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  1. Do most Wormwood’s not do that? I notice that once you get a dozen or so bottles (which, while fairly time consuming, is a one and done thing since you get the bottles back) it’s very easy to get to/maintain the state, and the benefits (especially speed) far outweigh the negatives IMO. I misinterpreted your earlier post when you mentioned farming perks as something wormwood was not good at, and I do apologize for it. I do hope he gets a bit more non farming-themed boons overtime since I do admit he lacks a little on plant synergies that do not directly involve farming. I can see it being more difficult to use on him given his no healing from food downside, although I do feel it’s a bit more moot towards the midgame as he starts closing the gap with other healing items + jellybeans working 99% the same on him as other characters. The husk being empowered on him specifically would be neat though. The reason I didn’t really consider the armor boost on Wig is because it works for every armor piece and doesn't directly reduce the durability drain on said armor pieces, so they still break at the same rate. As someone who has played PS4 for a good while, I can understand the pains of harvesting on console. I do feel it’s certainly really lackluster for binge harvesting crops (especially grass/twigs, you practically need grass geckos/twiggy trees farms on console if you don’t use lureplant farm methods). As for stockpiling I do feel you can get some merit from it if you Posses bundle wraps and like preparing food for years in advance (which I’ve always been keen on doing), but most players won’t play that way and that’s totally understandable. A. Minor nitpick, but klaus doesn’t drop wax paper in winters feast, but gift wrap bundles (which does not unwrap into wax paper). A2. I did mention honey does become substantially stronger later on, but you do still need a good amount of investing to do so. I did go from ~15 honeycomb to hundreds in my world, but it primarily involved an insane amount of BQ killing and deconstructing of wax paper, which takes a good amount of green gems to do. Pumpkins are hindered in some aspects as you mentioned, but they are much more accessible after a bit of investing some time and can still last a good while if you get a saltbox up. B. Meat certainly has its strengths, especially with jerky in general. I don’t think it’s as fast as farming honey/crops, but if you want the most value in the least amount of slots it’s very hard to find something that isn’t jerky. C. I never really had issues with getting the correct seeds. In worlds I play with friends we generally can get a good crop farm native to its season after ~2 hours of progress, and afterwards we essentially have them forever with either bundles/logging out with the seeds. Fair enough, I suppose. He can certainly get crops just fine on its own, it’s just a lot less time consuming if you have a wormwood on the team to help plant/tend the crops. I can certainly agree to that. I don’t think I’ve used sticks unless they were required for a recipe for years now, but I’ve been using honey pretty consistently once I realized how good of a filler it is.
  2. Wormwood still gets a pretty sizable advantage in crops compared to everyone else though. Even if they are not the most revolutionary perks ever, they still are a very nice boon in any scenario that involves planting/tending. You save on golden hoes, you don’t need to spend all your time planting, and don’t need a one man band (even though you use like 5% tops for a 3X3 grid) I mean it’s technically true I mainly wanted to emphasize that Wormwood’s perks, while still decent for him, can be very powerful in teamwide scenarios. It’s certainly not a massive strength if you don’t portal swap or play alone, but considering most people either swap or play together I imagine the benefits will be shared with various team members. I usually get most of my seeds from growing a plant to get 2 seeds + 1 crop back (it takes a bit of effort, but you can still fail an entire stress category). If you are particularly lazy you can go the route of 1 crop + 1 seed and feeding the harvest back to a bird to get 2 seeds, and quickly reach hundreds of crops after only a few cycles. I wouldn’t be opposed to this at all, since I do feel his crafts could get a bit more utility/changes (especially his bramble traps, as those have always been eh to me). Bit confused on the bramble husk argument since you can pretty much say the same for Wigfrid helms, though.
