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  1. Don't Steal Together

    Imagine knowing other people
  2. This implys that you did it by accident. How do you accidentally teleport a giant badger?
  3. While Snow Chester does also provide his cooling effect, there is 3 reasons while the insulated pack is better: 1) Can travel between surface and caves. In DST, there is no way to transport Chester into the caves, and Hutch to the surface so you are forced to use it in the caves in the first place. 2) Can't die. The insulated pack can't physically die and because of that, is better then Chester who can die and will take a day to respawn and won't have his cooling effect til the next full moon if you have the gems. 3) Don't have to stop to use it. You don't have to stop in order to get to your food or your hambats and then put them back once you are done. This is all just exists in your insulated pack.
  4. [Poll] On Caveless Worlds

    I think its similar to Glowflys where you can get it from them but it is so much easier to get them from a plant.
  5. Don't Steal Together

    The only problem I can see with this is that this can cause people to get a important item locked in a chest that can't be reopened. Sure you can just hammer it to break chest and get the item back, but it that's the case then people would just carry hammers to access all chests rather they worry about keys.
  6. Wagstaff rework idea

    For people waiting for the release of Hamlet, they had Wagstaff released with DS Vanilla so that everybody with the game can play him. He is also the only way to get Electrical Doodads in a vanilla world. Anyways onto the "rework" Kinda powerful, but there isn't a way to truly "nerf" it's power. The best applications I see would to teleport to bases in the middle of the ocean for salt. teleport to the lunar island, and teleport to the atrium's heart. My problem is that most of this information can easily be avoided and can thus the use of them is very specific. The tentacles can easily be avoided by keep on running in the swamp. Metors can be seen very early on and thus can easily be avoided, even if the area gets absurdly large. Plant disease is the best part but can easily be dealt with by digging up the plants every 50 days or just using non disease able methods. It should also protect against sandstorm. Make it actually heat vision and I will be content. Besides the normal durability decrease for DST, it should also have a increase cost and a 5% movement penalty. The moment penalty along with the vision impairment, helps secure its role as Protection then Battle which would conflict with Wigfrid's helmets due to the visor being better in every way with the exception of seeing less. My problem is how would you use this effectively. Sure you can check to see if you farms have grown or if your pig pen has respawned, but you can't do anything about it. You can see that they are done but since you can't do anything about it, it's kinda of pointless. Even with the ability of looking on other characters, it only really works for like roleplaying. Looking through other people is also kinda pointless since you leave yourself open and looking at other people serves no purpose unless you were trying to figure out where they're base is but you could also just follow them. In short, its a really cool idea but it's uses are mainly cosmetic or heavily limited due to not actually be able to do anything about what you are seeing. This is like the exact thing that makes a character a swap character. You have this thing that makes survival much smoother but you also don't want to play that character instead of your main, so you just make the item/structure and swap back. The hedge clipper would make harvesting so much easier, so everybody will use it, but he also doesn't have any other spectacular upsides so once you make the initial structures, you only need him if you need more of the structures or just to restock on telebrellas. The changes are fine, but he also needs a reason to stick around besides replacements for tools already in the game that you can get somewhat easily. Just stright up make it like he is wading through a sandstorm without his goggles on, and have the Deset Goggles be able to somewhat fix his vision but only to standard vision with a little blur around the edges. Tbh, this is more om own idea but I think it would make Wagstaff a little more dynamic then he is now, and make this downside stick more into later parts of the game. Make is so that if eats more food then he needs, he will take 1 point of damage for every 5 points gone over the max. This way, you wouldn't be able just to stuff your face willy nilly and would have to consider hunger more to properly mange it with taking little to no damage. This can also backfire as people just wait till he is starving and then eat a meaty stew but, I would stop you from relying entirely of health from food. I mean sure, but eating a bunch of cactus can easily negate this so? I would like it more if he started out with like 2 gears and 2 electrical doodads along with his initial Spec toggles to help him more easily get a start on his inventions.
  7. [Poll] On Caveless Worlds

    I always play with caves because I think that without them, the game feels really hollow. There is just something about the caves that just...completes the experience. There is a lot of items that only have function if you have caves and I just feel weird playing without them. This is of course exempted if I'm just playing a testing world where I just try a idea or practice a fight.
  8. So there are these graves in the place where he spawns. If theu are colse enough, you can get him stuck on that instead. I take one hit for some reason but no others for the rest of the fight, I do recommend going in with lightbulbs and full lanterns as the fight is pretty lengthy.
  9. I chose Wortox because I like violins. There is no in depth or absurd reason to it, I just like hearing violin noises. Its simular to a nagging wife tbh.
  10. 150 hunger but your point still stands. While I would like a favorite food for each character where they would get 33% boost for that one food item, I would not want food memory and food destain for every charcter. It works for Warly because he is a chef, his entire playstyle is built around cooking food and thus need a fownside that both fit his role and he needed to be attentive of, but it doesn't work for other charcters. Sure, having it on everyone may make the game more challenging, but it wouldn't be fun challenge it would be bulls**t challenge, or challenge just for the sake of it. It wouldn't be fun or interesting for the other characters because they aren't built around the mechanic. It would make every other character worse because they would have significantly less food options in the beginning because they can't make a verity of dishes like Warly. It would also kill the chance of Wigfrid ever getting chosen because she would constantly be eating food because she has a grand total of 3 food items she can eat in the early game (6 if the cooked versions would be different). The debuff also shouldn't apply to everyone because it makes Warly less unique. He wouldn't be this super uniqe character that forces you to constantly thinling about what meals you ate and going to eat for the sake of being able to provide good food and buffs to your teamates, and more of a guy who doesn't like to eat raw food.
  11. I think rocks mainly. While it is true you can make guacamole with the avacados, the topic is moggles so why would they mention stone fruit for the guacamole?
  12. So people have been talking about how getting lesser glow berries are a pain but can't you get enough to at least refuel them if you just spawned a forest stalker during a adverage night and collect the glowberries as you go?
  13. Refuelable Lazy Explorer

    I think that the Lazy Explorer is fine as is. While refueling it might be neat, the way the tool works now is fine. It gives you 20 teleports which can be used for a verity of situations such as cutting exploration time and dodging but the limit allows it to be balenced. The ability is so good that they made a entire character gimmick out of it. The ability to teleport is a great one, and thus not being able to refuel it and having to mass create them is the game's way of balencing the item.
  14. This actually follow with every other similar character, so it does make sense: -Webber is also child and the spiders don't really care if he gets attacked -Wilbur is a king yet the monkeys don't care if he get's attacked -Wormwood is a sentient plant yet all other plants don't go up in arms if he gets hit So why should it be different? Sure, they are guards but there also Spider Warriors which are made specifically to defend the nest and they still don't fight back if you are attacked. If Klei decides to add the feature that unfriended guards can auto target hounds, that would make them perfect, but the ones we have now are the best combination of the draws of the other mob friendables.
  15. About the reworked survivors

    I would want him to still have the +20 sanity gain, but I would like his new powers translated to dst. Depending on what content you mean the beefalo sh*t is already in the game. The balence of the game holds no bearing on how well they could be translated to ds, I think that a gew character may even be more fun if they had their reworks with their character. Woodie would be a god in sw as he wouldn't be limieted to a boat for exploration and the moose would go for a few low tier boss killer, to a every nose killer which is more fun then his current interation which is good for chopping trees and maybe killing a hound or spider.