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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Fixed it
  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Ah, yes!
  3. Gnarwail. Watch out for that big horn!
  4. Deerclops is a she?

    Klei: *releases a fun new event with a bunch of additions* Community: DEERCLOPS' GENDER
  5. It's not random, you can only get nuggets once per day... But the problem was most likely a bug, not this.
  6. Keep the ability to race Carrats

    Thank you. I want to make a "Great World-Around Carrat Race", but I'm not sure if I'll have enough freetime for it while the event lasts.
  7. Potatoes are the Best

    True, Potatoes are the best in general in my opinion for everyone but Warly. With Warly, I think Onions are the best, but Potato is still an honorable mention. And yes, Fancy Spiralled Tubers is a godsent to Warly.
  8. What would you do?

    Make Gobblers slower and braver so it becomes easier to k-*cough* pet them.
  9. World generation problem

    It sometimes happens to me too, but it doesn't ruin the game. You can get twigs from twiggy trees, and there is still a good amount of saplings in the caves. Well, that's a bug... Kind of. That's a set piece.
  10. [Poll] 2019 Update review

    It started so slowly in spring, but now I feel like they're bumping the updates so fast I can't play enough until the next one comes, and I don't even feel like they rushed on the content. Turn of Tides was the one that caused a hype overload to me, though my favourite RoT update was Hook, Line and Inker. Favourite 2019 update? Warly rework. They didn't just bring my favourite character to DST, they reworked him on a really good way, they added new vegetables, crock pot dishes... And I still remember how did I almost explode when I saw Warly in the update post back in May. Sadly, a whole month passed after the release to the point I could actually play him. (Sorry, I'm tired and my English is likely off.)
  11. I was always thinking about a creature that can only be harmed with a specific material/type of material. For example, they could add a new type of lycantroph, or an enhanced type of werepig that can only be harmed by... Well, maybe they could bring silver into the game, but perhaps moon glass? There are many possibilities and I'd love to see some of them.
  12. I think (from the quotes) the altar and the Gestalts whisper each character their greatest desire. Inventions for Winona, power for Maxwell, knowledge to Wilson, Maman to Warly, etc., etc. However, some characters say the altar wants to show or tell something, and the altar pieces semm to want the player to build the altar. Also, some characters refer to the Gestalts as the minions or projections of something.
  13. Warly needs some love...

    Well, of course Moggles grants better visibility, but with the Mousse, you can wear, you know, a hat.
  14. Fishsticks or Pierogi

    Pierogi is more cost-efficent. I prefer Fishsticks.