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  1. Okay just to start off, you show that you don't know what the "meta" means in our context. One of the top definitions in the Urban Dictionary goes as follows "Abbreviation of Most Effective Tactic Available. Mostly used when comparing tactics in a game, but can be used in other things as well. It can change over time as new tactics are explored or can change by a change in the rules of a game or availability of new resources" (ChelseaStaub). This definition explains it perfectly, it's means that the meta is just what works the best tactic in both efficiency and availability. For example, recipes like Fishsticks and the new Beefy Greens both heal the same amount as a Pierogi, but the Pierogi is the meta food because of how available and accessible the resources are compared to the other options. There is also the point that a meta is in all games of all types. In your beloved Mario, as early as game 3, the meta has always been to prioritize the mobility power ups since it decreased the platforming challenge of the game. In the Binding of Isaac, the meta is to almost always go for Devil Deals since they have the highest chance of giving the best items. It is so metaed that one of the characters, The Keeper, is regarded as the hardest character in the game, with one of the big supporters being that, due to how his health works, he can almost never take Devil Deals. Conversely, the other challenge character, The Lost, has his challenge significantly reduced due to his ability to take Devil Deals without penalty. In Shin Megami Tensai III: Nocturne, the meta is heavily physical attack oriented with skills Charge (a 250% damage boost to a physical attack) and Pierce (ignores all physical attack resistances except reflect). These two skills make is so that literally any other method is seen as putting salt into the wound of this already difficult game. With these 3 examples, we can see that all games have a form of meta, even if it is worded differently. The thing is that, the meta never has to be followed. You can use alternative healing sources in DST if you want too, you can go with Fire flowers in Mario to attack the enemies, You can go for Angel Deals in Isaac, and you can go for a magic play through in SMT. Yes, it is weird that a game is as open as DST has a meta, but that is because ALL games have metas, it isn't something that is exclusive to DST and MMO's alone. No, that is not what a "meta" is. That is called a "story" for games that have them. If a game has a story that it wants to tell and the gameplay stops when the story ends, then that is fine, but it still isn't what a meta is. Even these types of games, there are metas. And what if doing the Meta is fun for other people? Are you going to deny the people the right for a chance to fully conquer the world with as little difficulty as possible. Yes, YOU don't follow the meta and don't find it fun, but that doesn't mean that people who DO follow the meta aren't allowed to have their version of fun. Again, the meta isn't something that somebody holds you at gun point to follow, it is something you have to choose to follow. You can do what ever you want to do, as I can't stop you, but you can't deny that the meta isn't there for a reason. So you are angry that Klei is giving something to actively challenge you, yet you say that you want something to actively challenge you. The reason why we don't take you very seriously is that you actively contradict yourself. You say you want one thing, but then you say you want the exact opposite, and want both at the exact same tine with perfect mixing without any difficulties or convolutions. This is just y opinion, but my opinion is to get your opinion and stick with it. It is fine if you want to game to be much more accessible to new players, and it is fine if you want the game to be more difficult to veterans, but stop trying to have both cakes and eat both of them at the same time. I'm going to address this part first. No Klei should absolutely not do this because it ruins the skill curve of the game. To take another game into consideration, Team Fortress 2, we can see why there is a problem with random progression. In TF2, there is a thing called random crits which, as the name implies, will randomly give massive increase to damage. The problem with this is that it inherently removes skill from the game since, at any time, you could hit or be hit by something you can never account for and thus kill/be killed sort of unfairly, and we can see why a similar problem could arise in DST. With complete randomness, then almost any part of progression would be entirely luck based since it would be your luck that makes it if you have a chance of getting certain resources. Even in your repeated quote of "a world where almost everything wants to kill you", doesn't meant that the game should be randomness simulator. by having these concrete biome spawning and having certain things always spawn makes it so that a player can grow as they play the game. Taking hound attacks as a example, if they just spawned whenever, it would increase the difficulty, but it would also make game luck based since a truly random ambush system would make so that you can go days and days without hounds and also the possibility to have hounds day after day after day, and if you say "of course it wouldn't be like that since that is ridiculous, there would be limits" then it would just be the same system as before but with different numbers. The game would be damaged heavily by "true randomness" because there is so much that can go wrong with it, so please stop with this repeated rhetoric of randomness for challenge. Finally, lets discuss this. So to start out, you can't break a meta, only change it. Even if it becomes entirely unrecognizable from the previous one, it will still exist. If we do something like heavily nerf Hambats and Dark Swords, something relatively common in rebalence threads, the result would be that Glass Cutters and Thulucite Clubs finally get their time in the limelight but the problem still remains that, in compared to those two, all the other weapons are inferior to it. That is the problem with the meta, if you try to remove something from it, it will just be replaced by something else. What is the better solution is too make things that can be used in conjunction with the meta. If we go back to our previous example, a Dark Sword maybe the meta, but the Thulucite Club can be used instead or may even be better in certain fights. So no, don't just entirely break the meta, since that will accomplish nothing and instead just make those items worthless. What we should do it so have items that have simular "meta" values to the meta ones, like a really strong weapon exists only after beating a boss. To go back on topic, What I want more islands, which is what is the common opinion in this thread, but I want it because I feel that the ocean has a decent amount of already, and I feel that populating the ocean with full islands would do more to remove the empty space instead of just adding more and more until the ocean is at max capacity.
