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  1. Hunger can be solved by Berries and even Stone fruit if you are not into farms, but Healing food as wurt is a bit of a challenge outside of autumn, you have trailmix,eating a bunch of honey,and stil have the options of honey poultice or the healing salves. Also, Trailmix is kinda of a great option, the merms can chop some trees and u hv some good healing,the only bad thing is that there are no nuts in winter and spring and summer only gives u one nut per tree. I do use farms so idk,and I play with very long seasons(except summer,I play it normal size) so I have plenty of time for preparation and playing in my pace.
  2. I'd hate if she became a switch-character,she is a character that grows overtime and much like warly, takes some work to unleash her full potential. But about the Reeds,she could have a mechanic like with the Merm king, where only she could tend the crops, and if she doesnt,they would not grow, cuz only she knows well how to take care of them, idk if it would make sense... maybe she knows it better cuz she has always lived in the swamp and knows how these plants work?
  3. When Wurt was released I wasn't very happy about her playstyle and her mermabilities but time passed and in my Webber World I changed to Wurt to make a merm kingdom, and I did it, but I was already stablished in the game, I had plenty of food of all sorts and etc. At this time, I really enjoyed playing Wurt and she became one of my favorites characters in DST,but something still makes me think that Wurt could be more solid as a character in her abilities. I had in mind that she could plant or move reeds, but maybe it would be overpowered? I've seen people saying that the merm king should give gold as well, but I really don't know where we cross the line and make a character TOO good or even call it pay to win. (and I don't think Wortox is pay to win, his hunger is really anoying and he can't offer as much as a good team can, but he really is a good character) Also,in the beggining I wanted to point that Wurt isn't very enjoyable at early game, but she becomes an awesome character in mid to late game.
  4. GUYS! GUYS! this is wilson in the least rarer outfit possible! and I gotta say, kinda ugly.
  5. Me, after surviving this long alone in this world
  6. I gotta say, even tho I like the Wormhole idea, it's just becuz i'm too lazy to check these tentapillars... man, there are so many, I've telepoofed to the atrium, wouldn't mind telepoofing to the new biome if it meant not generating everything over the normal ruins or any other biome or even making me check the tentapillars. Also, Retrofitting can cause some weird stuff, my barnacles spawned just at the edges of the world, it's a pain, they must have spawned there becuz I haven't explored the black chunks of the map in my +1000 days world
  7. World gen could really mess it up in older worlds, I guess it's better the Worm's way
  8. Also happened to me, I searched for some way to fix it and found a link to some site linked to steam, idk if it's safe, so I won't share it here, HELP
  9. Love me some Choccy, I agree with the recipes if cocoa is kinda hard to get, the stats are pretty good. If coffe won't come to dst, I would love some cocoa, maybe some warly exclusive or even a normal recipe could give a small speed boost. Speed... I need it
  10. I only have 3 tallbird nests in my world, if I had more, I would have more "occasional egg stealing moments", I'd like that, I really would.
  11. Everyone says this, all the damn time, and all the damn time, I AGREE, IT SHOULD, I have tridents and they aren't even worth making for the Crab king. Also, at first, I haven't even got the trident's blueprint by defeating the crab king, I rollbacked the loot stash until I got it, later I defeated the crab and well, it really is bad, it should have like 200 uses on the sea, even more really, for the price we pay and the pain we go, this should be the Thulecite club of the sea or have more uses besides destroying salt and rocks.
  12. Monke, as for right now, and nanas, enough of cave bananas, bring Wilbur to DST and some more islands, make me want to go to the sea, and not have a good World gen to have a Lunar island nearby. I saying this as I'm going to sleep.
  13. I like webber as he is right now, but more is always welcome, love me some buffs
  14. Gotta say, Inspiration could go up a bit faster and decay a bit slower, just a bit, their use are just In combat, so, just some tweaks. I just don't like much of the songs, seems like they were made based around the dragon fly battle. I don't want the songs to be super powerful like warly's spices, but some of them are pretty hard to get for really lame effects, the spittlefish(I think that was the name) is kinda hard to find, and just 30% fire protection, for what? the red gem Dear, D.Fly, maybe Pvp, and not much worth it. The health and sanity leechs are quite fun but Wigfrid is the only one who gets a decent leech out of that. The aggro and de-aggroing songs are nice, but I don't know, nothing very powerful, still useful. Well, I know they are infinite once crafted, unlike Warly's spice that require really hard work, farming and all. That must be why they are not that powerful, to give Wigfrid a way to help the team and not overshadow Warly, but still, some little buffs are welcome. Not disliking the rework but could have some tweaks much like the other had, I'll hope.