  3. Remember to keep in mind one relies on only needing seeds to make while the other takes a decent amount of infrastructure to setup and can be costly if you are unlucky on beehive generation (which, in the case of my world, generated ~15 hives total). While honey will inevitably eclipse it, pumpkins are still a pretty decent food source in a majority of early to midgame scenarios. Wormwood’s crops are also not just about getting hunger. If you factor in character swapping or playing multiplayer, those crops can do things from boosting your damage to a decent immunity to overheating/freezing option, especially when you craft the dishes in bulk. They also work as a decent healing source since a quick eat item that heals 20 HP is pretty sufficient for most characters, and that’s without using the crockpot. They do use the quick eat animation, so you will eat it in ~half a second. I’m not a huge fan of cooking them since 3 sticks adds up + I don’t really see myself requiring that exceptional amount of healing, but if you do want one of the strongest healing sources + decent hunger it’s certainly an option.
  4. I absolutely agree with this. I find it fairly shocking that a lot of people don’t realize how good low maintenance farming is, especially when Wormwood can innately do it without any tilled ground. Even if you completely disregarded that and only use Wormwood to plant crops on tilled ground, you still outright skip the tilling and most of the planting animation. While it doesn’t sound like a lot, it’s a huge time saver and quickly adds up over time. Wormwood’s innate bloom also contributes as well, even if stuff like the one man band isn’t very expensive.
  5. I personally really like Wicker a lot. While I don’t constantly main her, I always liked her resource approaches. She’s a lot of fun, and it’s neat to try to figure out unique interactions with the books in particular. The main issue I have is while said loop is a lot of fun, it’s limited by the number of books she has, which is 6. You can do a lot of unique stuff with said books if you get creative, but you do eventually hit a limit with that few books. I would love to see a few more books be added to her collection that more people could use, especially if the uses were fairly straightforward but have a lot of potential (Wicker’s SW book, Joy Of Volcanology, is a neat example of this). I don’t really know if I want any tweaks since ATM I like her quirks/perks a lot, but I do feel adding more books would be really nice to see.
  6. While I do feel there are a few grindy elements in DST, I feel you picked a few that are fairly alright to do/repeatedly grind. Farming pre RWYS was really eh and practically forced you to pick Wicker if you wanted Any decent haul in farming, and even that required you to constantly pick crops > feed a bird the crops > replant the crops > Book > Repeat. While there is no automated way to till crops, you can still get a very good haul with minimal effort. Sure, you can put in a lot of effort and get rewarded well, but there's no need to do so if you simply want a 1 crop + 1 seed haul. Since you mentioned Wicker for farming, I want to mention Wormwood is a very good farmer now. Wormwood can induce bloom (which automatically tends nearby plants around him), skip the tilling + 75% of the time it takes to plant a crop, and can plant on untilled ground. I spent 1 summer farming peppers/dragonfruit and netted over 2-3 bundles of each (while also getting seeds) from just one harvest. Lategame you can build setups to speed up a majority of bosses, such as with catapults or (if you really invest time into a world) houndius. You can practically do this for any boss give or take other then the celestial champion (as it has too many attacks that downright 1 shot houndius/catapults) given some adjustments (ex: flingos for CK). Doing so allows for quick and easy kills with minimal costs, especially if you have boss loot like bone armor. This one does have a few good arguments to be made here, although I do partially disagree on some resources, especially with the recent QOL update. Boards: Klei's recent QOL made turf crafting with boards significantly cheaper; Wood/carpet flooring are now 1/4th the cost they used to be and they outright removed requiring boards for the cobblestone recipe. While these turfs are likely only going to be used in a megabasing context other then cobble, a huge chunk of boards lategame were essentially sunken into crafting these turfs. I do agree stuff like chests will put a significant dent in boards though, and I easily required thousands of boards for my chest storage, especially when said chests can't really store a whole lot. Grass/Twigs/Reeds: Grass/Twigs are basically used for Any project Ever, and while it's not needed at insane rates like boards are, you will drain through reserves when doing various projects. Wicker's applied silviculture book does help with farming these resources, and non character specific methods are also usable (just not nearly as fast). Reeds are fairly hit or miss, especially since worlds can vary (tiny swamps vs. having a reed trap). They are not required for too much, but they make some powerful luxuries, especially the Wicker books or gift wrap. Enlightened Crown Shards: I'm amazed you didn't talk about these. Out of any grindy resource in lategame DST, this is the big one. The crown you deconstruct to get these already suffices you with just about any light issue that could arise in a casual context, and the moonstorm punishes you more the larger your base gets. Fighting the champion to get 5 crown shards each kill does not feel sufficent, especially in megabase contexts where the amount of lights you want for decoration can reach into the hundreds, and especially if you want to do cave builds. Being patient and politely asking here and there is Vastly different then borderline insulting the devs to make changes. I would like to see buffs to the lazy forager as well (such as refueling and/or more durability), but I imagine they are busy with working on content and the like, and it's best for things like these to be brought up during a QOL update (which a lot of user requested features were taken into account).
