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  1. Life is suffering. You should know it, Wendy.
  2. I agree with you, but i find the spear the least impactful weapon on the roster and his niche is very small. The spear needs only 3 hits instead of 4 to kill a spider, but an Ham Bat need only 2 hits and has no durability: if you're farming spiders, the spear is not game changing; if you're dealing with few random spiders/enemies, an axe is more than enought, expecially vs spiders since you can stunlock them. You need 6 axe hits to kill a hound, 5 spear hits, 3 ham bat/tentacle spike hits. It's quite underwelming in comparison. I'd like to have a tentacle spike (thanks, merms!) on my inventory as weapon instead of a spear in early/mid-game. In early game you can use a spear but is not that useful.
  3. Mushroom Planter: one of the worse food source in the game, hella expensive and situational. Grass Suit: worse armor in the game, you can easily prototype a log armor instead. Spear: why build up a spear when an axe does basically the same damage? You need it for some buildings / tools, but otherwise is better build other weapons and save 1 inventory slot. Straw/Fur Roll: time consuming and awful health/sanity regen for their cost. If you must sleep, it's better a regular tend, that require common materials, better regen and way more uses.
  4. "Wilson is a gentleman scientist, which was an actual thing back when. He's a person of independent means who has decided to apply his intellect, such as it is, to science. He's not actually a very good scientist. He's overconfident, a little brash. He's got a can-do attitude, but he can't actually follow up on a lot of things." February 18, 2013 Wilson followed Maxwell's instructions to open the gate for the costant (or Hell) because he wanted to be a successful scientist. He didn't invented it through hard work or knowledge. He chose a shortcut thinking to be smart, instead he doomed himself and others. He might be not dumb, but his actions aren't smart either.
  5. I'm not the smartest guy, but don't really get who "Them" are. I guess it's the point of "Them".
  6. WORKAROUND: It works from steam overlay clicking on Klei Points icon in the game (copypasta the link). It doesn't seem to work in browser.
  7. When Wigfried finds spare gold and rock on a chest.