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  1. Ngl Pearl made me pretty sad, when i realized she's immortal and i can't kill her.
  2. There's still a real big difference, Wilson for example doesn't care about pigs and forcing them to brutally maul each other wouldn't affect him in any way, Webber on the other hand DOES care about spiders and treating them like farm animals wouldn't fit his character. Also yeah, mob wars are still stupid though.
  3. Webber forcing his own "kin" to murder each other on purpose for his own gain doesn't make sense at all and spiders don't naturally fight each other either, besides there's already like 3 characters that are pretty good at spider farming and such perk is boring anyways.
  4. Make Webber able to pick up befriended spiders and use them as throwable weapons.
  5. Ancient Guardian, taking his boss privileges and turning him into non-unique mini-bosses would also work.
  6. 1-Plant normal flowers. 2- Die. 3- Haunt flowers until they all transform into evil flowers 4- Revive before the World resets.(No need to worry about this step if you are playing with someone however.)
  7. Buffs for some rather useless items like tail o' three cats, morning star, bat bat and rabbit earmuffs. One really small tweak that i would like for Wormwood is the ability to fertilize himself with rot and rotten eggs, basic berry bushes can be fertilized with that but it seems that's too much for a walking mutant sentient plant.
  8. Ban Lovely Roses for being ignorant towards thermal stone consumption.