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  1. If you can imagine there is a possibility Webber was transformed by magic into half human/half spider (see WX' and Wagstaff's quote) after he had that incident. We should remember that Webber was reborn. Maybe his human skin...rot away and magic helped that a spider served him as a new vessel.
  2. I wonder if she has benefits of being wet? Nothing of no sanity loss from wet items were mentioned in the introduction. So - we will still have to make wetness-protection for her? I'd appreciate an immunity. Maybe an opposite of WX' perk "rain damage" - small HP regeneration in the rain/being wet. Of course she could an extra downside for that... She is amphibious so she could take heat/cold worse than others. Imo she looks like a green Webber: Dislike Pigs, can craft homes for follower, get some advantage on a specific turf, has a single food advantage griefing with mermhouses at the portal, Of course she has some more abilities but you get the point.
  3. Wurt

    If we get a Gorge-related character I hope for a FOrge-related character.
  4. Wurt

    Wurt is a strange name. -wurt and variations are so common in city names in my country. However searching "Wurt" on baby name websites it's actually a thing! "Wurt" means "Worthy", It's an Anglo-Saxon name so it's pretty old and couldn't outlast until today and may sound ugly to many people.
  5. I would like to see Daimyō/Warlord Wigfrid (from the concept scetches) this year. Avec Battlehelm skin, of course. Axelocke's share of ideas are really good!
  6. Why does the Night Monster form of Charlie still exist? She should be a part of Queen Chalie.
  7. Wasn't there a "dumb wes" mod where you cannot prototype anything?
  8. HMMM... So this is what happens...

    Same could be done with caves, right?
  9. Good to know. In my test fights I never got hit before giving up. But I got wet.
  10. It's challenging and time-consuming if you are alone. It isn't attacking you directly but your boat structures plus it tries to push your boat away. Combine these two facts and you get annoyance.
  11. I noticed this pattern: Gorge: Mouth Constant/Moon: Eye Ancients incident/Metheus/Them: Eye (see in the murals) Forge: Horns/Head No wonder Charlie was interested in the gateways. She wants to create the ultimate life form using every "higher" being to destroy everything, reducing everything to zero.
  12. Yeah but the new waves are much rounder now.
  13. It's a random set piece. One of the worst sort of set pieces. You got unlucky with so many egg clusters.
  14. Maxwell: I have a secret ingredient to cure Alzheimer's. Here we go again...