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  1. The only characters whose full name have been revealed are: A) Wilson Percival Higgsbury, B) Maxwell (William Carter), C) Wendy Carter, C) Maybelle Dorothea Wheeler (From Hamlet DLC). Correct me if I missed anyone.
  2. I've managed (miraculously) to gather 30,004 points and much to my dismay I didn't get the Redbird yet. How many do you need for it?
  3. yo, i had to change a thing in the maxwell's memes page(555) that didn't sit well with me, your call if you want to remove your reaction to it

    1. mathem99


      I thought your original post was quite humorous.

      In relation to your change: I think it's funny as well. Also, thanks for notifying me of these changes. Not many people would go through so much trouble. Very decent of you.

    2. gaymime


      i did too then i realized not everyone would have the take away that wilson is the constant's no1 thirsty boi and might think he was not into a seven-way which gives my comment a very unwanted flavour, in the end it is better safe than sorry, as they say x''D


      i know i would feel crummy if i liked a post then it was changed to something else entirely so it is only right that i let people know

    3. bruhmoment23


      wait what did u post on that meme whats going on lol

  4. I think they look very nice, especially the second one, the style reminded me of Tintin for some odd reason... I hope I am not being too bothersome but how about Wes hugging Chester? That'd be cute.
  5. Low-quality art? You're not fooling anyone, these are amazing pieces of artwork! I can't wait to see what else you'll make in the future. I'll be keeping a close eye in this thread.
  6. Y'all know we need this over in Don't Starve (Singleplayer).
  7. I was looking through Crabby Hermit's speech file and I saw two peculiar strings that caught my eye: HERMITCRAB_PANICFIRE = {"Aaah! I will NOT be broiled!"}, HERMITCRAB_FIGHT = {{"You louse!","Bullying a sweet, innocent old lady like myself!"}}, Strings for fire and fight. Now, I'm rather curious does Crabby Hermit have... a death animation? Does anyone know? And if so, would it be too much trouble to post it here? Thanks in advance.
  8. I know this isn't a Don't Starve meme, but shush!