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      [UPDATED] Physical Megapack Disc Issues   04/16/2018

      Update 5/11/2018 We do not have any more information at this time. The last we spoke to 505 indicated that the discs should be ready very soon. We will likely have more information next week; hopefully with full explanation of when and how to get new discs.    Updated: 4/27/2018

      On April 17th, the Don't Starve Megapack was released. Almost immediately, it was discovered that the wrong content was printed on the PS4 retail version of Don’t Starve Mega Pack (the Xbox One version is not affected). The disc contained Don't Starve Together, but was without Don't Starve, Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked. As soon as we confirmed the problem we contacted our retail publisher to find out how this happened and what could be done. It's taken some time to get this far, but this is all the information we have at this time. The current status of the issue is as follows: New copies are currently in print and will be on shelves ASAP, hopefully within a few weeks.  When the new discs arrive in stores, players who already purchased misprinted discs will be able to exchange the disc for a new one in store. Details will follow as we figure out the exact timing, the procedures with specific retailers and what the exchange will entail.  Players who already purchased the faulty disc previous to 4/26/2018 can now contact Klei support HERE for a Playstation Store voucher code that includes Don't Starve Together, Don't Starve, Shipwrecked and the Reign of Giants DLC that you can play now. Please specify your country as certain vouchers only work in certain regions.  New purchasers of the Megapack in store as of 4/26/2018 should be given a voucher at the time of purchase on your receipt. If you do not get a code, contact us ALL purchasers will have a path to get a new disc when they are ready. We do not have details at this time, but we are comitted to ensuring that all players get what they purchased.  We are hearing from some players that some retailers are telling players that they will not be exchanging discs. We believe this to be incorrect and that particular person or location is just misinformed. 505 has ensured us that they are doing their best to make sure these discs are being replaced for all players. We will not allow anybody to fall through the cracks here. We will buy and ship the discs ourselves if we have too.   This was our first major retail release and we're extremely disappointed that our players have been let down with their purchase of the Don't Starve Megapack. We're doing our best to make sure this issue gets resolved as quickly as possible. Thanks everybody for your support and patience. We'll keep you updated.    UPDATE: (4/26/2018) We are now ready to send out vouchers to players who purchased the physical version of the Don't Starve Megapack - These codes will allow players to download and play Don't Starve and DLC as well as Don't Starve Together To get a voucher players can contact as at our support site: http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/portal/emails/new  For the subject, choose "PS4 Megapack" and fill in the form and we'll get you fixed up as soon as possible.  We will require a picture of your receipt, your Klei account ID and the region you are located in (so we can give you the proper voucher).  UPDATE: (4/24/2018) Earlier this week, we discovered that the wrong content was printed on the PS4 retail version of Don’t Starve Mega Pack (the Xbox One version is not affected). It’s a really unfortunate situation and we’ve been working hard with 505 to resolve this as soon as possible. Below is the latest information: New copies are currently in print and will be on shelves ASAP, hopefully within a few weeks. When the new discs arrive in stores, players who already purchased misprinted discs will be able to exchange the disc for a new one in store. Details will follow as we figure out the exact timing, the procedures with specific retailers and what the exchange will entail.  Players who already purchased the faulty disc will also be able to contact Klei support for a voucher code that includes Don't Starve, Shipwrecked and the Reign of Giants DLC until the new disc is ready. Please specify your country as certain vouchers only work in certain regions.  We will have more details when they become available including details on contacting us and what information we might need.  Once again, thanks to everybody for their patience while we work this out. For questions or concerns, the forum discussion can be found below:   


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  1. On the fairness of the Gorge Tournament

    I usually play to calm down after work but indeed I'd like some special items/skins because I like to collect but I need some time to practice and find a team. It's like the drop system where I use the god mode mod to collect drops while I do housework and be with my family. It kinda hurts to see someone get a special thing while I can do nothing about that.
  2. Ping Unknown

    Sometimes I have a good connection in these servers.
  3. Next Event - The Torch?

    I think a darkness theme in the next event would be great. If we check the obilisks on the Metheus puzzle we can see in the last picture that the mourning "torch wielder" could be still alive (and escaped via a gate). I mean he/she could be rightful heir of the throne and Charlie wants him/her dead...and the final clash begins in the next event where escorting/protecting the ancient royal from darkness (charlie) is the objective. Maybe a mix of fighting(Forge)/item managing (Gorge) is integrated. Why I think so? Every event world has/had its own leader and the Gatekeepers reached the conclusion of taking over the world by defeating Pugna and statisfying the Gnaw, the main threats of the worlds (kinda confirmed by Pugna). However we will see if I am right since there are other Gatekeepers whose identity are unknown to us.
  4. Thanks . But could you tidy up a bit? I mean you can use spoiler or create a table of contents for Ctrl-F navigation.
  5. Looks really like an outline of a cartoon soft drink cup to me.
  6. Thank you for the German translation of the recipe book. I loved how you translated "Schäferkuchen" :D

  7. She need *that* mouth and she'll will be perfect.
  8. No Craving Win (HOW?!)

    Did you cook?
  9. I think Winona is pretty good as a standard character. I agree she should had been introduced in a more suitable way, like a brief moment in the ANR trailer. Gameplaywise, since I main Willow and don't rely on more powerful abilities she is pretty decent in the basics (newcomer fiendly). I don't mind new abilities and powers. Since I thought she technically gifted I was surprised she couldn't repair tools with her tape. Like Wilson she isn't that good like Wilson that she doesn't need a negative trait. I'm ok with this.
  10. Hi I tried some official EU-Central servers and I got the message "server is not responding", even after refresh and relog. No wonder some server only have 1 person and no one can join.
  11. New DS quit message

