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  1. Best characters ?

    See here - unbiased source WX and Wicker are technically good, but imo are boring as hell.
  2. The first time I boarded a boat, me and a friend crashed into a rock and had to go back to land. My friend got off fine I was however doomed to forever stay on that boat as every time I tried to jump off the boat it kept teleporting me back. I actually recorded my last moments. Return of Them was superb, no issues in our game.
  3. Objective - absolutely unbiased - ranking of all the characters. - I expect the response to be something along the lines of
  4. The Maxwell rework, in my opinion, should be fairly simple: Be able to toggle kiting for the duellists Make it so Shadow Diggers always target different tree stumps so as to not waste time That's all he needs, however it would be nice if they: Buffed his hunger to 175 Reworked the duellist so that it mimicked the player's movements and actions (That way it copies your exact kiting pattern) Potentially added a ranged duellist with for example a boomerang, not moving when throwing or catching it.
  5. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    : ' (
  6. Solo vs Klaus

    How to kill Klaus like a man. Credit to this guy for coming up with this method
  7. caves

    Here's what @rezecib, one of the game's best modders said about it:
  8. Interesting idea, but I think that would be an inefficient way of getting wood as now the puppets would waste time picking each item up before moving onto the next tree. Not to mention that their inventory space could be filled with something like pine cones. It would also make Maxwell a more bland and boring characteri imo. So while it may mean you save time because you can collect wood while doing something else, ultimately you are wasting time because you are wasting nightmare fuel that you will end up having to spend time farming later. Interesting suggestion though
  9. Tbh a massive brute is en route sounds way better. I don't think every change in quote needs a specific reason, it sounding better is reason enough.
  10. Having the duellist tank by not kiting has been something Ive seen people suggest, and while a Torchbearer may serve as almost like an early game miner hat, I think it would mostly be a waste of nightmare fuel. A chester-like shadow is interesting but seems unnecessary.
  11. When you see Maxwell mains reacting confused to your post
  12. I think @inferjus4 said it best: Maxwell is a very interesting concept, yet isn't utilized to his highest potential. And so, I spent a couple of hours thinking and reading through different ideas people have had; and here is what I, and others in the community, have come up with. I apologise if this is a headache to read, I've tried to format it in the most pleasant way possible but apologies if it still sucks. Shadow Duelists Other Shadow Workers Codex Umbra As for skins, I think a lot of us want Maxwell with that coat from Adventure Mode mostly. Talk about dapper! -------------------------------------------------------------- Anyways, Thanks for reading through some of these ideas, if you have any other good ideas, comment them here and I will add them to the thread. Hope your day goes (Max)well. (I'm not sorry) EDIT: After being enlightened about the ways of the Maxwell I changed a couple parts of the thread.
  13. Thank you, it wasn't easy. I spent around an hour studying all his quotes and after discussing the matter with some Wes mains, I decided it captured the sheer complexity and layering of his character's dialogue and essence.
  14. How long is this going to stay pinned for?