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  1. That is true, and that is a good factor that made them remain as is. Still a bit wacky it’s persisted for ~4-5 years after the PVP era ended, though : P
  2. The real Klei Moment is the fact that it still takes 12 moonrocks to make 4 moonrock walls, and every other wall in the game has an average of a 1-1.5 to 1 ratio in terms of mats (6 rocks for 6 stone walls, 6 thulecite fragments for 6 thulecite walls, 8 wood walls for 8 logs and 3 grass, etc.). I still really don’t get why it’s designed like that…
  3. I’ve had my share of spending on cosmetics. Most this year were basically unnecessary (I still have ~20K spools to burn through), but a lot of the skins are made with such care that I might as well purchase the packs. I usually target belonging skins 100%, and I might focus on character skins if they really stand out. Otherwise I usually buy bundles to get the best value.
  4. This event added crow people to the game so it’s actually a 300/10 event no questions asked I don’t like comparing events to other events, because I doubt Klei tries to do that much either, especially in the case of winters feast. It easily dwarfs every other event by a longshot in terms of what you get. When it was mentioned it would be “like winters feast”, I more thought it would be a good “generic” event, not something that has a ton of power to it. Aside from that though, I actually really like this event a lot. It’s goofy and for the most part ridiculous, but I love the theme it goes for. I used to go to a lot of carnival based attractions when I was little over summer break, and this event definitely fits that enjoyment quite well! The stuff you get from it isn’t going to break any records, but there’s some neat items to toy around with, especially tier 3 summer insulation that doesn’t worry about spoilage. The rest has various decor niches, which feels very on place in this event. Overall, it’s a good distraction in an otherwise dry spell of a 7-8 month gap of Zero event content. I can’t wait to see how Klei attempts to expand on it throughout the years, especially since Winter’s feast got a lot of content past the first year as well.
  5. It more goes like this: 1. log in 2. Ingest 2 monster meat (or an idol, whatever is easier), and sit still to get the fastest possible drain. 3. After that, you should have the trick in effect. Using a bush hat right before a full moon hits should protect you from turning afterwards if you wait ~15 seconds into the full moon itself. Unfortunately , because of how the game works, you will have to redo the trick anytime you come out of the caves as well, as you technically log out and log back in whenever you swap shards. This is the main reason I don’t see it as too practical outside of the event, as you would need to play for well over 2 hours in order for the trick to have any significant time saved compared to just raining the wereform or hiding in the caves right before it occurs. In the event though, where it happens every 8 minutes, it’s very usable.
  6. The bush hat trick is more complicated then that, sadly. If you haven’t turned prior to doing the trick after logging in and you try doing the trick, there will be zero progress on getting the weremeter counter down to 0. The only exception is if it turns day, as it forces the counter to be zero. If you transformed beforehand though, it’s where it gets interesting. When a full moon comes and Woodie is hidden, it will use the speed of how fast the weremeter was draining right before he transformed back (This is why it’s critical to turn beforehand). Because it also uses the speed specifically, you need to manipulate that too. If you were punching something as moose during a full moon and the weremeter hits zero, it will take 8 minutes for the counter to go down, which isn’t exactly practical. The inverse is also true, however, and as such doing Nothing as a wereform when it’s not a full moon will result in the meter going down in exactly 15 seconds. If you get out of a bush hat/shell too early, it will still turn you, but the weremeter will be lowered accordingly (if you were idle for 7.5 seconds and move, the meter will be at exactly 50). I don’t recommend doing the trick during a normal moon cycle, as a full moon every 20 days is likely more worthwhile to just endure it and avoid worrying about doing the trick every relog. For the celestial event though, I highly recommend doing it, as the startup cost is 2 monster meat and it will absolutely save you lots of time you would have otherwise had to wait for the wereforms to pass.
  7. Do you mean the anenemy starfish trap? Because if so, that currently has some of the most interesting technical aspects in the game right now, so I certainly wouldn’t call it useless. : P
  8. I was looking through old ROG beta updates to see how content was progressively added, and I saw this gem of a change: Link to where I found it!
