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  1. Here's stuff I've made recently. I'm really proud of the Luz drawing (which is the most recent one). The Blue one was for his discord server's anniversary. The Whisper one is meh, I think I'll stuck to more cartoony style with him. And there is the Willow doll with scissors sketch cause why not.
  2. More Little Nightmares art! I kinda messed up anatomy on this one but overall I really like it.
  3. I mean can you really blame him for talking to much? He was lonely for the time you were gone.
  4. 1. Thank you I tried to make a really nice looking redraw of that scene, it was really amazing. 2. This a one of many champions from League of Legends game, Kindred they're are representation of death in the game's world, Lamb peacefull death by arrow and Wolf - brutal death. Basically if a certain person's time came, they are visited by Kindred and given a choice. I really like the idea of them and the in-game stuff. 3.Wanted to try something cute there. 4.Ehm I don't know really, wanted to see how would he look as evil, I like the good vs evil kinda stuff sometimes, It's kinda cliche thing. I like the lighting here and reflections. Anatomy here isn't bad but could be a lot better, especially the face which I never know how to draw. 5.I really like this piece and tried to make it really nicely shaded and detailed and I think I drew my character really good here. The face and anatomy is what I wanted here. 6.Actually Zoe here doesn't wear a cape, it's all her hair, it's another champion from League of Legends (my main actually) and I think I could draw her better here, I like it but I kinda messed up some stuff. 7.This was just a doodle I didn't really tried, it looks alright, I should've fix Yellows mouth. But yeah I liked that song in the movie. 8.I found out about the game not too long ago because of the second one, and I love the world and artstyle of the game! I'm currently working on a drawing from second game which I hope will be better than this one. 9.I adore Marcy she's just so lovable! so I just had to draw her and I really like how it turned out! pose is not bad as well even though I'm not good at poses yet. I really like how I drew the music box too nicely detailed, though I think I could drew it with the colored gems.
  5. Birthday doodles cause it's my birthday :>


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  6. Hey, does anybody know if the music used in shorts is avaible somewhere or if it will be?
  7. Wouldn't it be better to create an art thread and post all your drawings there than keep creating a new thread for one drawing?
  8. Happy New Year Everyone! <3

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