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  1. You don't chop Totally Normal trees for ingredients required for living logs. You can't craft living logs. >:( Also,almost nobody uses the compass anyways so i don't see any reason to nerf it only to buff a secondary use of another item.
  2. Compass can already be used to track other players,but both players need to have the compass equipped in order to see each other.
  3. Yeah,you aren't ruining the character. You're WASTING his potential to be an actually fun and interessting one. He's a failed gentleman scientist,not a beard person with super horrible hygiene,his only ability is growing a beard,why would improve that with out of character features like having creatures and items getting stuck on his beard? That would actually be more fitting for Webber with his silk beard.
  4. What? If your objective is not making Wilson a fun character,then i must say you aren't making him good or useful either. The fact that your ideas are being ignored is far from suprising.
  5. So you get basic resources that are pretty easy to get by shaving your beard that takes alot of time to grow? It seems that my point still stands,the concept itself is really boring.
  6. Your idea doesn't seem to make Wilson more fun to play as,it only gives him free basic items by doing basically nothing.
  7. You forgot the merm/pig wars setpieces that can spawn almost anywhere in the surface,which consists in a bunch of merms and pigs killing each other or in some cases a pack of merms attacking a lonely pig house and vice-versa.
  8. Wortox and Wilbur should switch places.
  9. What? This must be a console exclusive thing,'cause merms never attack other creatures without provocation while the king is alive.
  10. Taming vargs would be pretty rad: - 800 more hp than beefalos. - Slower running speed. - Pretty slow attack animation but with more damage and range. - Only eats meat and it's a monster. - Would probably require a more complicated way to befriend them in the first place.
  11. I must agree on WX-78 not depending on Wickerbottom to be a good character,but i don't think giving more ways of charging himself is the right way to make him an interessting character. The whole point of reworks is fleshing out a character's personality,giving them new unique and fun abilities,and in some cases changing their playstyle. The ability itself is pretty poorly balanced,not unique and is not as fun as other character gimmicks,i know the game is not a competitive game,but i assume we can all agree that we require at least some balance between characters and items in order to make it more fun.
  12. I'm not sure if this counts as a refresh,but i'll talk about some QoL changes that i think would be pretty neat for loyal merm guards: -Make them instantly aggro on anything that dares to attack an entity with a merm tag. -Same health regen as bunnymen,which is 8.67 health every 5 seconds. -Make them use idle animations while wandering because that would be cool tbh. -Merms that are actually able to swim.
  13. So you want WX-78's most broken abilitiy to be buffed,in a way that's not situational and doesn't require cooperation in order to become viable in a co-op game? Just look how unbalanced WX-78 is in the Hamlet DLC with those thunderbirds and rethink what you just said.
  14. It's actually a goblin skin,though.