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  1. AHhh I wasn't able to watch twitch streams, will the point system apply to the eyebrella?
  2. oNCE I accidentally lit a base on fire when I was wondering how the fire staff worked when I was new to the game.
  3. why do they make changes like this? Is the event even worth doing either way?
  4. Recently I've been encountering very weird world gen. This kind of generation has generated really tiny biomes specifically the Decidious, Both deserts, The Swamp, and sometimes the mosaic here are are some examples. Tiny swamp and both deserts connected, tiny decidious. Everything is mini-sized here. Again, tiny biomes. Tiny biomes. These where all generated with a normal world size (Large) Disease to off, boons to more as well as a mod that forces the reed trap to generate. There is no way these mods can affect world generation in this way (atleast I don't think they do?), and client-sided mods can't affect world gen either. But i'm going to generate/regenerate a few vanilla worlds anyways. Good swamp and meh desert, terrible pig king. Even when both deserts combined, it's small. same thing for mosaic and the other biomes. Oasis is awful, absolutely terrible, every other biome except decidious is fine but why has the mosaic been connected to the decidious now? If there is an explanation/fix for this terrible world gen, please tell me! Thank you!
  5. heeeweeeewewwwheeeewweeeeewwwheeeehhweeewwwwwheewweeeeewwwheeeweweeeew g e a r, mmmm
  6. Wx is a robot and he was built by the same factory by that radio maxwell used to lure wolfgang, he was also built by Wagstaff, a singleplayer character.
  7. LATE GAMER while i'm at it, skins tier list .
  8. Tier list based on lore Tier list based on who I main
  9. Update: just Speedran dfly for the first time!
  10. Klei really knocked some sense into those cowards!
  11. me and l'odd asserting dominance using commands
  12. late response but you can make better bases that early?
  13. i could never bring myself to do it because I want to own all the dlc characters
  14. Ban watermelen for showing me this disgusting thing