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  1. yeah, it's kinda sad can't make chaos worlds anymore... i had to much fun messing around with those lols
  2. I realized this bug is actually from when the moving head update was introduced not the current beta, sorry lol Probably should be moved to the normal bug tracker I guess
  3. after trying to get my mod fixed i think a new bug was discovered the "itemget" events pushed in container.lua is "data.prevowner" value doesn't seem to work cause I try running code in my custom container for that event and try to check that data.prevowner then I can see what the previous player owner of the item was and it just crashes the game
  4. Oh, well I will report the bug then hopefully can be fixed then data.prevowner can be used
  5. :224: attempt to index upvalue 'seller' (a nil value) if I remove the check to see if there's a "seller", if I don't then nothing happens so it seems "data.prevowner" does nothing?
  6. Hey! I'm sorry again, but I can't take all the crashes and failed attempts anymore so I'm bothering you again sorry ! So I realized my thing has another problem and I can't figure out how to make this work... I have this code for the thing you already helped me with (it's basically like a shop container) when you give items to it supposed to give you gold back like it bought the item local function BuyItem(inst, data) if data ~= nil and data.item ~= nil and data.item.buyable == nil then local stacksize = data.item.components.stackable ~= nil and data.item.components.stackable.stacksize local seller = data.prevowner --inst.components.container.opener inst:DoTaskInTime(0, function() if data.item.buyable == nil then -- Don't buy your own wares if data.item.buyable_price then if seller then local gold = SpawnPrefab("goldnugget") if stacksize then gold.components.stackable:SetStackSize((stacksize * data.item.buyable_price)) end seller.components.inventory:GiveItem(gold, nil, inst:GetPosition()) end end end end) end end inst:ListenForEvent("itemget", BuyItem) before the update this code worked fine cause I could use "inst.components.container.opener" as the "seller" to give gold to them when they sold an item to the container, but now with the new update since that doesn't work anymore I'm completely clueless how I'm going to get this working again ... I looked into container.lua component and I saw it has some pushevents for "itemget" which is what this function uses, but the data for data.prevowner doesn't seem to work either so I'm guessing that isn't pushed for the container, but the player instead. I tried thinking if I can use the code you showed me to use for i,v in pairs(inst.components.container:GetOpeners()) do if v then end end but I don't know if it will work even if I can make it work because now that multiple players can have a container open there's a problem that how will I be able to check which player gave the item to the container then the container shop can give gold to that player and not give gold to some random player? The only idea I have is for it to throw the gold on the floor when an item is sold to it, but that's very bad because the gold can then be stolen by other players... Sorry, to bother you so much with this I'd understand if you don't wanna help with this too, haha
  7. That would be amazing, I can't imagine what dst would look like with animations which aren't locked to 30fps if it's even possible! In spriters all the animations look so damn smooth it makes me so sad it's not like that in game. I agree with all these 100% I feel they would fit perfectly in the game and just make it much much better ! Some personal things I'd like for QoL I think would be nice is Have the malbatross watering can able to use seawater to water crops Have more HD textures for commonly seen stuff such as grass, berry bushes, rocks, boulders, trees, flowers, ect. Allow players to switch their worlds between online and offline mode post-creation then you can play on your 100+ day online world with no hassle when you have no access to the internet (even if this means you can't earn skins on that world I wouldn't mind) Allow players to switch the world's gamemode post-creation (like switch between wilderness, endless, ect.) Have option to tone down the insane saturation filter effect, it makes things like being insane during winter horrible you can't see nightmares at all and the snow is so bright its popping out of your screen and melting your eyes Have options to disable pop-ups from happening except for the first time for things like saying "are you sure you want to create an offline world?", "Charlie will miss you cause you'r exiting the game!", "If problems arise cause of mods Klei won't help you!", "the game crashed last time you played and all mods have been disabled!", "data collection is disabled the game won't be able to be online and you can't use DLC", ect.
  8. Do you know how you would use "Container:GetOpeners()"? I'm looking at it and it seems very complicated I don't understand how I would use it to like check if a player with a certain tag or prefab has the container opened Would it be used like this? local opener = inst.components.container:GetOpeners() if opener and (opener.prefab == "wilson" or opener:HasTag("merm")) then opener.components.talker:Say("HELLO") end Edit: I posted before there was an example lol, thanks a lot hopefully I can use that then !
  9. Thanks a lot! It seems to work just fine now, I wouldn't be able to figure out without you, haha ! Cause you smarter than me if you don't mind if I ask a few questions is there any point to use inst.components.container.onopenfn = OnOpen over inst:ListenForEvent("onopen", OnOpen) anymore? Cause it seems now onopenfn is just a less useful version of this event? Also, would you know if there's any way anymore to get who's opening a container or it's not possible anymore without using onopen event and its data? Cause I tried something like this with a periodictask of 1 second and it never worked even while I opened my container as Wilson. local opener = inst.components.container.currentuser if opener and opener.prefab == "wilson" then opener.components.talker:Say("HELLO") end
  10. I tried doing something like local function OnOpen(inst, doer) local opener = doer inst:ForceFacePoint(doer.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) -- Crashed here end inst:ListenForEvent("onopen", OnOpen) and got a crash "attempt to index field 'Transform' (a nil value)" this just so complicated compared to before
  11. In the new beta I noticed some mod characters (ignore they are all wilsons, that's on purpose in their character_none lol) + random vanish when you're half way or higher on the scroll bar this didn't happen in the last update EDIT: I noticed this glitch only happens when you scroll in any way including using arrow keys. When you first go in the server the characters below aren't invisible, but when you scroll then they become invisible and the bug happens
  12. I basically wanna try to get this code working all I need is the latest opener but for some reason this just isn't working at all I have no idea what's wrong.. it keeps crashing saying there is no opener even though I just opened it, putting a dotaskintime delay of 0 didnt help either local function OnOpen(inst) local opener = inst.components.container.currentuser --inst.components.container.opener inst:ForceFacePoint(opener.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) end inst.components.container.onopenfn = OnOpen thanks for the help !
  13. Before inst.components.container.opener worked, but it doesn't anymore in beta which will be official update sometime. Does anybody know what's used now instead to check for opener of a container cause I tried inst.components.container.currentuser and it doesn't seem to work and I can't figure it out by looking at the new container component
  14. obviously it’s allowed why you think there’s hundreds mod characters which use vanilla char asset XD lmao literally all mod icon bg used for workshop thumbnail is asset from dst too LOL