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  1. I downloaded the mod with the dusk and night music so that work music can always play
  2. Praying for this to be a new mob at new islands but I highly doubt it
  3. House building could be fun. Sure its an easy way to avoid darkness and other threats, but if you have to do some difficult tasks to unlock it than im all for it
  4. Go to the ruins. If its day 121 then ruins should be no problem
  5. I used the panflute on the crab king and he just vanished, no more attacks or anything. The crab king music was still playing and he still had his colliion. I couldn't damage him but when gunpowder was used I saw some kind of animation that indicated he was getting hurt, although I could never kill him
  6. You don't need an achievment popping up to tell someone that killing deerclops for the first time is an achievment
  7. I meant the butterfly change buddy
  8. Looks like the sea version of pig king. Think of the she sells part
  9. This could either be really good or really bad. I wanna know what exactly Means
  10. When you use the pocket scale to weigh a fish, the panflute sound is heard. However, it keeps playing and does not end. Repeatedly weighing the fish results in multiple unending panflute noises played on top of each other. Sounds disapear after leaving a world