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  1. Is there any chance we might get this for Don't Starve (single-player)?... Please?
  2. Apparently has a bunch of unused rough sketches of chairs: Also lawn ornaments that go unused:
  3. Would porting this drawer as a unique chest for my Decor Galore mod for DS:Hamlet be against the community guidelines or is it okay? Maybe a confirmation from the developers would be best?
  4. I'm uploading a light sneeze animation that isn't used in-game (as well as the normal sneeze animations in case anyone wants them) Light sneeze animations: Sneeze animations:
  5. Have you found any unused Hamlet interior decorations? Like windows, columns, wall ornaments, chairs, lamps, etc. by any chance?
  6. Hey! That stone helmet is from that one gif KLei released during the announcement of The Forge Season 01! That's real old. It feels nice to see it again.
  7. I've been working on a mod for single-player Don't Starve that allows the player to build a bunch of unused decorations. I'm not sure if I'm gonna scrap it or publicize it just yet, because I don't know if anyone even WANTS this kinda mod in the game. I'm posting a few screenshots here just as a demonstration and if people want it I will release it. The very first screenshot (with Webber) was the one I took in my megabase while I wanted to test how the mod feels while playing. The rest with Wes I did while using creative mode. So, what are your thoughts?
  8. Huh... interestingly enough on puppet.lua you can see that all characters are mentioned (even Wheeler, who was added the same time as Wagstaff) Logically, if they created a puppet for Wheeler (at the same time that Wagstaff & Wheeler got released together) then why didn't they do the same for him? If you follow that logic then this is clearly intentional. Personally, I just think this means that Wagstaff is a projection and can't be held captive. Not even by the Nightmare Throne.
  9. Time for Warly to open his very own Crêperie! (I was inspired by Sunset Skye's video)
  10. The REAL new character for DST has finally been revealed. Those of weak heart should avert their eyes!!
  11. hope you are doing well ^^

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    2. wigfrids hat

      wigfrids hat

      doing pretty alright! glad to hear things on your end are great ^^ certainly given the last year that is something to hold on to<3

    3. mathem99


      I'm glad to hear you're doing alright as well! Last year passed through me quite fast, being asocial made all those months look like any other year to me, I don't know if I can say the same for others. All we need is patience and endurance and this whole pandemic will be over faster than you think.

    4. wigfrids hat

      wigfrids hat

      as someone who is both hyper gregarious and who detests touching it... was certainly interesting x''D

      for sure! it is important to hold-to for the benefit of both the people who are alive now and those who are not yet born.

  12. The Fool Portrait: Wes's new mime animations: mime09: mime10: mime11: mime12: mime13: unused: Maxwell doing mime11:
  13. I don't know if someone has already posted the animations for the unimplemented rookboat and bishopboat, but here they are: Rookboat: Bishopboat: Here are also a player animation called "dodgejump", it looks similar to the animation used when jumping in a wormhole: Also an unused animation called player_sneaky: And last, another animation called "player_tornado", I have no idea what this is:
  14. Wow, crops need that little time on wet soil for them to be satisfied? Interesting. That means that Watermelons and Toma Roots need to spend 10% on each stage on wet soil, but on the plant registry those two crops have three water droplets on their "Water Consumption" does this just mean that these crops dry the ground moisture faster than any other crop, or does it play some other role with the ground moisture?