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  1. Sorry for posting double but Thanks Klei! I don't really play Wigfrid but I love her skins!
  2. I trained so many beef... and they all end up dying by my hands after I go the caves or kill some bosses and I see a new herd in the middle of my base. Please don't make me do it again Mr.Jango. I filled your pen with salt licks this time.
  3. i see a lot of people talking about bases, Just make some machines to prototype stuff and explore enough to feel free to leave stuff in a spot, I was worried when I saw the title cuz lots of my friends don't like the exploration part just because they don't like the "explore till day 10, gather resources and fertilize,shave beef.." It's so strange to see people locked in gameplay loops when you can do so much in this game, you can even start in a plus world if you want to skip the science and alchemy search,don't feel guilty.
  4. It's Just a skin and for an item I do'nt see 90% of the time in any world. Let's wait and chill out, I got kinda scared seeing so much negativity just because of a drop.
  5. Idk if I like this rework, but I don't even play wes that much, I had a world where I survived some years as him and changed character cuz I had had plenty of slow gameplay, as I play alone some characters aren't as fun for me. Wes in particular was not very fun alone or together , but now I can see how a Wes can help a team a lot, even if it's for seconds of fun. Things might change in the future, I kinda like how wes didn't get any overpowered power that makes changing to play him super viable, instead he got some nice fun things that can help the group in the early game at least. The thing is, still a challenge, even more now that he can be one-shoted by some bosses, one slip and it's over.
  6. besides desert stones and down feathers, everything else is welcome in my loot stash, the wax paper is already a nice prize.
  7. Terminated one of my beefalo pens just to put some drying racks,at first it was because I had so much meat it would spoil before the first area dried, but now it's for my sea snacks. Usually pains me to hammer down racks cuz of the ropes, but I'm chilling as Wurt, I don't mind the harvesting days to come.
  8. Thanks Maxwell! this blueprint sure will help me on my journey! at least he is a joker.
  9. I spotted a Willow burning everything, so I made the mistake to type her on chat, turns out the people on the pub were a group, I got ghosted till the end of winter when they all died fighting and left me on the world alone. Ngl, not my best pub experience, but I had plenty good
  10. I can see they being ported, but I imagine the game still has to hv some changes for them to be more useful. We already have danger in the sea,food sources and nice mobs,maybe the end of ROT or it's development might bring lunar monkeys to wilbur, new seafaring features for Woodlegs and Walani. For Wilba,Wheeler and Wagstaff I can see they coming whenever they can, they don't need game mechanics to make sense, just a few tweaks here and there.
  11. I usually play on small worlds, but even when I play in huge worlds I see lots of empty spaces or just bad ruins generation with almost no statues, Thulecite is a pain to get in my main world, gears I get 1 stack per ruins clearing so I guess it's fine since I play solo
  12. Ok, now I have a carrat race course, I wish it was bigger or better but I don't have much space left in the oasis to put more builds right now, Maybe Ill kill one of my beefalo pens since 1 is enough The flingos are in case of red hounds if I don't get to my teeth trap area in time.
  13. the crow's nest could be fed meat like birds on birdcages, so we can have eggs on board! saving some space also.
  14. At first on console I was very bad, language barrier didn't help that much too, I am brazilian and didn't knew english not even a bit, giving it a time skip to when I learned english, I watched every video I could find, every guide and all, I wanted to learn, It was pretty nuts for me how much was packed in this game beyond my knowledge, really everyone in this community helped a little, even those who quitted the game or who left us unfortunatelly. I gotta say, patience and hunger for knowledge got me good, funny how it ties to the game itself. Also the forums, you guys rock!
  15. Aaah sorry for posting double, but I wanted to show my Merm Kingdom and the restoration of Pig Town, I won't go big with pig town until Wilba(hopefully) comes to the game but I already restored the turf for Maxwell statue and I will make a nice church for the pigs there, gave PK a nice carpet and in the corners of town there will be the OINC, which stands for really nothing, it's just for pigs who fought in the war to train new pigs, it's even the shape of a pig nose if you can see in the map. I'm doing this after 3800 days, when it all started I just took all they had, even PK's wooden turf as Webber to make my base.