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  1. A resource varity (for cut reeds) could be a possibility. Papyrus and reed are important for exclusive recipes of 5 characters.
  2. Summer doesn't suck enough. Summer should affect caves, too.
  3. I often begin prototyping things when my sanity is low enough or after finding the graveyard.
  4. Ufff I didn't learnt something new with the Woodie missing poster i guess. The others on the other hand have more information. Did I missed something?
  5. Why should people dissapointed about this? It was great. But I admit I had a rough idea what Klei was planning because ROT wasn't finished and most character reworks aren't released and perhaps they release one or two new characters.. But I am not dissapointed. If people plays the game for its new content, ok.
  6. Maybe you built start line, checkpoints and finish line wrong? I had the same issue you got and it seems you need to 1. Build the race pieces in the range of the other pieces (indicated by a green circle) 2. Don't build start and finish not in the same range 3 Don't build 2 or more checkpoints (+ start and finish line) in the same circle. I think you have to link the race pieces in a "straight" line without "branches". In other words: Only 2 structures only are allowed to overlap.
  7. Will you replace the map icons of th check points, Klei?
  8. I doubt. You'll need these holiday spheres to make them and these are dropped by Gingerbread pigs and wargs. After winter feast they may dissapear from the server. You should use an event mod or set the event in order to keep the features.
  9. I think Klei missed the oppurnity to make a reference to this: Someone cares to make an edit with Mama Wicker?
  10. Why does the Night Monster form of Charlie still exist? She should be a part of Queen Chalie.