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  1. mind your own business. its not your mod its someone else is mod and they have full right to ban people from using their mod if they want to do so. if i had the power i would ban a lot of people from using my mod as well because there are a lot of people who annoy me and bother me and i despise them when they spit in my face and use my hard work. i wish i knew who this person was then i can tell them what a great job they are doing standing up for their work against harassers.
  2. What?! Showing your current health, sanity, and hunger on their bars breaks the game? LOL are you an elitist wickergang player I didn't say to copy the Terraria menu.. I said to add a crafting window button to bring up all crafting recipes on the screen which's optional to click then players can craft things easier. feels like u didnt even read the post and replied to it so? othr crafting menu in other game they usualy conver the entire screen anyeweays idc about beta menu but it still was more efcient then how it is now. if u not take me serious with that way of expresing as always i cant take u serious either with that way of expresing as always to bro
  3. I wholeheartedly agree !!!! The crafting menu is complete GARBAGE!!! Especially when you're using a bunch of mods which add dozens of new items, not only it becomes an absolute tedious chore to scroll through the menu to find what you want to make but it also lags when a bunch of mods add lot of new recipes! What makes it even more depressing and sad to me is that the "crafting" menu in what seems to be the earliest versions of Don't Starve seem to even be better than what is currently in the game. As you can see this "shop" at least at 5 items shown per row which makes it much less tedious to scroll through a list with a two rows of 5 items then scroll through a list which lags and only shows 8 items which I don't think you can even interact with the bottom and top ones without more scrolling! The game's crafting menu is really need a rework at minimum if it isn't completely changed it needs a crafting window like Terraria has. In Terraria the crafting GUI is very similar to DST, but the major difference is you can bring up a crafting menu that displays all the items you can craft on your screen in a nice square shape then you aren't forced to scroll through several dozen items to find what you want to make... I also love your idea to have a search feature, that would be amazing if you can search for items based on their name or even crafting recipes have tags like how mods can have tags to search for server containing them then you can search "tool" and all the tools in the tab you're on will be shown. It would be an amazing QoL feature and really make the game feel much better if the super outdated crafting menu can be made to be more efficient and less time consuming and generally annoying. As for the stats I literally can't play without the Combined Status mod that when the game crashes and kindly disables all your client mods for you if I join a game and see the mod's disabled I leave and toggle it on. I can't believe the game's GUI in general is still so lacking and extremely bare-bones it doesn't even say your stats without hovering over it which's extremely dumb! Like you said it feels like a mobile game's GUI, but I've played mobile games that have better GUI than DST without mods! I really hope with all the new updates DST is getting which seems to make it feel more advanced and grandiose and less simplistic like it was before that the GUI will be reworked too. Combined Status, Geometric Placement, Gesture Wheel, an improved crafting GUI... these are all things DST really should have instead of the primitive ooga booga ways of doing things without mods for more than 5 years now (technically 8 since the GUI's identical to Don't Starve).
  4. I'd like my character know how to craft all fishing lures, but the hermit crab ones don't seem to unlock with just using code like also is there an easy way to always have a tab unlocked like the fishing tab like how you can add ancient levels to your character with inst.components.builder.ancient_bonus = 4 or did klei stop adding support for bonus stuff after the caves update ? i imagine it'd be very difficult to add a bonus-like builder code for existing tabs like fishing and stuff for modder
  5. in your modmain.lua of your mod post this code AddPrefabPostInit("seeds", function(inst) if inst.components.perishable ~= nil then inst.components.perishable:SetOnPerishFn(inst.Remove) end end)
  6. I tried this but it seems the reason "success" doesn't ever even get triggered even upon catching a fish with the oceanfishingrod local function CatchFish(inst, data) if data.reason == "success" then data.fisher.components.sanity:DoDelta(10) end end inst:ListenForEvent("oceanfishing_stoppedfishing", CatchFish) anyone know what im doing wrong?
  7. idc what wx78 is gender is he's a robot and robots have no rights they are tools for humans to use like toasters, all glory to the human master race mhuhahaa
  8. this in prefabpostinit to them would make it disappear when it rot inst.components.perishable:SetOnPerishFn(inst.Remove)
  9. I got my hopes up -tick_rate 60 would fix my jittery movement, but it made it worse so I guess there's a reason it's kept at 15 by default lol
  10. dst is not even a competitive game, its a game to just play casually and have fun i dont see any problem with if someone wants to ruin their own experience and use such mods then let them. if you dont want to play with that people kick them or make your world friends only.
  11. This bug has been in DST for 3+ or more years now and it always annoyed me a lot.. after so many years I think it would be great if this bug can finally be put to rest and ice sheets and ice boulders of pengulls spawn on the ground instead of levitating in the sky!