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  1. Ok so was playing gorge when one of my teammate harvested all berries in the beginning of the game and then...
  2. Ok so i was kinda bored so i decided to search the forum and found this funny thread which get deleted.
  3. Thanks for this but i have some questions What about his chef pouch? So he will refuse eating anything else like wigfrid? Is it like DS? Can we have number at least? Very excited for the update
  4. Does nettle immunity effect stack?

    You can bring the flower but glommer will not follow you nor he will ever spawn in hamlet.
  5. looking for guide

    This guide helped me a lot in hamlet Didn’t devs said they finished the DLC and have no plans for new contents?
  6. My first meme here. I saw royal guard scary from Krampus so I decide to make this meme. untitled.psd
  7. So since nettle rolls make you immune to hay fever for almost 2 days. Will eating 2 nettle rolls at once make you immune for 4 days? Is there a limit for how much days it stack?
  8. They don’t fear from beard wilson tho. ——————————- Because it’s bigger and stronger than them i guess. i mean how do you feel when some strongman asking you for hand wrestling :p.
  9. But unarmed RoG pigs attack them?
  10. No problem, it’s better to drop the full update at once rather than playing on half-baked update.
  11. It’s the same who describe broccoli as bad food just because he doesn’t like the outer appearance but it’s actually very healthy food.
  12. "Pickup! Oh, old habits..."

    Oh now it make sense thanks. English isn’t my first or country language btw.
  13. "Pickup! Oh, old habits..."

    PORTABLECOOKPOT = { DONE = "Pickup! Oh, old habits...",