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  1. So Wortox' playstyle would revolve around the naughtyness-stat? Interesting
  2. Well each character can provide some fighting power but I agree to @4 Da LOLs argument that a Wes can become a burden on public servers.
  3. Uhm maybe fire needs a rework, too? Initial fire immunity near flames makes fire not really a dangerous hazard and I think there are only 4 monster in DST which are fire-alligned (and 3 of them are belonging to the raid-bosses) and Willow's extra fire immunity is very situational. The regrowth mechanic makes flame accidents actually bearable so I don't mind these kinds of hazards... I somewhat like her Gorge perk.
  4. His right hand is on his chin and his left hand rests in the crook of the right arm. It looks like he is smoking. This Wortox got a mane or beard - the old unused portrait of him hasn't these features.
  5. Like @Zhuzha explained it seems the postcard never arrived to its destination and they may haven't met. I wrote my post because I am interested whether Wendy is Jack's daughter or not.
  6. It's not that hard to see that William and Maxwell are indeed the same person. At leat his brother should recognize him from the the great Maxwell poster if he would look at it. Also, isn't it natural to look through the belongings of a dead relative? Maybe Klei will give us an insight how the relatives of William (Jack) investigate his disappeareance?
  7. Winona had a flashbackback where we can see her family photo on the cork board. I doubt we will see that again. But we could use it as a preview for at least 4 other characters. However it's hard to see the Abigal's flower/Woodie's missing/Voxola factory and WX78/Wicker connection for now. Strange enough we don't see the circus here, maybe everyone really thought William and Maxwell were different humans.
  8. I thought it would be a cool idea finding his "gem" and place it in its vessel like unlocking Wilbur.
  9. They should check whether Wormwood is an unlockable character or aviable from the beginning.
  10. I tested Winona for some days, too. I can tell her catapults are very powerful. I ried a simple setup in creative mode and could kill the bee queen with ease. I think it's a issue with 1) damage of the catapults and 2) the number you could place near a generator. Would't it be more balanced if the power consumption is directly proportional to the number of gadgets? I agree on the HP regen, it's unnecessary. I actually hoped there would be more varity of gadgets (small oven everyone?). I didn't like the hunger-crafting. I avoided it for the first 2 days until I was hungry. Overall, I think the devs didn't make the character more interesting and unique but her new craftables. Repairing and upgrading perks would have been a better choice for Winona.
  11. Sorry I misunderstood. I sounded like people didn't believe iron hulk had no animation for attacking shadows and I thought you did not believe me they smash and shoot beams.
  12. It's hard to see but the beam itself may have a red filter around it and make other objects and mobs reddish. It's easy to see with Nightmare Fuel and Shadows and the Player Character. Unsurprisingly it could be the impression because almost everything has a grey-whitish colour when insane and the red color stand out.
  13. Didn't noticed that I hit the reply button so hard during a lag lol. Well they can attack shadows, it's nothing new. I believe people were wondering about "special animations" because the different parts are attacking differently (the rips using beams and the head smashes) and can actually damage shadow creatures. I tested with every iron hulk part and they can do damage to shadow creatures. I don't know where you and other people got the information that iron hulks have no animation for attacking shadows.
  14. So I am wrong? The only attacks the parts have are their smashings or beams, depending on the hulk part. So I am wrong? The only attacks the parts have are their smashings or beams, depending on the hulk part. So I am wrong? The only attacks the parts have are their smashings or beams, depending on the hulk part.