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  1. just a note that since dst uses lua5.1, it has no "goto" statement like in the first answer in the link above
  2. @shadowDigga why did you bring up shipwrecked
  3. your SSD will naturally be faster than your HDD by magnitudes which is normal, and if you want even more speed, you can try using a ramdisk, which can be several times faster than your SSD (how much faster it'll be will be limited by your cpu speed) a HDD is normally slower because it uses phyical discs to store data which have to be constantly rotated to access information, and you'd have to deal with fragmentation under the ntfs filesystem (which windows uses) a SSD has zero moving parts, and data access is random (this means no fragmentation) though i've noticed that the game's loading times have become much longer recently, but i'm not sure why
  4. super nitpick: the stuff you see in-game like items, structures, mobs, etc are called "entities", not "prefabs" a prefab is like a blueprint to a house, while an entity is a finished house for example, an Egg's prefab name is "bird_egg": the Egg itself is not a bird_egg prefab, merely it's an entity built from the bird_egg prefab anyway, i just wanted to dispel this common misconception since it peeves me
  5. there's no difference between storing them in your inventory or in a backpack
  6. birds have a 0% chance of leaving behind seeds when you spook them while you have seeds in your inventory drop your seeds at least two tiles away from a bird before spooking it if you want a lot of seeds for whatever reason a use for this would be for crafting a good bunch of woodie's goose idol very early (this applies for flint, twigs, and grass too when birds are able to drop those for you)
  7. i know it's possible to adjust for this when kiting, but it's still stupidly deceptive
  8. nice profile photo

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      ty, that's from character mod made by me (Lenin Vladimir) 

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