  2. Like ShadowDuelist said, Walter has the same hunger drain, just a smaller hunger and so a single day without food should not kill him. What can kill him however is Darkness. A full ingame day is 8 minutes, which means that you will go through every cycle in the day including night, and be vulnerable to good old Charlie. Since almost all light sources don't last 8 minutes, I know that you were most likely exposed during that time meaning clean for the pickings. The only light source that can last more then 8 minutes is the Glowcap/Mushroom Light which is locked behind Toadstool, and since your advent hate of the boss fights of the game, I'm going to assume that you didn't kill him before this point. This means that all this time, what you were blaming on starvation was actually just Charlie reaping you. That is the normal case, but there is also the chance that other players killed you (using unconventional methods like burning stuff around you to take fire damage or soaking a player in water balloons for freezing damage), Hounds, Nightmare Creatures, or the like could have also been the culprit. In short, while there is a reason behind you dying for every 8 minute break you take, Hunger is going to not be high on that list of probabilities if you have been taking care of it. If you need to take a break, that is fine, but you need to either have someone babysit you while you do or turn off the server before you get back on. There is also the option of taking shorter breaks, as the time you take seems to be the one killing you. Irony Yes, but there is also the point that Woby maybe a young dog, or a dog that simply doesn't or has no interest in playing fetch. One of my dogs is very nice, very friendly, yet he has no interest in playing fetch. It's not not unusual for a dog to just not want to play like that, and maybe she just doesn't have any interest in playing with sticks. There is also the point that Woby may not be a hunting type dog. If we are to assume that Woby is a form of modern dog then that means that maybe she comes from a past that didn't require her to hunt and so doesn't have these skills by the time she got trapped in the constant. She also could just not have a good nose, which is another possibility. I understand that you want to have this fully fleshed out Woby with all the bells and whistles, but that shouldn't happen because it would make Walter too cluttered for potentially useless perks. The best example is Wurt's books reading, yes, it fleshed out her character, but it was also a pointless addition that could have been left out and no one would be the wiser. Finally, just because she isn't up to your expectations, doesn't mean she is bad in any way. A pet is not about doing all the tricks and having any potential benefit, it about loving a animal so much that you take care of it, with them loving you back, which I think Woby does and does her best to help her new friend, not owner, the best she can.
  3. Well that is your viewpoint, but not everyones. Sure, some people see pubs as a catalyst to rush and do short term challenges, but some people may also see it as a way to play the game they want to play with other random people, and seeing how this ragtag team can do to survive with these complete strangers. Yes, the general conciseness is that pubs are a veterans practice grounds, but some other people want to play with strangers for some quick time to kill. While your opinion is valid, it should not be the end all be all of what a pub is or can amount to be. Well, that is sort of true for the solo part, but the friend part is entirely out of control. Since humanity has yet to make people replication technology, we don't have control other the other people in our lives, and because of that you can't just get a group together whenever you feel like playing. Sure, you can plan ahead but that also depends on everyone following the plan and everyone being interested and being available at the same time, which rarely happens. Even if you have a dedicated group, what do you do if you are alone and want to play the game? You either have the option of braving the unknown alone, or going on a pub server. Yes, the fleeting nature of pubs is something important, but it is still a "proper" way to play the game. The root of my problem with your statement is that you are taking pubs worth at your opinion instead of all the aspects it has to give. Yes, to some it is a lawless wasteland where grievers run amuck and dragonfly is dead before day 1, but there is also the people that see it a way to play the game with strangers, to see what their random cooperation can accomplish. Yes, it shouldn't be the main consideration when deciding content, but the way you disregarded pubs made me write this. Anything beyond this statement, the one in the quote, doesn't belong in this thread. The quoted sentence above is what your opinion on pubs is, and nothing else is relevant to the thread. My opinion on stuff like the accessibility of forge/gorge content, my opinion on your personalized option to be applied to every player, and my opinion on adding optional difficulty on a game about difficulty has no bearing to the current subject because it is not what the thread is about, you just hamfisted your ideas in this thread where they don't belong. Stop this. Stop coming in on threads to argue about ideas that don't belong in the thread in the first place. If you want to argue about these ideas, make your own thread about them, but stop inserting them where they don't belong.
