the tierlist and forgot her. She would definetly belong right and a little upper of warly.
  12. Remind me Christina Bell from arkham knight.
  13. What do you pals and gals think about it. Tierlist is about how good are they (from surviving aspect) to play for a new/experienced player.
  14. Pink light bad Untitled Project.mp4