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  1. Since Klei has been adding new characters to the game, I'm seriously considering them adding a Rock Lobster Character. For one, their name could be Walstromite which is the name of a rock of course. Their drawbacks could included decreased effects from food, but the ability to eat rocks sorta along the lines of Wartox and Wormwoods negatives. More rare rocks like gems and gold should give more hunger and could even give special bonuses to health and sanity depending on the mineral consumed. Klei could even go so far as to make a rockpot for specifically mineral based meals made from different arrangements of rocks and gems that only Walstromite and access. To make them more interesting and like their lobster friends, they should also have the ability to temporarily hide in their shell. This would be followed by a brief cool down to prevent abuse. When in hiding they should have at least a 70% damage absorption and no more than 90% for more balancing. Additionally this character should have substantial health perhaps even upwards of 250 hp. Furthermore, they should receive a heavily nerfed - but not totally gone - negative sanity drain in the dark as Rock lobsters live in caves. To balance their positives this character should definitely move noticeably slower to fit more as a tank type of character. Please tell me if this idea seems valid and give suggestions for improvement. I really think a character like Walstromite fits well in the constant.
  2. Hi, I want help to create a character project that works in this way; when enters the game, spawns 2 characters, that one responds to some commands (W, A, S, D, LCtrl, F, Space, and defaults), and other, to another commands (customizable buttons, such Arrows and Numbers, that can bind a controller with 3rd party softwares). The objective is to play with 2 characters in same PC, same screen, same application. Some details/mechanics: > The screen decreases the zoom when players get far to another, up to a limit X, and reaching the limit, cant go further. [I have no idea of how to do it, if any mod does this, please, tell me. Some mods deals with zoom, so, I think that is possible to do it] > To craft, the character can press a button to identify who will craft, putting him in a "craft mode"; using mouse/keybindings/navigation to craft, will craft for the character in craft mode. Doing the same command will get off the craft mode. If other player do the command, will remove the first player of the craft mode (the last player in craft mode will craft). [If someone know how I can bind who is the crafter, tell me] > If possible, the characters will not share prototyped recipes (if one craft a Boards, the other don't unlock this recipe). > Every character have their Attributes (150 Health, 150 Hunger, 200 Sanity), inventory slots, equip slots. Sanity auras will affect only the character in the range (monsters, evil flowers, etc). The inventory and attributes HUDs can be hided/showed with a command. [separated attributes is easy, but the HUDs looks really hard] > The characters will share the craft HUD, minimap and map. [Except for the crafter, looks that here dont have problem...] > If one dies, will decrease sanity of the other like normal ghost, and can be ressurected by the other character, [I think that here need do nothing] For now, I dont want give any special powers; the main challenge will do the template character itself, so, attribute values, combat modifier, sanity drain/regen, custom crafts, and any custom personal hability isn't important at moment (and 2 players playing together with their own attributes alread is a special power, and cant go too far to another, alread is a drawback). Also, I'm not thinking about compatibility with other mods, because for me, with my knowledge, this mod is nearly impossible to do, and thinking in codes to work with others mods, is really impossible. If someone have any question about a mechanic or some possible problem, post here, and I will update the details/mechanics to solve the incompatibility. And who wants help me (and please, do it! Just do it!), just tell me a mod that do something like that I want to do, pieces or suggestion of codes, etc. Or PM me to help in programming. I have no idea of how I can start this character (after get the template). And, if you think: "Why you want this?" I want do this because I'm introducing my girlfriend to play games, and she don't have a computer. Don't Starve is a good and fun game to play together in coop mode. Also, she isn't used to play games, or computer, so in this way I can help she, keeping a close distance in game and out game. I think that others players will enjoy this mod too, playing in same PC with other person to learn to play, or just for fun. (Klei/Experienced Modders, would be great if another player could control Abigail, Maxwell Shadows, Bernie, follower Pigs/Catcoons/Spiders/etc, Critters, Pets, etc, or a new character idea )
  3. Greetings, everyone. I have been playing don't starve together for almost 3 years and I really love this game. I started to make my own mods 2 month ago and already have 2 mods done. But now I think that I want to make something unique, smth that no one ever do before me. I want to create NEW TYPE of character. As a gamer I always like big tanky chars, who might be slow but have a lot of hp and dmg. No I don't want to simply change speed and damage mults. I want to make my character move, act and plays differente compare to regular type character. That means a lot of new animations and artwork. My questions are. How to create an animation for each particullar event/action (chopping, mining, walking etc), how to create a new build for character (makes body parts pngs bigger or even add new body parts) and how to bind all this animation to keyboard. I'm really looking forward for making smth new for my beloved game, actually I'm thinking about working at Klei as soon as I will have enough skills and experience. Thanks for your attention
