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  1. i'm fine with the idea only if it's completely optional because i love my colorful language
  2. i'd like it if could switch between past home menus for free and then maybe new special ones for spools or something
  3. This would actually be wonderful to have especially when you're playing with a friend then all of a sudden they have to go to the bathroom or take a call and it took like 2 minutes to load the server and you don't want to close it or enter godmode.
  4. this sounds more like a bug than a suggestion are you guys using mods? maybe a mod is causing a problem? if not then idk tbh sorry i cant be of any help
  5. my opinion is combat in dst is lackluster and boring but i making a mod for myself which make it not boring so i prefer it actually stays the way it is then my mod doesnt get broken
  6. yeah, but still that's missing out on an entire world and 50-30% of game's content which sucks... I have faith now that there are unlimited save slots which was a big QoL addition that we will get stuff like this too hopefully soon until then it's laggy worlds then I can have the option to play with friends and I can't play in the world when no internet OR not laggy world but the whole "together" part of the game is gone for the world's entire lifespan
  7. pvp in dst sucks dont play it or you will die inside thats my advice, have a good day
  8. hello, im making anti-grief mod and i want it to auto-kick griefers who cause to much damage then i dont deal with them on my server. does anyone know if there's a way to use the kick command as a line of code or some way to kick a player from the server? thanks for any for reading
  9. I reported this bug I think 3 times before over span of a year I think it's unfixable. The lines always appear during winter randomly in the rivers my OCD will forever be displeased.
  10. do you have to install this latest scml compiler somewhere or is it just an update which's automatically installed if you have ds mod tools installed?
  11. Mike23Ua summed up everything pretty perfectly! For me offline worlds actually are less laggy than online worlds and I'm not always playing with friends so being able to play in an offline world and then switch when I can play with friends is preferable with me also it usually takes 20-30 seconds for DST to login to online so I skip it to save time. I don't always have an online connection so not being able to play on my world because there's no internet is saddening... Almost every single game allows you to play regardless if you're connected to the internet so it would be great if DST was up to date like almost every other game with one of the most basic QoL feature of being able to play in your world with no hassle lol. I personally don't care if you can't use skins and DLC characters (which is still kinda dumb since you can use DLC in DS without internet connection) in an offline world, I just want to be able to play in my world with no hassle and annoyance.