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  1. What you could do is make a boat with absolutely nothing on it, and use it as a dummy boat while clearing out the seastacks. By using the structureless boat and your choice of portable lighting, you should be able to remove the rocky blockade while sticking it to wavey as they can't do anything to harm you.
  2. You most likely have the corresponding items, but they recently got tranfered over to the Timeless rarity, thus is not the same as the Loyal varient that is now being offered.
  3. Greetings people I don't know but share a hobby with, Recently I have been thinking about how each of the lunar the lunar alters are really not need currently. While sure we have the duct taped nightlight, we don't have any reason to actually prioritize one alter over the other, which I think is a shame. The reward for killing one of the most focus demanding and resource intensive bosses in the game is on the same level of dragging three heavy rocks to the same place and playing "find the digging place". It makes it feel a bit hollow that you aren't getting rewards that are either on par or worth the amount of effort you put in, a core concept of the game. However, I do have a potential remedy o this solution. Make the different alters have different crafting recipes so that you have a reason to go after one over the others, instead of just choosing the path of least resistance until you finally care enough to actually go for the moth magnet. The basic premise is that, with exclusive content for each one, each of the alters wouldn't feel like copies of each other and would actually bring some interesting rewards based on what the task you had done to achieve it. First off, the alter that is actually on the Lunar Island, that one is completely fine as is. While most of the things aren't very attractive for certain playstyles, it does provide a verity of rewards that would make the trip acceptable for these crafts. While it isn't over the top, it is easily accessible and provides basic uses for all the materials on the lunar island as well as commemorative goodies for your mainland adventures. The base recipes are good for the Lunar Island Alter as it provides the base for which other recipes could built upon, as well as providing the aesthetic items for those that don't want to stick their necks out for a lunar makeover. The Treasure Alter (The alter that you have to dig out of the ground like a treasure chest) should have a better quality of goodies. By this point of the game, you have already gone to and survived the ruins, did the moonstone event for the Moon Caller Staff, and deconstructed said staff to gain the Iridescent Gem for the Achieves. By this point, I feel like the rewards should be definitely be more substantial then the Lunar Island one, but would should have unique rewards that would only benefit for doing one of these overly long process with end game items. The idea that I have is that it would give items would be ones centered around mega basing. An example is one that I stole appropriated from Glermz, which may or may not be an idea that was originally for his Twitch Chat, I don't remember about making Lightbulbs from moon glass. This would act identically to the Winter's Feast Festive Lights, allowing for infinite light inside Glowcaps and Mushlights. I only us that as an example as to show the potential for these items to be useful to people, but only that those you have actually taken the steps to reach the content that came before it. I also think essentially having a singular items to have all mega base items as you could use that effort buffer to allow people to feel rewarded for reaching that amount of progress, but also not allowing any new player to randomly stumble upon potentially broken items. As for why the Treasure Alter in specific over the Crab King Alter, it's because I feel that the Crab King should give the biggest reward as it requires the most effort with both getting the pearl and usurping the crustacious ruler. I would also like to mention that it could also allow for the crafting of Grotto and Achieve turfs, as there is no current way to make more and I really love using that turf. The Crab King Alter, you cracked the pearl, potentially ruined couples despondent happiness, and gotten the special moon rock to appear, so what should its rewards be? While there could be a veritable cornucopia of end game items or structure you could fit into the alter like unmovable resources, mob spawners, or Event Summoning Items, I feel that it could be a good place for character swapping items. While I still maintain the idea that character swapping is unbelievably broken for the balance of the game, I also can't discount how some newer players would feel about finding out that they have to go through such extraordinary lengths just to swap characters as they want to play someone else without losing their world. That is why I offer a sort of compromise, break the celestial Portal each time you would use a sacrificial alter from the celestial orb. In order to repair the portal, you would have to shell out ~20 pieces of moon stones and wait 20 days for construction. It still exists, but it makes just flippantly swapping between character basically nonexistent. Where the Crab King Alter fits into this is that within its specific alter, it would provide a proper sacrificial alter that wouldn't break the portal, thus allowing for the flippant character swap but only after going through the hell that is Crab King. While possible, I feel that the amount of effort that needs to go into killing Crab King should grant a form of game breaking reward. The point is, I feel that alters have a very high potential for creative items that could give each a reason to exist. However, I could also be talking out of my ass so tell me how you would do it differently, or inform of the utter genius that is the current system. Either way, thanks for reading, and have a nice (insert time here).
