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  1. Yeah. I don't think there's a good balance between fairness and challenge in summer. Sometimes you just completely don't see the antlion warning. And the result is potholes in your base for 20 days and a destroyed base. Or one grass smolders and u dont see it, so good bye grass farm, or base. It sucks that if you're going for a pretty base, you must build around a flingo because of summer. It limits creativity a lot. So a lot of people just remove smoldering in world gen, but of course u can't do that in public servers so it's very limiting for base design there.
  2. gingerbread vargs can hit shadows with the icing attack which draws their aggro. probably a bug that no one reported tho lol. Rooks can break ancient pseudo science machines, and if it spawns a nightmare beak, it can aggro the rook who smashed the machine.
  3. it's honestly the worst as walter. I felt it should be fixed, but klei doesn't like to revisit basic character QoL months after the character release. After I played walter a ton, having Woby run from Walter all the time for no good reason is so frustrating. And it looks like they just gave this annoying AI to beefalos.
  4. On the points shop on steam, oni and griftlands have animated profile pictures, but DST doesn't. I want an animation of willow flicking her lighter or wormwood blooming or something else cool like that. DST does however have these nifty steam profile borders
  5. There are 0 klei official servers on latest update.
  6. can someone find the audio for beefalo horn. it's not on the wiki. also can't find the friendship noise, like when you feed a pig some meat.
  7. i can't believe we are giving normies klei gold membership skins. jk, i personally have every loyalty skin except for when my pc broke down and couldn't play. It's great to see all skins coming back. I didn't even know chicken slippers was a thing.
  8. A little sad only 3 refreshes this year. Cuz 4 character really need a refresh. Wes, Wx, Webber, and Maxwell.
  9. The bell seems to be event only. Once the event is over, we're kind of left with only very minor qol touches. I hope klei decides the bell should be base game item. I would like the beefalo skins to be base game content, but you really need to do the pageant to get any of the skins, and the pageant is entire chinese new year event. I don't know if domestication was touched at all, but it would be nice if domesticated beefalo didn't lose domestication over time. You can spend a few seasons taming just to find your beefalo untamed next season if you are not constantly providing salt licks.
  10. you can drop 3 individual logs under a beehive and burn one, and it will destroy the bee hive without burning the resources. better than dealing with the killer bees. killer bee hives are a little stronger and seems to burn quicker so doesnt work too well for them
  11. you shouldn't tell people to work on their grammar. not everyone's first language is english. try to learn a new langauge, it's not easy.
  12. I played this game for 6 years, and have several thousands of hours, and I wouldn't hesitate to quit if I feel I can justify it ethically. I love going on twitch and helping new players become more interested in playing the game, and I've purchased loads of skins and always have a great time playing. I like supporting Klei - not Tencent. Having said that, this decision almost reaches that point of quitting. Klei knows the reaction people had to New Home. A decision to adapt to a "changing industry" is taken as selling out to a future of exploitative game development practices. (yes we can talk about American companies being awful as well - I do not buy from Amazon etc etc, but Amazon does not virtually own the entire video game industry so these critical conversations are very relevant and important.) Klei has welcomed a great community over the years so it's shocking to me they feel they need to even make this decision. One of the reasons to support the company was because of it's appearance of independence. Because of the great community Klei has brought together, you would think transparency would help with keeping this warm welcoming community, but Jamie Cheng is incredibly vague in describing the deal. Why not have the finer details public so people can decide for themselves if they support you or not? Jamie says - paraphrase "oooh it's just a few boring accounting changes, but not much really happens ", but everyone knows that's a giant evasion to explain a giant decision. A decision and response so trite feels an insult to the community's intelligence and passion to support this company. Perhaps people working at Klei should stand up and have a voice with Jamie? Perhaps this deal is set in stone and there's no turning back... And we really don't know how bad it is so far. Either way, I hate it - most other people who are at the age of reason hate it. I suspect Klei knows this is not optimal, and insults us pretending to not know. I will just have to see how things unfold to decide what changes I need to make as someone who was an avid supporter.
  13. The thulecite club randomly creates shadow tentacles when attacking a target. When you do this during the klaus fight, you may notice that the no eyed gem deer actually target the shadow tentacles with their ice/fire spells. Shadow tentacles are supposed to be untargetable.
  14. doesn't the dupe cost you like 8-16 minutes just to do it once. kinda cringe yo.
  15. My feel is the public servers are there, and you just have at it. Just have some fun, and if you're not having fun, then obviously you just leave and do something else. Klei never moderates their servers, only pays for the upkeep. Of course everyone cares about griefing, what you may be insinuating is that they don't care because they don't moderate, which wouldn't be true. Not moderating is their choice. Personally to me, the results are fine, and I rarely have any issues with public servers.
  16. i vote domestication and clothing. domestication is super tedious for little reward, and your beefalo does not stay domesticated forever. I don't use half the clothing in the game because body clothing takes over backpack slot.
  17. wouldn't be op at all... guardian horn pretty useless by itself. In most public games you can eat the horn and no one will ever notice
  18. The shadows spawned by the bone helm can be despawned by spam equipping and unequipping the bone helm. Don't ask me why it just does.
  19. I just want her to have a way to recall bernie, like abigail. And infinite lighter. I think she should actually stay warm while insane. Seems clear her fire powers are pronounced when she's insane, based on her single player ability and the DST Willow trailer.
  20. grim galette is the other stale food that restores sanity potentially. and most recipes if you're wx. If you're on a dedicated server, and others are playing on it, you can paddle a boat, leave the game, and come back, and you will be at the portal. The boat continues moving while you are gone, and you cannot respawn in the middle of the ocean so the game sends you to the portal. it's a good method of easily getting back to the mainland if you have no completely decked out boat w/sails, or just want a quick teleport to portal. easy way to deal with the duo bishops by the ancient pseudo science machine is to feed a rocklobster 3 rocks (~9 minutes follow time), and bring it to the bishops. bishops will attack the rock lobster until the end of time, and u can just ignore the bishops and craft freely at the ancient pseudo science station. make sure you punch the lobster because it cases you to lose friendship, so it doesn't teleport away from the bishops when you leave. I do this on scienceless ruins rushes. (don't worry about the rock lobster's slow walking speed, it teleports to you if you move far away.)