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  1. I suggest OP should grind for grass+twigs in the desert. For berry bushes, I recommend to look carefully after harvesting them. I know disease is very punishing, especially for big bases. I don't know what Klei thought about it after switching from resource swapping to the current one. It can potentially leave newer player without grass/twigs if someone dug up all the plants around the starting zone. Since lightning ANY plants became a "pro" move to work without campfires or prevent freezes, I've become esp. sad if someone lights cacti/reed plants ;(
  2. Rose motif

    The rose stands definitely for Charlie. But take a look on the A New Reign video, only Charlie's good personality (refered as Shadow Charlie) wear the rose, while Monster Charlie does not wear any headpiece and Queen Charlie changes the rose to a fashinator. I note here that the fashinator looks similar to Winona's hairdo + her tied headband, may be coincedence. I don't want to comment what the rose stands for, I think all of you shoukld know this. Also old Charlie's rose is rather closed than the fully bloomed rose of Maxwell. We can interpret that the fully bloomed rose stands for William's new open-minded, direct and dapper ego Maxwell after aquiring the Codex Umbra (while he had his problems...), while old Charlie was kind of a wallflower (since she was a mere assistant of William, I doubt she got the any attention), the closed rose is fitting for her. It looks like that the conflict/fusion of Shadow Charlie (the good old one) and Monster Charlie (corrupted, hatred form) gave birth to a more human like Queen Charlie. I think this personality wanted to get rif off its old trademark (the rose!) because she wasn't Maxwell's assistant anymore, seeking a more individual outfit than be remembered as "Maxwell's assistant" if he would see her. Also it looks like she got more control of her monster form, but we can guess that the grudge is a shell left by Qeen Charlie, since numerous Characters comment on the familiar presence (but we didn't see, so it's unlikely that happened, and the The Grudge is the very same Queen Charlie, just retaining her role as the night monster, but I talk about that later). Or, she didn't want the connection, the roses, between Maxwell and herself anymore. I should also note here that a pawn can be promoted to the queen in chess, but as we have no king, Charlie got the secondary role as the "king". If we compare the game as chess, Charlie is the game master (the game creator, inviter and entertainer of the guests), the player who plays the black pieces and makes moves, the queen (which cannot be attacked yet) and the king (which cannot be attacked yet). This would explain why she would still attack players and gave out something enjoyable things and arts. As the roses in the jar in the ANR vid, the whole update posters and the florid postern, I dunno. Maybe she wanted a piece of nostalgia of old self or Maxwell or both, or it's just a symbol of her reign ( I kook at the red queen in Alice ). These are my ideas of the rose.
  3. About grass farming, I think it's not fine as it is. If you want mass farming grass, you have to pen them (grass tuft), which requires some work and materials. In contrast to the twiggy trees whose are powerful, grass farming is also riskier, so I do agree with OP. Also you can theoretically run out of grass in an "no giants world", no? Well, disease was kinda interesting with ressource swapping and I believe it also prevented from running out of ressources.
  4. Before better access to the internet, guides and magazines gave out tips, walkthroughs and cheats, the little kid I was had some problems without them while playing video games, plus they weren't my main hobby back then . I think dealing with problems you encounter the first time and searching for a solution is very fun. I remember the first 3D Zelda title, I stuck in the first dungeon for about 2 weeks because I didn't know how to deal with these spider webs, the game even hinted about this
  5. I offered some twigs and flints for 2 random guys on someone p-server (the Wilson thanked, but didn't shared with the Maxwell), after that they stalked and stole any mined and chopped thing I worked on. One guy even built a science machine just about 12 metres away from the science + alch machine... The host died once and I offered to revive him, killed some spiders and, of course the the glands were stolen... I dunno if it was my fault since I only wrote with the host guy but the world was fresh and there were enough resources around. These guys spent some time in DST to do basic stuff and yet they think anything not on a player could be taken.
  6. It's well organized now but it lost its flair. It was ok for the Forge event because your team and you have arrangement about the roles.
  7. Good ideas There's more to find. My personal favourite is Deatheater Wes and I think the sheer number of new Wes would help DST and its quality Anyway, the idea of the Mime come from Final Fantasy, there the Mime job is actually useful since its ability derive from other job ability but has normally below average stats.
  8. I didn't read thw whole thread, but focusing on current characters are easier to manage for the developer imo. It can be a huge mess to put a new "balanced" character with unique perks in the game who may be not liked by the players. In terms of rebalancing, I would suggest some "team" perks (if someone did already mentioned this, sorry!), passive perks which are applied to other characters or are active if others are near. Like: Wendy decrease the sanity drain of the others, Wes can "mimic" other character's perks, Wilson gives others more sanity while prototyping, Wolfgang gives a small damage bonus while full, Willow increase insulation against heat/fire etc.. So instead of new characters, building up some more abilities on the old ones could bring some fresh wind to the desired teamplay. It's also easier to Klei instead creating from the scratch.
  9. The Forge Has Ended

