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  1. Yes, thank you ^^ the only thing I don't like here are hands, but otherwise I'm pretty proud of the lighting and shading.
  2. Progress on fire princess, I haven't drawn Bernie and Ashley yet but I'll do it.
  3. It was mentioned by devs in comments in the thread talking about the update.
  4. You can't obtain it yet, it will be obtainable when the update leaves beta.
  5. Finally I'm going back to this thread, I had the idea of drawing Willow as fire princess from avatar, here is sketch.
  6. Hi guys my minecraft nick is Whisperlisc, maybe I'll play sometime ^^
  7. Two Corgomancer's I drew for my brother. And also a final look for my oc, I'll try to stick with it when I'll be drawing him again. Now I'm planning to draw Willow as a fire princess form Atla for my dst art thread, It's been a while since I posted there.
  8. That's a really fun comic, hope to see more!
  9. I think they said that time is due november 2nd. Also all the submissions are so awesome everyone!
  10. Those who logged in during the quality of life updates got all the beards for as a gift, guess you missed out. And yeah I think the beards should be added to their proper skin sets.
  11. Half of our cast going trough the ancient gateway (forge/gorge) and around the same time the other half of the cast is working on the mysterious moon magic portal thingy. And then with the experience gathered from nightmare magic and moon magic they'll meet together again and find a way ToGetHer (Charlie) and get back home.
  12. Ban Pinegrove because you said that this picture is driving you bananas, and you have Wigfrid on your profile pic and she can only it meat (and candy).
  13. Yep, the events usually are active until the another one starts. I think Hallowed Nights will start on one of these dates: 22, 23, 29, 30. Usually we are getting the news on the event at least one week before the event itself but you never know.
  14. I did the trade inn last year and the drop chances were higher as usual. Here's what I got
  15. These look so nice! I love these and your style!