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  1. When your fighting bee queen and she starts scaring the spiders and killing them off it makes it easier to get your bearing because you can recruit a new group of spiders to help hold off the queen and her grumbles while you build your army back up.
  2. While your right it shouldn't make sense Webber does technically get a benefit from the spider queen hat it makes spiders more easy to manage when bee queen panics them during the bee queen fight. That being said I haven't tested if followers get the effects of the hat when wearing it.
  3. I see no issue with it while yes it's nice to leave things for others some people place too much limits on others due to the unwritten rules I feel like resources that haven't been relocated belong to anyone and so long as your not doing something like lighting it on fire for the lolz I think it's fine yes this also means I think it's ok to eat mandrakes and people shouldn't kick others for doing so long as it's not against the host's wishes how you interact with the world is up to you.
  4. The key thing here I feel people overlook though is boss loot makes the game easier yes but no boss loot is required either so what if Wolfgang can help you kill some bosses a bit faster than most characters all that really matters is how good you are at surviving and making use of what you do have everyone can get boss drops early on not just Wolfgang he'll just get most quicker than others and those boss drops aren't even needed to survive it all really comes down to playstyle you'd be surprised how bad some people are at surviving despite being good at bossing. It's not like you can't get the same boss gear in around the same time Wolfgang does if you use the same strats with other characters you will be some days slower due to him lowering the bosses hp faster? Yes but so what it's not like players with decent skill levels chances of survival plummet because they suddenly don't have a furnace and can't deal with winter or other things of that nature. This is a survival game not a fighting game so I don't see a character making optional content a bit easier when playing solo as overpowered but maybe that's just me.
  5. I would be fine with Webber getting the turf if Wurt got the Whistle and shoe box tbh. The fear part makes sense however the spider queen's army is made of untrained spiders who've just been born and run completely on instinct while the king's guards are elite merms who are only motivated by their king. That being said while we don't know for sure completely on how Webbers new abilities will interact based on the text alone Webber seems to have won in the teamplay department vs Wurt
  6. I can't really see a situation where you would ever use Walter's hat over a tophat if your not Walter tho and wurt's hat is actually cheaper than Walter's considering you techincally don't need rng to make it. Lastly while it might not be a big deal for webber being able to use followers as wortox is massive boon.
  7. To be fair it's never worth it for wurt since it's more efficient just to carry a dead fish also I'm confused why Walter's hat is ranked higher than the clever disguise not only does it give everyone access to merms it also enables wortox and webber to use bunnymen.
  8. I mean I fully understand the definition of it but I don't think that's what the op meant could be wrong tho.
  9. Being a pro is really hard to quantify for dst in the first place does it mean never getting hit or doing scienceless ruins runs? Does it mean building a mega base? Does it mean surviving 3k days, does it mean beating all boss by exploiting ai or not doing that? Or does it mean you just have a high understanding of the game's mechanics? Or perhaps all of that? I mean for some people pro means beating toadstool as wes with only axes
  10. Before you lies 10 bundling wraps 8 of these 10 have 2 spitters and 2 dangling depth dwellers all with thulecite crowns the other 2 have enlightened crowns do you dare?
  11. Honestly I feel Wes is often undersold -moble infinite sanity dispenser -the perfect character to gather a team and scout due to his infinite balloon flares and speed boost -can make minor rain protection and give the group free disposable life vests if things go south when sailing In my opinion atleast he's a powerful team support. To be fair wendy and wx clear the ruins alot easier than Wolfgang. Outside of bossing Wolfgang doesn't have much to offer in basic gameplay
  12. At that point why even use merms? If you not able to rely on them for long journeys their biggest upside then just becomes that they can mine rocks which isn't as tedious as chopping trees anyway. I'm not denying this is a huge problem I'm saying their both a problem even more so in a multiplayer setting. We need this as a feature do it kiel please?