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  1. I still find that pretty impressive, honestly! Even if you quite literally know how everything works in the game, putting the knowledge to survive is another trouble entirely, especially with how winter is a huge roadblock for people due to its multiple dangers + Deerclops, which most who know about it usually don’t do too well until after a few attempts with the boss, so getting across that and spring is still an achievement. Family also is extremely important and should come first, so I understand not being able to play.
  2. For anyone curious about the goat change: The track specifically must end in the oasis for it to spawn. Starting the track in the oasis and having the hunt finish outside of the oasis will not spawn a goat. The goat spawn will always be prioritized over the koalaphent one, but less then the Varg/ewecus one (basically meaning that after ~ day 80, you have a 66% chance to get a goat). Lightning spawns at the exact position the goat does, meaning that unless a lightning rod is close by (and even then, only sometimes it will divert), the goat will always spawn charged. The goat is capable of making a new herd. Overall, a fantastic addition! I’m very pleased with this change, and I respect that you did listen to the community!
  3. I feel like this argument would be way better if you showed one extremely important thing about the dishes: all except leafy loaf have bad spoilage times. Leafy loaf is the only dish that lasts 20 days, and gives meh stars as well. All of the other dishes, while appealing, last 6 days. This means that unless it’s refrigerated or bundled, you have 24 minutes to consume the dish or it’s mostly wasted. And even if you do bundle the dish, the time outside of the bundle will rapidly add up, and it will become stale pretty fast. Overall, the bad spoilage times do even out for me. Yes, the dishes are immensely strong, but their spoilage time holds them back from being a dish you just carry around for repeated fights, especially given how pierogi, a popular healing food, lasts over 3 times as long as beefy greens and still offering the same amount of health. Also, leafy meat in general is kinda tricky to farm already. It takes time for lureplants to spawn to get a sufficient amount of crock pot needs, and grass geckoes are non renewable in non endless worlds. Even if you do have a decent lureplant farm, it’s also import to note the meat lure begins spoiling the moment it sprouts. This means that unless you pay attention to your farm constantly, leafy meat is going to have a considerable chunk of freshness gone, which further reduces the freshness of food cooked in a crock pot. This is entirely different from pig/bunny/beebox setups, where the food might lose 2-3 minutes of freshness tops. Overall, I say it’s an interesting alternative to the typical power foods. They do have their issues, but if you use them right, they can definitely put in quite a punch.
  4. The new leafy meat recipes are going to be highly interesting, and potentially game changing. They offer supreme stats with pretty easy recipes to boot. Jelly salad/beefy greens especially is going to be nice to use. Aside from the foods, I like the little improvements here and there to sailing. There’s even a mast lightning rod, which is cool.
  5. Yeah, it’s lag compensation in the settings. It will take time to get used to, but it is worth it.
  6. I honestly don't mind it that much. Yes, it looks like 8 marble on pen and paper, but it's also honestly not that good otherwise. There's a lot of handicaps when using the slingshot already: You attack far slower with the slingshot then any other weapon. That alone cuts the most reasonable DPS well below half for him, compared to someone else with a tentacle spike Even with that, his weapon is one of the only instances in DST where you can't cancel the attacking animation. Every other weapon can be stopped mid swing to back off of a hit you wouldn't avoid otherwise. Walter's slingshot can't do that; from the moment you press F, walter is stuck in place and is completely vulnerable for one second. For most people this isn't a huge issue, but can easily catch you off guard. Walter already has a huge advantage when fighting deerclops as other characters without the slingshot already: He loses zero sanity from the battle by default, from start to end. Unless you take damage or use staffs throughout the fight, Walter doesn't care how close he has to get to deerclops, it won't cut a single point of his mind off unless he gets blasted by one of it's attacks. Most characters will almost always hit 0 or very close to the insane threshold, Walter doesn't worry about any of that unless you get hit a considerable amount of times. Even with the best ammo in the game, you still only deal 59.5 damage per shot (melty marbles are the only thing that do this BTW), which is lower then most endgame alternatives. Even with a hambat you will still deal more DPS due to the mentioned attack speed loss. You can also do a similar thing using a melee weapon instead. It's a bit harder to pull off, but it's perfectly doable without too much effort. Even then, I still don't like considering these scenarios, since it's not really how the battle is supposed to go. The best I could see Walter doing is being in a viable sniping position to take out 2-3 of the unseen hands and some woven shadows if he gets caged, which is technically better then what most can do. He can even do it with the standard rock rounds. Yes, but only if you constantly micromanage marble shrubs. I already hate these with a passion, and needing to mine, recraft, and replant them just to double my marble gains isn't fun, especially given their above average growth cycle. Sure you can do this, but it takes a lot of effort in order to reliably work well, especially early on. The thing that makes Wicker's bird farm good is it's both extremely fast and relatively efficient. I can see Walter's gold ammo for birds becoming a thing in servers, but Wicker can still farm ~20 birds in 15 seconds. While Walter can be self sufficient in terms of bird farming and likely krampus needs if you are dedicated enough, Wicker will easily surpass Walter in terms of food/naughtiness production.
