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  1. here mobs i hope appear i hamlet all of them created by myself note: ignore last one 1. Ancient Robot 2.Executioner 3.Pox (reskin) 4.Tea Treeguard 5.Zeb
  2. When you leave pog in interior they turn into a Feral Pog. but, it's not fully implemented. so i hope pog got rework -during aporkalypse pog change into a feral pog (not just it behaviour but it appearance to make it more immersive) -befriended pog has sanity aura 20s/m (becaue they cute) -allow pog to equip hats
  3. i just bring another pog to my house and found my other pog appearance changed, it might cause of full moon. but this pog is neutral i make a pen for them to prevent them steal my foods
  4. i made an epic set piece