  4. 1) I only have Bluetooth earbuds, since I don't have a good history with wires, and my laptop doesn't really like using Bluetooth . 2) I usually play in the middle of the night, and so said exposed sound can wake other people up/let them know that I sleep as much as a needed to barely function 3) The silence is deafening. I really don't like hearing nothing at all, I just don't like it. It's the same reason why I use music in BOTW, because the silence makes me feel uncomfortable 4) I can control the mood. Sure, working in the ruins may highlights it's dark, mysterious nature of what might have been, but A nice energetic tune can help me mine those statues and hammer those clockworks in a better mood. 5) It helps take some the monotonous edge off. Sure, I might be more immersed with the help of the ingame tunes, but having something else to listen to helps me not get as bored with the day to day tasks
  5. You misinterpreted the entirety of my post. I was talking about if content should be accessable from the start or after a certin amount of time and the benefits and downsides of both designs, not the starting area amount of content. It's about when content should available to someone not just how much sh^t we can cram into the starting area.
  6. Again, Another simple question, but one that is more philosophical and time sensitive then the last one. Mo matter who/what you are, no matter what your karma, interests, or value might be, the march of time consumes all. Through this reason, we must have a understanding of how we budget out time, and what it relates to the topic is that distributing content through out the seasons is a question of how much time a player show need to wait to access the content they want. For one side of the argument we have All Content should be available from the start, so I can pick and choose what content I want to interact with. If one player wants to go to the lunar island and use the glass cutters to destroy the nightmare chess pieces? They can from the start! Does a player want to raid the ruins for end game gear before the first snowflake falls? They can do that! It allows players to have the game they want, to go at their own pace and make it as difficult or easy as they want. The problem with this model is that there is no real sense of progression in the game. Sure, you have the tiers of equipment relative to the others in their type, but that's only goes so far when the equipment strength and availability is all over the place. The best example is that the Ham bat is a item that can be made relatively easy and quickly and is used even in endgame bosses due to it's infinite durability. Compare that to the Marble armor which takes a material that is slowly gathered over time, takes a lot resources (even with the recent buff, it is still a little costly to use for the time invested farming it) to craft, and is rarely used outside of forced tanking/normal tanking to where it bare gets used out side of the initial few bosses. This lack of progression is bad since it means that the players can never be truly forced/pushed to use the higher tier weapons and armor since all can technically be slain with the base equipment. There is also the problem of content running out. Once you dry out the initial, yet expansive well of content, there is nothing else to keep you going to the next year. There is never a incentive to living pass a year or any amount of time after that since all of the content would be tailored to the start. Basically, while it allows for content by anyone at anytime with the appropriate skills, it also gets rid of that slow and steady progression systems in some other games, while allowing them to make it so that a player can do everything within the first year, thus not having any incentive to go past a year with certain play styles. The other side of the argument is Content should be spread out through out the years, to reward player that survive that long with new stuff to do. This method easily allows for a better sense of progression since by the end of the first year the devs can assume that they a) have a reliable and sustainable food source b) they know how to handle hound attacks c) They have the basic research needed to survive a year in battle, using this knowledge, they can make scenarios by making content around that a mechanic they can expect within those parameters/expectations. This also allows for incentives to last more then a year since there will be more stuff to interact with. The problem is that you need to wait to interact with that new content. Imagine having to essentially wait for hours and hours just to reach the new content. What would be infuriating since the reason is that you decided to play that play being put on hold since you only get it after you hit your time goal. Another question is when to stop. A common question but one that we need to seriously consider. Sure if you pack the first two with content, you would get mediocre years proceeding, but all of the content being strung about just makes the player wait longer to reach the content they would rather want to be playing. The whole in short, this method seems to make the game more balanced and content that makes the game more challenging, nut there still the issue with that huge initial time at the beginning where you are most likely to just go through the same stuff they have done before and survive til you get the privilege of doing that content. Thanks for voting and hope you have a good (insert relative time here) and a good enough time debating.
