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  1. I'll just re post what I answered in response to Op's question Frailness: -Maxwell's Max Hp stays at 75 -Maxwell mow takes more damage from overheating and freezing -Is less efficient at using tools/armors that are non-magical, having them run out of durability faster -Physically cannot pick up statues and has to craft a specific Puppet to do so Dapperness: -Maxwell's Current Sanity drain is now relegated to a "Tattered" version of his suit -Maxwell can now use a Sewing Kit (Winona's Trusty Tape is specifically not useable) on himself to restore the suit to a "Dapper" version -The Dapper Version has the 20 s/min that the base game had -The Dapper version slowly corrodes over the course of 5 days, with the time dramatically decreasing upon getting above the "Water will ruin a good suit" warning of wetness, and getting hit without body armor -Both versions will also temporarily lose their sanity gains upon the above wetness warning Puppets: -The Codex Umbra can be used to "store" the Puppets inside for later use. The max Sanity lost from the Puppets existing would remain until the Puppets are destroyed -Puppets match Maxwell's Speed -The Codex Umbra now spawns in incomplete with a few pages torn out (starts out with only the Puppets he now has available) -Maxwell can now gain more puppets to craft upon getting to new heights in research -All pages require a piece of Papyrus and 6 nightmare fuel along with a specified ingredient for each page to craft at their respective stations Puppet Details Below: Magic: -Maxwell gains a flat 50% durability boost to all forms of magical equipment, whatever they be staves, amulets, weapons, or armor. -Maxwell loses half the sanity from casting and drains of magical equipment. -Maxwell has unique interactions for each magical equipment (some) Interactions Below: -Dealing enough damage via staves and having Puppets out will cause the Puppets to do a rush of damage similar to his Forge variant (tool Puppets dealing 20 damage with their hit, all other duelist Puppets deal their appropriate damage with their hit). During this rush, the Puppets gain invulnerability for 5 seconds as they retreat back to Maxwell's side
  2. This is how I use the Pick/Axe. It's a really general weapon for random, everyday fights before you get the Shield of Terror.
  3. Balancing characters is an integral part of the game so that while a character has a very clear niche they fill, they don't step on the others toes without significant time or skill costs Combat in the game makes up probably a third of it in total Having some character not be Uber complicated while other are actually pretty healthy for a game with multiple characters Durians are useless, even as Wurt I think that having too many npcs would ruin the speciality of the one's that do exist Very few games could successfully crossover with DST as they don't provide stuff that could theoretically exist as the Eye did. Thulucite Club is worth it Healing Salves ate actually pretty useful after enacting a small spider extermination in one of the forests Wendy isn't broken as Abigil is dumber than a singular rock and thus dies pretty often While much of the game's challenge is reliant on the idea of not knowing and exploration, some things about bosses and quest lines could probably be explained better in game Pieogies are generally useless once you get enough potatoes in a cycle They're should be filters to limit the characters that random can select Wx and Wilson are the worst characters to play due to being so painfully boring Willow is the most boring post rework character Winona deserves a second look at as she shouldn't be hammpered by the lack of quality and consistency that Klei has gained from her rework, especially since she was the first to be reworked
  4. I mean, if we wanted to get technical, he did invent that item that allows you access plants and have access to the plant compendium.
  5. Basically, I think it's clear at this point that the Ancient Guardian is heavily made up of Nightmare Fuel from its time in the long forgotten, corrupted ruins. Not only is the black markings a clear indicator of Fuel, but the fact his body is constantly leaking Fuel to spawn shadow tentacles is clear signs of him being mostly Fuel. But why does this matter? Because a certain weapon called the Glass Cutter decreases durability slower against enemies that are Fuel based. Thus I propose that the Ancient Guardian join the ranks of Terrorbeak and Horrorbeak and gain the bonus to the Glass Cutter, or atleast when he hits his 2nd phase.
  6. I do think context does matter here tbh about why your rolling back. I remember distinctly, years ago, I was playing Maxwell and got between the edge and one of the rock pillars. There was no way to move out and with no lazy explorer, I had no way out. So I rolled back. While I personally don't care if someone uses them like a mistake remover, the reason why you're doing it is a big part of how justified it was. I just feel that using it to fix being screwed over by a bug is more justifiable than reverting a clearly avoidable death.
  7. Here's your inventory. I would like to add that adding pockets to the clothing items would ruin the purpose of the choice between having better element protection and having more inventory slots. It doesn't matter if you value one over the other, as it is always comes down to what the player wants benefit, thus giving I'd feel it would be a slap to the face to allow any non late game equipment to double dip in purpose like that.