  7. I’m legitimately shocked Wanda’s weapon wasn’t a concept for boss tier weapons, as it legitimately feels like it could have been one. Like for the shadow pieces… At least the shield of terror is a neat item that everyone can get, even if it’s much later then the alarming clock and will actually break if it hits 0%.
  8. This has been suggested a few times prior, but I really like the idea of it and I think it would help this ammo type considerably. ATM, Walter’s slowdown rounds reduce the movement speed of mobs by 33% for 30 seconds. While it’s certainly noticeable (especially for the ancient guardian and the celestial champion), it’s not a huge boon for a majority of the mobs in the game as they normally don’t move a lot when kiting them and tanking them causes them to not move much at all. Attack speed slowdowns have been tried before in SW with the poison spear. It (along with a number of other nice effects) increased the attack delay of mobs, which made them attack slower. This allows players to sneak in 1-2 extra hits in a majority of kiting Windows (including exceptionally tough ones like krampus), and also reduced the total amount of damage you took when tanking. I feel Walter having this on slowdown rounds would make them significantly more powerful, as it would be an excellent support round for a majority of combat scenarios and would help justify the 1 purple gem and 1 moonrock needed to craft the ammo.
  9. I personally would like to see a shield durability buff. The mask is fine, but I do wish the shield was a bit more durable for combat since you can quickly drain its durability even with precautions, and fighting the twins solo for a new one is a pain, especially when it has bugs that prevent you from getting the shield but activating the cooldown for the terrarium anyway.
  10. I personally don’t really mind the distinctions being so abstract, especially since I played DST on 2 accounts: my family account (which became my older brother’s) since early access-the end of forge 1, and my own account which I played from gorge onwards. As a result, I have skins on the older account I could never get (like the bottomless firepit/flame banner), and it’s neat to be able to obtain those skins now. I hope they upgrade the funko’s to heirloom elegant rarity and add elegant versions of the skins. While I do have all of the skins I do Not feel okay with the skins going at such insane prices as they are now (the lantern, in particular, is over $60…) Crabpack is a bit more interesting, though. I thought those were kept in stock lately, since I recently got a (pink) crabbit for Christmas which had the code. I could have just been lucky, however.
  11. Is it bad I legitimately don’t really know who I would pick? I would have picked Wurt, but her rebalance in the rework actually puts her in a pretty good spot. I do like Walter’s niches, even if he could have some improvements. The other characters have pretty good with their perks and can survive alright, even if they could use some improvements. I guess Winona would be my pick? She’s not inherently bad and in fact she is quite good, but I do feel out of all the characters she has the least used potential. With only 4 structures total and 2 being power gen ones, it leaves a lot of untapped potential that would be neat to see realized for her one day.