  7. Your entire argument can be surmised with the JonTron clip: Yes, being a kiting god can negate Walters entire downside, but that also requires perfection and even then a bad roll of the dice can screw you over. A example is when I wad playing with him, I got a hound wave that had weirdly timed hounds and so I just resorted to tanking sonce kitong would have taken significantly longer. Yes, it is avoidable, but thats like saying how by the idea of nuclear bunkers existing makes nukes jokes and negated. Please, stop this mantra of "because I can do fights perfectly means that his downside is pointless" and see everyone elses opinion. It is downside, one that you may not be personally affected by, but it is still a downside none the less.
  8. Nope he keeps all of his item in DST. I do feel like it would be abit too much though and lessen some other characters advantages.
  9. I really feel like this is a non issue. Sure, marble is more easily farmable then other projectiles types, but it is still a very slow process to gather up the required materials to finish off a beast. Sure, it only takes 8 marble to kill Deerclops, but that still is a lot when starting out a world, where you would most likely use this strat. It also isn't really used anywhere else important. You might be able to snipe cookie cutters, might make ancient guardian even more of a joke, can allow you to aggro or finish off mobs that run away, but those things aren't really broken as any ranged type weapon. I underatand that you think that the marbles are going to be way too op or even godly, but they aren't. Sure, they do a lot of damage for one marble but you also have to consider aspects like "What mobs can I use these on that won't destroy me if I get hit while aimming?" And how fast you can produce damage make this ammo types just as balenced as the others. The best item to compare it too is the dark sword where that requires uncommen but easily farmable materials to make for a bunch of easy damage, its a very simular compearison that shows that this type of dynamic has been done before and will most likely continue to be done. I understand you want to expose something broken and blatently op on paper, but in practice its a whole lot different. A example is Warly's spices, how on paper they are broken when used right but in practoce you learn how ungodly it is to manage without a wickerbottom to remove any wait time what so ever. Walter is actually very balenced, and with a few tweaks will be perfect, but the sling shot is certinly not the area that needs those tweaks.
  10. His forms aren't suppose to be downsides anymore, there are suppose to be his main perk, his big ability, his specialty dish to the team. It's like making Willow take fire damage, it just doesn't make sense. Sure, it worked for the old Woodie, but he also only had one general good form compared to 3 specialized good forms, and it just make less sense to make him be forced into the forms when that isn't fitting his character anymore. Your idea just makes him more annoying to play and potentially can screw people over with the 20% health change, imagine being in the middle of a boss fight and being turned into a attackless, defenceless, goose.
  11. I think by the idea that you need to guess what their theme is validates the idea that they don't really have one. While I disagree that Walter and other reworked characters lack a theme to thier character, I feel that they really botched Wurt in terms of themeing with perks that do relate to her character, but are not really connected to each other. For example, both tentacle spotting and fish preservation make sense for Wurts character, but they don't relate to each other at all and rely on the thin thread that is Wurt to connect them. I do feel like they made a good enough character, but I also feel that they took the characters species first and slapped on perks that vaugly relate to Wurt. As a whole, I like complex character. It adds distinction, variety, and new playstyles that really bring out each characters traits to their fullest to put out on display how they can help the team or themselves. What I want each character to be like is to be surfacely simple but mechanically complex. Simple mechanics to grasp but have a lot interactions that the player has to search out. A example that is easy enough is Woodies refresh. It added a change that was simple yo grasp, that he has 3 different forms that all specialize in a area of the game, and made it complex enough so that they had more uses if you saught after them like Goose allowing for easier ruins escapes with the unlimited night vision and maintaining a decent speed boost even with the Piggy Back for example, the simple mechanics compiling together a number of complex and varied uses is what I want.