  4. This is something that's been on my mind for a while now and maybe it can be implemented in the future. So, you know how characters have their own exclusive emotes? Well how about alternative skins/outfits? For example, Sue could have her original alpha(?) outfit design as a skin: And maybe Hazard could have his trooper disguise/toxic outfit: This is just an idea. Edit: I just remembered, if Brainstorm ever gets added as a playable character, she could have a Poizone skin:
  5. As the face of the Don't Starve games,Wilson is a bit lack luster. The only reason to play him is if your new,as most players tend to play more interesting characters. Is this a bad thing? No not at all. Wilson's purpose is to be noob friendly. However I think there is more we can add,while not getting rid of his purpose. He will not be getting any weaknesses as Wilson is meant to be appealing to newbies who don't fully understand the games mechanics. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Advantages I would like to add 2 things to Wilson,to maybe push his relevancy just a tad. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Engineering Science Wilson can now create blueprints to share with his companions Wilson can create blueprints by having a feather pencil in hand while the item and 1 papyrus are next to each other on the ground. This works similar to labeling mini signs. Wilson will get a sanity modifier of +3.33/min for 6 minutes after creating a blueprint (this effect does not stack) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scientific knowledge Wilson has immediate access to all science machine recipes. This is a perk exclusive to Wickerbottom at the moment,but this perk makes no sense to not have on Wilson as he is a scientist --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's all I have for Wilson,as I don't think he needs to be changed too much.
  6. So I have this thing I sorta started thinking on which I'm planning on doing but I don't know much where to go other than possibly not very good options. The idea is to make a button like shift, or any other key that when pressed would increase said character's speed. The only way I can think at the moment is with "GLOBAL.TheInput:AddKeyDownHandler(GLOBAL.KEY_J, function()" but I don't know if that is the best way to go around. Does anyone have any idea how to do that? I really appreciate the help Thanks for reading!
  7. I have seen a lot of people which are still new to modding having troubles with the basic character perks, therefore I decided to create a simple tutorial showing you how to create some basic perks for your character. So if you're having trouble and are working on a mod for DS, RoG, or SW (or... all) then hopefully this could help you out at least a little bit! I know that I'm not the best modder out there, and that there can be few different ways to achieve some of these things in this tutorial, but I'm gonna focus mainly on the ways that I learned how to do them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT DST mods differ in their codding from the DS, RoG, and SW. So sadly this tutorial might not help you if you're working on a DST mod. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So most of you probably are already using a basic character template, which provides you with a basic modmain.lua file, same as a starter character prefab file which already has the basic list of assets, and character stats for you to manipulate. But just in case you don't have them, then here's where you can get them: Extended Sample Character << Click In this tutorial I'll show you how to: - Set/Change your characters Health, Sanity, and hunger. - Increase/Decrease/Turn off night and dusk sanity drain or reverse it. - Increase/Decrease/Turn off moisture sanity drain or reverse it. - Set a HP/Sanity/Hunger regen/damage over time. - Set a HP/Sanity/Hunger regen/damage during specified time of the day. - Set a HP/Sanity/Hunger regen/damage during specified season. - Set a HP/Sanity/Hunger regen/damage from rain or while being in caves. - Set a health/sanity/hunger regern/damage from temperature. - Set a health/sanity/hunger regern/damage from moisture. - Set a sanity/health/hunger loss/gain from attacking creatures. - Set a sanity/health/hunger loss/gain from killing creatures. - Set a Sanity regern/damage by equipping an item. - Erase/Increase/Decrease an existing sanity regen/damage on an item. - Add a sanity aura heal/damage to an item/creature. -------------------------- - Change your character's basic defense/attack power/speed. - Change defense/power/speed based on the time of the day. - Change defense/power/speed based on season. - Change defense/power/speed based on rain or caves. - Change defense/power/speed based on temperature. - Change defense/power/speed based on moisture. -------------------------- - Set your character's heat and cold resistance. - Increase/Decrease the HP damage when freezing/overheating. - Make your character fragile/resistant/immune to heat/cold. - Make your character immune to fire. - Turn your character into a monster or make it "not scary to prey". - Make the spiders/merm ignore your character (if unbothered). -------------------------- - Set/Change what your character can/can't eat. - Change the amount of sanity/health/hunger that a specified food gives. - Create a custom food type/group for your