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  1. The dst portal and the oni printer have the same shape. Hmmm
  2. Wickerbottom,wolfgang,wx78 and wortox
  3. And then proceeds to do exactly that. I think most of your ideas will probably be added in the lunar islands anyway. But slimes and zombies really? "minecraft and terraria have them therefore dont starve should TOO"
  4. It's called an update not a free dlc. Revolutionary I know
  5. Yeah but it gets annoying to constantly have to run to a toothtrap every couple of days
  6. -Survive at 0 hunger for 40 seconds
  7. I don't really like this since this would just make wolf slower to play while not really solving his OP strength. However, I also had an idea on a Wolfgang rework,which has some flaws but I do like it. Hear me out Basically, OvereatingEating food would cause damage. For Example: Let's say you have full hunger (300) and then you eat meatballs (62). 300+62 is 362 which is 62 over his max hunger and therefore wolf would take 62 damage. Health from foods such as pierogi will be ignored if you over eat. Another example: You have 280 hunger and eat meatballs. 62+280 is 342 which is 42 over his cap hence taking 42 damage. My reasoning for this would be to discourage tanking and spamming healthfoods while encourage the player to make use of his speed and damage bonuses from mightyness.
  8. I knew someone would create a list of foods to counter warlys downside eventually
  9. His wood bar is so annoying to deal with
  10. I mean people will just find a list of meta foods to go through (like meatballs) and survive. The game would become even harder for new players and give experienced players a slight annoyance at best
  11. Literally half the base game characters are better than wigfrid. I seriously doubt the main selling point of a DLC called "Reign of Giants" was some Viking girl and spider boi
  12. If they can wear hats they should eat spices
  13. This is interesting cuz what I see in public servers is quite different from what I see on private servers.However, On public servers I swear everyone is an edgy Wendy main
  14. Lol wigfrid was never an OP character. A few warly recipes don't turn her into an unplayable character. Especially since the ingredients required are more lategame focused