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  1. Warly new skin reminded me with something. .
  2. I found devs graveyard and potential pig skin farm.
  3. Ok so i was kinda bored so i decided to search the forum and found this funny thread which get deleted.
  4. My first meme here. I saw royal guard scary from Krampus so I decide to make this meme. untitled.psd
  5. Exiting and entering interior will cause portable crockpot to glow forever, doesn’t happen with normal crockpot. Edit: Smelter have the same problem
  6. Like poster above said, but it will be good if that character who died during merging world leave blueprint in his grave that have all learned recipes.
  7. Even through Warly perk effect non spoiled food like clipping eating it will not announce his repeated food quotes. Wagstaff doesn't have this problem as he say his non cooked food quotes when he eat it.
  8. While you are hiding in the bush hat announcing quotes like dusk quotes will interrupt hiding, very annoying when you hide from someone then your character say dusk or hunger quote and enemies find you.
  9. no It was only if you picked the meat.
  10. This isn't mentioned in the patch notes -If you picked ANY item that dropped by killed pig guard (halberd torch etc) every pig guard near you will attack you. It should be in the patch notes so players can take care when he pick the loot.
  11. I Can confirm that piko can climb chopped trees.
  12. I prefer the current spidermonkey, they’re new for DS players, the scrapped one is just reskin of cave monkeys.
  13. Destroyed house ---------- Destroyed hedge missing ---------------- Beefalo-like hedge name and quote is missing, king pig hedge have the same problem too, didn't test it with were pig hedge.
  14. Existing and opening the game during volcano eruption announcement (before the meteor land) can end the eruption without meteor appear, this can be used as exploit.