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  1. Off topic, but I don’t blame you for that. While I know it’s probably better to post it in the proper category, the PS4/Xbox DST forums are really inactive, so I understand why you want to try looking in a more active part of the forums. It also helps especially that multiple people here play on consoles anyway.
  2. I mean nothing is stopping you from making them in reasonable quantities. Barnacles last awhile (15 days when cooked), and making a barnacle farm to grind them isn't too out of the way once you have it setup, with the added benefit of using excess barnacles to convert to eggs if you are running low on those. The stats on it are not too bad either given it's quick cook time and pretty simple recipe requirements all things considered, with the only gripe I have being the 10 day spoilage time. It's not a perfect dish, but as a dish that fills a niche I personally think it's in an alright spot for it's accessibility.
  3. *Unagi/Stuffed Eggplant would like to challenge that.
  4. IIRC the reason they are not proof of purchase is because any skin that has that automatically is prevented from being a tradable/marketable skin, preventing them from being listed on the market or being given away. That was at least the case when they were proof of purchase, anyway.
  5. First off, thanks for implementing a lot of the suggestions here! As for other things I can think of, Shadow Hands/Wavey could be nice toggles. In addition, Having a toggle for the frequency of ocean debris would be really nice as well (mainly for driftwood/bottle spawns).
  6. I appreciate these changes! Thank you very much :P
  7. This isn’t quite the case. Having insulation items that work in the opposite season will not make you more susceptible to the season’s temperature. An easy way of testing this is to equip a beefalo hat + puffy vest and another combo without any insulation items at all during the summer, and both will result in overheating at the exact same rate (one might be slightly faster then the other, but that’s because of the ambient temperature fluctuation). The reason as to why is because clothing loses all insulation properties it’s supposed to protect against past a certain temperature range. For instance, if you equip an eyebrella and the ambient temperature is below 35, the overheating protection is voided completely. The same is true for winter items. If you are a bit confused on it, I highly recommend using this steam guide, which helped me quite a bit in understanding how it works. Now, there is actually one key exception to this rule: characters that can grow a beard. While it won’t make you overheat faster without items, it actually takes away insulation from items that have it. If you are Woodie and have a straw hat on, for instance, the effective insulation goes from 60 to 15. This isn’t much of an issue for Wilson/Webber since you can shave the beard easily, but Woodie does have a bit of a penalty during summer as a result.
  8. While I see a lot of people giving advice/tips on how to build gauntlets, I think OP wants to know an effective way of how to deal with them portably, as in away from base/gauntlets. I do think the whistle will be a fantastic way to combat hounds later on. In my current world, I usually deal with hounds via blowdarts if I know I can’t reach my gauntlets. While it is pretty effective at doing so, I can only do it about 2 times before I have to go back to base and replenish the darts. With a hound whistle, you can deal with 10 hound waves and not worry about going back to base. I definitely know I’ll be changing my world events for that item alone. Portable methods will never be a surefire no maintenance way of dealing with hounds, but it really helps having a method on you later on that only takes up a single inventory slot so you can work on projects all over the world, and not need to build a gauntlet in every biome to deal with hounds.
  9. The main ones that come off to me as add that you can’t change are MacTusk respawn times, and the ancient gateway cooldown period (since it indirectly relates to the respawn timer of the fuelweaver).
  10. This is literally an option that you can do the moment you launch the beta, in any world... (for reference, the options are "none", "auto detect", and "always")
  11. Admittedly it’s what I usually fall into. I always usually have a “temporary base” before making a serious base around a few hundred days in. Making a small base would be more pretty, but A. I’m tearing the temporary base down anyways the moment I get established, and B. At minimum, you really only need some crock pots, science/magic, an ice box, turf, and a lightning rod to get by. Other stuff is helpful, but it isn’t always required. I especially don’t make chests until I get established, as a floor storage works pretty well early on and chances are you not much is going to be destroyed when left on the ground anyway, unless it’s minerals if it’s in the caves. So yes, while I do enjoy making bases, I’m not in a rushing mood to get them started. Here’s a picture of my current 9000+ day world on ~day 140, for a quick reference :P
  12. Those grow back in endless/wilderness only. As for that list, it’s specifically grass tufts, twigs, and both types of bushes that can grow back. Endless doesn’t impact any other form of regrowth.
  13. I feel like I should probably clarify a few things about that discord: 1. That discord, in no way, was a "official" DST discord. It was simply a discord that had the largest amount of users before it got closed (around 23,800). While it did have a few of the devs in it, it was not strictly run by them. 2. The rules list in the old server (and the new one, I guess) were not anymore difficult to understand then the Community Guidelines on the forums. If you could make a post without Joe giving you the stink eye, you were probably fine on the discord. If you did feel like you were banned in a way that felt unfair, there's always the opportunity to request an appeal to be unbanned. I've seen multiple people successfully appeal during the few years I was in the discord, so I can say it's process was relatively lenient on forgiving mistakes. I'm not going to say the discord was perfect in any way. There's a lot of things that gripe me the wrong way on it, and I'm not going to deny that. It won't be for everyone, and that's okay. There's plenty of other smaller DS/T oriented discords that I've joined that I enjoy a lot more, and I know many people have had similar results. The unofficial discord just held a special place for both being the largest server and one of the few that got me attached to the community.
  14. It got patched in the latest update, unfortunately! You can no longer put the bell in wraps, similar to how irreplaceable items work. You still can bring beefalo to and from the caves the bell though, as it isn’t fully counted as irreplaceable. I’m still sad about it because that means I can’t live my dreams of having a pocket dimension beefalo ready to appear and disappear at a moments notice, but at least I can still name it.
  15. I've had similar issues with this in the past, on my PC no less, so I can confirm this is an issue on any platform as well. Sidenote, I have been able to "fix" this bug by clicking any of the bugged items a few times, which allows me to fix them without dropping and picking them back up. I haven't experienced this much on PS4, but is it possible to repeatedly grab and ungrab an item in a slot to help restore it? That might help the issue without forcing you to drop everything.