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  1. I find the thurible cage dodge pretty fair. It is Lazy Explorer heavy the first time, but once you get the thurible you will need the explorer way less, which does help on worlds with one Mac. Couple that with the armor and helm and the fuelweaver is a bit more manageable then it typically is.
  2. [Query] On Turfs

    I don’t see how you couldn’t. Any and all items crafted can be deconstructed, and crafted turf is not an exception to this. Funny enough, it’s possible to deconstruct character specific items this way, which also includes living logs since it’s technically a craftable item via Wormwood, which I found amusing. Although, getting 5-10 moon glass from 1.2 green gems isn’t a very efficient idea (for reference, you deconstruct 1 item at a time, even if the item is in a stack). It’s best to just do bath bomb farming for moon glass. It’s not going to be stacks of glass, but you shouldn’t need too much anyways.
  3. Feedback on Malbatross

    I feel like a lot of people are rushing the loot worth immediately. Keep in mind A New Reign was really bad at immediately giving bosses drops. It took 3 additional updates (counting the ruins regeneration of statues and broken clockworks as an “update”) to fully complete fuelweaver’s loot table, and that was with a bonus update in the mix as well. As for the beak, I find it will probably be used as a material. A friend pointed out to me that in the event the new boss destroys all of your sails, you can grab the beak and row to shore, which is probably why it’s an oar. For the feathers, I don’t see anything too wrong with them. You can always duplicate them with green gem methods, and I like the idea of not being able to destroy bosses with high damage weapons to obtain all the loot. Overall if they make the beak have some sort of unique use, it should be alright in the end.
  4. It should be noted you get inadvertently punished for doing this method since you will receive less feathers overall. You need 24 to craft the sail, and any attack makes it have a chance to drop feathers, so using lower damage weapons will generally be more profitable then just steamrolling it with whatever is your best choice. It also doesn’t drop that many upon death, further encouraging you to use other methods. Also, I just realized this isn’t in the return of them beta thread...
  5. I just thought about this today, and I realized it’s completely possible not only to trap his spawn with anenemys, but you could also place the Ocuvigil down to allow you to see exactly the moment when he dies, due to his chest map icon. That’s pretty neato, in all honesty!
  6. Do tidy arenas count? I decided to rework my bee queen catapult arena that I’ve had since day 300, and I like the result I got afterwards.
  7. Oldest World?

    Okay I have to admit I chuckled at the houndious mishap. I can definitely understand the rollback there : P I usually only rollback/need client console in the event something occurs to the world that prevents me from playing in a specific area or the game simply cannot load. There used to be an issue where having too many things loaded would cause a client crash, and I ended up having to rollback once while also needing to run a few client (essentially using only local, and not remote) console commands to hide specific items so I could pick up the loot from 120+ shadow knights (which granted, was completely overkill, but I really wanted to get the most out of it). It was a magical time, for sure. Anyhow, onto the topic, I don’t have anything too special that wasn’t mentioned. As for my furthest I’ve gotten, I’m currently working on a 2900+ world that started in the beta of turn of tides, and I’m enjoying the progress so far and encountering the obstacles of making it to very endgame DST. For proof, here’s a screenshot of the main area I usually am around:
  8. If the player is wearing bone armor with a thule crown, and the thule crown’s bubble pops, the crown will always take damage from hits, even if the bone armor is recharged. As a result, the bone armor will almost always be ready to go by the time the crowns bubble fades, giving you a little more immunity to being stunned. Triple bone armor allows you to block almost every attack in the game, including ones from the tier 3 shadow knight and the bee queen. Managing the armor is incredibly difficult though, and doing double only is much easier, even if you take extra hits. In the event you do have the crown produce a force field that you don’t want due to using more durability then normal, you can quickly unequip and reequip the crown. Doing so cancels the force field. If the player is doing book reading magic, the best place to do it is on the lunar island. When reading, the player will lose lunacy incredibly fast, and since having 0 lunacy is positive on the lunar island, it’s very profitable to spam books as long as you want. It’s also a super neat spot for birds of the world krampus farming, since you won’t be harassed by shadows then on the mainland. As a result you can farm krampus from day to night without much issue, especially if you keep them out using walls/sculptures. One more thing: armor in DST will protect from the full amount of damage even if the durability wasn’t enough to usually do it. For example, taking a hit from bearger with a 3-4% durability football helmet will reduce the damage to 20, even if the armor wasn’t nearly strong enough to do it. I’ve seen this a lot with people who usually play DS, since armor in that doesn’t follow this and will only protect as much as the durability allows, so taking the same hit from bearger with a very low durability helmet will hit you for much higher.
  9. Webber’s my personal favorite. Always love the little guy, and even if he doesn’t have the best perks and a pretty decent downside, you can always work around it and succeed. And besides, he prefers cereal over bacon and eggs, so it automatically makes him the best! As for my favorite utility character because I love using the celestial portal to no end, it has to go to Wickerbottom. Unlike WX and Wolfgang, who rely on stat increases to show their power, Wicker relies on using her books, and I’ve always liked both their effects and how practical they are. She is incredibly powerful when used properly, but she does in a way that I find enjoyable and overall pretty fun. It’s also the only way I can put up with disease, since mass lureplanting grass and twigs really makes you not need to worry about the resources for awhile.
  10. While I do agree powdercakes are fine, how come nobody is talking about jellybeans? They are indefinite, and you can season them. I rarely used jellybeans before Warly since I found most other healing methods were more viable, but getting the buff combined with a decent overtime HP heal is much more tempting, especially since garlic can reduce the damage you are taking, which you probably are at if you are eating jellybeans. I guess you could say that Bee queen is not as easy as just growing corn, and I can agree with that. I am happy something I never used now has some good potential, though. What else am I going to do with 3 chests of jellybeans at day 1500+?
  11. An accurate and truthful representation of attempting to peacefully sleep during the summer days. Gotta love the joys of summer!
  12. While the armor itself is good, I do not agree with the thulecite club being better then a morning star in terms of using the resources. The club is subpar, and not worth the thule at all. Considering that most players can hit higher damage modifiers now, the base damage you lose compared to the dark sword or other weapons gets pretty significant, especially when the tentacles do not get higher damage and are chance based. Combined with its meh durability and costly crafting, it makes it a pretty poor choice to use, especially with how the dark sword (and with the beta, the glass cutter) are obtained easier and are better.
  13. When drawing any spiced dish on a minisign, the dish will appear default and the text will be as if it’s unspiced. This makes it somewhat cumbersome to put spiced powdercakes/jellybeans in chests, as each sign will appear exactly the same, especially given that all spiced versions already have unique icons in the inventory. In this example, a pepper spiced jellybean was used:
  14. Can’t load my default endless world either. Is this due to the new boat changes? I have a 1500+ day world I started in the turn of tides beta that I really don’t want to lose because of this.
  15. Normally, most things lose the collision box the moment the item is destroyed. This is not the case for marble shrubs, as their broken animation has collision until it fully disappears. This applies to both players and mobs, as mobs will try to move around the shrub until it’s gone. It’s most noticeable with the forest stalker, as it will try to move around the destroyed shrub instead of moving straight.