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  1. Count to 200 without interruption

  2. the hydra's art thread

    I should do something to save my thread
  3. just to laught

    great, another word for our misspelled-words-list gassy moo ---> grassy moo sporechid ---> sporehild wheezewort ---> wheeze ward bristle blossom ---> blister blossom and probably a lot more I have forgotten
  4. Biosphere 2 type of game

    since ONI is colony in space, you could get more materials by harvesting asteroids.
  5. lazy deserter can be used to lower your sanity
  6. the ancient cane the candy cane the goatshead cane
  7. Weirdest World Generations

    perfect placement good luck doing the moonstone event
  8. obviously, if you cant find a use for all the stuff in the game, you are a bad player but then you will not be able to wear any hats or head armor
  9. wicker's favorite food is fish sticks.
  10. Screenshot showcase

    how did i reach this high day number?!? and it's a solo world! my record was 200 with friends, and 50 alone! i present to you: Chester chaos (its actually 559 days now) welcome to my world here you will find my base at the oasis my base is such a mess base at nighttime near the oasis i have my chest area, which is being moved and converted into scaled chests i have so much glommers goop so many gems, so many hounds teeth so many spiderhats. actually not many, but 3 is a lot when i have not even killed any spider queens. thanks Klaus. my fish my twig farm. currently webber, so its not in use same for grass farm, but i dug the grass so it dont get diseased place for boss blueprints. currently building dragonfly's place. bee area my reed trap which is right next to oasis. cant show you much of it since its summer. map of my world.
  11. farms (basic and advanced farms) meat effigy belt of hunger
  12. are you sure the fish are alive before you put them into the tin fishin bin?
  13. Count to 200 without interruption

    cristmas eve atleast in my country
  14. for 3 days in a row, I have gotten "punk boots" is this a bug or is it just extreme "luck"?