character. - Make an non-eatable item eatable to your character. --------------------------- - Give your character starting inventory items. - Make your character always start with a certain custom item (even in adventure mode). - Give your character a night vision/glow. - Unlock recipes for your character. - Change existing recipes. - Give your character custom recipes for existing items. - Remove the sanity gain/loss from picking flowers. - Mute your character. - Make your character unable to trigger spiders when walking on their webs. (All of the sections are in the same order as in the list above) BTW, I know that you'll see me repeat the same things many times in this tutorial, but that's just because I made it for people to be able to head right away to the section that they care to learn, without needing to read the whole thing. So I'm sorry if you'll find that annoying. Anyways, let's start! ========================================================================= Health / Sanity / Hunger ========================================================================= --=====BASIC=====-- -- Set/Change the character's basic stats -- -- Increase/Decrease/Turn off night & dusk sanity drain or reverse it -- -- Increase/Decrease/Turn off moisture sanity drain or reverse it -- --=====REGEN/DAMAGE BASED ON TIME OR SEASON=====-- -- Set a HP/Sanity/Hunger regen/damage over time -- -- Set a HP/Sanity/Hunger regen/damage during specified time of the day -- -- Set a HP/Sanity/Hunger regen/damage during specified season -- --=====REGEN/DAMAGE BASED ON LOCATION OR RAIN=====-- -- Set a HP/Sanity/Hunger regen/damage from rain or while being in caves -- --=====REGEN/DAMAGE BASED ON TEMPERATURE OR MOISTURE=====-- -- Set a health/sanity/hunger regern/damage from temperature -- -- Set a health/sanity/hunger regern/damage from moisture -- --=====REGEN/DAMAGE BASED ON KILL OR ATTACK=====-- -- Set a sanity/health/hunger loss/gain from attacking creatures -- -- Set a sanity/health/hunger loss/gain from killing creatures -- --=====REGEN/DAMAGE BASED ON ITEMS OR CREATURES=====-- -- Set a sanity regern/damage by equipping an item -- -- Erase/Increase/Decrease an existing sanity regen/damage on an item -- -- Add a sanity aura heal/damage to an item/creature -- ========================================================================= Defense / Attack power / Speed ========================================================================= --=====BASIC=====-- -- Change your character's basic defense/attack power/speed -- --=====INCREASE/DECREASE BASED ON TIME OR SEASON=====-- -- Change defense/power/speed based on the time of the day -- -- Change defense/power/speed based on season -- --=====INCREASE/DECREASE BASED ON LOCATION OR RAIN=====-- -- Change defense/power/speed based on rain or caves -- --=====INCREASE/DECREASE BASED ON TEMPERATURE OR MOISTURE=====-- -- Change defense/power/speed based on temperature -- -- Change defense/power/speed based on moisture -- ========================================================================= Sensibility / Numbness / Characteristics ========================================================================= --=====BASIC=====-- -- Set your character's heat and cold resistance -- -- Increase/Decrease the HP damage when freezing/overheating -- --=====FRAGILE / IMMUNE=====-- -- Make your character fragile/resistant/immune to heat/cold -- -- Make your character immune to fire -- -- Turn your character into a monster or make it "not scary to prey" -- -- Make the spiders/merm ignore your character (if unbothered) -- ========================================================================= Food ========================================================================= --=====BASIC=====-- -- Set/Change what your character can/can't eat -- -- Change the amount of sanity/health/hunger that a specified food gives -- --=====CUSTOM=====-- -- Create a custom food type/group for your character -- -- Make an non-eatable item eatable to your character -- ========================================================================= Starter inventory / Night vision / Recipes / Other ========================================================================= --=====ITEMS=====-- -- Give your character starting inventory items -- -- Make your character always start with a certain custom item (even in adventure mode) -- --=====CHARACTER=====-- -- Give your character a night vision/glow -- --=====RECIPES=====-- -- Unlock recipes for your character -- -- Change existing recipes -- --=====CUSTOM=====-- -- Give your character custom recipes for existing items -- --=====OTHER=====-- -- Remove the sanity gain/loss from picking flowers -- -- Mute your character -- -- Make your character unable to trigger spiders when walking on their webs -- ========================================================================= And that would be the end of this tutorial. It took me 5 days to compose all this, so I really hope that at least some of you might find it helpful. However, if any of this parts/sections confused you, then please feel free to ask me whatever it is that you didn't understand, and I'll try to explain it differently to hopefully help you out. Also: Please, do not ask any questions that have nothing to do with this tutorial (nor anything it shows) in here. (Just trying to avoid unnecessary mess) ^^;
  8. I'm making a custom Character, and trying to figure out how to code the perks I want him to have. They are; -Sanity gain around another custom Character -Night vision -Slowed hunger depletion -Starts with an Axe and a Shovel -Can't be put to sleep by mandrake based items -Speed boost If anyone could help me figure out the coding for this I would greatly appreciate it!
