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  1. I don't have that much experience with every character, but just looking at the characters that I know, I like the list. I'd honestly put Wigfrid in S tier, but maybe that's just because I haven't played a lot of Wortox and post-rework Wendy. Also, as a Warly main, I think he isn't as weak in solo as many people think. Of course, if you're rushing, he's not a great pick, but after you survived the first winter, the game becomes very easy (especially with RWYS now being a thing). And while his food penalty is my personal favourite thing about him, if it's annoying you, it isn't that difficult to deal with, you can just hoard a bunch of meat from hunts and eat meatballs and meaty stew. Quick healing is a much bigger issue, but that's not a big problem early on (if you're not rushing, in which case don't pick Warly).
  2. I think it's much easier to get addicted to Terraria. Terraria feels much more progressive, while DST is a slower and darker experience. I personally like DST a bit more, but you'll find your own preference.
  3. The world has a lot of bad stuff indeed, but I think you're overreacting one bit. First, Tencent is bad, they did a lot of morally questionable things and they steal your data (which is bad, but almost every other company does that too), but you're making it look like they are the devil themselves. I'm worried about where this might be going, but I trust Klei enough to wait and see what's going to happen. Second, purchasing a majority stake in Klei doesn't equal buying Klei. Whatever happens next, preaching doom won't help anyone. I'm even not sure what your point with this thread was, especially in the DST General Discussion. It doesn't belong here, they just don't take it down because people would freak out.
  4. I voted for "I don't know". I'm not really worried about the political part, I don't like Tencent but they're not the devil. I just hope the game won't get microtransactions (well, it already has some, but you can obtain all the skins and DLC characters without spending real money outside of the game's cost, not to mention all the free gameplay content we're getting), but I trust Klei. They were working hard on these games, and they've been honest and generous all along - they more than tripled the number of gifts you can get per week so more people can get the DLC characters for free, and that's just one example. I highly doubt that they did all this to throw what they stood for out of the window. I guess we'll see what's gonna happen. Also, as far as I'm concerned, it's not like Tencent owns Klei now, they just have a majority stake in Klei.
  5. It is a joke. We are on the meme thread, not a discussion page. Speaking your mind is fine, but please, while you're on a page dedicated to memes, only do so if you feel like it's very important. Anyway, back to memes:
  6. These skins are easily some of my favourites in the game. Wow.
  7. And in less than a week, Klei listens to feedback and improves the game in the best way possible. Thank you!
  8. I unironically thought this was a Crock Pot skin... Although I wasn't certain.