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  1. I think it's a good idea. However, the possibilities to translplant grass, wood and twigs resources in the sea should be limited to the mangrove biome. IRL, mangrove swamps are tidal areas, while in SW they aren't. Since living on the sea limits the freshness of food, which comprise almost fish, an alternative to the drying rack is welcome (like salt)
  2. So we can posts bugs of the beta in the subforum as usual, right? I saw some parrots were landing in the deep ocean after accessing the beta branch. I hope the team will fix some of the most annoying bugs, I got that glitch which DarkXero mentioned, too!
  3. Hello, I like the official Ice Flingomatic range indicator and its mod version, though the modded one had some crash issues. Maybe you, DST team, could add that nice little circle to the lightning rod as well, please? I don't like the idea of measuring the building area by digging it. Also I had seen newer players place the rods not very efficient (huge overlapping or gaps). Another thing I would ask is an color indicator to identify flammable structures/items, especially when placing the lightning rod and the Ice flingomatic. Some items/structures don't seem like they are made of burnable materials like the cooking pot. Best regards.
  4. I never felt that the beaver/Woody need a buff. He got some good weather protection, sanity management counters well to the scarcity of trees on official servers and the biting should not replace good weapons. Maybe give him an attack bonus against Tree Guards or other plant mobs. Perhaps I see it too strict. I don't rely on perks since I mainly play as Willow...
  5. Sorry if the issue was posted before, I found nothing using search. Otherwise, see title. Only happens in SW, not in ROG or Together where the crop is burnt to rosted seeds. What I really mean is the little plant bud on the farm itself, right after planting the seed, not the fully grown fruit or vegetable. It was tested without mods.
  6. As you do this like the title states the tree take the previous stance after it is fallen. After extinguishing the fire it leaves a screaming tree (with audio) that can be digged up like a normal stump. Re-entering the server fixes this.