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  1. I can be you friend . I found plenty new friends during the Forge and I joined a Discord channel. But it's quite difficult to meet since I'm German and I would have to join late night + high ping. On public server I feel 49% are Russians, 50% are young fellows who fear when I join as Willow and 1% are nice and respond to my 'Hi' or 'Hello'. Try and join some event server in the future. Actually ,after the Forge we had the chance to give a feedback and ideas for the next event. Now wishing and expecting an event is a bit late, isn't it?
  2. I can feel you, bad luck with your timing Nino123. I wove the valentine stuff and one vargling skin because I got much more classic chests this time. So I waited until yesterday to weave my wish skins and buoght the spring skin chest set. I felt it would be much more sense to allow to trade event skins (I got lucky to receive the same spring gloves and boots )...but it would be against Klei's idea and allow them to get some money from that, spools are a nice compromise. You have to wait just before the event is over.
  3. I hoped I would get more Spring Chests. Well today I buoght the skins. Now I can feel the strange sensation of Maxwell's hidden Dryad belt ;( Should I tell this on Bug Report?
  4. I dunno, couldn't ghosts do enough damage on their own? I see no real advantage in the portal blocking.
  5. Well, should we compare DST with a different game genre and a bigger dev team, consisting about 100 people (According to someone, there are 3-6 people working on balance)? Yeah I still wish they'll put me right. The character selection have place for two more... We can hope for more when Hamlet is released.
  6. I'm sorry but that's my opinion. 12 playable characters seem to be like a full rooster and we can put them all in the Last Supper along with Charlie.
  7. I have the theory that Klei had a idea about a scary/Halloween themed DS expansion, that would explain that Wilton, Wortox and Waverly were 'fantastical'. I don't believe DST get new characters.
  8. A question about this. The wiki states that warm food lose their warming properties over time as they cool off. Is that true?
  9. They are not obligatory, just save them until you feel they are necessary for a special task. They are supposed to be special and powerful, so I would say 'nope'.
  10. I wonder if this may lead to a world where fiction or a dream becomes reality, like Maxwell created some creatures plkus the stage where he acted looked like the grassland biome. A quick look on the morals of the Matheus puzzle - it depicts bees and carrots, carrots and honey were novelty food in acient times (however the roots came from Persia), so the gems are luxury. Howerer, it's too early to decide on this. We could also assume that the "game earth" have a portal to other planets/worlds (Do you Stargate? Like this.). Ancient people happened to have connection to the Ancients - either the old portal was destroyed or missing, the key is lost or whatever. It's up to the devs to give us more informations.
  11. Yes papyrus originated from ancient egypt, and we know about the affair Caesar <-> Cleopatra. So we could make a connection. It's just a theory, I think the Codey Umbra is just a enchanted book. Maxwell can craft a copy of it in DST, so the magic just needs a vessel. For comparision: in the Bible the text itself is sacred, not the book itself. So what really matters is the text/symbols of the Codex Umbra, and every copy ( and maybe a ritual as Maxwell needs to sacrifice HP to craft this) of the writing has the same effect to the book like the relict. So what Woodie said may be coincidence and the current copy of the book was made of paper. Various sorts of paper can have problems to survive a millennium and old ones will destroyed if they aren't restored. So what 6490 said is a possible solution why the book was written in Latin, but the ancients aren't very humanlike. b1b3r0n said Latin is used by scientists. So you can go to the Constant(?) by scientific means (radio, protal). It's hard to decide who had written the Codex Umbra and I am to lazy to search the old puzzles for clues now.
  12. Missed my 2nd gift?

    Ok thank you Peter, I hadn't paid much attention back then.
  13. Hello, I started DST before the update today and got my 1st gift - brown Lumberjacket. When trying to open my second gift, no character animation happened and the gift box on the top-left dissapeared nor I don't know what I got. I went to the Item collection and saw my recent discovery was still the brown Lumberjacket. I relogged on the server, plus started a new one - nothing. I went to the bug tracker to look for similar problems. Before I restarted the game, I saw DST hold an update. After updating I tried to repeat the steps, still nothing. If I'll get my remaining 3 gifts I'll reportt on this. Does the game have a conflict with new skins before an update? However it's just an assumption. I am playing on steam.
  14. Call them out. Nobody is more annoying than a bunch of people pretending to be all-known and still failing to the basics. Since social interactions in games are easier to make than IR give people a chance to prove themself. It's better to have someone nice around learning things than someone is bossy about things. It's a sandbox game that lets you earn the experience and maybe a pretty base.
  15. My physical copy of DS includes a manual. In there, Wilson tells how he spent 10 days (some days aren't written down) and what he did. He even mentions how to cook meatballs with monster meat and berries! So, I think a tutorial should be optional and playing with the world creation menu is recommended to adjust the world to ones difficulty-taste.
  16. Hi, glomus = Latin for bundle of fluff glomerulus = diminutive form of glomus = smol bundle of fluff hope it helps
  17. It look like the blossom is the eyebone's hand and it's like "man, I know you like me, but please, don't come any closer" *pushes chester away*
  18. I noticed therere's a thin green line at the bottom of the Wigfrid vignette which actually belongs to the Wicker vignette. I forgot to activate the Wigrid vignette so it may be there since the Forge event. Is it ok to report this here and not in the bugtracker?
  19. Well SW somewhat disapprove a flat world because of TIDE, in theory. But how can the Antlion poop with this anatomy? Maybe the sandcastles are her poop? We don't know.
  20. @Mario384 Yes I would say that, too, I can understand it that some characters are not as viable as others, and I agree that Woodie don't cover enough fields to work with, especially with his Werebeaverform. But the fun part is a subjective viewpoint as you said (sorry). Well I was refering to the importance of the difference between Max and Woodie. I'm not skilled in modding, but there is a recently released mod about Woodie, making him better, but author says it's for beginners http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1270269796
  21. I'm wondering what people do with their mandatory time. I mean, if Woody or Maxwell are chopping wood, you should be happy to have someone who produce wood faster than everyone else. Sorry, I don't see a big difference between both, gathering wood isn't a race against time I think. Or are the forum members a big group of speedrunner?
  22. Since I saw this fan art of Wes with Wolf and Wigfrid, I actually ship this triangle . Pls don't hit me.
  23. I admit I use a straw roll occasionally after the Deerclops fight if I'm lazy to collect cacti in winter, and I can do something different during that time like snacking or whatnot. The time you use to gather cactus flesh + the time with cooking or sleeping isn't important to me. Actually I like to cook spicy chilli with cactus flesh and running with a top hat, a garland or a shanter around around, it's my prefered play style, and I hate that if Shadow Creatures are spawning in the snow
  24. Young Wilson growing a beard would be kinda wrong I think they'd have been released in the Through the Ages update which was changed to A New Reign. TTA would have featured skins from the characters' past and future self, like we could see in some unused artworks, hinting some backgrounds. Woody for example had a surgery in his head/brain, a hint how he he had gotten his "curse". We already saw Wolfgangs military skin, maybe it's a reference to his past.