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  1. Releasing only a Straight Razor Skin is disrespectful to every other Razor's minority and a huge setback after years of fights for equality and respect. Every razor should be free to cut whatever it likes without shame. I recommend to add an appropriate Not-Straight Razor skin (or Proud Razor) - like the design below - togheter with the Straigt Razor skin.
  2. When Wigfried finds spare gold and rock on a chest.
  3. Caves: On, Off. Even if you can search "caves" with the search bar, it's a world feature quite important. I personally never join a world without caves and I like to see an option for filter out worlds without them. World settings: Default/None, Few (5-), Lots (6+). I don't like checking all the list of world settings to be sure the host didn't disable bosses, spiders or treeguards, so I'd like to filter out worlds with too many not-standard wolrd setting. I dont like to join a "madness" world when I want to play a "vanilla" one. Right now you can manually check or workaround to find a server you like, but I think they should be integrated. These filters might be for "advanced players", but I feel like they are fundamental and a good QOL addition.
  4. It's pretty hard for Klei to fix people, but I hope they do.
  5. I'd like to see more perks helping new players, without any substantial change in the gameplay since Wilson is the basic character. For example: Enter the constant with 2 Electrical Doodad (to help/suggest new players at rushing alchemy engine and he's still a scientist) Can stack more resourses / has 1 more inventory slot / pigback doesn't slow him down (inventory management is pretty hard for new players) Lucky drops (he has better % to get unique drops - like more gold from gold veins- or extra drop - like 1extra log from chopping) With the last option, he might be viable even for more experienced players to farm unique/rare drops from bosses, even if he's basically vanilla, and it will help new player at gathering more resourses.
  6. I'd like to see webber as a Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde character. Alert: all numbers are made up, the concept really matters. He constantly loses sanity (-10/min) trying to control his monster side; he loses sanity (extra -10/min) while fighting. He gains sanity (+20/min) doing "human" stuff - like digging, chopping, cooking, eating, ecc... - and for the follow 2 seconds. At 100% sanity, his human component is dominant. His speed in doing "human" stuff is increased (+50%), damage decreased (-15%). At 0% sanity, his monster component is dominant. His speed in doing human stuff is decreased (-50%), walking speed increased (+30%), damage increased (+50%). It gains a insanity aura of -30/min (not affect himself) in a considerable range. In between, the stats changed according the % of sanity: at 50%, his speed is increased by +15% and damage by +~20%. Insanity auta of -15/min in a medium range. He has a portable "Spider Tend" (instead of Spider Eggs): it looks like a tend and works like a Straw Roll (only for webbers), so you can move around and place whenever you want. It can be upgraded with (10) nighmare fuels at portable "Spider Fortress": in addiction, offering meat food, you can summon spiders, up to 5. You can summon spiders warrior offering gourmet food. More hunger the offering restore, longer the spider fight for you. Sleeping or summoning spiders decrease the spider tend/fortress durability; his durability can be repaired with silk/nighmare fuel. He's still a monster and he has a bear.