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  1. it might be something that doesn't end the game instantly, like they open up the gateway and if you choose to touch it (insert idea here) happens, kind of like using the end portal in Minecraft
  2. i would say happy but look unhappy because webber's resting spider face is unhappy but he can clearly manipulate it to smile, regular spiders probably dont know how to smile
  3. Its not a problem, nobody cares and the "workshop rules" were last updated 5 years ago Should we start purging every mod that has assets from other games? Yes Malicious no, petty yes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This isn't someone wanting to block someone from a server is someone trying to get someone to be unable to use their mod this is the biggest mood
  4. Do you know how many mods, how many BIG COMMONLY USED mods, don't do this? The game crashing when trying to join a server is not harmful nor is it malicious, it's not destroying anything, not deleting progress, just being a minor annoyance to the person who is blacklisted and they probably know they're blacklisted aswell
  5. I don't see why this is something that should be bannable or removed from the workshop, if I didn't want someone using one of my mods I would do that aswell
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1624212309
  7. I've always found that a really lame feature and use mods to show me whats inside it despite the fact I've never used a bundling wrap, like you really think they couldn't label them?
  8. i was so pissed at this until i looked at the spoiler, consider me fooled, bamboozled even
  9. i know someone who has two brain tumors, we make fun of him for it all the time (in good fun obviously we are long time friends)