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  1. Chadeler falling, no clue. But with the molenose hat, it's a crockpot recipe. While looking to see what popped up for Ambrosia in the cookbook, I saw that it was in there. While I didn't try to find the recipe, my guess is that it includeds the bat nose, electric milk (possibly 2), and seaweed from how the item looks.
  2. While not the solution you were looking for, how about rolling back before you started the Toadstool fight? It's not the best solution but at least you won't have to back up from almost no prep.
  3. I sort of did this, The table I made compiled the damage of any and all hold items in DST, and the ran them through the multipliers with character Damage modifier and non character modifiers (ex: Damage done to a wet enemy with a peppered volt goat jelly and a Abigail debuff). It also helps list special effects and durability's. While it does not do specifically what you asked, it does give the number for any amount that you were going to use so you can divide it to find how much you need. Way too long. I should also note there is much possibility that there is stuff wrong like the Weremoose charge and Hambat damage, but I wanted to fix that at a later date when I care enough. DSTDamages.xlsx
  4. For what gain? DST isn't a type of game that has upfront rewards and goals, but instead allows the player to whatever they want, whenever they want. It is a intrinsically motivated game type, like Minecraft or Subnautica, where there is technically a "end game", the entire game is centered around on doing what you want to do because you want to do it, not having a skinner box type reward system is the core of the game. This is what the entire core of Don't Starve is based on, and you have to accept that the game will never go the route of a extrinsic reward system. The solution isn't to change the game, it for you to find a different game. Onto your actual suggestion, it doesn't mix well with what the game has. Even if we have this system in place and player have a hour flat to kill the boss, hardcore players can and will just cheese the s**t out of it. A pile of spicy electric goop and a few dark swords can decimate a dragonfly in a few days. It just doesn't mix well, like oil and water. Finally, the game has a core and target audience, and you trying to "popularize" the game will basturdize the entire games concept. You need to accept that you aren't apart of the game's audience and put that focus somewhere else, accept that the game will not fit into every concept you like and accept what you have, or learn how to code and either make this game or mod that you want. Chobbles
  5. Back in the times of Don't Starve there was a mod called "Covenant of Souls" that did exactly what you wanted, add rpg elements to DS, however it should also be mentioned that the work to make this type of mod was probably as complex as building the game from the ground up. While there is potential that it can be added to the pile of DST mods, it's not too likely. There is this mod that helps with that, but it is mostly limited by your own creativity. Try roleplaying a magic user that can only use staves to damage their enemies or a player that only uses water balloons and morning stars against you enemies. Go to the unconventional and you find ways to make it interesting. You can only be the one to make things interesting for yourself.
  6. Maxwell is the better logger by far, but Woodie has so much more available outside of logging. The main reason why Maxwell is better is the ability to grab logs while chopping while Woodie has to double back to grab his logs.
  7. The games difficulty has remained the same since our initial experience, but has been dulled by our intensifying skill. Since the difficulty is reliant on player skill and unknowingness, it is hard to pin down how to balance this game because this can very so much. While the game can go into a somewhat RnG route to make the game more interesting, this will devalued skill and confuse players as they are dealing with more and more problems that they don't know how to combat while they appear sometimes but not always. What I always liked about rouge-lites is that the player retains some control over what they are dealt, like a hand of cards in Poker, while still having to rely on what the game gives them. DST seems to give this perfect, lightning in a bottle, way of giving players a decently consistent experience while also providing enough RnG, like Biome Placements and Set Pieces, to make each world fell unique enough so that starting over doesn't feel as repetitive. In short, the difficulty in the game is hard to pin down, but I feel that the game provides a unique enough experience to allow players to gradually grow in skill and overcome that difficulty, which makes it rewarding as you can see visible improvements between worlds. While the game may seem to get easier as you play it, the game didn't get easier but you got better at it's bulls**t. It's as difficult as the first time, but you were able to be that factor that made it easier. In terms of comparing DS to DST, there are about the same. While it is a bit easier then DS, it's not by much as any problem you would have in DS would gladly transfer over, to DST. Can't survive Winter? Guess who is freezing DST! Starving in DST? You're going hungry in DS! I do feel that with every *** of difficulty decreasement, there is always a tat for something that makes it harder. More grass, twigs, and berries? Now we have disease(please don't start a discussion about disease)! We now have Op Boss rewards? Now we also have lower durability for almost every armor! We now have renewable gems via Dragonfly? We also can't amass Nightmare Fuel for free from the ruins. Yes, while most of these are quite petty, it shows how there are somethings that are easier in DS and some that are easier in DST and it makes it so that they both have their own unique benefits and challenges from playing both versions, which adds to both games uniqueness. Comparing the too games is like comparing apples to slightly different apples, so may have a part that you like more then the other and the other may have a part that you found lacking in the first apple, but they still grew from the same core of being a apple. You can compare them all you want, but at the end of the day the changes between the two are miniscule at best until you get to exclusive features which is a entire topic in it's own right.