  7. Sometimes the best ways to use houndious are to go totally overkill and spam as many as possible, as in the case with my DFly “arena”: I used to have 22, but I upgraded to 33 after ~1000 days of having extreme success with it. The return, while taking awhile, is excellent. Even with 22 I consistently got scales each time I fought DFly and she very rarely enraged (in the 1000 days I consistently used this, I only used the flute 9 times, compared to to the average of 2-3 per normal DFly fight, and since the inclusion of 11 more I haven’t used the flute at all for 500 days). Another helpful use for them is to get aided single target DPS with them alongside catapults. Catapults can’t hurt houndious, so it’s safe to utilize both together. I use this for my fuelweaver arena, where the catapults easily take care of the woven shadows and the houndious rapidly rank up damage against the weaver. Of course, the last thing is simply automated hound defense. Even if it’s not the best, it’s basically free once you set it up, and the houndious will always target the hounds as they run at you.
  8. I would still really like to see a way of possessing infinite light without winters feast. I know you can use spores and the like for mushlights/glowcaps, but having to change them every year when you have 50+ is not ideal. The simplest solution I still think would be possible is making klaus drop an additional present bundle with 3-4 festive lights at any point during the year. There are other ways to go about this, but it just seems the easiest and would make some sense. I also like the other suggestions. Rotating sculptures would be really nice!
  9. If those ever come into existence would love if those had a nightmare variant if they were in the caves. I highly doubt it would occur though since that would require lots of excess sprinting, and in general a lot of them would be difficult to resprite into a general nightmare fashion (I do feel some could become triumph-y to suit the mood). As for other uses, I don’t really have anything I can think of. Admittedly this isn’t the first time something like this has occurred with only a single shard (eg. the moon stone is impossible to do without a star caller, which requires the ruins to make). Always can be improved, of course, and would definitely help people who can only use one shard.
  10. Clearly, I would take the pick/axe. I can finally prove to the world that gold has a potent utility use while simultaneously breaking a rock and chopping a tree! /s As for a serious pick, I would take the crown. I always loved seeing ancient designs, and not only does this have that, but it even has the handy dandy function of basically becoming a portable shield every couple seconds, which is always something neat. And if you needed to, you can always wear it as a fancy fashion piece.
  11. The reason why you couldn’t place the walls when others might have been able to earlier was because there was a bug that allowed you to place walls even if the wall itself looked unable to be placed (red), which allowed you to place things much closer and still have the walls covering it. It was especially useful with stuff like the oasis, where you could surround it with walls and not have their hitbox get too much in the way. Was patched, of course.
  12. Blue/red hounds Will only drop gems 20% of the time. It’s entirely possible you are just getting unlucky.
  13. I can’t tell you how much this makes me happy. As a base builder I hated the trees coming everywhere, and it’s nice to have a change! Thanks! EDIT: had some friends check the files. For reference, the limit of trees regrowing by structures is 8 units, or 2 pitchfork tiles. It’s definitely a lot better, but I was slightly hopeful for the full 20 unit radius like other regrowth methods. Oh well, it’s something!
  14. I still don’t see how they would. Even in the most optimal circumstances (light bulbs/spores become infinite in them and the player possesses a napsack blueprint), you still are massively handicapped by the amount of shroom skin you can make. You need to utilize a ton of green gems to even have a decent amount of lights, and even then those lights are only just as good as the Hamlet lamp posts, and technically worse in that aspect because they can be set alight and burn down. On day 6000+, I don’t want my builds to look dark without needing to spend constant time grinding for resources to refuel the lights, especially how I can burn through bundles of light bulbs at this point for what I want to do. I just want some other source of infinite light, because fishing in the oasis 24/7 for 11 months to obtain packages to maybe fill up 50 of them when winters feast hits is not ideal.
  15. I still believe there are endgame issues that could be resolved rather easily, like the lack of viable infinite light (klaus dropping 3-4 festive lights outside of winters feast in a gift wrap would be the easiest fix that would satisfy me, even if it isn’t perfect), turf variety (See: SW and HAM turf choice), and forest petrification (I wish it didn’t target trees you plant, since it really kills using them for decor). I would say world regrowth but I did see how that is being tuned, although it’s currently only on the PS4 version so I can’t say how good the issue has been changed. I’m hopeful it’s decent. One thing I have noticed in general is the inability to craft natural turf. While I don’t have too much of an issue yet, I do know people who are fearful of running out of things like rocky turf for cobblestone. It would be nice to see it be changed with a station to craft any of the normal turfs. Also, in a similar note, why can’t we dig up ruins turf without it being voided from existence? I would love to mess around with it, and even with the red cracks I do think it looks nice for builds. For random additions, although this isn’t exactly QOL, I did suggest a tier 2 lunar item that could be crafted awhile back. It basically would be DST’s root trunk, which I would love to see.