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  1. It look like the blossom is the eyebone's hand and it's like "man, I know you like me, but please, don't come any closer" *pushes chester away*
  2. I noticed therere's a thin green line at the bottom of the Wigfrid vignette which actually belongs to the Wicker vignette. I forgot to activate the Wigrid vignette so it may be there since the Forge event. Is it ok to report this here and not in the bugtracker?
  3. Well SW somewhat disapprove a flat world because of TIDE, in theory. But how can the Antlion poop with this anatomy? Maybe the sandcastles are her poop? We don't know.
  4. @Mario384 Yes I would say that, too, I can understand it that some characters are not as viable as others, and I agree that Woodie don't cover enough fields to work with, especially with his Werebeaverform. But the fun part is a subjective viewpoint as you said (sorry). Well I was refering to the importance of the difference between Max and Woodie. I'm not skilled in modding, but there is a recently released mod about Woodie, making him better, but author says it's for beginners
  5. I'm wondering what people do with their mandatory time. I mean, if Woody or Maxwell are chopping wood, you should be happy to have someone who produce wood faster than everyone else. Sorry, I don't see a big difference between both, gathering wood isn't a race against time I think. Or are the forum members a big group of speedrunner?
  6. Since I saw this fan art of Wes with Wolf and Wigfrid, I actually ship this triangle . Pls don't hit me.
  7. I admit I use a straw roll occasionally after the Deerclops fight if I'm lazy to collect cacti in winter, and I can do something different during that time like snacking or whatnot. The time you use to gather cactus flesh + the time with cooking or sleeping isn't important to me. Actually I like to cook spicy chilli with cactus flesh and running with a top hat, a garland or a shanter around around, it's my prefered play style, and I hate that if Shadow Creatures are spawning in the snow
  8. Young Wilson growing a beard would be kinda wrong I think they'd have been released in the Through the Ages update which was changed to A New Reign. TTA would have featured skins from the characters' past and future self, like we could see in some unused artworks, hinting some backgrounds. Woody for example had a surgery in his head/brain, a hint how he he had gotten his "curse". We already saw Wolfgangs military skin, maybe it's a reference to his past.
  9. After Hamlet's release I would like to have skins for Pig Houses
  10. Balloons should be a better enemy bait. From my tests, they were not targeted by hounds as the wiki suggested. I had no luck, right? Otherwise, they make good pathmarkers for others now.
  11. I think his origin is Prussia. Prussia had German, Polish and Baltic people, and they fought for the country, German Reich, together. Wolfgangs GoH is similar to a Hussar (a light cavalary originally from Hungary) attire, his unused military skin has a "Pickelhaube", a helmet for the German military and police and usually associated with Prussia. Yes, as SpikeGuy pointed out, Wolfgang can have Polish or other Slavic ancestors. However, Wolfgang isn't a typical Slavic name, my best bet is that he has parents from different ethics. For the frog legs quote: I think Wolfgang refers to the status of this food as luxury, as French culture ( language, lifestyle, cuisine) was lived by most European nobilities. For the hammer quote: Socialism and Communism were huge themes in the 19th century, as OP said. But hammer and sickle were also depicted on German Reich's money. SpikeGuy made good observations, well done
  12. Nice idea, but I'm against it. It's against the nature of fire! Willow is about control her fire perk (at least in her DS reincarnation), which is easier in DST. Fire is the most destructive element AGAINST the players, I would like to have high risk/high reward relation, even that noobs can stay save near a camp fire with Willow all night. I would also like to make small fires manually from the inventory items without the lighter. How about a living torch Willow with increased mobility and lower attack period (so we don't need to copy Wolf)? Come on Klei, making fire was the most important invention humanity could make, but why is WIllow so under average x)?
  13. Excerp from the German instruction booklet: "Allow me to introduce, my name is Wilson I'm a scientist par excellence, I'm also British. Needless to say, I'm a gentleman, too. I describe myself as ambitious -some soi-disant colleagues called me quirky. About those bold improprieties, I could only indignantly lifted my eyebrow - genuises like me are likely misunderstood." Further, he described the new world as "dream of every scientist" but he never used "professor" or "doctor", he's like some old schoolar who research everything -from physics to biology, from astronomy to anatomy. We can assume that Wilson was interested in some unorthodox branches of science, like magic or explosives :). But I think he has some medical knowledge if he blew himself up with something. So he is the best choice of being a doctor.
  14. Maybe all characters should get more action abilities instead relying on passiv perks, items or transformations. Some perks whose appeared in The Forge could be applied to the Survival game, too. Otherwise the devs might had think that characters should be played similar to the other ones and not relying too much on others and there is no explicit definition of "classes" like healer, warrior etc. like the Forge. However I admit that this idea, in conjunction with team play, should expand on the current set of characters but about their associations and professions. Wilson could be about healing or buffing like having a bonus on healing if using items (healing salve, telltale heart) or food on others or make potions for a timed stat increase . Willow protects her team mates and their structures from dangerous fire through extinguishing with her bare hands while losing sanity (not just the smoldering) and boosts the level of nearby camp fires upon lit and ignores the wetness of fuel. These are simple ideas how Wilson and Willow can be expanded with small changes with useful effects, which are also remain useful in late game.
  15. Sorry not a quality picture... Happy Winter's feast everyone