  4. Because one was a mechanic which actively went against the core of their design and the other didn't. While the were beaver from chopping idea was interesting, it also actively went against the idea of the idea of this lumberjack who wanted to chop down as many trees as you wanted, which is why the majority of people would have picked him when looking through the characters. The mechanic itself just made it so that it limited your potential unless you were dedicated to spending the next ever so minutes being unable to interact with the world except for destroying it. This also compound by the fact that he needed to eat the produce he was producing, a design flaw that makes him extremely counterintuitive to actually use. Now, Klei has decided to just steer into making the forums accessible, unique, and beneficial instead of this weird hybrid of desirable and undesirable qualities. It's a design choice that was bad from the off set, even if some people want it back. Wendy's damage reduction, on the other hand, was not a bad design choice to begin with. While I most certainly agree with you that the petal boost does just make the damage reduction disappear like work ethic on a Saturday, it is also belligerent to say that it is also to ignore it isn't significantly easier to deal with. The problem is that with the improved survivability of Abigail, it just is significantly easier to maintain this buff, and thus the disadvantage is entirely negated without another mechanic to counterbalance it. While I personally don't have a problem with it, I also wouldn't be apposed for the buff to just normalize her modifier to the damage of a normal character to curb her power. The problem with this comparison is that you were comparing a broken bowl to a completely fine one, and asked why one is not so actively defended/argued aginst compared to the other. It could also be that everybody else is right and your wrong. While it could be true that you may be some all knowing god, when everyone is literally arguing the exact same point with almost no one contributing to your point, and your bias is blinding you to seriously considering your debaters points. It's fine to have misconception or opinions, but the amount of stubbornness and bias you exude makes your points weaker. Their is a difference between having a steadfast resolve in front of insurgency, and being pigheaded when challenged on your opinions. Because it isn't what they wanted. It's like having a BLT, and thinking that it could be better with maybe thinner tomatoes or bacon, and then getting a meatball sub for a permanent change. They liked the classical werewolf design, and thus they see the changes to Woodie to just make him a gigantic gag instead of fixing the problem. While I don't share this opinion, I see where they are coming from. This doesn't add to your point and is actually off topic as it was more of saying a personal gripe instead of actually contributing to your argument. It shows how people don't like change, not how op or not Wendy or Woodie is. While saying that you shouldn't play as someone is good if it is strictly personal problem, it isn't the same when multiple people have the same complaint. A personal grudge that stems from this type of behavior is inherently fine as everyone has different tastes and opinions, but there is also the thing to consider that with so many people spouting the same opinion, there should be some investigating to see if the claims are valid or not. To advert your eyes from the truth doesn't meant that it still doesn't exist. Maybe, but we also have solid proof of the trajectory and ideas that Klei has for the reworks, and we should bring up our grievances so that they don't make the same mistake twice. We can discuss potential all we want, but solid proof and remakeable results is much better then pure speculation. Plus, what is wrong with a QoL update that specifically the common issues the people have had with the reworks up til now (like the Fireproof Song, Wurt's unrefined followers, Winona General everything, etc) as that would just lessen any current criticism and brings up the general quality of the game. This is exactly the same result from the idea of "more content" that you propagated in your post. It generates more hype from the entire community as a whole for brand new updates and the like, rather then an update centered around the idea of improving small things. It is also hypocritical for you to say how we should focus on the idea of new content, but also conflate the idea these readjustments of the reworks isn't also in the potential near future. That's because his entire character was shifted from a lumberjack specific to a more general character. This also came with new downsides like how you are locked in place while transforming and always exit the form starving. Even if it's negatable by the larger community, it still doesn't mean that any downside was removed from the annals of his character. An object that has uses that could be better spent in other areas and doesn't last too long without having a sewing kit on hand always. It has also been brought up that in order to have this perk, you need to also forgo any potential tools or weapons in favor of the bear. This downside is more focused on the moments in which you need to frantically make something while doing a task, instead of when you are focused of mass crafting something. Wormwood's healing it isn't that useful due to the little amount they heal, and thus the amount they need is also expontially increased compared to actual healing items. The sanity penelty being removed from rain doesn't get rid of the slippery tools, freezing, or potential lightning strikes from storms. Self blooming is just an overall better mechanic due to not being so tied to spring for it's effects. Also the bees thing was also only important if you went near bees during that time, a fairly easy task for any player of the game unless you set the world to be infested with the hives.
