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  1. I agree this is why I want a rework I've said as much in other threads.(and possibly this one but they're all starting to blur together now) This is understandable but I hate this I really dislike the idea that Woby be a early game mount rather than giving her a way to become a better mount even if it isn't in the same way I feel like Kiel could figure something out don't get me wrong the storage thing is nice and all but I never find myself in dire need of the extra space. While Walter's kit can lead to some battles being easier than others much like other characters I really don't see him as the safest option overall just a option.
  2. Personally I feel like more needs to be added to it rather than removing tho personally I feel like the main island needs more content in general it's too bare and empty I get so hyped when world gen gets goes crazy due to one reason or another and you get weird combos like lunar island connected to the swamp or tentacles in the birch biome (extremely rare)
  3. no no no now we need a dance party with Pearl, Wendy, Abigail, Walter, Wurt, and Webber for diabetes overload beware it's said to be lethal.
  4. There are multiple usable ways for Walter to fight bosses technically. It's possible yes but that doesn't mean it's good I'm not saying that it's bad either tho but I'd still say it's better off being changed a combat mechanic that results in being punishingly slow and tedious or extremely cheesy just feels wrong. Ironically Woby quickly becomes more expensive than a beefalo if you aren't actively farming monster meat as you travel since you also need to keep feeding her to keep her top speed which is something you don't need to worry about on a beefalo and once the beefalo is close to tamed it takes less management than Woby rider wise I do think she needs another look as well if only just removing the speed decay. That aside I kinda feel like they may as well remove the sanity downside if it's causing the most sought after strat for playing a character to ignore his primary companion for a superior mount just to ignore the downside that's supposed to encourage unique gameplay. I don't actually want it removed but I feel like they should do something so that it's more viable to depend on Woby than a secondary mount. On the whole tho Walter's playstyle at least for me doesn't feel any safer than most other characters even less so when most of that safety is coming from having a wall of meat block most incoming damage.
  5. It's that time of the week/month when topics spill out into other topics.
  6. Tbf considering you can connect the worlds DS techincally has more content and mechanics than dst.
  7. They must have changed the wetness thing too because it was a point brought up in the Wormwood wurt thing. That aside what use is poop pellets anyway I never found a use for them what situation do you need to escape 1 specific non boss, non herd, mob that doesn't immediately regain aggro. I do agree more ammo would be nice.
  8. He used to not lose sanity from magic but they changed it around his launch either due to people saying it didn't make sense or being unintended. He doesn't lose sanity from being wet but he does lose sanity from holding wet items. (side note this is actually what kickstarted Wurt and Wormwood's additional wetness perks after people talked about how it didn't make sense that he partly resisted wetness but Wurt and Wormwood didn't sanity wise.)
  9. This can be applied to the refreshes, crafting systems, and content updates saying it something shouldn't change because it's the way it's always been isn't ab good argument.
  10. So what your saying is merms, spiders, and imps are gonna start a twitter thread about raiding area 51?
  11. I feel llike the intention of the aura immunity was to compensate the immediate sanity loss on hit as you have to admit it would feel very unfair to take lots of sanity damage from combat and insanity auras at the same time.
  12. It's because his sanity mechanic's existence seems to encourage ranged combat add to the fact he has so many damage based ammo types and it more or less appears the focus was a ranged explorer.
  13. You can also craft a boomerang but i get your point for the former. As for the weapon thing if your good at kiting and the slingshot's advantage is for being bad at kiting what then is the point of using a bad weapon over a better one? The beefalo was brought up because it removes his don't get hit downside if I wasn't being clear.
  14. How does the slingshot specifically help his downsides the fact people are mainly opting to tame a beefalo means they're opting to entirely ignore his downside rather than working with it on top of that having a beefalo means you've official bypassed the reason to use the slingshot in combat since his sanity or low hp isn't an issue anymore what does the ranged weapon provide on a beefalo that's actually a benefit over using the beefalo's attack. This also means Woby failed at her intended purpose. As for not being very good at fighting I do feel like that's a good reason to use the slingshot but making it a weapon only people bad at fighting use seems incredibly wasteful. He does have combat related stuff his entire slingshot mechanic is a combat mechanic. The slingshot is very minor chip damage it's better to have it than nothing but it's very minor damage compared to what every other character will be outputting. Ranged combat seems to currently amount to cheese or just as slower less efficient way to do something I get not wanting to put alot or work on the devs but it feels weird to have a character with a bunch of downsides tied to ranged combat with ammo clearly catered to ranged combat but ranged combat being so not worth it. We can way it's a tool and only use it for shooting birds like other players but even then there are other options even it being safer than alternatives is debatable if we're considering all options.