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  1. Who needs pets? Who needs a garden? Who needs children? Who needs hobbies? Who needs video games? Who needs the internet? Who needs society?
  2. It's ok if you don't understand this kind of toilet humor. But hey, they actually look like animal droppings!
  3. These are currants or whattheycalledinEnglish... This is the joke.
  4. Dear Klei, The forumites have taken over the Klei forum. The thread [A letter to Klei] is now a permanent guest at [Don't Starve Together] General Discussion. I dare you to delete it, if you can! If you need instructions on how to delete the thread, just use [The End is Nigh!].
  5. Wholesome. I know that web but with 2 Links (from LoZ) screaming.
  6. Very touching movie. Webber's parents are like "what have we done"
  7. I often begin prototyping things when my sanity is low enough or after finding the graveyard.
  8. Maybe you built start line, checkpoints and finish line wrong? I had the same issue you got and it seems you need to 1. Build the race pieces in the range of the other pieces (indicated by a green circle) 2. Don't build start and finish not in the same range 3 Don't build 2 or more checkpoints (+ start and finish line) in the same circle. I think you have to link the race pieces in a "straight" line without "branches". In other words: Only 2 structures only are allowed to overlap.
  9. Will you replace the map icons of th check points, Klei?
  10. I doubt. You'll need these holiday spheres to make them and these are dropped by Gingerbread pigs and wargs. After winter feast they may dissapear from the server. You should use an event mod or set the event in order to keep the features.