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  1. There's a difference between allowing you to walk on water and creating actual 3d in don't starve
  2. Its terrible. It punishes the player for literally doing nothing. No way to stop it either
  3. If this was possible klei would have tried something like this by now. I actually don't think it is possible to add this in without reworking the entire game
  4. You can use the werebeaver idols back to back and eat a seeds or something in between so you don't die.
  5. How dare you just call Wilba "the pig princess"
  6. zoom

    It looks like a bug
  7. No you didn't. Your post is about changing the game entirely with stamina and things like that. I'm pretty sure all this post is about better range weapons/ more variety
  8. The dst portal and the oni printer have the same shape. Hmmm
  9. Wickerbottom,wolfgang,wx78 and wortox
  10. And then proceeds to do exactly that. I think most of your ideas will probably be added in the lunar islands anyway. But slimes and zombies really? "minecraft and terraria have them therefore dont starve should TOO"
  11. It's called an update not a free dlc. Revolutionary I know
  12. Yeah but it gets annoying to constantly have to run to a toothtrap every couple of days