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  1. perhaps he isnt using 1 computer for each account?
  2. infinite rain challenge

    no but i dont think i'll be able to make them before i die
  3. its kinda the same thing with shadow fuel. willow say its hot, webber say its cold webber quote for ancient chest is: "we feel cold"
  4. Balance question

    this is what Wilson is for
  5. On Examination Quotes

    this one gives some information: Woodie when examining "on tentacles" - They don't have tentacles in Canada i think
  6. Balance question

    perhaps you should wait until Klei have changed every character (like they did with Winona)
  7. you probably already know what challenges are, and this one may seem easy. this challenge is simple: infinite rain. (but for some reason I set lighting to "none" instead of "less" (lower lightning, because during rain there's chance of lightning). but of course, this may be a little boring, its just insanity. (and wet stuff). so its gonna be a little harder. well, there's not enough rain for wx78 to dive, but having a diving suit might be a good idea, since everything will be very wet. part 1 ' and the rain already started! so much rain! I'm already at 50%! this is so great! I'll try to lure these meatballs to their doom, and get an umbrella or raincoat. i didn't think freezing would ever be a problem in autumn. im at 100% now. atleast im burning an organic. die fleshlings, die! repair needed. freezing is far more dangerous than I expected. i don't know if im gonna make it through the night. I might have a chance now, since. got butter the dessert! for some reason I thought it was the dessert where those dried organics lived. no gears here, sadly. i was bitten by a spider during the night of day 3, and those 20 hp really make a difference. part 2
  8. Most Unfair Deaths In Don't Starve

    i was once killed by darkness ... 0.5 second later it became dawn. another time, in hamlet, I was being chased by rapid beetles. I was insane, and snaptooths everywhere. I was killed ... but had equipped a life-giving amulet. what's great about a life-giving amulet Is that it makes mobs around you sleep after getting revived. snaptooth sapling wakes up immediately after me getting revived, and kills me. another time in hamlet, as webber, I was killed by ROC, but was revived by life-giving amulet. immediately after I was revived, a pig guard kills me.
  9. Taking Back Main Menu

    perhaps its then the "refuse" part.
  10. weird setpiece

  11. wilson rework?

    will only make him better when compared to others. (won't actually make him better, just better than the others) he also states he can make amputations and such(I think its a quote in shipwrecked)
  12. weird setpiece

    include these: queens gathering (lots of tier 3 spider nests) trapped pig (obelisks) developer graveyard living forest beefalo pen reed trap spider camp (little camp with spider warrior sleeping on carpet) perhaps also rare world generation? world without glommer (I've tried this once)
  13. weird setpiece

    a poll where you show which set pieces you've found? (multiple choice)
  14. weird setpiece

    and the hambat set piece, which you have to find fast (if you find it too late, you might not know it was a hambat)
  15. i liked making farms as webber even before I knew this.