  12. Ah yes and make the Insulated Pack entirely worthless. The entire reason why it was nerfed was so that it didn't directly copy the boss item. In SP, it was fine since most id not all character exclusive charactera got eaten when you switched to a different character, making it a alluring factor it is to play Waly. However, in the the world of DST, it had to be nerfed since it wasn't only benefiting him anymore. For the sake of balence, it had to be nerfed less the simular exact same item becomes near worthless due to the crafting cost. I know it might be sad to give up inventory space for food preperation but it helps Warlys character and really only Warlys character, as the majority of character exclusive items should be. He is suppose to worry about his food spoiling and so would only except a chefs pouch, sacerficing his pockets for the sake of mind of fresh ingredients. In short, no as it directly negates the use of a much harder to get item with no additonal effort put in, and it helps personify his character as someone who values his food over everything else. Sure, we were used to the old version but with all of the new and actual useful stuff warly got, a change fornthe sake of balence is fine if not wanted to make him even less of a swap character. I think the reason why it was made that way was so that they could just say "this crockpot can cook all these recipes as well" instead of "This dish can be made by everyone except you, you, and you..." It most likely makes the game run a little faster and makes the code less complicated for the developers. He does, it called seasoning. Sure, it doesn't affect stats directly but the seasonings do make his foods all the more desirable. It also makes playing with other people less of a sweet hell since you wouldn't be constantly asked to cook all the food for that bonus. It might seem like a exageration, but people know that higher numbers are usually better and so they tend to use any advantage they can get, thus the warly spam. Sure, it makes him more desirable to play but it also makes people more relient on you. It also just makes him a bit too easy. His big problem is his food memory, but giving him a boost to all foods just reverts the peoblem back to 2 meaty stews within 2 days to get by, thus making a interesting charcter more bland. I understand that it still exists today, but it much more difficult then before, thus encouraging to actually eat a wide arrange of food instead of nearly full hunger meaty stew every few days. Even with the example you gave of just +10, it can make him spammed at and bland. Trialnmix is as good as Pierogi, Meatballs are even morw filling, etc. In short it makes him better overall, but makes him the target of being coherced into a single task, which os player hostile. It also just makes him generally easier, which goes aginst his high matience/high reward style of play. We have that, its called Salt. Not salt seasoning, but pure salt. It had the effect you ate looking for and everu character can use it. Some may argue that the seasoning salt should have this effect as well, but the idea you are sugfeating already exists in a way it would be implemented. No, it just makes him much easier. Sure it may me space efficent to combine the spices, but thats the point, to pick and choose what foods you will sacerfice to use which buff. It adds more stratagey, more nuance to the character then to just cram all of them into one and calling it a day. I mean sure? It doesn't really seem something that character should be incentivze to do, as all character wat perfectly fine to not rely on another person eating, in fact I would just demand to have the food itself then having to stand perfectly still while another player silently judges my intellegence while they spoon feed me. Its not bad but its not really something that needs or is really nessary in the game. It doesn't have anything bad associated with it, but i just don't like the idea of having to rely on someone to do a job I could already do before hand with no issues. This actually to incentivize more strategy in the game, as you would have to carefully budget food in order to survive everu memory period. This just makes that much easier. It also makes him feel more normal with the rest of the cast since he generally get hungry as fast as everyone else, even with his huge stomach. Again, this only adds to the matience/reward model they are going for with him. It makes the character easier, which just makes him more bland and more OP then the reasonably balenced he is now. The genral idea I got from your suggestions is that you want Warly to be easier and more powerful with improving the certin aspects that make him boring to play as. Your suggestions as your opinion, but I feel that your opinion is clouded by the other characters in the way that you want him to reach the peak that they are instead of his own little section of power. There is nothing wrong with wanting balencing, but Warly is just isn't one of the things that need it.
  13. 1) Are you usong any mods, if so how many and are they all up to date? 2) Is your game fully updated? 3) Can your computer even handle the caves? 4) If usong mods, are they all comptaible with each other and with the current game version?
  14. I pretty sure it would only effect outside insanity auras, but willingly allowing insanity would be unhalted. I feel this is suppose to represent how some 10 years olds think their invincible and so this idea would naturally have the attitude of no f***s given. I feel he loses sanity when hurt because this facade is temporarly challenged by his wounds. Hard to think you are invincible when you are actively hurting. Imo, I feel the best route would be to have a sanity drain equivalent to how much he is hurting, so a little would be barely noticable while near death could be severly draining, thus incentivicing range or getting gud with kiting.
  15. Depends on which one you ate talking about and what characters are being used. For example a Wendy and a Wolfgang could do very well or about as good as a team of 6 non combat people. In general I would say about 3-5 seems like the apex to properly have a challenge while it not kicking your teeth in, but there is just way too may veriables to truly say. Also note this is not based on anything bit assumptions, so don't take it for fact.