  9. I'm just curious to see what people would think of this. As we know, existing characters are viable to be added into the game via DLC, or reworks. This also applies to unused characters, seemingly. With the newest major update, Turn of Tides, Walani and Woodlegs are now completely viable characters. Who do you think should be ported? An unimpressive character put into a new light, like Walani? An unused character getting another shot, like Wilton (and obviously Wortox)? The big return of Warbucks? Who knows? I'm waiting for that one guy to vote Warbucks. We know who you are.
  10. Hey, I'm currently making a character mod for Don't starve together using the Extended sample character mod from Dragon Wolf, I got everything set up to work, just need to do the statistical stuff and art. (Friend is doing the art bless her soul.) So the character is based off the rabbits in game and I'm trying to make him sanity based kinda like how you see beardlings at low sanity Things I'm attempting to do, but unsure how to really get to work. >Turn into a beardling at lower sanity |Maybe another time| >On hit, get a speed boost and lose 5 sanity. |COMPLETE!| >Health drain on super low sanity |COMPLETE!| >Sanity aura while a rabbit, insanity aura while a beardling |Maybe another time| >Gains half the amount of hunger eating meat |COMPLETE!| >Can do dig actions without a shovel (Removing stumps, digging graves, ETC) |Currently working on!| Everything else like movement speed and heat/cold resistance I kinda know myself. Help is appreciated!
  11. Almost done with my mod, just need to get the art done and one last thing, wanted so the character doesn't need a shovel to dig. How exactly would I program that? I just want to use the crafting animation. Nothing to fancy.
  12. I feel like Warly's concept is very interesting, but the execution is poor. Some of his mechanics could be fixed with smaller changes, but others would need an overhaul. His theme seems to be "variety is the spice of life", so let's start this journey... His food-variety mechanic is the biggest offender. First, it can be gamed; According to the wiki and this other thread from single-player, all you need to do is mash several meatballs into your face every two days, because the timer just resets to maximum when you eat repeated meals. You could fix that specific aspect by having the timer add instead of resetting for repeated meals, but that leads me to my next point - the mechanic itself is boring and punishing. It's supposed to encourage players to seek out new foods they may not have tried, or to explore the work for different ingredients, but instead it forces players to keep a flippin' spreadsheet open, with how recently they ate certain meals. (Alternately, eat a meaty stew every 2 days, since it keeps you full long enough to outlast the variety-timer, completely bypassing the whole point of trying to have varied meals.) That's madness - other players have everything shown in the UI, because DST is a happy fun-time game for relaxation, not salaryman training! Rather than clutter up the UI with a dozen icons for his most recent meals, let's take an idea from that single-player thread - simply give him a random target every day. Simple targets like "meaty" or "sweet" would give him a small boost to sanity, in addition to the meal itself, while something specific but with common ingredients like meaty stew would be medium, and rare ingredients meals like Glow Berry Mousse or Volt Goat Chaud-Froid would be a large boost to sanity. Missing targets would penalize him for increasing amounts of sanity for every day missed (in a row). If you really wanted to put in the extra variety, you could have location-targets - maybe he's craving to eat at a certain location on the map (with a player-visible marker), or a certain biome! His spices are pretty good, but not great. First, it seems like adding spices overrides his food-variety mechanic, since he doesn't say his "I'm sick of this" lines; Alternately, it's just because the game doesn't show two pieces of text for the same meal. If it does override the variety need, I feel like that's just a grindy way to get rid of a grindy mechanic - the preceding paragraph obviates the need for this. If it is just a UI-limitation, then it is again made irrelevant. Now, onto the bigger problem - his spices encourage the opposite behaviour of his main mechanic. You just grind (literally and figuratively, so it's doubly-bad) ingredients, then apply them to food for small bonuses. Monotony is the spice of life! The game already has special meals like Volt Goat Chaud-Froid, Glow Berry Mousse, etc, so why invent a whole new mechanic that also is boring? Ditch the grinding mill, seasoning station, and just add a few more recipes with specific effects! The rest of Warly seems pretty fine to me. Not eating plain ingredients? Fine. Special backpack to encourage and help with his food-theme? Also fine. Faster food drain? Exactly as fine! Special meals only cookable by him and his special pot? Fine dining at its finest!
