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  1. Here's a common myth : The number of flowers you have influences how often butterflies spawn
  2. I wonder after writing this did you question your sanity at all. Seriously, what compelled you to make this?
  3. they really should add more wall skins. They are by far the best thing you could put skins on
  4. I don't believe turning lag comp off will suddenly make the fight easier. It's dragonfly that's weird. You haven't really given much info on what you've tried or what you're doing so I'm going to assume a lot of things. See because dragonfly moves while attacking it changes how you fight her. This means that following any "constantly hit 6 times and then dodge" advice should go out the window because it's not always true. Think of when dragonfly attacks as a timer that goes off. Getting 6 hits requires you to be incredibly precise with this timer and even something as simple as getting hit will make dodging impossible as you get stunlocked for like half a second after getting hit. In other words, you should change how many times you attack dragonfly depending on whether or not you got hit. If you get hit while on top of dragonfly, its safe to go for 7 hits before dodging. If you get hit while almost out of her range. Go for 5. If you don't get hit then you can easily get 6 consistently. Its when dragonfly attacks you that I'm guessing your timing get's thrown off. Of course if your not on a road (or don't have some other speed boost) go for 5 because you won't be able to do 6 without the extra speed
  5. In my defence, its surprisingly easy to just live off of foraged items. Probably doesn't work as well in multiplayer but oh well. I suppose not going past day 100 also has something to do with it
  6. I don't remember the last time I used a crockpot to cook something that wasn't jellybeans Oh right cactus flower salad
  7. Add an archipelago world setting that splits the biomes into islands. Actually theres probably already a mod like that. Yes, yes there is https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2483388271&searchtext=archipelago I think people overestimate why people don't like sailing. It has nothing to do with the ocean itself but the location it's in. The main reason is literally just because all the main content is in the middle of the map while the water takes place on this awkward area at the edge. Nothing about the ocean is actually that bad. If you force people to sail between islands to play the game, suddenly the ocean becomes a lot more fun and interesting
  8. marble piece spawning is completely dependant on rng where as 99% of other setpieces and biomes have some logic to how they spawn
  9. everyone's talking about this being ocean content, but what are the chances they will spawn in some new caves biome?
  10. hello other half of the eets community