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  1. [Game Update] - 367426

    Atlantis, I guess...
  2. The fact Warly lacks sanity recipes is a good challenge in my opinion. In my Warly worlds, my best friend was the Tam-o-shanter, but Vegetable Stinger is a great option too. In the first few days, I always try to farm Moqueca, what needs Toma Root and Onion. Moqueca is perfect for health, and you can use Toma Root for the Vegetable Stinger for sanity (and Onion for Bone Boullion for hunger).
  3. Well, seems like I misunderstood something... Eh, I'm not good at lore.
  4. Actually, Metheus is the Fuelweaver. There isn't any reference for a king, and I don't think there was a king, however it's still possible.
  5. WX's apex is in singleplayer. System overload+stalking stick+magiluminesence+sleek hat+coffee+row boat+(insert the name of that thing that you can craft from Turbine Blades that is dropped by Sealnado. Sorry, I didn't play SW in the past few months).
  6. I... I just can't believe it.
  7. I am proud to follow the Great Warly Cult!
  8. I'm worried about Klei

    I can agree with this, but I'm not worried about the "game is getting too easy" thing. New gamers can experience in this gamemode, and there are tons and tons of challenges for veterans. Play as weak characters, set the world to harder, try a challenge mod, play with a special criteria... So I think it isn't a problem.
  9. I just noticed Warly's death sound played when he disappeared in the short...
  10. [Game Update] - 354959

    Ah, the sweet, sweet revenge... I've been waiting for this for a long time...
  11. Where is the option "They are my favorite things in the game BUT they're the bane of my existence? Seriously, 90% of my deaths is done by bunnymen.
  12. My first thought was "it's not an FPS game", but I read it for the second time, and this isn't that bad. Though I think fighting is not the very core of the game, and fighting mechanics should be a bit less complicated, I'd like to see some of these ideas in-game. If the enemies were less predictable, fights were more interesting (and a way harder, which is not a problem in my opinion). However, I don't really like the idea of the new actions.. The Forge was great, but it didn't have hunger, sanity, and all the survival stuff - instead, it had improved fighting system. I mean, DST is a survival game, and the way how it should improve (at least for now) is not the fighting. But new ideas are always good.
  13. Nobody cares Console players

    Yeah, the world is full of unfair restrictions. Choose the couch, or the updates.
  14. Klei Weekly Art Stream!

    It looked much better in my imagination, I swear. WHO IS THE OVERPOWERED NOW, FLESHLING?