    It was a cool and fun event. The normal survival multiplayer gameplay and my shifts doesn't match sometimes, so the forge + the skins are a big bonus for me and I made some friends there :). What I didn't like was unlimited time and the fixed order of the enemy spawn (it's not a bad thing since raid bosses should be predictable). It's just personal, since some people refuse to give up even if they are alone and they drag out to gain additional time XP.I think it is not necessary. Also, people like to juggle between game and RL, so losing after gaining some fruits of success because of afk wouldn't be so frustating. The standard formular of problem solving under 30 min should be kept. Anything that would take longer (like no time limit) should be eliminated, so giving a not-so-strict time limit can be a good idea. I also liked the role system of the Forge. For an event idea I would choose something about more (team) management and exploring, roguelike, with simple tasks like " player A piggybacks object B to place C while player D protects him" or " place player X and Y on switches C and D to open the gate" with limited resources of light/food ( time)...but it would be similar to the standard game :/ .
  10. Webber the "Useless"

    All characters are fine if the player does well. I like Webber as the best ranged dps, it's a shame I don't see him more often in teams but I let people choose as they wish, anyway, now most player don't care what character is selected. At the start of the event many people didn't like a Webber in the team, maybe they thought Webber players are "noobs".
  11. Sorry English is not my mother tongue. Yeah by context it makes more sense
  12. With 2 other tanks Woodie is going to get/have the 85% armor anyway. At the Boarrior phase it's ok to switch to tank. In my experiences I could outrun the ranged attack, but it needs 30% speed boost, either to the side or at its end. It's nice to have someone controlling the situation at the last pit pigs wave, it's the situation there most ppl got panick because everyone is spreaded out.
  13. Be sure to check in a survival server time to time if you are playing The Forge. Klei let us adding time for skin present boxes while spending time in The Forge. The only advice I can give if you didn't know this.
  14. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    it got better, thanks
  15. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    I think I like the beta better because this release of The Forge has more stability issues than I remember. I got lost connections in the lobby and before receiving exp. And the music and sound effects cut out when returning to the main menu if this happens. Overall not an exciting experience, I appreciate The Forge because I work in shifts and I do not fully experience the Survival with others. Well I have SW and RoG
  16. I made a server for myself with many 'less ' options, including the Walrus Camps and Clockworks, because I don't like an overgrowth world. Well, it just happens that I have no camps at all and 2 horsesafter exploring the whole world (medium). I read somewhere that 'less' and 'more' give you 10% +/- of the ressources in that area when they spawn. It's not plausible that reeds appear in the desert or rabbits spawn in the a swamp. An option for roads would be nice, too...I hate it if they are overlapping.
  17. I think it's a good idea. However, the possibilities to translplant grass, wood and twigs resources in the sea should be limited to the mangrove biome. IRL, mangrove swamps are tidal areas, while in SW they aren't. Since living on the sea limits the freshness of food, which comprise almost fish, an alternative to the drying rack is welcome (like salt)
  18. So we can posts bugs of the beta in the subforum as usual, right? I saw some parrots were landing in the deep ocean after accessing the beta branch. I hope the team will fix some of the most annoying bugs, I got that glitch which DarkXero mentioned, too!
  19. Sorry if the issue was posted before, I found nothing using search. Otherwise, see title. Only happens in SW, not in ROG or Together where the crop is burnt to rosted seeds. What I really mean is the little plant bud on the farm itself, right after planting the seed, not the fully grown fruit or vegetable. It was tested without mods.
  20. As you do this like the title states the tree take the previous stance after it is fallen. After extinguishing the fire it leaves a screaming tree (with audio) that can be digged up like a normal stump. Re-entering the server fixes this.