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  1. I agree, her whole in-game face looks... funky. SandvichSpy made it look much better, she needs to smile more and her skin ought to be more bright.
  2. Guards Burning Everything

    I found a top secret theme that plays when you're near Pig Guards that have set fire to at least 3 or more buildings!!:
  3. I have a strange gut feeling that Wortox will be well-versed in the ancient language and will help us decipher what the Ancient Obelisks say. I'm taking about these: But, who knows? Maybe I'm hoping too much.
  4. I have a question about the clockworks, we know by Maxwell's quotes that he made them even when examining the broken clockworks: Broken Clockworks (1)- "There's a reason I never finished that." Broken Clockworks (2)- "That one was a jerk." Broken Clockworks (3)- "Didn't like that one's face. But when examining Damaged Rook he says: "The builders have left it in a state of abandonment." Can someone explain? Did the ancients construct these clockworks first and Maxwell just continued their work? Or am I missing something completely obvious?
  5. I assume the person with the yellow gloves must be Wagstaff.
  6. In the Wake of Warbucks

    Thank you for compiling a post like a civilized person, expressing yourself in an acceptable manner without causing chaos. It is respectable. I haven't played much of Warbucks and I was looking forward to his changes alongside Wilba's Werepig form, never did I expect that they would completely remove him, but, there are not many things we can do about it. (except the use of mods, as you said, which I am fine with) He may not have had many advantages outside of Hamlet but that's no excuse to completely remove him. I too hope they'll reintroduce him in the future.
  7. Huh, that's quite an interesting question. I have the full collection of Maxwell's skins and from him I adore The Victorian, The Magmatic, and The Untriumphant because they are very well designed and feel unique in comparison to his rest. I like to switch between all of them because I feel like it spices the game esthetically and makes me feel joyful. Knowing that I succeeded on obtaining all of my favorite character's skins makes me happy, on a side note I'm intrigued by his unfortunate history and hope to learn more about the Codex Umbra on the future. Overall, it just feels nice to be a big Maxwell fan and have in my possession all of his outfits, I am dedicated to him. Hope it helped even a little bit.
  8. I second that, these will be good to know. Additionally, I'd also like to learn why Wickerbottom is an insomniac. About Wes I'd like to learn why Maxwell trapped him in Adventure mode, I ask this because Maxwell's quote when examining him is: "He displeased me.", but I guess this is minor info I ask about him. Also maybe Winona's time in the Voxola factory?
  9. The single best item in Don't Starve!! Can't wait to get that skin in my hands!
  10. I hope Klei finally nerfs Wes.
  11. Just looking at her hair makes me hungry...
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Cool! Thanks!
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Where's the poster from? And can I see it full? (or you could redirect me to the post where it can be found)
  14. @JoeW Is the DST gift box gonna contain special, new Loyal/Timeless/Lustrous skins that will NOT be available as drops for other people?
  15. A New "A New Reign" Update Log

    This log turned out better than mine, congrats to @AnonymousKoala & @Hobgoblino