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  1. I guess you can fix the problem by buying a new one from the community market
  2. No, why would you say that? They are an upgrade to Top Hats and one of the very few hats that don't block the hair of your character skin, alongside garland and earmuffs. Given earmuffs provide the bare minimum heat resistance and garlands perish, walking with fashion goggles is your best option for that choice; I wouldn't want the goggles effect everytime I'm walking with fashion goggles as an alternative to Top Hat
  3. This one I don't agree with. I think the Against the Grain mechanics are fine as they stand. Sandstorm isn't a universal weather condition like cold, hot or rain so fishing in the oasis for blueprints is a nice challenge. The two-step fashion goggles to desert goggles recipe is made intentionally that way. Enduring the sandstorms until someone fishes out the recipes is also intentional. I'd blow absolutely everything away from the mechanics of the oasis if you could easily go and fish there on spring, get the now single goggles blueprint with the heightened chances you described and profit. I don't even see the incentive of hanging out in the oasis in summer after that aside from the wildfire protection.
  4. SinancoTheBest

    starve149 site?

    The link isn't working for me, what is it about?
  5. Hmm, nothing new really but thank you very much for reviewing last year and restating a commitment to the goals of the last rework. Statistical notes on the success of rhe game is also reassuring. It seems they haven't backed down from the 4 DLC characters promise and we will indeed be getting the 4th one for sure. It's good that they also didn't close the door to any new additions either so hang on, fans of Walani, Wheeler, Wagstaff, Warbucks, Wilbur, Wilba, Waverly and Winnie; no matter how slim the chances are. As for the reworks, I'm now fully convinced that the next one will be Wendy, as if I wasn't sure pf that already. Looking at 2019, there were a total of 7 character updates: 4 reworks and 3 DLC character releases. This year we're likely to get a similar amount of character updates and from the tone of this rework I can tell they're planning way less new character additions and more reworks- might be as crazy as 1 New character and 6 reworks. If that's the case, I sense that klei will be using one rework slot to bring a singleplayer character like Warly to the game for the novelty effect and I hope to stars that it's gonna be Walani. After Wendy, the most likely candidates for the rework slots (~4 according to my prediction) in my opinion are Webber, Wilson, Wes and WX87. My biggest frustration from this roadmap is the lack of anouncement regarding the next RoT update. The next step is really unpredictable and I can't wait for the 4th batch given the awesome quality of Turn of Tides, Salty Dog and Hook, Line and Inker. I got a slight feeling that they'll be focusing more on characters and less on content updates this year but I hope we get at least 3-4 RoT updates this year. The creativity they bring with those substantial updates never seize to amaze me
  6. SinancoTheBest

    Axolotl wurt skin

    Oof, I'm going to hell for this but someone had to... Introducing Woort:
  7. Wheeler is a very very bad lady, imitating our glorious Warbucks. Walani is extremely fitting to the Return of Them aesthetic and deserves her rework if we're getting a singleplayer character. Wagstaff is in the same vein as Charlie to me, I wouldn't want him become a playable character in DST unless the story is done and we get an ending to the new reign of Charlie. Wilbur and Wilba are animal characters representing mobs, whom I can see being reworked and re-branded as DLC but I'm honestly fine without them. Woodlegs is only good for Shipwrecked and shall stay there unless it's decided that all sigleplayer characters will come to DST. As such, if I were to pick two characters to represent Hamlet and Shipwrecked as free rework characters and two characters as DLC, I'd pick Walani and Warbucks for the former and Wilbur and Wilba for the latter. Woodlegs is good staying unique to Shipwrecked and Wheeler is good staying unique to Hamlet. Wagstaff can come as a NPC, as a secondary antagonist in the lore or a chaotic neutral.
  8. SinancoTheBest

    What's The Hardest Season?

