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  1. Slagger's point may be true but playing with other players they might attack the shadows and "steal" them from you. Same goes for sanity restoring items/resources, others use them, too. And then there is ghost draining. In other words: In multiplayer sanity managing has more variables.
  2. Sadly, it would be a secret I don't know about, I had found some crazy lines in the first picture w/ Wilson/Wolfgang/Wendy with GIMP but nothing specific about plans/future content. However the existence of the picture is a clue they hadn't finished the ROT updates yet. Yes the roadmap 2020 replaced the 2019 one.
  3. Maybe you missed the secret in the roadmap 2020 post.
  4. Did somebody find a setpiece in the ocean?
  5. Modding isn't cheating. I know there are purists of the game but what's wrong to make the game more interesting and fun? The mod you're using is "Force Biomes", aren't you? It's a good mod to give you a prefered world gen.
  6. I love world themes. I made a world named "Thunderbirds".I set every animal/monster to none but birds (pengulls, tallbirds and alike are set to more), more rain and lightning. Edible plants set to none but berry bushes for gobblers and Wurt players. I think a setting with a short night/no night make it more fun.
  7. You're right. Looking at the files the starting biome tries to connect them first while "dangerous" biomes like desert won't. You can see this by generating a world without branches and reveal the map via console.
  8. Yeaaaah add evil mirage monster coming out of the Oasis in summer and destroying bases of unaware oasis dwelling players
  9. Cant fullscreen

    Uff it's been a long time since I used win7. Did you managed to get the game to full screen now? What did you mean by this? Please tell, did this happen with other games, too? Ok since you uninstalled the game, did you delete the DoNotStarveTogether folder? (Make a copy because your Mod settings will be deleteted, too) It could make a difference. Another thing to do is to check the properties of the launcher (in the common apps folder). Right click and check if if the game runs in a strange compatibility mode. Is there an option setting for disabling full screen optimization? Try this too.
  10. Cant fullscreen

    Sorry to read that. Would be nice what - OS you're using: WIN10 has sometimes problems with full screen programs. - graphic driver you're using. Download the newest driver may solve the problem - resolution settings you're using: It could be DST itself or your screen setting like scaling or display setting. Also, please check your graphic card settings How does your other games behave? Did this happen with or without Steam? Thank you in advance.
  11. The shopkeeper, Charlie (and Maxwell in the past) and the player is in the metaverse of DS. This explains why Charlie misses you if you want to quit the game. The shopkeepers would be "out of place" because the Constant is the game board game board where the pieces (the survivors) are gathered
  12. Adding info for people who didn't saw the Winona short: It's strongly implied Winona applied for a job at Voxola because she investigated about Charlie's and the other's dissapeareance.
  13. Winona short. It seems he didn't intent to be sucked up by the portal because he stretched his arms to Winona. unless it was someone else.
  14. Ufff I didn't learnt something new with the Woodie missing poster i guess. The others on the other hand have more information. Did I missed something?