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  1. My big issue with fish is that you can only use ponds meaning if you intend to use the merm king tribute system or build merm houses you either you to get yourself a piggyback/krampus sack/make a ungodly amount or trips or just live near a pond which kills variety in my opinion wurt. As far as the merm king goes I'd probaly invest more in keeping him alive if his hunger was extended by 3 days
  2. Relying on another character can make alot of characters alot better than they'd be otherwise ever seen how fast a wurt can build a merm kingdom when paired with woodie and his inflated hp is nice but I feel like if you have proper healing and good kitting it doesn't matter much heck in some cases wig has more effective hp due to her vampirism his gear eatting is without doubt a good ability but there are plenty of abilities that rival it. Personally I can't see why he's part of the big 3 either he's very fast and can ignore winter but requires a charger, he's a tank but depending on how good at fighting you are wig can get you bigger bang for your buck on tanking, he can eat gears for a overall heal but it requires you to go to the ruins or actively hunt gears which is useful but not completely necessary he is a great character but I always thought op was pushing it.
  3. I often accidentally eat raw monster meat when feeding woby
  4. I agree with the list aside from warly I'm sure adventure is the last thing on his mind.
  5. Tbh as far as wurt goes at this point I'd just accept if they removed kelp and fish from building requirements and call it a day but that aside I feel she just needs a quality of life update rather than serious changes
  6. Tho going with that a new player would probaly find Wendy or Willow as a easier starter pick as they have perks more geared to helping newer players while Wilson's only perk worth mentioning for helping newer players is his beard which assumes they don't get killed before winter or even make it to winter.
  7. So as some who is currently out for awhile and can't check can anyone tell me what effects her songs have?
  8. While they have a damage increase rather than them it'd likely be more useful on characters like wendy, webber, and wurt for rapid firing.
  9. I'm genuinely confused by this post I don't think there's anyone who hangs around willow for Bernie! or Wendy for her damage buff it's just not practical there maybe cases where people happen to benefit from it but I doubt anyone goes out of their way for it.
  10. Actually a idea I've been tossing around in my head for quite awhile now is a punishment system for over eatting food tends to be the most abused thing in dst and alot of players I've seen have a hard time coping with food downsides. Here's what I suggest Wolfgang would have a new 4th state flabby speed 0.7% Hunger 3x Damage 0.9% Saint drain 15 per min It would be triggered by having having surplus hunger over your max when eating something. My idea was that if you had atleast 50 points of surplus hunger in a day you'd become flabby for 2 days unless you worked out for 1 minute with a dumbbell while food solves all wolfgangs issues currently this downside would punish gorging on food.
  11. Only thing tho is if they tone down his power he needs a additional upside I could see them toning down his speed before they decided to touch his power tho since his power is his main/only true sell.
  12. Tbh as the cast has been getting better and better Wolfgang is seeming less and less OP as the months go on well to me atleast. But on a more Wigfrid note rather than messing with her damage modifier I feel like a interesting idea to explore is giving her combat techniques like unlocking mighty power of stab not bash with spears.
  13. I found another bug that I can't like this post more than once its painful to use a stopwatch to keep track of the loyalty timer.... Unless a update changed things merms do benefit from the bonus hunger but the king does not. To be fair wurt does drop a pet fish when killed you just gotta carry it. I do find it weird that frogs attack wurt and other merms since wurt implies they're on good terms and I figured the frog legs came from the merms bodies...
  14. I like the idea for the bridge but I don't think it should work over water.
  15. While I'm not really invested in her lighter I will say it's not like we don't already have a character with a infinite light source even if it does come with one extra step.