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  1. wow hooo I love mant!

    suggestions: TANK THEM! roc roc + panflute kite them panflute + gunpowder gather a pig army place pig guard towers near the mants hire 10.000 guard pigs wait for aporcalypse, and get ancient herald to kill them
  2. wow hooo I love mant!

    then maybe pan flute + roc?
  3. wow hooo I love mant!

    I actually have a suggestion: roc. or build guard towers around them. or just panflute them, then kite them 1 at a time
  4. flytraps...

    no need for more suggestions, i died, 40 days old
  5. grass is invading my jungle

    we'll see if that is true after we've burned all grass in the world
  6. set pieces

    i would really like set pieces which requires stuff from the other worlds perhaps a chest that needs to be shot with a boat cannon, before you can access the treasures within?
  7. what is his quote for treeguards?
  8. thats the same for webber, he dont loose sanity for eating monstermeat, but he does loose sanity when eating normal meat
  9. flytraps...

    do anybody have a suggestion how to kill these flytraps?
  10. wouldnt it be awesome if the quotes wasnt always the same? an example would be wickerbottoms quote for grass gecko (i know its from DST, but does it matter?) and after you've spent some time in that world, or been around geckos for enough time, it would "evolve" into: or something like that
  11. this was when trying to survive WITHOUT the pig city (i've survived longer time in hamlet than in the other DLC's, which is kinda weird, since i feel like hamlet is much harder)
  12. [Game Update] - 308440

    some items dont burn, right? like the map you get from the pig thief.