  5. Claymores in this context means the sword variant. Just like how a "Raspberry Crown" could refer to either a tasty pastry or a Wasp, 2 wildly different things can be labeled the same thing that have near no relation to each other.
  6. So, I see that there is many things wrong with this post, but I can highlight the 3 most egregious in my eyes. 1) Not being put in the suggestions tab by suggesting that it is above others. While I don't particularly care about the "Suggestions" section of the forum when Klei isn't looking for suggestions, I also don't think that your idea is one that is above others. Others have suggested weapons, some have had good ideas and others not, but that doesn't mean that not a singular one is above being properly organized because the creator thinks their better then others. Tbh, if you didn't add that comment, it would be fine, but I find it disrespectful to imply that you have more "creativity" then others. A more fitting title would something like "Ideas of more Boss Weapons" or "Some Ideas for more Medieval Weapons" instead of the current "Weapon suggestions that doesn't deserve in Suggestion Forum". 2) The Weapons Simply don't fit Quite simply, they don't fit thematically into Don't Starve. We have a myriad of interesting weapons like a weapon made of meat and a clubs that summons tentacles to whip the enemies, and the range of ideas you gave are both generic and a hard divergence from the general mythical ideas around the other ideas. While they could fit in other video games, these ideas simply are trying to fit a decagon in a triangle hole, they don't fit. 3) The Weapons are unbalanced af The weapons are so underwhelming or absurdly broken. It is clear that some care or balance have went into these ideas, but every idea has some flaw that makes it either godly or worthless. First, weapons either have too much damage and durability or not. Items like the katana may seem like a good idea at first, but the items severely low damage makes it near impossible to actually use as you could simply conserve the resources by making a basic spear. On the other end side of the spectrum, the Mace deals too much damage as it not only then takes the title of both the highest potential damage and a way to demolish entire hoards of hounds and spiders with generally no risk and not being character locked. While you could say that the attack is slower then a normal attack, the way multipliers work could still make it leagues better then the others. Second, the weapon crafting costs are whack. While some items may have more finely fitting crafting costs then others, almost all of them make you use WAY more resources then necessary. While it may be novel to use them as a handicap, or just to see what they do, the crafting cost would make almost every other weapon in DST seem more cheap in comparison. The simple fact that you can use the flint and rope from the Katana to make 4 spears that would be wildly more useful is a clear sign of this. Finally, the method of getting these weapon fit like giving shoes to birds. Locking them behind bosses seems like a good idea at first, but instead just makes them tedious to get as they simply are far too late for a majority of players. I may be a odd duck when it comes to how fast I progress in this game, but I do know that almost no one would actually think of challenging something like Dragonfly without at least knowing how to make a superiors weapon like Hambats or Dark Swords, and thus Javelins would be almost worthless except for sniping birds. It's like getting things like basic potions in a RPG when you are literally on the gates of the final boss. Overall it's novel, but nothing special. Although, I will say that the idea of getting really end game gear by using the Metheus chest, when you actually use 6 items, as I think that would actually be a neat idea to keep the real good stuff until the tip of the end.
  7. I would assume that it is like wearing or touching certain materials. Two people can hold something ordinary like a towel and have wildly differing opinions on it because of how their brain perceives the material. So while it would technically be the same material they are both holding, they would still assume the same things as that's how their brain perceives it, instead of how the material actually feels. As for Taste: "As you lean beneath a burning tree, you start having a debilitating and gnawing hunger pang inside of you. You are starving and are left without any nearby food nor the light the get back to base, hence the burning tree. Examining the materials you have on you, you have nothing on you that can be deemed edible. Just a bunch of gold and rocks. Then the thought crosses your mind, 'What if Nightmare Fuel is edible?', you have plenty on you and it wasn't like you were going to survive much longer if it didn't fill your stomach. You take a bit and shove it in your mouth and you taste... nothing. Not that it has no taste, but rather it has a complete absence of any practical or physical weight. It fills you, but also doesn't. You feel the taste of it going down your throat, but also not. You can feel your mind being torn apart from eating such a mind altering substance, but also not. As dawn breaks, you feel queasy and wobbly but the hunger is gone. You vow to never try to eat this stuff ever again. As the days and weeks pass by, you are just casually waiting for the crockpots to get done with your meal, you ponder over why the fuel tastes as it does. You consider that it might be made of stuff you didn't like as it is 'NIGHTMARE fuel', but then you wonder why it didn't taste like that cake you made where you confused salt for sugar or literal fire. Then you start to get more philosophical, 'Maybe it tastes like the Void?' The fear of the void, the fear that nothing you do matters and that the black abyss will consume you all, is one that is shared among all beings of developed consciousness. Maybe the taste of nightmare fuel was because deep down, it is the void that we all fear the most. While we may see the surface level of terrors through it's inky glaze, when fully digested and consumed, we get our deepest and most rooted fears. As your pies finally become finished, you depart upon another venture with a sense of dread and despair being stuck to your stomach like Elmer's glue." So in short, I believe that Nightmare Fuel would taste like the void, as it something that is deeply rooted in fear of our being.
