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  1. He comes in the span of day 30, 31 32 that unpredictability is lost after the first time if it's this much of an issue why can't it be a blueprint from the monkey queen or something
  2. glermz is in charge of klei this isn't my opinion this is fact help please he has me silenced he was in charge of the moon quay update help
  3. instead of wasting our time having these threads, why don't you just ignore people? Also what harassment is happening? when a thread gets heated, it stays inside the thread it doesn't leave it often. Harassment would be someone constantly messaging you privately, or chasing your in different threads, on different sites But even that is being generous because in every single instance you are a click away from making them unable to target you on that website (or just shut off your computer) and you can find solace in the fact that they are wasting their time Grow up.
  4. Not to mention beefalo drop the same kind of meat as pigmen, which is a pigleg
  5. this sounds good on paper but in practice no one would ever bother with this
  6. Holy crap I must be dreaming Klei you seem to really like my ideas, you can hire me at any time I am completely available
  7. The scanning is impossible without a panflute, I can't scan rabbits, butterflies, not even rooks, it would probably work for moleworms and slower mobs like bosses, Probably not on volt goats, but I got the point across. I think they should temporarily freeze mobs in place and hostile mobs should be given a cooldown for that so you can repeatedly freeze passive mobs, but not hostile mobs Or you can make jimmy scan while moving, and increase his flight speed
  8. How fast does it restore? and other than lightning what other ways can it restore? if time and lightning are the only thing, maybe we should have craftable batteries? or maybe we can eat electrical doodads to gain some charge?
  9. Can you scan broken rooks from the ruins for speed buff?
  10. uhhh I hate to burst your bubble mr Brazilian but it's "The gift that keeps on giving" not gifting
  11. I think klei endless servers should reset with big updates, not minor patches, it makes them more endless and not a slightly longer survival
  12. There is this map on the workshop that's called "Minimalist challenge" They brought skyblock from minecraft and put it in DST it's a very unique idea and I had fun playing it, but there was a few things that I thought were missing that could've made it better There is no way to fight CC or Fuelweaver, there is not at least one stone fruit bush to take and proliferate into many (I think the concept of stone fruit bushes would greatly fit in this game mode) In the caves, there is no separate section for a complete pseudo station (there is only one broken one, and rooks can easily run into it) No archives, no ancient guardian, no dragonfly, A lot of stuff is missing and i'm not sure if that's the point but at the very least we should be able to fight CC, and Fuelweaver. (However you can fight shadow pieces, beequeen, klaus, toadstool and seasonal bosses on this map) So maybe I can make my own map with these additions, but how? How do you make maps in DST? and how do you change the size of them?