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  1. In the context of the flowchart I gave you a definition of what isn't a great thing it's a bit hard too define, but let's look back to WX in don't starve if you ask me, the only time a character has ever been OP is WX right now in singleplayer don't starve (with hamlet/shiprekt) Building the shop that sells gears, and using thunderbirds for lightning can make WX infinitely and easily sustainable. Infinite light, speed, health, hunger, sanity, that is pretty overpowered. Shiprekt you can just rely on hurricane season (although a bit less consistent) for lightning and you can just kill mobs to spawn clockwork boats for free gears, they are incredibly easily to kill. What you can accomplish him are pretty substantial to the point were it kind of stunts the game a bit because you can become so powerful you won't need to do much else
  2. Outright speednerfs with no compensation (wilbur being able to become more speedy if he walks for a bit since he can run) and wolfgang being able to maintain his speed or increasing it through eating would just be boring, wicker canonically is actually pretty strong Speed is the most important short-term concept in the game. Since wicker is a long-term oriented character, (Longterm, not OP) it would make sense to nerf her short-term stats, right? WRONG. Nerfing her speed outright would be a sin. Speed is especially useful in the game and just outright nerfing it for some characters would just make said character less enjoyable. also im pretty sure laku was joking when he said that also I made a "is it OP" flow chart When I specified that doing that stuff isn't a great thing, doing all of that within the same amount of time might just be, a great thing
  3. Why nerf Wicker when maximizing her potential takes a substantial amount of time? On tentacles: perfectly fine for farms, bee queen is already pretty easy with multiple people, so the tentacle books aren't really that op, just enables solo beequeen killing Horticulture: Wouldn't really nerf food income, that book isn't responsible for being able to get tons of food, the game as a whole (and really anyone who's good at the game) is Birds of the world: The only way to actually farm krampus, and then again it's pretty hard to get him to drop his sack Sleepy time stories: Well, it could cost a little more nightmare fuel, maybe? It's definitely op in pvp, so I guess remove it's ability to make other people sleep End is nigh: It basically buffs WX for like 7 days and that's it, this is the least good book and is ironically, the most expensive. Weaponizing lightning isn't practical either. Joy of volcanology: Not even in DST kek As for her farms Lureplant grass/twig/whatever auto farm: takes too long, pattern is very specific, lureplants are season-specific Krampus farm: see above Reed trap farm: depends on reed trap actually generating, takes a while to set up (either painfully killing all the tentacles or waiting for Bearger, both of which either take a lot of time or resources) Yeah i'm not really seeing why wicker is OP, sure she's great, but the game would only become worse if you nerfed her. A lot of her stuff takes a lot of time to set up if you want to make her useful, so I think the end result is pretty worth it
  4. I don't have good internet, DST is way too time-consuming and I don't have anyone to play with, so I usually play alone I kinda want to change that though, I want to play with people sometime, it's just been a bit hard since everyone loves playing with mods, and i'm not really too keen on the mod-life
  5. I literally came up with this on the spot and I am on an extreme high off of my own ego because of how much of a genius idea this is Basically shadow duelists are not practical right now because they get themselves killed easily. They attempt too kite but fail too adapt to there mobs kiting patterns because of there simple coding. How do we fix that? My original idea was too remove shadow duelists entirely or just make them adapt to every kiting pattern, but both are too complex and too lazy. Make the shadow duelists deal ranged attacks instead. They could be more expensive too compromise, but overall do the same damage/attack speed and health but they just shoot shadow darts instead. Maybe there range can be limited so they have to risk getting close, and when they are approached by a mob they back up, so there still could be a risk, there is a lot of ways this can be balanced but the point is, ranged shadow duelists would be way more practical then melee duelists.
  6. AHhh I wasn't able to watch twitch streams, will the point system apply to the eyebrella?
  7. i saw this coming I SAW THIS COMING EVEN THOUGH I WANTED WX78 REWORKED. Still, these perks wendy will be getting seem pretty cool. Well anyways, time to stop not using this forum and start crafting my ultimate wx78 rework thread.
