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  1. I don't want more NPC's personally, maybe just one more but that's all I'd like. If I had to choose between more characters or more NPC's, I'd go for NPCs
  2. I hope we're not getting any more characters. Atleast not until after RoT. We have a wide variety of characters and I really don't see the point in adding more, I want RoT content, not characters. Yeah, characters are cool, they usually allow you to take on a different playstyle, but you know whats even cooler? Content available to every character, such as biomes, bosses, items, structures and what not.
  3. I killed Crab King in a world with Sea Weeds! They're really good for the fight Here I am returning back to land after killing Malbatross quickly after the Crab King fight so I can get 2 malbatross sails back hehe And finally, I plan to destroy this boat and build a new one to put and build stuff onto, heres a screenshot of everything I emptied out from my boat!
  4. Yeah I can see your point for tentacles. Would you mind telling me which bosses other characters besides Walter would not be able to do with no damage taken? Because in my opinion I think that is very possible.
  5. All of these items do something every other character can do but in a objectively more efficient way. Bernie is for killing shadow creatures and mobs which every character can do. Catapults help kill an enemy, which every character can do. Books help farm resources, kill mobs or overcharge Wx, which other characters can do. Wilson would be the only character able to cure disease, other characters would not be able to cure it.
  6. No, please dont limit a disease cure to one character.
  7. I feel people under-estimate how long it takes to create a skin. I'm not a great artist but it can be quite difficult and time consuming creating a new skin. You need to draw up to 150 or more sprites, though many of them are small simple sprites but it still takes a good while. I'm content with what we have. I don't think we need more skins. I'm extremely happy with the new updates we've gotten and I couldn't ask for more.
  8. He can also pick Sea Weeds without them agroing on him.
  9. these are secret marketing strategies that uncomp does NOT want you to know about


  10. Yes PLEASE. I NEED icebergs and ice sheets
  11. In my head I imagine you would be able to get off the nest in an instant. That would be a great idea! I love it.
  12. You post Beta content (e.g. Troubled Waters currently) in the Return of Them subforum. Released content goes in general discussions. That's always how I saw it personally.
  13. Now that we have the super cool mast upgrades, why not a crows nest attachment? I've always been bothered by the small camera range out on the ocean, and then perfect way to solve this is a crows nest attachment! The player will be able to hop onto masts with the crows nest attachment and have an increased camera view.
  14. Personally I wouldnt consider it cheese, itll take some time to get all the sprouts you need. Yeah I would think of it being similar to getting bunnymen for the bee queen fight!
  15. Another note to add, The Yellow sea weeds attack twice as fast, so if you really wanted to. You can try killing all the non yellow sea weeds and keep replanting until you get all yellow, this will make the fight even faster.
  16. Every day I cry to sleep wishing for ice bergs and ice sheets on the ocean that you can hop on just like boats.
  17. Nope, That was the first thing I tried. Geysers do not attack/hurt them. That might work! Is that possible though? To be able to be far away enough that he doesnt target your boat and doesnt despawn? I have to try that! Thank you for the idea. Yeah I think the sea weeds sounds are placeholder for now, I'm excited to hear there real sounds.
  18. Butterflies are literally flying flowers however, Maxwells quote confirms this.
  19. Hey guys! So with this new update we've gotten Sea Weeds! They're plant pals who shoot 68 damage dealing projectiles if attacked. And you're able to replant them on whichever sea stacks you'd like once you get a sea weed sprouter. So I had the brilliant idea to replant Sea Weeds around the Crab King, and they made some real good work of him! Some Notes: The Sea Weeds won't be able to help you until they get "attacked" by the Crab King, The freezing ability of the Crab King is the only attack that will be able to agro the Sea Weeds to attack him. Here I used a pearl + 5 blue gems, which equals 8 blue gems worth of buffs to him, in some of my tests any lower than that and the freezing ability wouldnt be able to reach the Sea Weeds to freeze/attack them. If you're extremely lucky you can get a seastack to spawn right by him and you won't need to use that many blue gems if you don't want to. I have not done this in a legitimate run yet, however this setup and fight is possible to replicate, you might not be able to reach some sea stacks to plant a sprouter on but you should be able to get all of the inner ones planted. "Why are your boat patches not getting consumed sometimes?" To be honest im not sure, I believe it's a bug, so once this bug gets fixed you'll need a lot more patches than I used in this fight. I did a quick count and I should of used up around 80-90 patches, so once the bug gets fixed and you'd like to attempt this strategy that might be the amount of patches you need.