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  1. I played Wagstaff without goggles and gathered from a dung ball and the crash happened. But don't I think it was the issue. Sorry, I am not familiar with codes. Crash screen indicates an error in the hoverer.lua. Maybe my mouse was hovering over an object and you know about Wagstaff's nearsight and random object names.
  2. Why does fog exist

    Without fog humid season would be another spring season. Not many argued about Monsoon season and its puddles and puddles aren't enjoyable. I have the feeling people didn't like the short default season lenght and the cut preparation time for fog and lightning. I understand that. Set the temperate season to longer and try the world out.
  3. First I couldn't think of a boss which would resemble the man on he moon or a moon bunny. haha Only 2 seasonal bosses have potential to spawn outside of a set piece. That's why I don't think nearger and deerclops won't beappearing here. My next idea would be the a special form of ancient fuel weaver. Had somebody awaked him on the lunar island yet?
  4. Gestalt

    @BeliarBAD already explained this very well with pictures. Gestalt also has a phylosophical meaning. However it's about a century when I had philosophy classes. If you ask me the Gestalt mob are similar to a moving Rohrschach test. That could explain why everyone look at these different. Another cool link to Gestalt would be the Gestaltenwandler - vampires and werewolves fit in this category. Maybe Gestalten express themself through shapes. It wouldn't be surprising if Wes would be the first of the survivors to understand and able to communitcate with moon aliens. Yes I know they moon structure speak to us but maybe it's a fun theory.
  5. Do stone slabs flip now?

    Any other ways to get beans and slugs?
  6. Thank you for reminding me of this awesome game... Wilson is shocked that he found stonemason art about him - but the hair part wasn't well made.
  7. enlightenment

    YIkes. The drawing of the moon in the metheus puzzle looks like an eye. I think this enlightment/lunacy is suppose to be derealization - in contrast to insanity. That's why the screen is covered by fog. I think I can make some connection to some elements of the moon biome and to this mental state. The moon biome has glasses and in my language we describe derealization like you look through a glas plate or fog - we call it "Glasscheibengefühl" (glas plate feeling); I don't know how English people describe it. Yeah the eye theme is fitting. I hope you can understand my explanation
  8. Make sense. Or a meteor shower happened and it formed an island.
  9. I made this post to adress minor but annoying problems if you startHamlet DLC with your Vanilla world. I already made an entry in the EA bug section but it hadn't been aknowledged. Some may like it but I would like the option to turn them off. Here are the problems: Hamlet doesn't exlude glaciers and molehills in the world generation. They will appear in the Vanilla world. Several rooms were changed. The most noticeable change is the mosaic biome with a rocky underground, several gold nuggets and increased tallbird nests. This make the start much more easier. (Vanilla/RoG)) Land masses are very prone to connect and the overall appeareance of the world is more continental. (Vanilla/RoG) Maybe it's intended. Thoughts?
  10. I picked up materials necessary for a prototype a recipe (here I took enough gold for a lightning rod and electical dooad) near a Science machine and notice the gametab didn't make the lightbulb-pop-up and the "cash register" sound. It happens if the items goes to the backpack.
  11. [Game Update] - 333702

    They want to sell the game, too.
  12. [Game Update] - 333702

    Don't remind me. Baby water beefaloo still does not exist.
  13. It was possible to visit BFB island earlier by this bug. I think it was fair.
  14. Mmm why not? I don't think this is babysitting. Right now not many people would call her out to repair clothes. But she is in the dilemma players would change to other characters after they set up the catapults and generators. Klei made everything right with Willow making lighter cooking and BERNIE only aviable to Willows so others cannot fully benifit from these items. This is my personal opinion so don't take it to heart.