    Autumn is plain, Winter is slow and kinda boring, Summer is fun and challenging, Spring is Infuriating. Spring in DST is the worst season imo, not necessarily because it's hard- after all just an umbrella and a football helmet will end all your worries about wetness, it also makes plants grow insanely fast and everything is weak to electric damage. But the unending rain, occasional frog rains and the fact that every animal in the nature hates you in this season is awful; worst, unlike Summer and Winter, it's a 20 day season on the default setting. I just board a boat and do my seafaring adventures in this season, that is the best way to spend it imo, certainly not the most efficient way to spend it as realistically you should be farming at least you'll be far away from the annoying shenanigans of the season.
  9. SinancoTheBest

    Wes needs to win the rework

    I personally like his stats but as others point it out, it'd be great if they give him extensive perks in his rework to make him a more fitting character for multiplayer survival. I usually list my set of Baloonomacy, Pantomime and Burden suggestions in these Wes rework threads but I'll try to go to the next level and spitball all sorts of circus centered ideas they can go with for everyone's favorite mime. Baloonomacy Well, it's supposed to be his main talent. But all he can fo with his pile of balloons is to make decorative balloons by giving 5 sanity. Works for quick insanity, suicides and AFK assassinations but not much else, certainly not much to support the other survivors. Instead, his balloon talents can be reworked extensively. His pile of balloons should also act as a crafting station like Codex Umbra when placed on the ground for Wes to make various balloons with varying utilities. He'd require varying amounts of sanity, as well as different items around the constant to craft these. Balloon Saddle - A saddle that can be shaken off only once but allows Wes to rush beefalo domestication. Balloon Hat - Helmet that can only block one hit but prevents damage, knockback the player and give minimal damage when popped. Balloon Cake - Tribute item that grants maximum companionship when gifted to befriendable mobs. Balloon Sword - Weak but cheap weapon that pops and makes the cracking effect that de-aggroes mobs when depleted. Balloon Armchair - Comfy balloon armchair with multiple uses that like a tent, slowly heals sanity when sat on. Balloon Pillow - Sleeping item that can be used as an alternative to straw roll. It can be placed on the balloon armchair to upgrade it to heal too. Balloon Animal - Cute Balloon decoy animal that draws aggro very successfully, popping and damaging the attacker when hit. Inflatable Tube - Small donut-shaped lifesaver that can be placed on the sea to be sat on. Could pop after one use but would last long enough to allow passing rivers and lakes. A plethora of Balloons - The idea Mike suggested, making a holdable chunk of many balloons that acts like a lazy explorer, letting Wes glide across gaps. Could only have the durability of 1-3 uses and require a lot of sanity to build. Pantomime Another apparent talent of Wes that he only uses to communicate and examine stuff. Instead, his pantomime talent can be reworked into a substitute for basic tools, which could allow him to Chop, Mine, Shovel and Row without the relevant items. This could use up his sanity or hunger in each use, but would be nice giving him access to the powers of tools when he lacks to tools. Ventriloquism Wes can't talk but it doesn't mean he can't train his Ventriloquism skills. It's okay that he's mute when it comes to chatting and vocal warnings but it can get on the way of using basic multiplayer features like reading signs and reciting the weight of fish, making it more of an annoyance than an intended downside. Instead, he can craft a survival item, a puppet to be able to interact with and read signposts, pocket scales, scale-o-matic and various other structures. Daredevil His stunt work could also be capitalized on. I envision a unique structure of stunt cannonball that can shoot players across some distance quickly, possibly allowing them passage oversea. It could also be used by Wes only to shoot himself on a selected target enemy to hurt him significantly, as long as he's wearing a helmet, making a hilarious entrance. Just imagine a group of players fighting Deerclops and Wes suddenly shooting himself onto Clops, headbutting him and hitting him with 150 damage and landing in a similar fashion as if thrown from a beefalo. Acrobat Unicycle and tight rope come to my mind but I don't know how to conceptualize these in a not too OP and not too coplex manner. Still I'd like a Unicycle that can only be crafted and used by him that'd allow him faster