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  1. your right my opinion and wouldnt be fun at all because i can only think it would be so it is wrong it was wrong of me to say it here everyone should keep telling me how wrong or bad my opinion for combat is and how my view of fun is wrong and holding a button and moving is the best way to do combat, thank you for being third guy to tell me.
  2. they added esctemplate in hamlet at one point but then removed her, she was the first mod character to become an official character and last because after that they cancelled hamlet because esctemplate struck them with a voodoo curse for removing her from the game. so in short they can never add mod characters to be official again.
  3. you clearly never played terraria and beat it. also you forgot to see the part where it's my opinion you thinking they aren't fun is your opinion. but eh i gave my 2 cents, peace.
  4. I hate the DST combat it's extremely boring. Almost every other survival game's combat mechanics far exceed DST because they allow the player more options, actions, controls for their character while doing combat. In DST it's just hold a button (or even more tedious click on the enemy) and move, repeat the cycle X amount of times. That's not really engaging or fun. Things personally I see would improve the combat by a lot Attacks having a hitbox instead of being auto-target (like deerclops is attack having a real hitbox now) Players can preform an attack while moving which will make them do a of dash/running attack (which stops movement at the end of the state) then when a mob's faster than you or equal speed you actually have a small chance of hitting it instead of having to play tag to the edge of the map or in PvP case literally just playing tag to the ends of the map Players are able to preform attack actions while on the spot like in the console versions of DS Colored team groups players can join to prevent their attacks from hitting other players on their team (if PvP's disabled you can't regardless and if it is if your on the same team you won't hurt each other. Like Terraria) - The forge even had some flag colors which match nicely with the idea Mobs get buffed by a small amount to make up for players fighting capability being improved greatly Shields that allow for blocking and a sort of clothing which allows for dodging (could even be magical using nightmare fuel) Ranged weapons actually requiring aiming like the forge's special attacks instead of using Minecraft aimbot hacks (mobs with ranged attacks shouldn't have aimbot either) Sprinting. May seem unrelated to combat, but sprinting plays a heavy role in making combat more enjoyable. Imagine fighting mid/end-game bosses in Terraria without hermes boots or minecraft boss fights while just walking (which has been done in challenge videos, but that doesn't mean it's fun it's for entertainment). A stamina mechanic would not be needed. Only a simple hunger multiplier maybe of 1.5 or 2 while sprinting and it can give like a 25% speed boost (same amount as a walking cane). An easier to access ranged weapon. aka, bow and arrow. blow darts, boomerang are horrible options for ranged weapons. Walter's slingshot is the only decent ranged weapon which a bow and arrow can be the same but for all characters instead of character specific. Having to manually aim weapons prevents them from being overpowered which's the main reason there are no convenient to acquire ranged weapons. I have a lot more, but pointless to go to in detail because personally I don't see Klei ever greatly improving the combat in DST to be more player engaging and skillful (especially since only a few updates ago they tried adding being able to force attack while just holding a mouse button too) and also this forum is an echo chamber if you go against the popular opinion which in this case is "hold F good" then you get dogpiled on. Biggest reason I also don't see combat ever changing is a lot of people who play DST have potato computers or high ping so without aimbot combat it would be very hard for them to even be able to fight especially with things such as Lag Compensation enabled lmao At most I can only see Klei adding forge special attacks to special new weapons (which's just scratching the surface of making combat more engaging for the player) but that's all. My only hope for improved DST combat is mods.
  5. there should be a world toggle option to despawn character specific items of players under 10 days old OR an option to just give the character specific item back to those newly spawned players inventory. Also a world toggle option for generic items which build up a lot like rot, poop, twigs, stinger, despawn after a _ amount of days the player chooses.
  6. If WX doesn't look like Otacon then it's an epic fail of the grandest proportions when they got his shadow looking like Otacon
  7. Is there a tutorial for editing how DST world is formed? Like I want to make 1 of every biome spawn for example or prevent the mosaic biome from spawning or increasing the size of the ocean or make a biome very small, but I have no idea where I would even start with learning how to do those things
  8. dst combat is one of most boring combat in any game ever just hold a button and move with no variety like different attack, blocking, dodging, proper ranged weapon (like forge is aiming attacks), and the attack mechanic even bad cause instead of doing an attack which has a hitbox it's just a aimbot attack so i wish one day there will be a combat update though i guess for now having the force attack work properly is a start. i hope the bug which players talk cancelling force attack will finally be fixed
  9. the game already all characters magically know what day it is, how long every day will last, and there is magical map which fills itself. those are huge raw data in game already, being able to see temperature icon and what number your stat bars is just QOL. Also I don't like seeing health bar of enemies i never said I want that, imo it would be better if bosses appeared damage when on lower hp and maybe limp while moving to indicate they close to death like in monster hunter. i just didnt say my opinion of how i think mob health mod is very unimmersive but i guess i did now.
  10. if you are using cave world you can also try use this mod to get rid of some lag (sometimes it dont work for everyone but worked for me) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2657513551 you can also try putting some world generation options lower like a smaller world and resources regrowth slower. getting a mod which despawns rot after few days is good too.
  11. the gestures don't happen that early they happen like when your like ~3 points away from overheat or freezing thats kinda useless it only takes few seconds to then freeze or overheat also they only happen when idle which i never idle, always moving and doing stuff. Maybe if the animation happened while moving too and it happened when player is 15 temperature or 55 temperature it would be more useful
  12. imo players should be able to see their temperature (maybe not the exact amount) but in real life you would have a feeling if you are hot/cold or extremely hot/cold so some sort of icon indicating if the player is (very) hot or cold should exist. also it's kinda dumb that after all this time such a simple thing which is almost necessary for any game with stats is the player can't see their exact health, hunger, and sanity without hovering over them. i can't imagine playing the game without combined status it feels like playing dst-lite version which is missing lots of crucial ui the stat bars are also nicely organized in a line which looks aesthetically better than what it is in vanilla too. not seeing how long seasons will last and what is your naughtiness is fine, but other stuff should be part of dst vanilla.
  13. we need whales and killer whales in dst from suspicious bubbles