  8. Because they previously couldn't spawn in the ocean when there were at the shore line. When they did, they got stuck on the edge. Now they can swim and thus the feature was reinstated. It's not so much a case of them spawning while your sailing but rather that they can choose the ocean as a spawn point when they are involved in a hound wave.
  9. I don't really understand this septimate tbh. By making him lose Mightiness on hit, it made him more like Wanda instead of Wigfrid, but there also no evidence that Wolfgang is a better tank because of the Marble Suit speed loss removal. If you're going to be using that suit for tanking, it won't work any better or worse than any other Wes or Wilson because Wolfgang doesn't affect any of those properties of the suit. If it's used like that, it would have the same general use as it did pre-rework, so I don't understand the argument of why it's such a big deal now when it was never a problem before. The rework actually made Kiting with him better as it could be done much more safely and could allow for a wider range of useful hats to be used in place of armor as that role could be satisficed by the marble suits. Secondly, I don't think that the might loss on hit was all that fun in the first place in my opinion. While it did act as a balancing act in most fights, in others it felt more like I was constantly having to muddle through bs just to be able to use my perk. For example, I fought the shadow clockworks with the mechanic and it was tedious as hell. I was constantly having to duck and dodge to get my Mightiness up with the Gembell to the point that the Bishop straight up left the fight, causing the entire fight to feel like a waste of effort. A similar thing happened with Bee Queen, who flew away because I was trying so hard to play catch up that she left the fight during her last phase. My problem with the mechanic is that, regardless of how it's implemented, it's either going to become barely noticeable or is going to be severely unfun as the game expects you to perfectly do the fights less you run into the issue of having to constantly find those small periods of time where you can just barely get enough might to do a few moments of extra damage before having to buff up again. It was just really f***ing annoying to me once I started doing some of the tougher bosses. The debate kinda died long before her Rework, and after the Rework it was essentially permanently closed as it became clear how distinct the two roles became. Wigfrid was a combat character who specialized in giving her entire team buffs to help them survive and mitigate resources needed to do fights. Wolfgang was more focused on having a single player doing more work for compensation of food, which was changed to dumbells in the rework. The two reworks helped break that idea as they stright up have almost nothing in common with their roles beyond specializing in combat. Not even Wanda can truly be compared to Wolfgang as she more embodies a Glass Cannon, with many other powerful perks like teleporting besides that, as Wolfgang is a more classic brawler with a few perks that helps him not be a waste during not fighting times. Not really, he will die if you just consantly tank as again, he does not gain that much beneifit when using the Marble Suit like that. He would still die because he has no form of Hp regen, Most enemies have too much Hp for him to out damage them, etc. While he may not HAVE to kite, he also doesn't really have any perks that help him tank besides a higher dps. Like I stated before, I believe that readjusting the number would more than likely result in Wolfgang no longer having that as a serious downside, especially if they went the idea that it follows armor protection rates. While people give Wendy flax for her no longer doing reduced damage when attacking the same target as Abigail, I believe a change like the one I described would make Wolfgang a much more serious (and deserving) example of that. While Marble isn't brain dead easy to get, it still is plentiful enough that someone could get enough marble to essentially make the downside non existant through marble suits by maybe the first spring. Even if the drain was perfectly linear, no base reduction of might loss, it would still cause of the heaviest hitters to do maybe 5 mightiness loss, something that would be easily recoverable. But then again, I could be wrong about the numbers and it could make such a minor difference that it circles back to the same problem we had before of it being repetitive and unfun with harder bosses. It's such a delicate balance that it might take an entire month to truly get it down pat, time that would only surely be worth it for a very small minority of players. The rest being non-caring or not effected. While I'm not saying the current passive might loss couldn't be tuned down, the might loss on hit is, in my eyes at least, a genuinely bad mechanic that works better on paper rather than practice.
  10. It's that the dust needed to make the ambrosia available to you is locked behind one of the portapottys of knowledge. Thus you need to activate the archives in order to get the dust to use them. I would also argue that it isn't that hard to do the moonstone event in comparison to a fuelweaver kill. The moon stone event is very easily cheeseable and the resources to make the star caller staff only needs a station and yellow gems, the rest of the materials can be gotten outside of the ruins.
  11. Their just tiny vargs. I do feel that their design is not exactly set in stone as the entire concept feels... rushed. The idea is great, but there are several things about it's balence that could help make it more fair when it's in the wolf pack and/or to help separate it from normal vargs.
  12. I want a deerclops mask because it's my favorite boss from the hit game Terraria
  13. Well, their playing Wanda, and thus the backtrack watches allow them to teleport in there and out about once per day. They also have the lazy deserter if they play with other people.
  14. I'll be honest, I thought you were refering to griftlands at first since I haven't played it and thought that it might actually be one if the character's name.