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Wurt shipped with webber?

Wurt being shipped with webber?  

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45 minutes ago, Zeklo said:

I'm backing Wendy & Webber tho.

This ship is officially backed by your friendly neighborhood moderator as well.

Though I do feel they made Wendy a bit too ooc in the last animated short. Sure, she and Webber hugged, which was nice, but I always thought Wendy wouldn't really be afraid of horror stories.

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If you talking friend term then yeah, i find it pretty cute. two monster kids with relatable misfortune get to play softball and all that.

i doubt she be friendly toward spiders, considering the amount of time merms fight with them. and technically she's not even human,

this obviously show that Wendy is much more superior in term of shipping. i'm kidding of course, this thread is gonna get lock anyways, haha.

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This is stupid.. when I clicked on this thread I was thinking Shipped with? 

You mean as in like a super cool exclusive toy bundle???

i can careless who shags with who in a video game.. because it’s a video game, not meant in any way to portray reality... I suppose that the damn Dynasty Warriors Franchise should be under Fire too for portraying 13yr old marriages? Life doesn’t work that way and you guys need to just get ****ing real already... 

Dynasty Warriors is probably one of THE biggest staple franchises for SONY it was there back when the PlayStation 2 first made its debut and was included in their Demo Discs (god I miss those things!!) and its still to this day going strong, Despite having questionable relationship statuses.

Ship= Product Shipment,

Ship= a huge ass boat meant for sailing across the seas,

Ship= Romantic connection??!

Heck no. wtf. 

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