  13. Hello! I'm trying to find out how I could overwrite the character file for Webber with the use of a mod. I want to replace it with a webber.lua of my own, though I'm unsure on how to do that. What would I have to put into modmain? I'm including the webber.lua I'd like to overwrite the original with, just in case anybody wants to take a look at it. It's basically Wickerbottom -- I wanted to play as her while keeping webber's skins, though I've heard there are legal issues with using Klei's purchasable reskins in mods I'm sorry that this is such a broad question, I can figure some of it out, but I'm not as intimately aware of DST's inner workings as some of you. webber.lua
  14. I know there have been similar threads to this, however from what I can see none have been in Poll form for a long time. I think this would be a good way of gauging as a whole what the community prefers. Make sure to shout at me in the comments for my bad jokes and poor attempts to make witty remarks about each character. (I tried to make it more interesting)
  15. Hello I am currently working on a character mod for DST. And I've added a bow and arrow to the game. But, i'd like to make it so only my character can craft them, but be able to share them. Like Wigfrig and her helmets. My current recipes and code for them are: local bow = AddRecipe("bow",{ Ingredient("log", 10), Ingredient("rope", 2)}, GLOBAL.RECIPETABS.WAR, GLOBAL.TECH.NONE, nil, nil, nil, 1, nil, ATLAS_BOW) local arrow = AddRecipe("arrow", { Ingredient("rocks", 1 ), Ingredient("twigs", 1) }, GLOBAL.RECIPETABS.WAR, GLOBAL.TECH.NONE, nil, nil, nil, 3, nil, ATLAS_ARROW)
  16. Time for me to get yelled at :think: Watching some new videos crop up with warlys buffs has been making me think. specifically wolfgang i know what you all are thinking This guy is trying to ruin our thicc man lets get him!! But hear me out look at how the game was initially made. Don't starve is meant to be a difficult game And it is nice to be able to see team synergies work in Don't Starve Together. But, wouldn't you agree that If the base game challenges can basically be overcome with 2 people doesn't that make it seem a bit too much? So my proposal to get things out of the way is basically keep wolfgang as he is But give him a vamped up version of wormwood's trait wolf would call it "everything is chicken" Meaning he gets no positive benefits other than food from eating. I think this would actually be a suitable downside to the character since lets face it what his downside is now is pointless. Having this as an added downside actually amplifies more of his current downside so it doesn't really change anything neccesary to the character other than how he can gain stats.
  17. Popuko DST

    Version 1.1.2


    Here she is! Popuko from the new series Pop Bob Team Epic! Are you ready to dance the Eisai Haramasukoi with her? Stats: Health: 175 Sanity: 60 Hunger: 150 Hits harder than the average, because she is popuko and f*** you (deals 25% more damage than Wilson) All her dancing training makes her a bit faster! She loves to hit monsters, so she gains a bit of sanity each time she hits something. Beef or chicken? She starts with some beef and some chicken, thats it. Ah, yes, she also starts with a hammer so she can end your life in 30 minutes from now. She has custom voice lines from the anime! Popuko gains sanity each time a player near her gets hit, they deserved it. 1.1.1 - New Perk! Now Popuko gains sanity each time a player near her gets hit! (The same amount she gains if she hits something) I wanted to explore this for a while, and thanks to klei's forum (specially ShinyMoogle, thanks a lot) Popuko It's better than ever! Future plans: Make Pipimi (maybe?) Any idea to make Popuko better? Tell me! This is my first mod so, I hope you like it! If you like this mod, don't forget to give it a thumbs up! It really helps. And now 帰りなさい! You can download it from Steam Workshop Here:
  18. I won't go through the whole process I'm only gonna point out problems and fixes I found on the forum. I will also add links to the threads I found solutions on at the end. I don't know if they work with RoG or vanilla. It's meant for DST. Tutorial made by the original creator as well as the video provided by one of the followers can be found here: Now, onto the problem's and how I fixed the issues. Here's the list of what I will discuss: Character is too small (ECT is made for a small cat character) .zip files in anim folder don't have new character's name after compiling My character isn't a cat, proportions are similiar to Wilson's, what to do? Face/Hair/Body parts in the wrong position in-game Modicon doesn't autocompile into .tex and .xml file (your character's icon doesn't appear as mod in-game) Golden name doesn't appear 1. Character being too small This fix allows you to make the character bigger as well as the other way. Open your mod's folder. For example I'll use my directory, character's name is mongman. In there, go to scripts -> prefabs and open yourcharactername.lua with Notepad++. What we're looking for in there, is this chunk of text below. As you can see, I already added the code. Paste it directly under health/hunger/sanity. 