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  1. And in less than a week, Klei listens to feedback and improves the game in the best way possible. Thank you!
  2. Wow, I completely forgot about that. I genuinely thought those were strings for Wurt, but I checked the wiki now and they are not. (That said, given that those files were in the game code for well over a year by now, it's possible Klei started working on something than came up with something else and the "goat character" won't become a thing in the near future.)
  3. I used up my entire ice supply to fill my cans... Only to realize I could have just filled them from ponds. (It was summer and I was playing Warly, so ice was kind of valuable)
  4. Betas are known for being not very stable (the main reason for running betas is to spot bugs before the actual release). I believe your world was a victim of one of such bugs. Did you use any mods? If yes, try disabling all of them next time. Also, I don't know if you did that or not, but when you load an older world into the beta, make sure you have a backup (or just copy the world into the beta rather than moving it). If you do that, no progress is lost if you encounter something like this and you can try again.
  5. I unironically thought this was a Crock Pot skin... Although I wasn't certain.
  6. I think this means Klei will listen to the community and change some things about the update in the next couple weeks, so I believe Wormwood will be just fine when Reap what you Sow leaves beta.
  7. I loaded one of my older worlds into the beta. The farm plots were there, and I was able to examine them, although I didn't try to interact with them in any other way.
  8. As a Warly main, I make farm plots in all my worlds, so it might not be that good if one is not playing Warly or Wormwood, but Fancy Spiralled Tubers is a pretty great recipe in my opinion. A potato, two twigs, an ice, and you have 37,5 hunger, 15 sanity and 3 health.
  9. It's weird. Whenever I get bored of playing a character, I usually start a new world and return to the old one when I want to play that character again, but I can 100% understand that some people would like to play the same world but with a different character, so on one hand, I'm glad we have this option. On the other hand, many people exploit character swapping with characters like Warly (useful unique items, but a significant downside), but after all, these people only ruin the game for themselves (the one thing that annoys me is that some would often manure-talk Warly-esque characters because their upsides are easy to exploit like this). Overall, I think character swap is OK, although I use it extremely rarely. And I agree with the people who say the Celestial Portal should be locked after and endgame(-ish) achievement.
  10. I could honestly imagine something like this in the form of an event like Forge or Gorge. I also play D&D, and it would be fun to see a mix of two of my favourite games. But of course, Klei is now focusing to the main content updates and that's a good thing.
  11. Kiting them is actually a thing. As far as my experience goes, doing 4-5 chops at a time works well. I also believe they don't regrow, though.
  12. As a Warly main, the only thing I dislike about him is how most of his abilities can be used by another character - you can enter a world as Wolfgang or Wigfrid, rush Bee Queen, build Celestial portal, switch to Warly, make like 50 of each dish, wrap them up, then switch back to someone powerful in combat. Personally, I think Warly himself is fine as he is, he's not the only character with this issue, I think the Celestial Portal should be locked behind a greater achievment, like the Fuelweaver or... whatever is going to turn out from the Mysterious Energy. His downside is, in my opinion, the most fun part of the character - I can understand why many people dislike it, but I love cooking in the game (actually in real life too), so being compelled to try out different recipes is a really fun challenge to me. About his advantages... Some say he's one of the worst characters in the game, but once you manage to survive the first winter, he actually becomes very strong, having about the same damage output as mighty Wolfgang with the pepper spice+ Volt Goat Chaud-Froid, and when the target is wet, his damage even exceeds that of Wolfgang. His penalty for eating the same food multiple times might seem like a very significant drawback for the first time when healing during boss battles, but you can actually bring along a bunch of different healing foods and survive. I am very bad at kiting and boss fights in general, but even I could solo Dragonfly and Klaus with him. The only boss fight where Warly actually performs worse than average is the Fuelweaver, where you'll need to raise your sanity quickly and effectively, which is easy to achive by eating dozens of cooked cacti - although Bee Queen Crown with clever use of Grim Galette can absolutely break the fight. Outside of combat, he's also a great resource gatherer because the Honey Crystals, his high stat foods like Moqueca and Bone Bouillon make overall surival easier, his portable Crock Pot, Chef Pouch and Glowberry Mousse make him a fine character for ruins rushing, while Asparagazpacho, Fish Cordon Bleu and Hot Dragon Chili Salad help lowering seasonal threats. Honestly, I think he could use a nerf. His personality is also probably my favourite in the game, he has an unfunny humour like Wilson, but he's overall much more optimistic and bright, and the fact I like cooking in real life makes him very likeable for me. (Seriously, I couldn't believe it when I heard they're bringing him to DST and his rework was one of the best 2019 updates.)
  13. Sorry for the bad quality, just got an idea and had to make it before going to bed
  14. Wow! This was unexpected, thank you! It's really nice to have pleasant surprises like this, especially during the quarantine.
  15. I can't totally see it, but I think the name on the paper in the upper right corner is "Abigail Lilian Carter". I love these little lore pieces.
  16. Thank you. One of the best animated shorts so far. (It came very early, I almost missed crafting 10000 Red Lanterns before the end of Year of the Carrat!)
  17. I think it's because it's not in the game yet (as far as I know).
  18. Ah, the sweet, sweet revenge... I've been waiting for this for a long time...