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  1. I think the perspective of the house doesn't allow to see what's under the roof. I am fairly sure the house should have wood beams. It's not the typical timber framed house you may see in middle Europe but I doubt the farmer pig house doesn't have any wood. To me, Klei should have use a barn design - this one looks like a grave diggers house . Mmmm gravedigger pig should be a good suggestion.
  2. Too Many Bats?

    Considering bats loose aggro fairly often after running away (no circles!) they become manageable in small groups. I think DST worms are the worst, period.
  3. I shouldn't worry about that much about@minespatch. I agree I never saw such stone house before (pig architecture) but it seems you and your father may have not seen older gables, didn't you? It may be a possible explanation how the farmer house COULD stand. Here in Germany we would call it Schildgiebel - shield gable I think. Otherwise, like what your father said, if I can recall correctly from my travels there are house types with an "overhanging attic" in south France and Spain. Of course their old houses have much shallower roofs and I think the overhang should prevent the uncommon rain from reaching the limey and calcerouse housewalls. Hope I could help you.
  4. Arachnidpethicus
  5. It's my opinion. If people wanted to archieve a good highscore for the tournament, it's their right to do so. I hadn't the team to try that (many from my friend list are from different time zones or didn't like the event at all) but reading all the post about repeative tries to get a start without bread as a second craving and practicing runs over and over again isn't my style. It's also time consuming and I am not statisfied with that (actual work+household+partnership take up much time and the rest of that I rather playing for fun). So for normal runs (that's why I said 'if you are proficent with a job') there is almost a guranteed win unless you got a beginner in your team where I gladly help him/her to understand the tasks. I am pretty sure it took average 7/8 rounds to get the key unless someone wanted a specific archievement or recipe. You could handle most favours by milk and flour and the obligatory dessert. That's why most short games are boring for chief and farmer. Otherwise you are absolutely right with your argument in general If Klei would add something new to the Gorge, like they did with Forge 2, they could do it with more goals for the community whose are more difficult to solve. Adding new tools, ingredients and missions would be a cool way to intruce newer players to the event and make it exciting fore veterans. Maybe the beast craves for a DRINK, RICE or whatever and the survivor has to solve the pig village's problem in between? I do not know what players want to expect from this, all I can is to make my suggestion about this,
  6. I hope they retweak something about the cook and farmer job, both are really boring if you are proficient with them. Remove the oven logic (more heat=faster cooking) and adding specific heat for each recipe plus cutting the ingredients (like in the trailer) would spice up the chief job. Reducing the amount of soil and giving more things to tend the crops would give the farmer more varity and management . The runner was actually fine as it is.
  7. Sorry, but I really do not know how to do this to handle the problem: I logged in Steam, not via browser. If people send a link for a trade offer (like this forum) I'd have to log in Steam via browser. Steam would block me out of trading for a while, even on the same PC. That's why I chose to not post my trade link here. Here is it:
  8. A friendly reminder that this disease mechanic reduces resources instead refreshing it. Twiggy trees are an exception as it is included in the regrowth mechanic. The old disease system refreshed the affected basic resouces. Could we get an item or turf to prevent this annoying mechanic?
  9. Bump. I got many Distinguished Hallowed Night skins last year and recently a Polar Broodling I want to trade for something. Maybe in the future I'll sell most of the inventory to buy my wantede skins. Maybe you should look now.
  10. I think it was good for me - one of my eyes sees with a red tint and blueish colors neutralize my pictures. But I agree with the claw trees, they look better with red foliage.
  11. Wow didn't had a clue that the character's wetness affected this. Thanks. I think I was using better gear and equipment for rain all the time until Hamlet and didn't noticed.
  12. Annoying WorldGen

    Use your rafts to create a raft bridge - you can hop from boat to boat. What Tumalu forgot to say is that the bird has to land in order to leave.
  13. Hey guys and girls I got a little, but an annoying problem. In the humid season, if I go outside -no rainy weather or fog- and it's wet (splishy footstep-sounds) my dry items I carried get wet. Is it a feature because it's humid, isn't it? I didn't experience it in ROG or DST...