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  1. A) It has to be specifically Don't Starve Together that you are watching, normal Don't Starve won't work. B) You have to specifically claim the individual gifts as you watch, due to new twitch system. You can't just passively watch anymore.
  2. Not really, as when I looked in both the bug tracker and steam forums, there has been no mention of this issue on either the forums or the steam community, so I don't really think that it is as prevalent an issue as you're presenting. While crashes do happen do the authentic due to pasta of code that makes DST, it doesn't corrupt files. It might have been some outside force corrupting the file, but it is highly unlikely that they did anything with a file that hasn't been used in months. Regardless of how they, or anyone else, would potentially corrupt a now obsolete and dust gathering file, the problem at hand can be solved on windows. This is most likely an isolated incident or has only effected a handful of people.
  3. Or you could go with Woodie and bring a hoard of Bunny men to devour any treeguards you come across. Even if you were dead set on farming living logs, you could just heal him normally via healing items, sleeping, or jelly beans and then swap of him once you have gotten all of the living logs you need, or you run out of things to heal him with. There is no need to burn through alters so frivolously. I mean, sure but how are going to get a sufficient amount of mushrooms for on demand fun caps if you don't use them? Sure, mushtrees can give a decent start, but the amount at which you need and the rate they reproduce is not favorable to them.
  4. This is your answer to all of your hunger concerns. The koalefant will provide you with, at absolute minimum 2 and at most 4, meaty stews for you to eat. Eat two meaty stews and then just wait until you are actually starving to eat more as Warly will forget the endangered delight and thus fill your stomach again. While this is a sort of time sensitive solution, it will allow you to build up other ways to get food more consistently like mob and normal farms. While verity in your diet is always going to be good, it will be much easier just to use meaty stews til you have reached a place where you have the means to make other high hunger foods like moqueca, honey ham, or dragonfruit pie more consistently. I mean he has some slight perks like being able to use Glowberry mousse for simple light in the ruins or being able to negate some seasonal problems, but Warly isn't really meant for immediate, in your face perks. He consists of perks that slowly become more and more potent as time wages on, until it all comes to fruition, and you can kill fuel weaver in two minutes. He is a character built around the late game, and he rewards you for using them in the late game. Few other things of note: -if you focus on a boss to kill first, I suggest Bee Queen. Bundling Wraps are especially good for Warly as it allows him just to take the desired foods with him instead of also carrying all the various ingredients and crock pot to make them. -Try to get a vegetable farm going as soon as you can. All of the vegetables help Warly way more due to their use in other desired dishes and his special dishes. -Eating 2-3 of a dish within the same time frame should be okay if you are really trying to preserve your inventory for other things besides food, though any more then that will just be pointless as the dishes will start to barely give you any meaning full stats beyond that point. -You can spice Jellybeans, thier power is dependent on you, but adding a buff to a really good item you were already going to use that is also unaffected by the memory is really powerful.
  5. Maxwell's adventure mode coat as either the hibearnation vest or the puffy vest. It just looks so warm and cozy.
  6. While I'm raiding the music biome for an early alchemy engine, I typically also go violate some Graves and trade them in for gold. While not very space efficient, it can net you a lot more gold then then just focusing on mining random borders.
  7. All worlds only have 5 rollback datas slots, regardless of when the world was made, pre or post that QoL change. What it was referring to, in the update, was the amount of worlds you could create and have stored to load up. The reason for this limit on rollback slots is so that the files don't get exorbitantly high as each one has to contain both the world and player data on that specified day, which would be fine starting out, but gets more costly as time wages on as you do more stuff,nand thus they put a limit on them for that reason. I will say that I might be wrong about the reason for the rollback cap but the point still stands that there is a reason why it's capped at 5. My theory is that world rolled back past the point of no return, it had attempted to call the player data from the previous day, which didn't exist. Because said data was now floating through the technological ether, it problem just defaulted to the base character data for every world, a fresh new start. I think the world might have been saved by its saved data not being connected to the rollback, or someother reason. Doesn't seem like it from the reasons you listed above. Yes and no. See, this could considered a bug since there wasn't anything put in place to either prevent it or patch out the damning results. On the other hand, you were essentially asking the game to use data that didn't exist and so it literally couldn't have known how to proceed without using nonexistant data besides using the default data.
  8. You don't have to remove all of the crystals, only the ones that directly on top or in front of the guardian.
  9. You see, I was confused about this because the only thing that would do something like that is the crystals that the champion spawns, which is confirmed by the wiki. Basically you have to destroy them, or face the concequences of the aura they output, meaning you have to either fight around them, have the guardian destroy them, or destroy themselves. Annoying, but certainly not invisible. The attack in question is indeed an odd one. It lasts for an apparent 30 seconds in total or until the player falls asleep, or they just just move out of the circle. While you could look like a badass dodging all the Gesalts for 30 secs. the more practical solution is just to get out of the circle ASAP. The range of the attack is indicated by purple whisp-ish things. As already said, she can eat Mushcake! The reason why is because it's labeled as a "Goodies" food, which Wigfrid accepts as fit for consumption. This also means that they can eat Volt Goat Gelatin, Taffy, and Jellybeans.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this the part where you click on the flowers to progress?
  11. Note: for this method to work you need to tank all the damage that comes to your face, but doing this will ensure a scrumptious eyeball and only near death. 1) Prepare the following things: 1x Marble Suit (Not essential but heavily reduces any rng sinanagins) 1-2x Football Helmets/Battle Helms 1-2x Preferred Health Food/Item (since timing is your problem, consider blue caps at double the amount or try trail mix) 1x Freash or Near Freash Hambat 1x Prebuilt Campfire #x Fuel (non-specific, but enough to get the fire roaring) 2) Wait for them to spawn, normally on night 30 and go to a vacant area so that they don't tear apart your base like Doom Guy on a demon. 3) Bait out the first attack near the blazing flame and then don't stop hitting until the Miopic menace is slain. Healing is fine but the main point is to spend as little time as possible not attacking Deerclops.
  12. After reviewing the Lunar Roots short, the moon was still whole when Wormwood fell into Hamlet, and thus was subsequently born. While he was added after the crack was made into the moon, chronologically, he was still dropped before all the moon shenanigan's started happening.
  13. I mean, if it wants to see me slaughter multiple moon bugs for a special backpack and imprisoning entities in lunar stone every night, then why wouldn't I allow them to scar themselves.
  14. I was on my way to 700 days in a world that started as wigfrid and was eventually changed to wurt. There where a lot of first boss kills and a very interesting build I did for my Dfly arena. And then my computer decided to go commit toaster bath.