  8. Please keep on topic and not go spouting off your world gen opinions on a thread about opinions on a niche character. This: Is fine as it is responding to the question that was previously brought up and is relevant to the character as it is a main component in one of his exclusive craftables. However, the rest of the post was not appropriate because it doesn't fit into anything related to the character. Please stop imbuing your responses with discussion about topics that aren't relevant. While your ideas are valid, they should also be on topic instead of just saying whatever comes to mind. I, and I assume other fourmers, are tired of you doing this mantra of praising the world gen settings in subjects that have zero relavelencey. Please keep on-topic and if you want to debate a topic, make your own thread, but stop hijacking threads where they don't belong.
  9. That is true, for Walter and Woby, but for everyone else it is still a valid strategy. There are people who want to play as different characters and while Walter can subvert this annoyance, rushing beefalo is still valid for literally every other character. Even in terms of rushing things, there are other characters that have more alluring aspects to them that would be better for rushing out side of this one part instead of doing the entire celestial portal fiasco for one task. While this is a interesting take, it fails to take into consideration other characters besides Walter and the fact that people play alone and/or don't want/have the celestial portal to use for this one task.
  10. Because they like it. While I don't use it to that extreme, the skins that can't be weaved are very painful to get, and thus the market place acts as a gate way for the those skins to those who don't burn hours on playing to maybe get those skins. Hot lava, most likely but Oxygen not Included? Not likely. While they could fenagle some sort of control scheme for consoles, I feel the game is way too button complicated to be able to properly immerse a player. For the best compatison, DST barely skids the mark with thier controls as they (despite thier short comings that you are well aware of) control decenly like how they do on a pc. ONI, on the other hand, would either face the problem of being too slugish or too complex that the learning curve would be a bit steep. It's not a question of if they can run it, it a question on much they have to change and rework to get a proper version out. Maybe, but there is also the possibility that they abandoned everything related to Hamlet after the Xbox version was released.
  11. My 2 most recent "unluckiest" moments are from a Webber world (that has since been yeeted into the void) which lasted around ~210 days, a new record for me! Moment 1: So my playstyle entails that I fight every boss once with as little cheese as possible to really feel like I have earned it (This is both only my personal playstyle while alone and is because I'm a masochist). Because of this, I don't use walls the first time on the Dragonfly flight and instead run around to avoid the mob of lavae. While doing this, Dragonfly just decides to fly away, reseting all of my progress. Thankfully, I wasn't too far into the fight but I didn't go far enough to truley have her do that so it still confounds me. 1.5: After a battle with the shadow clockworks, I lost my star callers staff. I couldn't find it anywhere, and even when I use console commands (when I was taking the last screenshots of the world). 2: I was walking through the ruins, 2 of the set pieces where there are 2 rooks and bishop were smushed right together on the path towards the completed ancient science machine. That was a mess of a battle.
  12. So just throwing this idea out there, what if there were a chicken wing and bat wing warly exclusive recipes that had the special effect of the enhancing the time limit of spices by a minute (for the chicken wings) and enhancing the spice buff from 33% to 55% (for the bat wings)?
  13. Yes, JoeW commented on a post on a thread about the release date and said that the release date was August 20th among other things
  14. The amount of total DST visual items you can have is 3000, not a easy number to reach unless you were doing intense grinding and skin buying, and that is if you keep all the duplicates. While there is a lot of different skins with abundent variations, the number of unique skins is nowhere near a 3000. I currently have ~1200 unique items, and I have been collecting form a long time. In short, yes there is a limit, but unless you mega hoard everything and keep all duplicates, the you won't reach the limit with unique items. On another note, IIRC the reason there is a limit in the first place is that the steam servers is what keeps track of what items you have/don't have so you can't just give yourself all the items. This is the same reason you can't use dlc characters or any skins while offline, because the game needs to actually register with a seperate server that you own that particular skin. While certinly oblong and backendy, this process is nesscary so that you can't gain every skin whenever ypu want and klei can keep the game servers active with skin money.