    Wow I didn't noticed this.
  12. Cravings have a hierarchy

    I just tried again and realized that I needed a bit more coins to buy a pot station AND a big pot for onion soup. Anyway, my 5th craving was soup this time and I know that mush soup in a silver bowl gives you a favor. So maybe I was very lucky this time since I couln't figure a other way to finish under 6 dishes. Well what a shame that veggie cravings dissapear after a certain round.
  13. Cravings have a hierarchy

    Hi, I tried a "lucky" run which means I try to get 1 garlic seed in the first round and a veggie craving in the second round, aiming for 5 rounds to finish. I got the the desired garlic seed and the veggie round , 3rd was fish craving. Then in the 5th round I got veggie again I tried a silver bowled mushroom soup, dang, I got a red mark and old coins, not the favor. Seems that veggie rounds don't give the full reward.
  14. I think they said they would put more content in the DLC date was postponed.
  15. Hi, boys and girls, I got a new idea after reading the Lost Fragment wiki page: Is the "flashy secret message" of the trailer not similar to the beginning of the grand finale video? http://www.dontstarvegame.com/science/mdocs/max/stage/1/grand-finale.html Maybe we can put the missing frames together and get the full solution?
  16. Hi there, I recently reached Level 61 in The Gorge, I just stopped because there is nothing to do unless someone asks me to do a archiement. I player all characters (but Wigfrid) and all roles (cook, omost of the time). I got bored when I played with experienced players since the difficulty won't really scale up unless you aim for points, different gravings won't add anything unless you are a beginner or you have a group consisting of newcomers. The idea of the event is great. It's a good mixture of teamplay and DIY: you can complete the game with 1 player, but with 3 working together all can earn more EXP. Also, you aren't screwed if someone goes afk or disconnects because someone else can fill the role. Therefore I think it's better designed than The Forge, where 1 player could make a difference. However I think it can become too easy because the resources lies very close together. The characters perk depends on the playthrough style: The cooks reduce cooking time and Wilson was good for beginners. Willow was only good in saving fuel which was unnecessary most of the time because the chopper produces abudant logs. I liked the whole "discover-more-recipe" and the characters say some distant hints. The discovering issue disappeared after the official cookbook was published. The gatherer and the farmer can have the issue of having nothing to do and get idle unless syrup and salt get involved. The cook don't need that much wood and vegetables in the later stages. Most runs will use goat milk to get the favours unless someone gathered the berries at the beginning. The issue could have been solved if the forest and fields are more smaller or/and farther afield or the fields are overgrown with trees etc. Wigfrid was blessed with suck because most runs don't use (that much) big meat. Big meat and crab meat meals are more tedious to cook and you only get red marks without silver dishes. I think the cravings should have been a little different, since most favour-giving dessert and pasta dishes are easy to cook. I really like the character design o the NPCs and the way they talk. I hope to see Mummsy and Billy again. For the next event I wish a better balance between waiting and working if resource gathering comes back ( see my statement about farmer and gatherer).
  17. Nice find with the vines. I did look at them too, but I hardly see any symbols in them. I see following words: LUXVIS MXVIS MSMS MXAS LUSMS LUXAS and of course LUXIS
  18. Oh some user had this last year, too. But the thread was archived and they hadn't got any help. Is the JavaScript in your browser enabled? Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
  19. Klei plz

    It is indeed strange to use earlier assets to create these potrait frames. I think the devs didn't bother to create new ones after they changed some elements of the events. Maybe the Gnaw originally waited behind the trees and showed up after a dish was placed on the altar before it became the mouth thing in the sky.
  20. Can't Fuel Campfires

    Hi I'm glad I could find a problem in the thread like this. I got this problems a few times in the past years, especially because the alt-key is next to the space bar and you might accidently press it and the left mouse cursor gets stuck in "inspection" - I didn't even know why it was caused for a long time.
  21. Yeah winning with new gorge players is really awarding. I still mess up with people with level 30+. Most of the problems comes from player who meant it well. However kicking out does not solve the problem, because newbies will have to wait for so long to find someone to play with. However I did not met a troll yet. I saw some people can get inpolite to shoo low level players out of the server. It's annoying since there is always the option to create a server for specific level groups. The normal region based servers should be avialable for everyone.
  22. One huge problem...

    Experimenting is exciting, maybe cultural difference helps? In Germany most people remember "bread on stick" from their children time. I should try it.
  23. GORGE Help & Recipe Thread

    Just asking but some recipes can be done with small AND big containers, right? I made a meat pie with a big casserole, so I was wasting 1 ingedient or am I wrong?
  24. The Gorge - First Impressions

    Sadly I couldn't try everything out, but I played every character. It seems their special perks are disabled for the beta. I get the idea that you can buy bigger kitchen utensils to switch out but couldn't I just pick directly from the container instead of pick up pot->open->take? It doesn't make sense to me if the Gnaw's howl warns me if I'm going to lose anyway. The soil looks like a brown carpet.
  25. Strategies here please

    Don't let any berries and veggies on the floor, a rabitt may eat them.