travel for a very brief time. Juggler Could be an interesting and unique way of inventory management, giving Wes a Juggling Kit item similar to Gifting Wrap or Bundling Wrap that can take up to 5 items but instead of packing them, Wes'd bundle the inventory items in balls and start juggling them, using up his hand slot and only allowing him to walk and pick up more items. He'd drop all the balls when interrupted by a hit or when stopped willingly, with fallen balls immediately returning back to their original forms upon hitting the ground. This could be used in conjunction with the Unicycle or When riding a Beefalo for delivery purposes Clown Various clown tools could be added to his arsenal. One such tool could be something similar to the Year of the Pig King signpost that could flinch or throw enemies. Another could be a fake flower hand item or a whole body slot with a flower that he can squirt water onto enemies with, getting them wet and assisting the team with Electric damage. Finally a fake pie item he can craft to throw into enemies to stun them for a second could be fun. Calligraphy Not much going on for this ability but he could have an extra craft near Cartography desk like "Name Plaque" or "Caricature" that he can give to other players who can read them and gain sanity like blueprints. Who knows, maybe he could be a great writer/caricaturist/calligrapher behind his mute façade. Animal Taming We don't have any character specialized in animal domestication, taming, herding and ranching and I don't see Wes particularly good at this. I'd like the unimplemented Winnie character or even the Inkeeper to be designed extensively around this trait but I guess Wes could be given some animal friendhip perks too. Immediate access to saddle a balloon saddle is something I really like as mentioned in baloonomacy but he could also be good at luring or herding other mobs like Volt Goats, Koelephants, Grass Geckos, Hounds etc. I don't know how this would be implemented but Animal tamers too are a staple of circuses. Burden to Others And finally his flimsy survivor trait. The most common image of Wes is that he's weak, flail and overall a burden on the other survivors. Some players even see him as a parasite. Why not embrace this image and flip it on its back by rewarding players for babysitting/serving Wes. A nice minor perk could be that players could gain sanity once a day for feeding Wes something. This amount restored could be proportional to the amount he's fed, such as 5 for small stuff like berries while 10 or even 15 for meatballs, turkey dinners, bacon and eggs etc.
  10. umm. Yee Hooray. Glass Eyebrella, Woo, zee, Dadalaa, ai-karambaa. It is a good skin though I'll give you that, I'm yet to see it in the game and yet to start watching streams (I used to AFK watch them in my second screen but turns out joining the "playing with the viewers" streamers in their servers is much more fun). Although I saw a lot of people with the Profile Icon and the portrait frame, so it looks like the drops system is really contributing to the DST streamers community one way or another by at least adding to their viewer counts. As for the eyebrella it's a little bit too OP for my liking so unless I have a spare deerclops eye and really don't want to bother with the watery shenanigans of the worst season in the game, I prefer other water gear like umbrella, parasol, rain hat, rain coat etc. A problem I have with the rain gear in the game is that they don't really add up well. Umbrella already mitigates 90% of wetness so adding any headgear with water resistance (Top hat, straw hat, miner hat, rain hat, football helmet, battle helm, beekeeper hat, cookie cutter cap, and believe me or not the fashion melon ) is enough to stay completely dry. But when it comes to the rain hat, it provides 70% resistance so it won't make you wetness free with any body slot item which usually have 20% resistance. You are only safe with an umbrella or a parasol. I do like parasol + rain hat but I really think that either Rain hat's wetness resistance should be raised to 80% or the body slot items with rain resistance should be raised to 30%. Breezy Vest and Summer Frest are often listed as some of the most useless items in the game and this'd at least give them an alternative use as spring gear, and would be fitting as stuff you'd wear in transition seasons. Apparently basic torch also provides 20% resistance to rain (complete news to me) so rain hat + torch would also be a viable option at nights. TL;dr: Increasing rain hat's 70% to 80% would really open many new avenues of gameplay. Crafting the rain hat already requires as much, if not more effort than the simple recipe of the umbrella so why is it so much inferior to the umbrella?
  11. SinancoTheBest

