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  1. Don't understand this one. The new farming mechanics heavily favor end game players who have time to dedicate to their farm. End game players have all the fertilizer, ruins gardening hat, one man band, etc. The new mechanics heavily weigh against early game players like me who used farms with manure to instantly get vegetables - and cannot do this any more.
  2. Hrm idk about disease. I'm personally glad it's gone. It messes up my farm designs all the time lol I'd hope that if we still get instant farming for individual crops, that they are capable of also yielding one seed - because birds no longer have a chance to drop 2 seeds of a vegetable. If instant farming just gave 1 vegetable 0 seed, then it would not be sustainable with the beta bird changes.
  3. I found the other day that in winter, ponds freeze over, but you can go into the cave and fill the water cans with the ponds by toad stool/lichen However, I have NO idea why... but after I filled all 5 water cans and came up from the cave... all my water cans had 0% durability. Maybe someone can shed light onto why that happened or if it was a bug x_x
  4. I love the new farming so much. It feels waaay more like farming. It's fun and rewarding and intuitive. I spent a lot of time learning how nutrients work, and how each plant has different soil needs and season conditions to become "Giant". I love how you are more rewarded for spending a lot of time gardening. I'm still learning and testing some things until I decide if it's too weak/strong. However, my only concern thus far is that while the new farming is more fun and has a lot of reward for hard work and attention, I'm thinking that this may heavily nerf vegetables for those who do not want to spend a lot of time farming. For example, pre-beta you can just grab a seed, throw it into the farm plot, plop 2 manure on it, and voila ~ you have the vegetable/fruit that you want instantly. This was easy and efficient for when you wanted to prepare for a boss very soon as Warly, and you just needed that pepper/garlic powder real fast to get the buff. When the beta goes through, as far as I know, there would be no quick way to turn a seed into a vegetable anymore. I'm hoping that for Warly players, they can still have a way like before to turn a desired seed into a vegetable when they need to - not have to farm it passively for like 6 days to grow one measly pepper... Maybe Klei has a better idea. But I would propose that manure still have the ability to skip stages of growth for crops. This was very important for getting a single vegetable when you needed it. It could be balanced so that perhaps vegetables grown this way never become giant. It could be balanced by increasing the manure amount to 4 rather than the current 2 manure - just some ideas. Either way, I would miss having that ability to quickly get a desired veggie. Wicker is able to have 10 plants skip growth with 1 read of her book, so I think it would be fair for there to still be an item (any fertilizer probably) to skip growth for 1 plant.
  5. Fire pump was an item added to a recent RoT update in the past couple months. Not much has been said about it. I'm just thinking about it cuz it's been pretty inefficient in my experience for several reasons. The idea was to use it to the douse fires on your boat. However, if your boat is moving because the sails are up, or you're paddling, etc... then the liquid projectiles completely miss the fire because they are so slow that they don't keep up with your boat, and the AoE isn't big enough to reach enough of the fire. (really, make a boat with a mast and a fire hose, it's actually really funny how the fire hose misses every single fire on the boat if it's moving.) It's slower than a flingomatic in a situation where you really need it to be faster than a flingomatic... Not only that, but you have to constantly be at it for it to work - you need to pump it, when you could be doing other hazard prevention tasks like lifting the sail, dropping anchor, steering off a collision course... Another reason it's no good is that it's made of WOOD. The thing itself burns!!! Since it burns, you literally have to stand on top of fire to use it... to hose itself off... Why cant it be made of cutstone or marble so it doesn't have to douse itself off??? LASTLY, There are simply better options. God forbid you have to put a flingomatic on your boat... but hey, it works better. But I wouldn't even put a flingomatic on your boat, you're better off saving the boat space with waterballoons (waaay easier to get than fire hose) or with the luxury fan (very underrated for saving boat.) So, there's my thoughts on a very interesting item that was recently added, but the implementation has been pretty lackluster imo, and could use some work.
