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  1. Those who logged in during the quality of life updates got all the beards for as a gift, guess you missed out. And yeah I think the beards should be added to their proper skin sets.
  2. Half of our cast going trough the ancient gateway (forge/gorge) and around the same time the other half of the cast is working on the mysterious moon magic portal thingy. And then with the experience gathered from nightmare magic and moon magic they'll meet together again and find a way ToGetHer (Charlie) and get back home.
  3. Ban Pinegrove because you said that this picture is driving you bananas, and you have Wigfrid on your profile pic and she can only it meat (and candy).
  4. Yep, the events usually are active until the another one starts. I think Hallowed Nights will start on one of these dates: 22, 23, 29, 30. Usually we are getting the news on the event at least one week before the event itself but you never know.
  5. I did the trade inn last year and the drop chances were higher as usual. Here's what I got
  6. These look so nice! I love these and your style!
  7. I'm prepared to do some trading at the trad inn when halloween event comes. Hope to get some good stuff, I had to sell creepy couldron and wendy flower head to buy all of these, so I hop to get them back too. With my luck though I don't think so.


    1. bruhmoment23


      Same, i've been hoarding a month or two worth of trash so far that i have like a duplicate of half commons available in the game.

  8. For now people on the forum can set weekly themes for drawings it just depends if they'll want to. We used to do that for a while.
  9. Ban A Random Furry because this thread is hot for some reason and eh... I'm kinda confused.