    Ground Item Removal Mod?

    The item you're looking for is Lazy Forager. Lazy Explorer is the upgrade to the walking cane that lets you teleport to your desired spot on your screen. The forager is really convenient, especially when you are mass chopping or mining but I hardly ever use it because unlike Magiluminescence you can't refuel it and the item expires in just 250 item pickups, I only make one for the cave pits and keep the rest of my orange gems for Lazy Deserters. I wish it was refuelable, would have seen much more usage from me. Never played long enough where I amassed so many orange gems to make lazy forager expandable.
  12. Hmm, que in Mega Mushroom and Mini mushroom, I can already hear the Mega Mushroom's tune in the back of my head. That said, the suggestion seems a bit too extreme for Klei to implement. The growth effect is unlikely, mostly because it sounds as destructive as the old bell and wouldn't be added for the same reasons it wasn't ported from DS to DST. As for shrinking, limitations come in. First off, how would the shrinking affect the player's viewpoint? One option is to zoom the camera intensely, effectively making everything in the environment grow, your character would be roughly the same size on your screen but you'd see everything else as giants; this would be awesome yet very hard to implement, as they'd have to make new models and close up looks for all the models in the game. The other option is to shrink your character to appear as a dot. This is easier yet again poses quite many challenges as entire new interactions would be have to be constructed; what's your hitbox going to be like, your speed, your tools... or will your interactions and inventory will only be limited to moleworm-carrat interactions...
  13. I believe they alluded to it being released AFTER the chinese new year event? Hmm give me a sec let me find the quote: On to the next thing! We'll have more information on what we're working on in the weeks following the Year of the Carrat event. Doesn't exactly specify that it's the roadmap but I think the closest time we'll get the roadmap is at the end of Year of The Carrat. Closest official anouncement is likely to come in two Tursdays though, on Februay 13, celebrating valentines, the new heart skin and the swoon emoji to those who dont own it. Probably roadmap will come some Tursdays after that.
  14. No, Creepy Cauldron and Hallowed Light torch are unweavable they can only drop(all versions) or bought from owners thrpugh steam market (steam), just like the Halloween Costume set; unlike hallowed night sets and a few other belongings like the fridge and chest, which are weavable but can't be bought from the steam market. I don't think console vs pc changes the rarity of items though, drop rates don't differ between versions and random sampling shall mathematically yield similar results. True, Camping ceock pot is rare, it's as rare as a Halloween costume head skin. But Creepy Cauldron, it's almost as rare as Wendy's crazy valuable original skin sets.
  15. They usually do the pinning when the new stuff stops getting comments and falls to the second page. So lets not post anything in this thread so that this falls out of sight.
  16. SinancoTheBest was killed by Shenanigans
  17. That part is factually wrong. The rarest crockpot is the Hallowed Nights variant, the Creepy Cauldron, and by quite a margin that is. On the steam marketplace, camping crock pot is merely 3.26 Dollars, with 184 seller listings; while the Creepy Cauldron costs 14.26 Dollars, sold by 65 seller listings, almost worth a whole skin mega pack by its loneself.
  18. SinancoTheBest

    [concept] IRL tournaments?

    What's a TTT mode? But I agree, the length and the pace of the game is the biggest obstacle between it having observable tournaments. Forge and Gorge were the closest things to this idea, which were still tediously lengthy in certain aspects but very fun and limited time so it created the competitive fervor. One thing that is done in some discord groups like Diverse Survivors is little event competitions like which team can herd the highest number of koelephants in this given time kind of stuff. perhaps the game could expand upon them if it wanted.
  19. On my very first ready, I thought this was a very creative way of reporting a glitch the original poster encountered, where his Carrat flew offscreen in the middle of the race and its sprite got stuck in a corner of the screen doing the jumping animation. It really felt like he was going for: "how would you feel if your carrat ..... blah blah jumped.... blah blah.... ..AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO ME YESTERDAY. I noticed if you feed your Carrat a raw Durian before the race, the game glitches out because in the files the devs gave Carrats a sanity stat too but it seems they scrapped it, but the durian somehow brings back the stat and since the game doesn't know how to compute "c_print:<br>destination name()_if_sanity=-5" it makes the Carrat fly off when you start the race... But well, somehow the post was about absolutely nothing of note... Amazing how it's still on the front page well actually not since we're carrying it back to front page by keeping posting stuff on it
  20. SinancoTheBest

    Carrat tracks showcase

    how does it work when you build the tracks like this with walls and halls? do the Carrats successfully navigate through the maze and complete the course in a relatively short time or do they get stuck in places a lot, making the race last very long. Also, for a convoluted course like this, how much reward does the game give to the winning player, is it close to the maximum I heard that is 12 lucky nuggets?
  21. Thanks for adding the Stone Carved Torch to the options, I think it's the best one and I hope to see the day when I can use it it Don't Starve Together, hopefully through Klei Rewards program.
  22. Oof, this was the trending post I woke up to today on the Don't Starve subreddit x_x I guess he can make the high jumping described in this thread with those legs.
  23. SinancoTheBest

    [Game Update] - 391887

    Weren't they doing that already? Thanks a lot for fixing the backpack glitch though.
  24. SinancoTheBest

    Wheeler in DST

    Wow that one really is great, piano carol is heavenly, but is that fanmade? Where did you find it? I'd really like to listen to Warbuck's Carol, brass instrumenta are my fav in an orcestra.
  25. SinancoTheBest

    Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Mm, ahem, this is a Constant announcement. It is now 10 P.M. As such, it is officially nighttime. Soon the sinkholes to the caves will be locked, and entry at that point is strictly prohibited. Okay then...sweet dreams, everyone! Good night, sleep tight, don't let the batilisks bite...