  8. While I would agree, the crops you do get is still left up to chance, and thus could screw you over if you didn't get enough of a specific crop, the crops weren't close enough to gain the famial bonus, etc. I even had this phenom occur in the last semi-long running Wormwood world had been put on permanent hiatus (I was salty that I had to run from Dfly), but during that run the first batch of crops gave me a lot of carrots, and thus a lot carrot seeds which allowed it to grow significantly more quickly. While I would say that it is overall less rng dependent, crops still do require that initial "throw at the wall to see what we get, and go from there" approach.
  9. Hello everybody, I have come down with the opinion that you all were waiting for. You all were clearly waiting on the edges of your seats in anticipation for this ungodly analysis. Okay, time to get serious. Ever since the RWYS update has been released, the opinion that Wormwood's Wild Crops has been given the shaft. In essence, due to not being able to grow giant crops from them, they have been seen as less then desirable after you start the process of gathering the stuff to spark the fire of farming. Past this point, the zeitgeist has determined the Wild Crops as inferior, which I think is a little bit hasty from consideration. While I won't debate on if the giant crops are better in singular bursts, I will say that when in combination of giant crops, they can easily reach absurd levels. The basic premise is that you first distribute and tend to what crops you want to make giant, and then throw all other in season seeds in the ground so that they don't sit around doing nothing. It is basically making it so that you never have any in season seeds in storage and having make a quantitative crop field instead of a qualitative crop field (quantity v quality). Now, the "in-season' part in actually extremely important as that is what is going to help give the brevity to allow for more 2 seeds per crop, allowing you to further grow like a vegan cancer. The process to maintain your bacteria like growth is to simply tend to the crops with the blossomed Wormwood's radius or a One man Band every stage, while the Friendly Fruit Fly acts for your giant crops in your steed, while also bunching together the families of seeds (I have never seen the Wild Crops actually get a point of Overcrowding stress, so idk if they actually do have the ability to have that stress factor, but erring on the side of caution is never bad). This process of familial ties and constant drum banging will get you the double seeds we desire, and makes the process absurdly broken as the growth is exponential, the type of function that gets very silly, very fast. So I have theoretically proven the idea of how using wild crops can be get silly after a while, but how does it do in practice. It is time to put my money where my mouth is and so you the screen shots of my concurrent Wormwood-Only world. How I decided to distribute the plant seeds was to separate the farms into 3 separate sectors: The Proper section where I use the all the bells and whistles on them (i.e. I tilled and watered the crops), The Plantation where I plant the mitosis seeds, and the random section where I plant the unknown seeds in fear of getting weeds. The Proper Farm: The Plantation: The Plantation contains, but not limited to, ~60 garlic, ~50 corn, 9 eggplants, 23 onions, and a singular Pumpkin The Results of the Plantation after harvesting (No Giant Crops): The sheer amount of seeds would fill Wormwood's sanity ~18 times if they were all planted. The harvest after both the Plantation and Proper Farm (w/ Giant Crops): The remaining Giant Crops are going to be waxed for preservation, for decoration. As we can see from my screen shots, we can see that after a certain point, the amount of potential food will severely grow after each harvest. It is clear that Wild Crops do still have great potential even after the starting of gathering the farming materials. The main point of this post is to show that while every character can now farm more easily, Wormwood's Wild Crops' exponential growth has lead me to the conclusion that they can become easily absurdly powerful, maybe even more so then Giant Crops. But, even if you see my writings as a deranged psychopath, I want to destroy the narrative that Wild Crops becomes inferior to Wild Crops. Thank any of you who read all the way through, and have a nice day/night/evening/timeless hellscape. EDIT: I would also like to add two more factors. Time and Space. Time is super important in this and I feel obligated to tell y'all that it take around a whole day of planting and harvest for the Plantation, and thus comes the biggest crux, that it could take to long to plant all of the crops when ever you get a new harvest, and I agree. It is a massive time sink into planting this many crops, but you also get the same amount of effort you put in, and thus mean that you can always reach a counter balence of time to plant that you feel is right for you. Once you feel you have enough crops to to sustain you, just tend to them once instead of every stage, and you wil only get one seed, which will only make the farm be self sustaining, instead of growing. Space is the big thing that holds back Giant Crops imo, as you need both highly specific other crops so that they grow giant, as well as needing tilled and specialized ground just so that they can grow. While it is possible that you can make this gigantic til farm, you would also be sinking a ton of materials into it, as compared to the seed only cost of the Wild Crops. Even if you do get this giant til farm going, you still could use the runoff seeds to make more wild crops and help that farm even more. There is just so much benefit in using Wild Crops that i hate to see how they are downplayed.
