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  1. Do people fear they have to repair/replace burnt structures? I know it's a shame if a valuable, not-replaceable source is destroyed. But there's a line between creative building and survival. Turn it off if you are turned off by it. Otherwise, you can struggle against it among many other things the game has to offer.
  2. There aren't common letters like English has like "A","N" or "E". Also, the murals have symbols with a meaning. The only rosetta stone we have is the cave painting. But it's just a theory because I can see words:
  3. I dislike overlapping roads. Visually unappertizing. Usually, map generation is sometimes weird.
  4. On June 1, my dear. Jokes aside, I think Klei gave everything we should can solve all lore mysteries with the last update. You could at least inteprete what the murals are saying by looking at the picture. It would be nice if each ancient letter has a latin euqivalent but it's probably meaningless arrayed symbols :(.
  5. Maybe Alter is a living portal. So... wormholes and portals are the same creatures? Some have only a clearly visible jaw (wormholes, the Gnaw), some of them have a eye. (I posted this interpretation in an old thread thread) I play with the thoughts that the ancients "feed" their portal with organic matter and it suck out their lifeforce. You can see a fishbone and damaged radish thingies in the first mural. Also, it looks like the sun is consumed (for a night). This kinda match the Gnaw part. Wormholes drain some sanity though some characters aren't that disgusted by using one. Dunno who posted this before but I had read it: Wormholes in the sky are atleast the Dragon or the real Antagonists.
  6. Theory. M E T H E U S M E T H (forget about the Drug) ------- E U S T H E M Maybe Maxwell mistook "Them" as a pronoun istead of a name.
  7. 0:31 Eye of the Storm trailer. I can identify a word that resemble YLYSSY. It resembles Ulysseus. Since the trailer of Hamlet I don't believe into structures which resemble letters.
  8. I believe into a more bittersweet theory. Staff guy tries to rescue torch guy. Torch guy was assilimated by Them (the alien). Charlie and the survivors could carry out the plan to bring torch guy back. Otherwise, They would attack and rule other worlds. Maybe the Gnaw is one of them.
  9. The quotes hinting this. The statue might be a petrified Glommer (and goop). This explains the statue. The flower takes nutrients from it, explained by Wagstaff, and the real life rafflesia is parasitic. Glommer is attracted by its smell. Maybe the flower needs Glommer's slime to survive. According to Wagstaff, the bell just creates a sound which Bigfoot really likes and attracted to it. Glommer or Glommer's flower might be totally unrelated to Bigfoot. Headcanon: You know you will summon Krampii if you kill Glommer? Maybe it's the same case as with Dodos! Glommers were used to be as sources to farm their wings to create old bells. Therefore, it give you very bad karma if you kill one species because they are rare!
  10. He has a different concept of good and evil. Basically, he is silver lining most things he finds interesting and useful. Other characters do the same thing. See Willow and Webber (pyromaniac and monster, respectively) and yet they are part of the team of survivors.
  11. A resource varity (for cut reeds) could be a possibility. Papyrus and reed are important for exclusive recipes of 5 characters.
  12. Summer doesn't suck enough. Summer should affect caves, too.
  13. I often begin prototyping things when my sanity is low enough or after finding the graveyard.