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  1. The events like these will not be back anytime soon. If you want to play Gorge again try Re-Gorge-Itated mod, it'll enable Gorge game mode for you to play, It's a lot better than the oryginal event too, got few tweeks, perks for new characters and some challenges to try as well, besides these changes it's the same Gorge event you know and love.
  2. Trying to learn to draw faces and stuff, this is the best one so far but there is still a lot to fix here, think it's the head shape and mouth are wrong here, maybe next time I'll post something better.
  3. You have to make it to 1000 posts.
  4. Wouldn't it be better to create an art thread and post all your drawings there than keep creating a new thread for one drawing?
  5. Happy New Year Everyone! <3

    1. Mr0idealistic


      And a happy new year too you :)

    2. minespatch


      Happy new years , finally.

  6. Evil Whisper, (I'll make the good one too). Last drawing of this year, I tried digital painting thingy again and well I'm messed some stuff here and there but overall I like it very much. I based the background on order's sanctuary in Dissidia Final Fantasy.
  7. This is AMAZING! Like you guys always delivering such INCREDIBLE work, Love ya! I nearly screamed from excitement while watching this! haha, Happy Holidays! <3
  8. Thank you! I like it here as well, the contrast between orange and blue is working really well.
  9. I finished it but forgot to post it. The shading on Willow might be a little different form the last one, because last time when I did this something broke and I had to shade it again.
  10. You can keep this thread with all the posts and start posting here dst stuff, and make a new art thread for offtopic stuff in offtopic forum. That's what I did anyway.