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  1. I think it means that you will get 4 skins for one of the base characters like Wilson, Wx, Willow, etc. It is suppose to be a essentially a start up pack and including a few other elegants in there wouldn't be bad, and would give newer players more customization options then shirt, and maybe shoes.
  2. On no, you don't go through Double Mermification, you instead will acsend to the next tier of being and laugh as you pity the fools you called your friends, and then get eaten by the maw.
  3. There is 3 points that might avoid the land locking. 1) They never said the king couldn't move. The immediate was the pig king but maybe it will be truly opposite of him and be a very skinny and frail that helps the merms the best he can instead of the lazy, terminally obese pig king. 2) They never said that the tapestry was difficult to make. It will most likely be made of papyrus, gems, and moon glass. They also never said it couldn't be remade, there couoldn't be multiple in one world, or that there was a problem with letting him starve besides the merms losing strength. 3) The starving rate might not be bad. Maybe it will be like the volcano in SW where you give him food every 5 days or something. The vaugeness is worrying and ths the problem, but it might not be as bad as it sounds. Or cactus. That grows in winter, and all you have to do is transplant the swamp turf over for the speed boost.
  4. Don't starve quiz

    Huh, thought it was additive. Welp, guess I was wrong.
  5. Don't starve quiz

    Road: 30% Wx: 50% Cane: 25% Magiluminessence: 20% Added together you get 125% This is also just DST becuase there is still a sleek hat, stalking stick, coffee, and wilbur to consider in DS. EDIT: To clairify, I was doing the speed boost itself, not the players speed which would have been 225%
  6. Don't starve quiz

    True, I also think jelly fish in SW might work for this to, but its also not in DST.
  7. Don't starve quiz

    A few basic questions: How much monster meat is needed in a crockpot to make Monster Lasagna a) 2 b) 4 c) 1 >d) 2, but is negated buy twigs How much damage does a walking cane do? >a) 17 b) 36 c) 27.5 d) 0 What is the max speed boost possible? a) 25% b) 45% c) 60% >d) 125%
  8. To add onto this: Mushroom trees are free reign to Woodie as there is no tree guards, so chop all you want with no need for le beaver. The charge the Moose has can clean up a lot of slurtles and snurtles for a bunch of free armor waiting until the last moment of hunger or dusk can really help in the early game because you have night vision for 4 min. and have the ability to (task) all you want during those 4 min. A piggyback is real useful when using the goose for moving stuff out of a area like the ruins, and for the beaver to collect the absurd amount of lumber or rocks you broke your teeth on. chester/hutch can be carried around everywhere with the eyebone, meaning you don't have to leave chester on the dry land while you go on your futile attempt to find the lunar island. Chester just sort becomes jesus with woodie when this happens. It might be glitch but it doesn't really help since the goose can't use him at all. Chester will also return to you if you go to far from the coast. Edit: Chester also helps with the beaver and moose by allowing you to eat/punch him and thus renewing the period before the massive drain.
  9. They also need a kiwi plant for it in the first place for it to drop so maybe a later update?
  10. I think the beat way to implment moda into the game wouls be to add them in with other updates or in a specific mod update where they take the best mods of the workshop and use them in the game, and giving credit to the creators in the "Credits" in a specific mod creator list or just the Special thanks part with the mod theu created in (parentheses) next to their name. Wanted mods: Geo Placment Gesture Wheel Maxwells followers dance the dance he does Wormwood flowers during full bloom change with the skin Dusk + Night Music Wilson's beard color/style fits the skin he uses
  11. So you have way to high expectations for the game. You see memory is funny on the fact that you really try to make something outside of the box, you will rember it. The problem that lies is that ypu can't stop rembering something when you are actively doing the related action as the brain considers it relavwnt information and will put back into your active memory. The point I trying to say is that you can't just say that memorization is the problem as ypu will just do the same thing when anything new comes out. You experince it the first time, learn, and then adept to the point where you can do it and then build a stratgey for it and eventually perfect it. That is essentially what kiting is, a stratgey that has been perfected. Sure you can change some things about the enemy but then it would just have to change the stratgey and then perfect that. If you added something like randomized attack periods, then it would get even more boring because tanking causes even less engagment then kiting to you. There is much less you have to do when you are just standing there hitting and getting hit, eating a pierogi every once in a while, that is so much more boring then kiting. Tanking would regin supreme because the RNG would make it so much less efficent to actually complete a task that just taking it would be more efficent in resources and time as it removes the guess work from it. Kiting something also makes you engaged because you have to keep active attention on the moves you make, your opponet makes, and the area around you when compared to tanking,which has you focus on amount of armor and health. It also helps show growth because your first time fighting something, you will die or get somewhat close to it because of inexperince, but them you slowly learm the attack patterns and ypu eventually beat the boss woth taking little to no damage. This feels really good and actively shows growth on your part. I dp think the combat system should have some numbers tweaked and add more attack verity, but it should still have the ability to kite because it shows mental growth, skill growth, and it just feels good to do something better and more efficently. The problem is that these 2 games are fundementally different games. Terraria has a massive focus on bosses and has a lot more RPG mechanics them the other 2 combined. Its not a survival game, its a rpg that has really good build elements. Sure your first few nights might be spent in a hut scared of the undead hoard, but once you get decent armor and a upgraded armor, its focus on survival fizzles out as you just keep on getting stronger and stronger. Even when hardmode hits, you already have some sort of home or base to go to so the new mobs can be avoided or hid from and will allow you to slowly ease you into the new difficulty. Minecraft is a more compariable thing but it is also flawed. The survival elments do relate it more to DST but its never the main focus. There isn't anything you to really do to survival day to day once you get a renewable food source, which is easier done then said. A simple comple of seeds can perpetually feed you for a few days after they have grown and will give you more seeds to plant. This is really the only element that really forces survival upon you as you can easily just wait out any other challenges until you are armed to the teeth as there isn't any motivator besides new stuff to use that forces you to go for it. This is also a problem im DST, but the difference is that the items gotten can all feed into your survabilty increasing as most boss items (or to be more specific craftables) all help you accomplish over a area of the game. The scorched furnace helps you counter the cold of winter, bee queen crown helps you fight bosses as to not go insane while fighting them, and even the funcap can help you as a generally hat. Compared to minecraft, there are far more reasons to do the optional content as you will gaon some reward to help you. As it's core, Minecraft is a building game, a damn good one at that, but the problem in comparing to DST or DS is that they are 2 seperate things take have a few simular ideas. Minecraft focuses more on the ability to do what ever you want with you near infinate world, while DST focuses more on you conquering the world and bending it to your will. This uniqueness is what seperates DST to other survival games as it has its roots in survival. There might be other ones like it, but DST is this truly unique game and doesn't really have a one to one comparison like other types of games.
  12. I think that adding more structures would be a fine addition. O do think that griefing ahpuld be considered but more of a "this structure can't be placed this close to the postern" instead of ignoring it. The problem I'm seeing is how to implment it, and I see the best solution is to have the prompt of "The Death of the Fuelweaver has expanded your Scientific Mind" after you kill hom amd then have anyone who contributed in the fight have the ability to prototype them at a alchemy engine.
  13. My idea is that the survivors actually need to go backwards tp get back to our constant, thus the Forge 2: Burning Boogaloo and that could of ended the arc. There is also the point that it was simply dropped because the events were dropped too.
  14. Wurt

    I want there yo be a "merchant" skin and them have it be just Sammy from the gorge.