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Which characters are mained the most?

Poll - Which character do you main?  

213 members have voted

  1. 1. Which character do you main?

    • WILSONNN (Recently watched Cast Away)
    • Willow (This girl is on fireeeee)
    • Wolfgang (Amadeus Mozart)
    • Wendy (Fresh not frozen)
    • Wickerbottom (I use big words to make myself sound photosynthesis)
    • Woodie (O Canada... our home and native land!)
    • Wes (...)
    • Maxwell (Because screw having name trends)
    • Wigfrid (the öbviöus chöice)
    • Webber (Presenting everyone's favourite Marvel character... Man-Spider!)
    • Warly (That animation short...)
    • Wormwood (The sharp inhale of disgust by many ex-Warbucks players when I mentioned its name)
    • Winona (Our closest thing to Bob the Builder)
    • Wortox (Hyuyuyuyu)
    • No shoes, no shirt, no main.
    • EDIT: Modded Character

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I know there have been similar threads to this, however from what I can see none have been in Poll form for a long time. I think this would be a good way of gauging as a whole what the community prefers. 

Make sure to shout at me in the comments for my bad jokes and poor attempts to make witty remarks about each character. (I tried to make it more interesting)

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Webber, wigfrid and wilson are the top pics I see in pubs

It's so weird, the meta is Wolfgang wickerbottom and wx but they are rare as hell in pubs. Wickerbottom I see occasionally, Wolfgang's that do things are like sighting the chupacabra in the arctic and Wx78s for me are the most common but I've never seen them fully utilized properly (probably because you need a good wickerbottom, that and no one likes gear eaters)

Personally I love using Wolfgang, with good old maxie coming in second.

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Webber’s my personal favorite. Always love the little guy, and even if he doesn’t have the best perks and a pretty decent downside, you can always work around it and succeed. And besides, he prefers cereal over bacon and eggs, so it automatically makes him the best!

As for my favorite utility character because I love using the celestial portal to no end, it has to go to Wickerbottom. Unlike WX and Wolfgang, who rely on stat increases to show their power, Wicker relies on using her books, and I’ve always liked both their effects and how practical they are. She is incredibly powerful when used properly, but she does in a way that I find enjoyable and overall pretty fun. It’s also the only way I can put up with disease, since mass lureplanting grass and twigs really makes you not need to worry about the resources for awhile.

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Right now, I'm a Woodie main, because I like the idea of playing as a big scary monster instead of running from one, and the Werebeaver is the closest thing I'll ever get to that. Plus, his personality and quotes are funny, albeit slightly stale at some points. Also, Lucy best waifu.

In preparation (and celebration) of the upcoming Woodie rework, I put #WoodieHype in my steam name and I'm not touching it until his rework drops.


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18 minutes ago, Starlogy said:


the lack of votes here puts a smile on my face.

AcTuAlLy My DsT mAiN iS a MoDdEd ChArAcTeR sHe Is FrOm My FaVoRiTe AnImE aNd HeR nAmE iS NaNi-ChAn ShE gOeS sUpEr FaSt BuT sHe CaNt HiT HaRd So ItS bAlAnCeD, oH aNd SmAlL aNiMaLs ArEnT sCaReD oF hEr BeCaUsE sHe'S cUte uwu



this caused me physical and psychological pain to type.


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