  12. Thank you for this change! I appreciate it a lot : )
  13. WX’s wetness damage to me just feels very iffy right now. It almost deals double the damage per second of freezing/overheating damage once you cross the threshold, and unlike those where you can very easily heat up/cool off over the thresholds, it can take a long while to go below the wetness one, and that’s if you have 100% wetness resistance or its not raining. Keep in mind All of your circuits will go off once you cross this threshold for 24 seconds, meaning that without outside healing sources you will die within ~a minute if you go above 15 wetness, which IMO is a bit too extreme. I don’t want the wetness downside to be toned down entirely as I do like the concept of them being especially vulnerable to rain, but I do feel there needs to be a bit more of a toned down period, especially since multiple DS mechanics (like poison), already have mechanics where they scale slowly initially and rapidly become much more dangerous after awhile. Edit: I should probably elaborate on the wetness thing, and why I feel it’s a bit iffy to me: For most characters, most of the “bad” wetness effects occur at 35 wetness, which are already incredibly detrimental to most as-is. WX apart from having this has an even more detrimental downside at 20 lower wetness, which feels really iffy. I feel they could still make it so hitting the 15 threshold still makes you lose health + charge at a decently slower rate as a “warning” threshold, and start rapidly raising the damage over 35+ as it is for most characters. Part of it is also because I feel their 60-80+ wetness quotes would make more sense if they are rapidly scaling to lose more HP.
  14. Wetness for WX recently got changed to be much more punishing, doing roughly 9 damage + one charge loss every 4 seconds if you have 15 or more wetness. While I think this is fine if you are ~90-100 wetness, it does not feel good for this to occur that early on, especially when "instant" sources (like oars/water ballons) will fill you over that threshold and easily sap ~30 HP and half of your charge slots trying to setup a fire to reduce below that threshold, on top of the fact you need to have 100% wetness protection to actually decrease wetness if it's still raining. I enjoy the concept of WX being much more penalized for taking wetness damage, but I do feel it should progressively scale with how much you currently have. doing 1-2 damage every few seconds and only slowly losing charge makes sense for ~15-30 wetness, and 40+ is where it should really start scaling to super high amounts. You would still be pretty heavily penalized for going above 15 wetness, but it wouldn't be astronomically punishing.
  15. I think one mechanic in particular I don’t really see too often is hunger reduction items (like the belt of hunger, the hibearnation vest, and the funcap). I think the concepts of them are really cool, but I always feel they stumble in one way or another with their execution. The belt of hunger is the best by a pretty good margin (at a 40% reduction), and overall is a decent non-backpack option for its cost. The main issue I have with it is how it’s both technically a ruins craft and it can be a pretty uncommon one at that. However, considering how infrequent most fight slurpers for a belt anyway + they are technically renewable (although fairly demanding) from a Fuelweaver kill, I feel as this is alright for now. The hibearnation vest is probably the most accessible out of the 3 given how you are forced to encounter Bearger past the first year and the vest itself is pretty good with its own 25% hunger reduction on top of some pretty good winter perks, but I always have been bothered by the durability. It lasts only 7 days, less then half of that of the puffy vest, another really nice winter chest item that primarily needs a substantially easier to come by foe. The funcaps are probably the most iffy to me. It’s main drop is from toadstool, but because all 3 are potential drops from the loot stash there’s a pretty decent shot of getting it 2-3 years into a world as a free reward, and a 25% reduction for the head slot is certainly fairly tempting. However, it also has some pretty severe drawbacks: it’s a perishable, doesn’t have a lot of durability, and food will spoil 25% faster in the main inventory slots with it equipped (which includes the hat itself). In fact, because of the spoilage increase setting the hat to rot in 4 days, you save the exact same amount of hunger you would have gotten then eating the 6 mushrooms to craft it.. I think the items are cool concepts, and I think they have some cool potential, but I do feel they are held back by a few pretty large downsides (and the fact food isn’t a super rare resource, either). If I were to change it, I would like to see a durability tweak on the hibearnation vest (from 7 to ~10-12 days) and a mini rework of the funcap. I would like to see it be a niche of not carrying food on you in exchange for pretty good hunger reduction for the head slot. I think if they increased the reduction to 40% and made food items spoil quicker but funcaps/spores were immune to the effect on top of a buff to its total freshness (to around 10-15 days from 6) would help a lot. As for the belt of hunger I don’t really have anything I would change about it other then maybe making slurpers respawn slowly apart from ruins regen, but it’s nothing that’s a serious issue.