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  1. When you use the pocket scale to weigh a fish, the panflute sound is heard. However, it keeps playing and does not end. Repeatedly weighing the fish results in multiple unending panflute noises played on top of each other. Sounds disapear after leaving a world
  2. Wendy to destroy the spiders
  3. 31% voted they rollback because something unfair happened and then they complain the game is not unfair enough
  4. Maxwell,in the last part of adventure mode, is the only one of those where you go from "Im going to beat your ass" to "oh..." in about 5 seconds
  5. Misery toadstool is so easy its harder to fight a butterfly. Just takes like 3 days
  6. Wurt vs. Wilba

    If wilba came to dst, imagine all the hamlet stuff she could bring with her
  7. There's a difference between allowing you to walk on water and creating actual 3d in don't starve
  8. Its terrible. It punishes the player for literally doing nothing. No way to stop it either
  9. If this was possible klei would have tried something like this by now. I actually don't think it is possible to add this in without reworking the entire game
  10. You can use the werebeaver idols back to back and eat a seeds or something in between so you don't die.
  11. How dare you just call Wilba "the pig princess"
  12. zoom

    It looks like a bug
  13. No you didn't. Your post is about changing the game entirely with stamina and things like that. I'm pretty sure all this post is about better range weapons/ more variety
  14. [Game Update] - 334206

    You have no idea how much this bothered me. Thanks so much!!
  15. Is there gonna be updates after hamlet releases or is this just it?
  16. Grass and twigs from the temple spawn on the fountain of youth and you cant pick them.
  17. Grass and twigs from the temple spawn on the fountain of youth and you cant pick them.