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  1. Don't you know? Teasing is a sign of affection. But Willow would be a bit too old for him.
  2. I doubt Klei will balance out most old things. I don't know from which gamestyle you view this problem. If it's public Klei server, maybe it's not ok if, for example, someone takes many pig resources just to fight bosses and leave. If it's your own pw-protected world, you can do whatever you want without strangers interfering with it. It's about sharing or keeping. Some people are happy they can build some new pig houses for themself. And this is actually part of the problem: multiplying the source of items. If you nerf bunnyfarms (Idk if you mean the productivity) you can build some more to substitute. The other part is these can sources last forever and they don't need more resources to be functional. Because you talk about the improved farm: it need seeds it need fertilizer after some harvests it needs warmth If these things are applied to a bunny house it would be like this: new(born) bunnies are infants they need food to raise carrot houses decays after a certain number of inhabitants died And oh boy, these chores will be disliked by many people. But it would be on a same level like a "farm". Then people will switch to a new meta.
  3. I didn't present an actual answer but rather an opinion. Everyone is free to choose their settings and some are preferable if their pc have problems with many prefabs or someone is hosting a server for over 10 people. Playstyle like survival, pvp etc. is important, too. If people are like that, ok, I didn't know that. If I am checking the server list most of them are modded and have "easier" settings. Dunno what you mean with handicaps. Every world is random and some worlds have better biome placement, good set-pieces and nice ruins aviability. Other worlds are not nice, with a glitched Walrus-Camp at the beach boarder, an Oasis in the middle of the desert and small ruins. You can only make the best out of it.
  4. Here's how I feel about farms: I used them. However, since I played multiple worlds with several restriction/changed options (please, try Lights-out at least once) it's always more interesting because lack of resources keep you busy. I like it. DST is a open sandbox game. If farms are game breaking, don't use them or force some restrictions on your world. I understand how people don't like the absence/destructions of resources/mob spawns but try it out at least. For underwhelming items: Same as above, e.g. if your world hasn't greencaps/cacti and has no daytime, tents and sleeping bags are recommended.
  5. I agree if these items are "incompostable" (like feathers, teeth, minerals, all materials) stay on the ground. Manure and rot (and maybe rotten eggs), however, are renewable in many ways and flies are annoying. And it's not like these items are in the starting area and newcomers will gather other things than that. I wish we would have pogs and dung beetles for that.
  6. The big, stony one is the "she" - look at all the gems in the "hair", crown, tiara whatever. The small blue guy is her husband who humbly ask for more gems because his wife cannot speak very well.
  7. Ufff I didn't learnt something new with the Woodie missing poster i guess. The others on the other hand have more information. Did I missed something?
  8. Why should people dissapointed about this? It was great. But I admit I had a rough idea what Klei was planning because ROT wasn't finished and most character reworks aren't released and perhaps they release one or two new characters.. But I am not dissapointed. If people plays the game for its new content, ok.
  9. Maybe you built start line, checkpoints and finish line wrong? I had the same issue you got and it seems you need to 1. Build the race pieces in the range of the other pieces (indicated by a green circle) 2. Don't build start and finish not in the same range 3 Don't build 2 or more checkpoints (+ start and finish line) in the same circle. I think you have to link the race pieces in a "straight" line without "branches". In other words: Only 2 structures only are allowed to overlap.
  10. Will you replace the map icons of th check points, Klei?
  11. I doubt. You'll need these holiday spheres to make them and these are dropped by Gingerbread pigs and wargs. After winter feast they may dissapear from the server. You should use an event mod or set the event in order to keep the features.