  8. oNCE I accidentally lit a base on fire when I was wondering how the fire staff worked when I was new to the game.
  9. Maybe, it's because these updates have been a bit lack luster, thankfully, and the point of this thread is to tell klei because we don't know what's going on there, what's going to be added. I just hope Klei adds what I think does well In the game, the idea of fishing for treasure makes it legitimately exciting, indulging and motivating, we have some pretty nice opportunities here to make the treasure from where we fish GREAT, good for rushing early game stuff for more fun gameplay. Lots of replies, will reply sometime later or never. I don't think this philosophy is necessary. I'm not advocating removal I just want it to be that much more interesting. Advocating removal would just make my problem I have here worse.
  10. I will not ever be convinced that this is the case, you would need to give me a video comparing the two in order to do that. I don't believe this at all. It takes more then 10 seconds to fish in the ocean for a single fish, and you stay there, moving your boat to different places to fish, not too mention the good ones are far out in the ocean, which means you would take your slow boat all the way there. This isn't the case, it just not faster.
  11. Not as much? Still not worth it and I never ever implied it was, well maybe you only need 2 fish (too make surf n turf)and just need to go too a nearby pond, then that's pretty cheap and might be pretty worth it.
  12. It takes a lot of time, and time is pretty important in this game, and why do you need to be on the sea for any long period of time except for stone fruit bushes and probably fight the malbatross? Do you need that much food where you can't carry it or just make another icebox? It just saves more time if you don't go out of the way. It's not efficient period, you would never encounter this mechanic for practicality in the game, only to just fish for the sake of fishing later game.
  13. Do you know by chance what quality of life means? to quote the first result when I search up "quality of life in gaming" this comes up ""Quality of life" in the context of video games refers to features or aspects of game design that ensure that players have a smooth gameplay experience and do not get burnt out as fast. ... By having it be contained within the game world, it would be less exploitative." Smooth gameplay experience? This new feature doesn't help with that. Smooth-gameplay comes from getting menial tasks out of the way, progressing as far as you can, as fast as you can so the game can be smoother late down the line. (fully functional base with bushes/saplings/grass) In order for your gameplay to be smoother (Not suffer consequences from not doing somethings) you would need to avoid fishing entirely. It would just get in the way of prioritizing and timing with other way more important things to do. Cool but why? Why do we need this? There's no use for it other then to realize "wow, there's nothing left for me to do" and just quit the game I would fish but only really later game, just to catch huge fish to be a completionist of sorts. This still doesn't mean it's worthwhile at all.
  14. Pierogi and 2 blue caps work, plus eels and maybe freshwater fish work too? the ocean isn't needed. It could be fun people but really, it's not worth it, That's the point of this thread This adds nothing worthwhile, and really you can say that for the entierty of RoT except for stone fruit bushes. The point of posting also, is to post something that adds a little more then a small image or 2 words. Thank you.
  15. I can't really see why I would go out of my way to catch fish? They don't stack, the food is mediocre with better options. Capturing heavy fish and putting it in the scale-o-matic for bragging rights is useless. If you wanted to brag: Try killing dragonfly, Beequeen, raiding the ruins/killing ancient guardian, fully-tame a beefalo because that has more uses then fishing. If you wanted food: destroying all pigman houses before winter and make a farm, berry farms, cactus, Beefalo, hound mounds, stone fruit bushes, and a lot more. This is definitely something for late game but there is no benefit doing late game either, the only reason why it's for late game because you'll have time to do it then. in early game there's way more important (and fun) things to be doing. To make it better, what if you could fish treasure? what if you had a trawling net/could mass-harvest fish What if you can fish for higher, quality fish, and give it to the pig king for gold/trinkets/other useful items? (emphasis on useful items) Getting rewarded for fishing. Then it would entail bragging rights because right now it's just a number. I wouldn't be impressed with a high number just because it means it's heavy, because it really means nothing. End of rant, Tl;Dr There is no real reason to fish.