  9. Even at 1/3rd of the original sanity rate, his sanity regen perk is still really good for 99.9% of passive sanity loss cases. For most characters, you either need to combat natural sanity loss with clothing or sanity regen, which Maxwell can practically ignore. Even for occasional mob fights the passive sanity gain is almost always enough to outpace serious dangers, with the exception of fighting a boss, which you would usually prepare for beforehand. It’s also important to note his minions got far better in DST. DS minions were super subpar. They lasted 2.5 days, costed 15 HP from yourself (and this could kill you, as well!), didn’t regen with their 75 HP, and were basically slightly better then using pigs for chopping trees and if they were able to mine objects, which you also basically had to be doing in order for them to help you. DST minions in comparison are far better for doing the tasks they are meant to do, and for the most part are usually pretty solid (the duelists are incredibly niche, though). Even if it’s outclassed later on, he still serves a very good role at resource gathering for the first 70 or so days, and possibly further if people kill Bearger and/or haven’t killed fuelweaver yet. Also, while the enlightened crown can basically solve every sanity issue for most characters as well, it is the definition of an endgame boss drop. You are not going to have an enlightened crown for a long time in a world, and Maxwell’s perk is simply just Innate to him the moment he spawns. He doesn’t need to kill crab king and do the whole moonstorm/champion quest to deal with passive insanity issues. It might become less relevant after ~200-300 days when you are usually able to get it without it being too out of the way, but even then he can still get a good advantage of using it over the other characters. It is unfortunate he can’t use his shadow minion perks along with it, though.
  10. Bearger is my main method for basically Anything that involves farming wood. It’s a bit risky to use, but the huge efficiency boost compared to most methods really helps if you can manage it properly. To reduce the said risk, I primarily use a pan flute if Bearger does get into danger, since the AOE knocks just about any mob from attacking it, primarily being treeguards. If Bearger isn’t available, I’ll go with Maxwell for general chopping/mining, and Woodie for controlled clearing (like preparing an area for a build). Both are pretty good for general tasks, with Maxwell being slightly faster but more unpredictable with the shadow minions. If I’m not trying to clear out a large area for general purposes or a build, I usually just go with honey spice and the tools I needed. It’s surprising how much you can clear out with 4 minutes as most characters using that combo.
  11. -Reduce the cost of summoning the celestial champion after the first time. Summoning the champion with 30 charged Moonglass, 15 moongleams, and 3 statics gets dull after awhile, and isn’t enjoyable to farm. If they wish to make the fight something you need to do in order to constantly farm the lights, reducing the summon cost would go a long way. -Add a “portable” pseudoscience station. Similar to how the celestial orb becomes empowered after the first champion kill, having the fuelweaver cause something that allows pseudoscience recipes to be crafted anywhere would help a lot. -Add recipes for archive and the other ruins turf. Pretty simple for archive, but I always wanted to decorate with the standard ruins turf. It has such neat potential, and it’s a shame it’s not craftable. -Make a few other items high res. The ones that really stand out to me are the thulecite crown and club, but other items like the glass cutter would also be nice to see get the resolution bump.
  12. The issue really comes down to the fact the client will almost always have a noticeable delay to when you spawn and when you take control of a character. While the time can vary wildly (I usually take control within 1-2 seconds, but I know my old PC took way longer, with a 5-6 second delay). While I haven’t really been killed by it, I can certainly say I’ve been hit by a batalisk 1-2 times occasionally when I can’t do anything whatsoever. If I were to suggest an improvement, a potentially viable method (although could be abused...) is giving the player a variant of spawn protection whenever they log into a server. This “join armor” would last only ~10 seconds from spawning in, and would dissipate the moment the server was able to register a movement/action (crafting an item or using items/eating food, etc.) of any sort. The effect it would grant would be similar to how when you spawn nearby a trapped portal, mobs of any sort are unable to snag aggro on you, preventing a bunch of cheap deaths as the OP has listed.
  13. Fair enough! I mainly don’t see it as such since the alternative of gathering reeds is usually sufficient enough (unless your world really hated you when it spawned reeds, which admittedly happened to me once). No real reason other then that, especially when you really don’t need anymore then 5-6 stored spider eggs at most.
  14. If you are wondering why this is possible, it’s because of Wormwood’s perk to “craft” a living log. While Wormwood is the only one who can do so, the recipe is considered “global” in terms of being a deconstruction target, allowing any character to deconstruct it. Spider eggs are a decent example, as while only Webber can craft them anyone can also deconstruct them, netting you 12 silk, 6 glands, and 6 papyrus for each. It’s not practical, but it’s an option!