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  1. Personally I'd like to see this as well but i feel like it probaly won't be the way they go simply because believe it or not spiders unique spiders would be alot harder for players to escape vs pigs or merms making them a ideal griefing tool one idea I had as a cool compromise would be to allow webber to evolve spider dens which would make the spider den become it's area equivalent.
  2. While I know this is kinda bringing up a topic a I made already recently but I think if there is a change needed it's a simplification of the follower system don't get me wrong Abigail is strong but overall followers can do alot more damage in most situations than Abigail the reason I feel this overlooked is because of how annoying it is to manage groups of followers vs the auto pilot Abigail.
  3. Won't say wendy being better at killing spiders is wrong but it doesn't remove from from what he already has which was my point. While his upsides aren't much to advanced players they still exist and are very much helpful. Btw by using hordes to help you fight things rather than just spider wars webber can take down non boss threats quite fast while using spider hordes. Edit: Accidentally tagged you lordcafe not sure how that happened srry.
  4. All things considered webber isn't as bad as people say sure he's not very interesting but he's a character who requires the least effort to survive, friendly to the most common monster in the constant, can stockpile resources for stat management quickly, has free insulation, can eat most common and readily available food type with no downsides, and can amass a horde to help in combat for a very cheap resource it'd be nice if he does get a rework next but realistically he isn't in desperate need of one like wilson, wes, and even maxwell.
  5. Actually unless I'm remembering wrong but I believe it's supposed to be easier to learn new languages when you start younger.
  6. No lie when I was typing that out i was thinking about that but decided not because I figured it'd make people question why Wurt can't just go inside one of the houses lol
  7. So I was thinking seeing as we have a another wave of qol apoun us I wanted touch upon followers more specifically webber and wurt I feel like alot less people use followers overall aside from cheese due to the way they are handled using a follower requires you to try to keep track of a invisible timer called loyalty while default mobs like pigs will give you cues that their loyalty is going down and are even named so as to easier keep track of them merms and spiders do not. This means a Wurt or Webber have to set their own timers to guess when to feed their followers again before they bail. Not sure if anyone would be on board with this but for this qol update I was kind of hoping follower merms and spiders would get names and kiel would give Wurt and Webber the ability to see loyalty timers of merm and spider followers being as they are of the same race. Actually the idea to make this thread was spurred by a mod my friend showed me called sharing targets with followers which let's you command a follower to attack a creature without attacking it/fake attacking it which while it's not particularly needed does wonders for immersion and should be a base feature considering the purpose of followers. The last thing I'd purpose is allowing webber and wurt to call mobs of the same race out of their homes.
  8. So recently I learned that merms have quotes for mining the celestial pieces like players do so I was wondering what other instances of developer's foresight have you all encountered while playing.
  9. Personally I can see a good ending for the survivors in dst keep in mind that even if they were to somehow find a way home it's not like they would all leave. Wigfrid wasn't tricked like the rest she got what she wanted to live as a warrior. While the constant probaly isn't where she wanted to be Willow gained friendship and freedom from society to feed her pyromaniac tendencies. Wendy got her sister back and unless she can bring her back she'd likely sooner die then leave her. While on other side those who would leave without doubt are Warly although him leaving the constant would cause a world of heartbreak to the survivors who stay but he has his mom(I'd really like to know if she ever got her memory back as part of his deal) to get back to. And Maxwell and Winona realistically Maxwell and Winona are going to want to save Charlie and leave from what we know about them. Can't say I know enough about the other characters to give my thoughts on their stances. However I do think it would be very funny if Wes took over the nightmare throne. Edit: Now that I think about it the constant does seem to uphold the deals for the people the bring intothe constant well deals that we currently know of.
  10. It personally didn't make me mad but it did look weird to me creepy even when I first saw it as I just wasn't use to it logged on one day and noticed it then again maybe it could have been because I was marathoning world of horror recently lol.
  11. Personally I feel like the surface main island could use some new content there's alot of empty space that could be filled up with new mobs or interactions.
  12. That's actually amazing this forum was what got me into actively participating in forums to be honest it's got a great community.
  13. I can agree with feeling like they could have handled wurt better there are alot of things that do feel unfinished about her. As far as the loyalty thing goes all merms aside from the merm king get the same hunger bonus as wurt but translated into loyalty so you take a fruit or vegi and add 33% to it's value. While bunnymen are cheap to recruit they won't work as well as merms for long term trips due to needing to sleep in my mind merms are intended to be brought with you as you explore adding to your fighting force and harvesting ability and made easier through the hunger bonus various ways to feed them even if this is hindered by their unfinished ai. Your not wrong tho the merm king should have been more impactful considering the worthless item RNG, costly building materials, and constant upkeep even having a set amount of free merm followers wouldn't have been too fetched all things considered they also could make her abit truer to her quotes.. Also this is kinda a small thing but... Wurt isn't considered a monster merms in general aren't which lead some interesting character interactions.
  14. Just thought I'd bring this up but due to the lunar grotto wormwood's living log ability can be replaced as you can farm living logs there very fast, also while there's nothing wigfrids helms are nice and cheap there's better armor and pigskins do just fine it has more durability but that doesn't matter much if you have alot of pig skins. Wurt does boast her own advantages it's just that most people don't use followers as much as kiel would think tho part of it is due to merms not being fully programmed like being able to tell you when their loyalty is close to expiring. One of the big strengths of merms is that you can take them anywhere they don't sleep so as long as you have something to spare you can have extra fighters/harvesters with you that are durable enough to not die quickly, powerful enough to make quick work of most threats, and fast enough to not be left behind. They don't have the burst dps of bunnymen but they have longevity they are your pack that work for cheaper than most mobs while having bonus loyalty time if you give them the right things. I feel it deserves mentioning but also while a unintended perk I'm guessing wurt also gets a nice advantage from the heat and cold fish by holding them on opposite seasons. That's not to say wurt isn't without her flaws tho merms not being able to find their way home and merms not being able to tell you their contract is ending soon tho I still hold out hope that kiel might address these someday or atleast let us know that they won't/can't so I can stop holding out hope. Edit: I do wish they'd remove trinkets from merm king or give them a purpose for wurt too tho.