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  1. Zee's art Thread

    It turned out pretty good. I think Wilson woke up in the middle of the night because he heard some noise and light bulb was the only light source he could find.
  2. This is the one i don't understand. I keep seeing it everywhere, is this some kind of secret code or other thingy?
  3. About DST

    1. You mean it's lagging?I don't understand. 2. Shipwrecked and Hamlet are avaible in DST as mods, i don't think they will ever be added. Their are exclusive to DS and they should be, if they weren't then DS would have nothing special about it besides adventure mode and noone would buy it. 3. Events like those will probably return in the future when character refreshes and new content will be finished.Klei said the costs of having the servers for those events were to big. 4.We ARE getting new content "Return of Them" with new mechanics and also new characters and character refreshes. So i don't see a problem.
  4. I like the idea, though i suck when it comes to fighting anyway. It would be interesting, some bosses already have something like that, fuelweaver and toad for example. It would also require some good teamwork.
  5. Count to 200 without interruption

    the two numbers between two fives in my name.
  6. Yeah, i played Limbo too, I don't remember finishing it though, i died so many times xD. Anyway you should deffinitly buy Unravel the game is beautiful and fun, no spoilers here, for me the music and levels and story made me really nostalgic and emotional, how this game cn do that to me without words is just amazing. But maybe it's because I'm a really emotional person.
  7. Wait, isn't he kinda already?
  8. Zee's art Thread

    Willow would agree
  9. I'm pretty sure this is why my spools dissapearing. If you don't know who it is, It's Yarny from Unravel, this game really worked hard on my emotions.
  10. Aww they're so cute and fluffy.
  11. Thank you Hek! I'm trying lots of different ways to draw, I want to know which one is best for me.
  12. Abigail is the ghost of a 8-10 year old girl, i don't think she suppose to be that buffed. As for her rework I don't want to much for her, some AI changes and some not to powerful interesting perks would be enough, like you could told Abi to hunt things, And she could summon ghost from graves to be your allies or/and revive skeletons too. But maybe 3 allies max at the time (it depends how strong would they be too).
  13. lena's fanart momentz

    I like how you drew Abigail, not like the floating cloth and more like human.
  14. I agree with you @Sunset Skye you made really good points there. Yes, creativity before popularity. I think it would be better solution I think that