  10. No, there isn't. The iridescent gems are entirely useless on their own if the achieves have been activated. Like you said, there useful for decoration, but bad not many uses beyond that.
  11. The petal makes her actually contribute to the team directly then just allowing them to ride off the coattails of her spoils. It allows her to actually contribute to combat in a meaningful way instead of just being the a weaker Wilson with a temporary boost of 40 flat damage, the petals allowing for both the player and the their teammates to feel that they are helping the entire team with their abilities instead of just being additional meat sack with a weapon. This is in combination with the fact that it makes her more engaging with the fact that it forces the Wendy to fight with Abigail in boss fights instead of just having the two be separate entities, a point you tried to hand wave away as not being as important as the idea that teamwork works better with more team. I understand that you are trying to say that you don't need it if all they are focused on is small mobs, and you are right. it would be pointless if there were only small enemies to battle, but that is not the case. DST is filled to the brim with baddies that aren't that small, and require whole lot more then the average spider to take down, and that is where the petals are supposed to be the most utilized. It helps makes sure that the Wendy in question isn't entirely screwed when facing bosses, as she is in RoG. She just simply has to watch on as the bosses rekt Abigail and then has to clean up after the minimal damage they did with her lower damage, it just makes the two cooperate more, as they should. Wendy helps Abi survive, and Abi helps Wendy kill faster. Even if they can kill Dfly in a day, that most likely was done with things like optimal equipment and proper resource management, two things that should be considered an outlier instead of a general trend. It also just works better for what Wendy's kit originally was intended for, but simply doesn't for Wigfrid. Wigfrid was never made to focus on the sheer numbers but rather differing effects that could contribute to your survival during a fight, a fact only reinforced with her rework as all of her scrolls never directly make any impact on making a fight shorter or longer, but rather allowing the player to get away with less resources needing to be used. To simplify, even with her initial design in RoG, her main perk was focused around the idea of increasing survivalability of a fight/lessening the amount of recovery during and after instead of actively trying to make a fight last short then intended. While she does have a damage boost, that doesn't mean that she is built around that. Wendy, on the other hand, was always about assisting other while they did the bulk of the work. While she could survive in RoG, she was always relying on Abigail to keep her safe. The rework further this idea as all they changed improved how Wendy interacts and helps with Abigail, while leaving Wendy entirely unchanged. The petal buff, in turn, is not out line with the rest of her character design it allows others to assist Abigail like she does. Overall, could it work? I guess, but it also wouldn't fit into Wigfrid's idea of survivability in face of outputs, and would tip the precious balance that she has maintained for so long, allowing for the petal boost whenever she wants, on top of her innate damage modifier, which would broken if it is only contained within one character instead of spread out into multiple.
  12. Yes, I meant the fertilizers that would spark Wormwood to bloom.
  13. The list of potential Wormwood fertilizers I have found so far is Compost Wrap Growth Formula Glommers goop
  14. I'm pretty sure that your boat bridge is just so long that it went into the malbatross' turf. What I would suggest is that you make a new one at a slightly tiled trajectory, so that avoid the 'tross. I suggest aiming for the green part of the now desecrated spider quarry. I would also make sure that all of your boats are fresh and have 0 momentum as they will not move without the first push. This will also lead for you to remove any possible anchors, and thus highly limit, if not totally eliminate if Quartz is to be believed, the chances of wild fires sparking on your myriad of boats.