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  1. maybe like dst's "lights out" and "plus" presets. for example, maps which did not generate any geysers, maps with constant meteor showers and such.
  2. Least favourite season?

    i like moonsoon work and fight theme. i dont think i like the moonsoon boss theme, but cant really remember it.
  3. ONI University

    im not sure if people can actually search for it on the wiki to find the ONI university page on the wiki, you'll have to search "user:blackberrest3/oni university and thats not great. i think its because, as you mentioned, someone moved it to your user page
  4. no need for saplings, twiggy trees or tumbleweeds! instead, get your stick by digging saplings!
  5. I need help with the forum itself

    i dont think that exists on the wiki. which is really sad.
  6. I need help with the forum itself

    "link preview" is that like this?
  7. I need help with the forum itself

    im sorry, i dont know much about the wiki. i edit pages, but not much else.
  8. Count to 200 without interruption

  9. Screenshot showcase

    this world keep getting better and better i know mactusk nearby is dangerous, but im webber, so i can just plant some spider nests nearby actually, there's already some spider nests nearby moonstone is in the same forest as mactusk, and pig king is nearby.
  10. Screenshot showcase

    i've seen many great worlds, where awesome stuff is close to is close to each other. but an oasis next to a reed trap setpiece? just think of wendy tombstone quotes
  11. if you get all the spiders out of a nest as webber, you can just kill the nest. spiders only care about you hitting their nest if they are inside it.
  12. Voice volume option

    maybe "i dont care" or "why not" options?
  13. Idea for next beta

    maybe an island with the biomes from the gorge? like the sugarwood forest.