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  1. That normally shouldn’t happen. Normally you can only mine it once and it “breaks”, but then regrows with a 10% chance with each full moon.
  2. I can agree that there are only a lot of spooky structures via skins, but I also half think this is because people are not fully utilizing what the game has to offer for decor. For instance, if I wanted to make a no skinned Halloween build, I can do the following: -Use bat bats -Use graves around the world, especially in combo with totally normal trees -The mad science lab itself (which honestly is still one of my favorite non skinned items in the game) -Scarecrows -Evil flowers, mainly for the ambiance and because you can properly “place” them via planting normal flowers and haunting them -Skeletons (similar reasons, except you die on the spot where you want the skeleton) -Candy bag, and all 14 candies hallowed nights gives -Every potion from the mad scientist lab -Jack o lanterns (this one sucks because it is technically temporary, but there aren’t any other skins that can do a similar effect that doesn’t also spoil) -Trinkets (especially the ones from hallowed nights itself) -Etc. When it comes down to it, a build isn’t always composed of structures. Sure, they will be a focal point, but little items scattered around not only add to the ambiance, but also the feel of the build. And there’s a lot to choose from, too! As for paying for skins, I personally have never minded it. You also get a significant amount of excess spools from all of the drops, so chances are if you played enough you probably could weave the skins you wanted too. A thing I do agree with someone is random little decorative structures/items. For instance, I know a lot people don’t like shell bells, but I personally adore them and I think they look nice for beach builds. Potted ferns/succulents are also neat too, despite not doing anything significant. It’s the reason I love stuff like the little festive baubles from bosses in winters feast. Yes, they don’t do anything, but it’s a neat little trinket that is just fun to have and can put to festive use.
  3. Honestly it is a nice chance. I always hated shadows being inconsistent, and this definitely makes them have a presence. As for impact, I honestly can’t say I haven’t noticed much. Granted my sanity is usually above 50% 90% of the time, but lapsing into and out of insanity hasn’t been too bad for me, since there’s usually one crawling horror when you enter insanity. Once you kill it you don’t have to deal with them for around 3 minutes, depending on outside sources. Chances are if you Engage shadows, you likely are away from other threats as well. Now for boss fights it does get a lot more complicated, but a bit of extra prep isn’t the end of the world. Just bring a few cactus or whatever sanity sources and most Raid bosses shouldn’t be a threat, with the exception of Fuelweaver (which already needs a load of sanity food or items, anyway).
  4. Well, there goes how I was going to deal with damaged rooks spawning from broken clockworks so they don’t break my mushlights and glowcaps...
  5. While hallowed nights didn’t get any new content, the steeped lunar essence actually got 2 new uses: you can turn lightbulbs into bulbous lightbugs, and light flowers into bulbous lightbug spawners. In particular, the latter is nice if you don’t want to go into the lunar caves to get more lightbugs, especially if you do not want to deal with the shadow war stuff if that is active. In addition, Applied horticulture will work on the plants, reducing the enormous 12 day growth timer after “picked” to basically zero. One more thing: you cannot under any circumstances use the essence on the forest stalkers light flowers. Those are considered separate from normal light flowers, and will always fail the transformation.
  6. They actually do have regrowth. In fact, the only difference between endless/survival regrowth is the grass/twigs/berries. Everything else grows, including lumpy trees and mushtrees in the caves.
  7. I don’t see why it would be a bad change, so I’ll be for it. Also, I’m confused on why people state you can’t mass produce it. If you don’t know, antlion accepts and will spit out desert stones in exchange for eggs. Chances are if desert turf starts becoming an issue, you will likely have a bunch of meat/leafy meat farms to convert into eggs anyway. I know it’s summer exclusive, but you likely are going to be through several summers before you are actually making turf, much less doing the archives to get the turf maker. Its certainly less tedious then grinding for bone shards, unless you are playing with a bunch of players or you have a large merm farm to grind bone shards from the spoiled fish they produce.
  8. This feels a bit rude, in my opinion. I have an 8000+ day world where I rollbacked only once because otherwise I literally couldn't boot up the game without hard client crashing otherwise, and I have taken precautions to make sure my grass and twigs don't rot away from disease, even if I do play on endless. The point is even if some gameplay mechanics are tweaked to endless's favor, you still are going to preform core gameplay mechanics. If you lose your grass + twig fields, you are going to be waiting a very long time to recover all of the plants you lost, since endless regrowth is also pretty slow. It's also why I have them a considerable amount of distance away from my base, so disease doesn't impact them as much either. In addition, survival already has a core issue where you can literally lose the entire world if you don't res in 2 minutes, and it really doesn't help that admins have a button that can launch it immediately even if it's on accident. Even in DS the world at least makes you cycle through all of your res methods before it deletes the world, while in DST that is not the case. Even if I take extreme precautions to the point where I've never died in my endless world, I don't want to even try to risk it. I'm not trying to be rude and say that this shouldn't happen (since I think a change like this could be neat, especially for the Pig Village berry bushes). I just feel like undermining an entire group of people for playing endless feels a bit sour.
  9. This only applies to endless/wilderness worlds. In survival, they can’t grow period. It’s the main reason why I swapped from survival to endless, in addition to the fact I really dislike the 2 minute timer for reviving
  10. According to Scott, this is as designed. If you chop every lunar mushtree, they will not come back.
  11. Thank you for this! I really appreciate it.
  12. I think a neat way to at least make the normal ruins turf would be via the ancient chest. There's already recipes for the replica relics, so I don't think it would be too odd to see "replica" turfs added to it's blueprint pool as well. As for the archive turf, I think a good one would be making the yellow distilled knowledge (the one that grants the terra crafter) also give the recipe for archive turf. You could throw it into the altar loot, or it could also be another ancient chest recipe.
  13. Personally I think the easiest way to “fix” it would be to make 2 dusts per craft. I can agree with the cost itself since salt while tedious isn’t terrible to mine, but getting a 1 to 1 ratio just seems like a poor investment in terms of efficiency, especially with ruins resetting. The other way I could think of is making it only take 4 minutes down from 6, and to see hints of progress in between. It takes a bit too long in my book, and a lot of people definitely got confused when they just looked at a dust moth take 3+ minutes scrubbing the same objects with no real visual cues anything was occurring. Could just be me though.
  14. You are not the only one. I (and a few others in the bug tracker) are having a similar issue. I believe they know about it and will try to fix it soon enough.
  15. That's not quite true. While very rare, it was possible to get wormholes in both the caves + ruins in DS, and those could work as well. It's also important to note that in HAM, if you got a piece of land disconnected from the mainland, a wormhole will spawn, despite there being ruins that could have been used to serve the same purpose.