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  1. Kill Glommer, BOOM no more buzzards walking around your base, wouldn't that be neat?
  2. Don't really see why they would retcon this but yeah, there it is, in all its glory, i suppose.
  3. Really liked the new clockworks designs, nothing to add besides that since the game didn't even release yet.
  4. Ban Lovely Roses for being ignorant towards thermal stone consumption.
  5. Honestly, i really miss ol' DST Woodie, the only problem with him was the weak werebeaver form he had, didn't really like the fact that they decided to completly change his mechanics and make his werebeaver more of a convenient tool than an amusing curse, the blind reactions were priceless indeed, glad they aren't completly gone though.
  6. Not to be rude but, Wilbur is obviously not from the Constant since he's not a primeape nor a splumonkey and doesn't seem to be related to them, i think it's also rather obvious he might be one of those highly trained monkeys from the circus Maxwell worked on shown in the William Carter puzzle. (why would the Constant have a real world monkey wearing some silly king costume anyways? Pretty out of place if you ask me.)
  7. Make a big heart out of 'em and show the World your love for demonic magic and beings.
  8. Well, let's just say i do have a bone to pick with him.
  10. At least one of those reasons, really. 1- They like Willow's lighter and Bernie's nightmare fighting abilities 'cause they're new at the game and stuff blah blah blah and Willow's kinda of a noob friendly character, nothing wrong with that. 2- They like her personality or/and looks for some reason, yeah. 3- Setting things on fire = Ultra big funny xDDD.
  11. And Woodie is Carl Fredricksen while Maxwell is Charles F. Muntz, hmm yes, perfect. Don't Starve Together was always a retelling of Up.
  12. He only drops his equipped armor, head-slot and hand-slot items, he doesn't drop backpacks for some reason though.