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  1. wormwood is dummy strong. I would like winona to have her own versatile mechanics that make her stand out. even if warly were a swap character which i dont think he is, he has a much more interesting playstyle than others.
  2. pretty sure you're talking about distortion. in game you can go to options > graphics > distortion, turn it off.
  3. its the hardest thing in the world to spend hours taming beefalo, and the easiest thing in the world for a griefer to bring domestication down to 0 by punching beefalo a couple times. serious why does this exist? if anyone hits a tamed beefalo, it is either on accident or griefing. this ruins beefalo taming so many times.
  4. makes sea fighting with thulecite club or the thulecite pellets kind of a waste. not sure if intended. Also klaus' gem deer still target the shadow tentacles with their fire/cold magic even tho the shadow tentacles are not a killable enemy
  5. hnng i just figured it out. In DST main menu, there's a useful little button on the bottom left that says "data" lol
  6. hello. I use a lot of mods on my old computer. after getting my new computer i noticed that none of the configurations i had for my mods are in tact. i'm wondering, where are these files saved? I want to throw them onto a hard drive so i can just copy paste them onto my new computer files. There's way too many configurations I made for me to want to do it all again... pls halp i already tried to transfer over the following folders - 'mods', 'cached_mods' and 'cached_mods_manifests'. none of those worked.
  7. Return of them concluded with me still wondering who is them lol
  8. Wait what? this update is the conclusion? That doesnt sound right. There is still the unused portal in the archives that has no function right?
  9. My friends streams DST all the time, and response was she can't get drops. What is the requirement to get drops enabled?
  10. you can get the pearl before summer. you could technically finish enough tasks to get the pearl in the first autumn, but would be very challenging. but yeah it would be nice if some tasks were less time consuming, and if the orb weren't so rng.
  11. how do i prevent the new moon rock thing from perishing? it spoils very quickly.
  12. im just amazed they never added bridges. there was a million bridge suggestions over those 2 years, and we still have these super ugly circle boats spam that we use as bridges. There's that bridge mod on the workshop which is absolutely amazing, and just shows what klei could have done with making ocean content not "core" but still interesting and fun. still no different boat types, nothing designed around building an efficient boat base, etc.
  13. seems random but sometimes when you drop the balloon hat/balloon vest on the floor, and punch it, it will do 0 damage to Wes. Even if you're standing right on top of it.
  14. I don't think klei would ever leave their biggest streamers out of a drop rotation. The best solution isn't choosing who to exclude or not to exclude, it's accepting all those who applied to stream their game. Not responding to, or not accepting applications from small streamers tells me that the new system is just a blow to small streamers while big streamers are no different or actually even better than before. Big streamers should not have it worse, it should just be a level playing field for all streamers.
  15. What exactly was the issue with the previous system...? Every streamer who was playing DST category could have drops for their stream. Now it's pick and choose 'bigger' streamers, and small streamers don't get the access? How exactly has anyone expoited the previous system? I saw no alleged abuse, and if there was abuse it must have been pretty fringe. New system just makes small streamers have to watch bigger streamers to get drops, instead of just streaming in old system. It demotivates the small streamers because they will not feel appreciated in new system. Their viewers won't even get drops, so they have less of a reason to show up. If someone applies to get drops enabled, they're showing they care to represent the game on twitch, and that should be enough. they're already freely advertising the game, give them the drops enabled.
  16. my friend plays almost exclusively dst, has hundreds of hours, but not accepted. she made lots of cool worlds i think twitch viewers like seeing.
  17. what determines if you don't get accepted? my friend streams dst almost exclusively and not accepted? :/
  18. ooh thank you! Rambutan's workaround works perfectly. Dunno if that's an oversight... or? but it works when you approach your account from the DST main menu.
  19. I'm trying to redeem the 1700 points but I cannot. halp
  20. Yeah. I don't think there's a good balance between fairness and challenge in summer. Sometimes you just completely don't see the antlion warning. And the result is potholes in your base for 20 days and a destroyed base. Or one grass smolders and u dont see it, so good bye grass farm, or base. It sucks that if you're going for a pretty base, you must build around a flingo because of summer. It limits creativity a lot. So a lot of people just remove smoldering in world gen, but of course u can't do that in public servers so it's very limiting for base design there.
  21. gingerbread vargs can hit shadows with the icing attack which draws their aggro. probably a bug that no one reported tho lol. Rooks can break ancient pseudo science machines, and if it spawns a nightmare beak, it can aggro the rook who smashed the machine.