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  1. it is literally his empathy, he remembers Wagstaff despite not having his Empathy module he remembers all the **** that happens when it gets reconnected because his empathy made him feel human, reminded him of what it was like to be human, and likely, made him feel weak
  2. no he is talking about the bionic animals they are experimenting on and it doesnt seem like he was having memory problems it seems like he was remembering his humanity which he didnt seem to like too much, i assume he felt that it made him weak, which is why he throws his empathy core at Wagstaff WX seems to have had some severe "FROM THE MOMENT I UNDERSTOOD THE WEAKNESS OF MY FLESH IT DISGUSTED ME" vibes and that seems to be what his projects were based on, the robots were probably supposed to be a way of working in the constant without having to go into it, which is why they would have replacements and why wagstaff would want his help to begin with afaik WX hasnt been seen to show any interest in the constant, only "robotic evolution", Wagstaff was intrested in the constant so "make me a robot so i can explore the constant" was deadset for his interests and skillset anyways
  3. entire thread point useless, combat is the most boring stale **** in this game with the only variety being bosses that you have to run in a specific pattern rather than Smack x times run and double back combat against people is whoever hits first, and ranged combat cant be made that much better if the normal combat isnt good either also you cant really incentivize ranged players to be in close range, they are playing ranged for a reason A, and B if you "incentivize" it wrong you are punishing ranged players for playing ranged, monsters just need to take less stun from ranged and/or have ranged or movement ranged abilities like spiders leaping towards you
  4. not bannable afaik but i do think doing this itself might be against the rules, you should tell an admin directly and not make a public forum post, dude obviously doesnt give a **** anyways I mean he clearly plays dead by daylight like a loser
  5. no full code documentation wiki option