  6. You cant use the watering can to refill water at the ocean because it's salt water. However, you can use salt water with the fire pump to moisturize your farm. Maybe the salt water from the firepump is bad for plants and im unaware however.
  7. I've noted that with the new content updates, new recipes have been costing a TON of logs, twigs, grass etc. Take a look at what it costs to make a decent boat, and to make all the new farming materials... For the old farm (pre-beta), you really just needed one farm plot, and a ton of poop- which you could just get by bringing 100 lightbulbs to a werepig. it was SUPER simple and easy. Now you need a ridiculous amount of materials, tools, time, dedication, patience, research.... water sprinkling. These individual updates and changes warrant their own balancing, but one thing I've thought would help this game for a long time is just basic QoL foraging. If we could gather logs and twigs and grass faster, then these super expensive new recipes would not be as much of a problem. For instance, if that 'picky picky' mod were just a base game QoL addition, it would speed up the tedious process of collecting. If the mod (forget the name) that auto stacks wood on the floor was just a base game QoL, it would save a lot of time picking up 100s of individual logs on the floor. Who really wants to pick up all this individually at one time - when it takes like 20 boards for one good boat? Once you play with the mods, you never want to go back. It's just tedious, and with the insanely high costs of new recipes, I honestly feel that these QoLs are necessary for the life of the game, just keeping up with the new content. Hope it's considered. Also, It would be great if in survival servers you just started with 4 twigs/grass, and 2 flint. It's very common for servers to have no grass or twigs near the portal, and flint is always hard to find after a few days. It's not fun for new people when they don't have a chance to even have a start.
  8. Bird would eat the plant specific seeds and give guano at a random chance, now bird wont eat plant specific seeds.
  9. Ocean doesnt work. Try frog pond. Salt water is bad.
  10. Looks like caves are back. I saw the server twice have no caves, so I felt this was my new tortured reality - piggie piggie with no caves. I'm glad they have caves now, hope they stay.
  11. This server always had caves enabled, and now the caves are no longer there. I'm hoping it's unintended. Looks like it has cave now after the update!!!!
  12. This looks interesting... I really hope this makes farming less of a chore. It looks like it could potentially be a lot more difficult. There's so many more tools, now seeds look to be season restricted, birds produce less seeds? I'll have to play it first tho.
  13. The Klei official server Here Piggie Piggie has no caves anymore... was this intentional? This server always had caves enabled... plis bring my baby back.
  14. Attempting to equip your pigman/bunnyman/merm/splumonkey with a milkmade had will just result in them having the hat in their inventory indefinitely. You can give them 16 hats until their apparent inventory is full. If your follower was already wearing a hat or helmet, then the milkmade hat trade will force the headwear to come off, even though the follower does not then equip the milkmade hat.
  15. Would be nice for consoles. On pc there's a first person mod so you really can play the game like that. To make the screenshot tho, I used some camera perspective view mode
  16. definitely don't want coffee. going super speed makes the game play very differently and becomes very easy for no challenge. steamed hams recipe or stats would have to be modified because once you get the atrium heart, the reanimated skeleton gives you infinite foliage for a simple recipe that normally gives 40 hp.
  17. ever since marble suit's recipe was buffed, it's been really good for people who cannot kite.
  18. wigfrid is vegan when it comes to milk? some meat eaters don't drink milk cuz lactose is a sugar, but wigfrid is known to eat sugary treats like jelly beans/taffy/(i think the new mushroom cake) so what's the deal with milk.
  19. may need to go to DST in steam and verify game files Or just uninstall and reinstall.
  20. pvp isnt intended to be balance. its just there for something fun to do with your friends.
  21. In Klei public server I entered a cave and crashed in the loading screen. When i came back i was in the character select screen and I had lost everything i had. There was no rollback or anything while i was gone. No world reset. Just I lost my things, everyone else confused.
  22. I'm thinking the caves is bout due for a fix on the bug that lets you walk on the abyss. It's too easy to walk on the abyss just using gates on the edge of the cliff.