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  1. I've posted Ori and the Blind Forest ost so I'll post Ori and the Will of the Wisps ost as well, Gareth Coker did amazing job with the music in both these games.
  2. The first thing that came into my mind when I saw this is "trick or treat or death"
  3. This will be my new mascot Whisperlisc/Whisper the basilisc, it took whole day to draw him which is suprisingly short time for me to draw something.


    1. Le Rafistoleur

      Le Rafistoleur

      How it's so cute ! I love him already ! ~

  4. Just as I thought it would be, adorable!
  5. Does this looks like it? I tried to replicate it. Try using it under the layer you're working on and mess with the opacity. And/or put the layer you're working on on multiply. Plus change your canvas texture to the paper texture.
  6. two parts of this sentence, one ending with "together" and second with "forever", together forever. Was this intentional Charlie?