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  1. There’s also a curled hair version I found, will try to edit in some photos. EDIT: Here, consoled them in. Found four variants.
  2. It’s been a while since my Wendy main days. Looking forward to try her refresh out.
  3. If you mean the second user, they probably just joined and haven’t chosen who to play as yet.
  4. The irony. From the new Harry Potter app
  5. You can trade certain elegants, sell certain elegants and get the money on steam to buy the elegant you want. Important to note, there are rarer elegants such as GoH heads and also more common ones like the Halloween heads. Check out the trading part of the forums, it might have the skin you want.
  6. Looks like a pillar of mud to me. That or beehives in a way.
  7. Capture 43.wmv Rapidly too. Disconnecting has stopped it from making more.
  8. You can light carrats on fire if you’re hungry on the lunar lsland.
  9. I think the punch animation takes longer to hit than when the hand slot is equipped with something so when you want to command followers to attack without your target aggroing you, safer to unequip whatever you’re holding.