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  1. Music too low...

    I'm having the same problem, music on 10 and it's still incredibly low, even though Ambient and Sound FX is on 4 and loud enough.
  2. Screenshot: How it happened: I was in Hamlet as Wheeler, I reconstructed the Stone Thing with all the 4 Things and used it to start World 2 What I was carrying was: 10-12 bundled wraps, a pith hat, a backpack, a Mant Mask, and her Pew-matic, with 10-20 stale seeds stored inside it. I selected Wheeler for my second world, after the world stopped generating I saw wheeler and the Maxameleon for half a second and then the crash appeared (as shown above). I am assuming the seeds stored inside the Pew-matic were the reason behind this crash? I hope you can fix this problem soon, as of now I am unable to play on my world. Thank you, Mathem99 Edit: Here is a screenshot of the crash with no mods enabled:
  3. Is the lava fire pit for a limited-time only? Does anyone know?
  4. So, I Just Woke up...

    Bad News: People mad about Woodie Good News:
  5. Moon Rock Statues!

    Not the moon rock nuggets, it means these: Those can be used as sculpting blocks.
  6. R.I.P

    Have they said anything about this? I was unaware. I thought the version of Hamlet we have now is their final product. If what you're saying is true, then we should expect some news after the finalization of Return of Them.
  7. Well, you know what they say: What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  9. My real life dragon pie

    "Delectable!" Warly savored this delicious meal! Really though it looks delicious!
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Is she? Where did the Developers or the Game mention that she is?
  11. Eye don't see what the problem is.
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I'm putting this on my "Regret" folder.