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  1. Pengulls

    Once I had pengulls spawn next to my tooth trap field. They wasted my durability, I could’ve left them alone but nooo, they had to commit suicide.
  2. Ah, thought it was actually you.
  3. If you mean the second user, they probably just joined and haven’t chosen who to play as yet.
  4. Despite my forum user, I’m a Webber main through and through. Spider wars are fun and I can ditch the thermal stone in winter with a beef hat.
  5. A use for Glommer Wings/flower?
  6. I’m getting Sound of Silence vibes.
  7. Idea for Webbers

    This could apply to pigs/bunnymen as well?
  8. Forgive me for burning carrats alive for some leafy meat.
  9. The irony. From the new Harry Potter app
  10. Please give sea stacks a map icon

    I would argue that sea stacks being the only threat might be changed as we get more updates. It’s likely that we’ll get hostile sea mobs and sailing won’t be only planning the route and waiting for your boat to float to your destination.
  11. Any skin that can turn heirloom, but Triumphants most especially.
  12. [Poll] On Objectives

    First day of first Autumn: flint, grass, twigs, berries, science machine stuff. First day of first Winter: Get ice, koalefant, maybe McTusk. First day of first Spring: explore if the map ain’t finished, start destroying remaining pig houses or farm tumbleweeds if I lack gears. First day of first summer: Camp out at oasis if that ain’t the base, fish a lot.
  13. You can trade certain elegants, sell certain elegants and get the money on steam to buy the elegant you want. Important to note, there are rarer elegants such as GoH heads and also more common ones like the Halloween heads. Check out the trading part of the forums, it might have the skin you want.
  14. Please give sea stacks a map icon

    And it makes sense to map sea stacks. About the caution thing, the ocean will be filled with creatures that ambush you pretty soon, I reckon.
  15. Regarding M-oose and Goose, yes. I found that out a while ago. Back on topic I don’t like Goose and no sauce will convince me.