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  1. for me its antlion. I can kill dragonfly and Klaus solo, but I always die to antlion. haven't tried to fight all bosses though.
  2. the pig town makes it too easy to survive when I first saw the hamlet trailer, I had hoped you would have to cross lots of rivers and jungle to get to the pig town. what we got was a chance to spawn next to the town, and if you didn't, it was nearby. oh, and the rivers was lakes
  3. how did i reach this high day number?!? and it's a solo world! my record was 200 with friends, and 50 alone! i present to you: Chester chaos (its actually 559 days now) welcome to my world here you will find my base at the oasis my base is such a mess base at nighttime near the oasis i have my chest area, which is being moved and converted into scaled chests i have so much glommers goop so many gems, so many hounds teeth so many spiderhats. actually not many, but 3 is a lot when i have not even killed any spider queens. thanks Klaus. my fish my twig farm. currently webber, so its not in use same for grass farm, but i dug the grass so it dont get diseased place for boss blueprints. currently building dragonfly's place. bee area my reed trap which is right next to oasis. cant show you much of it since its summer. map of my world.
  4. i actually thought ImDaMisterL had changed his name and profile picture.