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  1. Repair combine And the trash can to get rid of useless items.
  2. Repair combine make sense that it should be implemented. but i agree with some people here that klei can’t just take someone idea and hardwork and implement it, they may ask them if they want to implement his mod in the game while giving him credit in return.
  3. Nerf Poison

    Anti-venom cost 5 oincs, really cheap. You can throw gold in the wishing well to cure the poison. IMO poison is easy to avoid in Hamlet more than in SW, scorpion have 2 attack one of them only poison you, their dash attack doesn't poison you, so you can bait their poison attack and then start attacking them.
  4. Don't Starve Is Dead.

    Kinda true, walani still very luckluster while warly still very bad They said that they completed the DLC, and DS development cost them money not to mention there is no skin so they only get money to support the game is from the DLC. Not klei problem, they can't avoid breaking EVERY single mod while updating the game, the mod authors who are responsible. ----------------------------------- The only thing that DS need is minor update, workshop exist and there are mods that can extended and add content in the game for you. But I don't really mind if there is some character refresh for luckster character in the game.
  5. We already have woodie who can explore the sea and find lunar island in few days. And her stuff can be only used by her so she doesn’t have any synergy with other. If we ever needed a character with sea perks then he could be able to build special boats.
  6. why did you join the klei forums?

    I remember my first post, I had hard choice between magmatic and gladiator Wendy so I made forum post about it I sticked around because hamlet beta.
  7. Why monster meat is the eyebrows? Beard hair make more sense.
  8. the pig town is boring

    It's because there is nothing to do there aside from visiting shops, resources oinc and relics are outside the town so it's almost better to set your base outside unless you enjoy running forth and back.
  9. Easier transportation?

    Purple gems are easy to farm due the end well, build two telelocator focus and stand on top of the one of it and you can teleport to the other Just put another purple gems before you go back to the original island.
  10. You can play around the downside in DST where pretty much in hamlet the 70% part of the DLC become inaccessible for webber players.
  11. Skins in Hamlet

    Probably not any time soon as they’re focusing on DST now but there are skin mods that add skin to DS
  12. But their perks are useless in DST Better idea make them skin for top hat
  13. R.I.P

    They’re almost finishing the last part of RoT expansion (they added boss today) and there is only 1 new character left to add. after that i hope they give DS some attention, they stopped fixing bugs since months.