1.3 is a decent, most Wilson-like size. You can of course change it as you like. Save the document, run your autocompiler and test it in-game. inst.Transform:SetScale(1.4, 1.4, 1.4) 2. .zip files in anim folder don't have new character's name after compiling Now this is fairly simple. Make sure ALL of the esctemplate.png/lua/folders are renamed to your character's name. Remember, don't use caps. This happens when you don't change the name of folders found in /exported. 3. My character isn't a cat, proportions are similiar to Wilson's, what to do? I was really bummed when I saw all of the .png's were of a cat. There might be a better way to find Wilson's sprites, but I simply downloaded them from Cheerio's thread: You can extract it to your desktop and drag the files you want to work on into your mod's folder. 4. Face/Hair/Body parts in the wrong position in-game That one gave me a few headscratches. But it's not that hard to fix. You will need to re-open your DST a few times, so be ready for that. Go to exported -> yourcharactername and open .scml in spriter after autocompiling. I recommend positioning everything as you want to see in-game, saving file (even though they tell you not to) and then focusing on pivots. Pivot is a red dot that appears when you left click on a certain part, for example hair. Assuming your png files are centered (drawing is centered inside the .png file), and that if you copy all of your elements into one .png, they match with size, the only problem that could appear should be position of certain element. Open your game, snip the character from front/side/back and put it up somewhere on the screen, so you can have a look on what's wrong. My character had his face and hair a bit off: Here, you need to remember WHERE is the piece off. Right, up, down, left? In here, his face is too far RIGHT and too far UP, it's important. In your spriter, to position the f.e. face, you need to drag the red dot OPPOSITE of WHERE YOU WANT IT TO BE. If my character's face was RIGHT/UP, that's how I move the red dot so the face moves LEFT/DOWN. Right click on the dot after you're done and overwrite defeault pivot. Check in-game, repeat if needed. There might be a situation where only ONE piece of f.e. face moves. Sadly, I don't know other way than manually overwriting defeault pivots on all of the elements. You don't have to click on the character anymore, just go to your right, where folders are and copy x and y of the fixed pivot, double left click on the element's preview and change them. 5. Modicon doesn't autocompile into .tex and .xml file (your character's icon doesn't appear as mod in-game) Delete modicon.tex and modicon.xml Open TEXCreator.exe from your tools folder (link to download is provided in ECT tutorial) Add modicon.png from your mod's folder Insert Output Directory, same as modicon.png Convert it Create new .XML file (or copy any of the .xml found in mod's folder then delete scripts inside if you have no idea how) Paste this code and change ICON.tex to modicon.tex, save it <Atlas><Texture filename="ICON.tex" /><Elements><Element name="ICON.tex" u1="0.001953125" u2="0.998046875" v1="0.001953125" v2="0.998046875" /></Elements></Atlas> Open modinfo.lua with Notepad++ and find those lines, then insert the code: icon_atlas = "modicon.xml" icon = "modicon.tex" Next time you will want to edit your modicon.png, you will have to repeat all the steps above. 6. Golden name doesn't appear I don't have to add much here, what you need to do is written in images/notes (updated v1.2.4). Added it in here, in case someone is as dumb as me and doesn't see notes left by the creator. Helpful tips: Make sure 5 times you renamed every folder/file to your characters name Follow every step from tutorial slowly Check in-game if everything works after you change anything/save anything, you'll thank me later If you checked, and it works fine, MAKE A COPY OF THE MOD FOLDER, save it somewhere on the desktop (you might want to use it when something goes wrong) Make some tea and relax, you can do it! ♥ Links:
  19. So yeah, here's my friend's OC, Niarraha in the Don't Starve Style. I changed her design a little so that it matched the 1920's clothing style of Don't starve and also because a wedding dress fits with the character's backstory quite well and suggests how they might have ended up in the Constant. My friendo absolutely loved this and is an awesome, friendly, kind person, so show her some love on instagram @NiaTheElf
  20. Ethan, The Hot Head

    Version 2.1.5


    This is a character mod my friend, Stormish, and I have created. The character has his own meter called Anger. When the character performs certain action incorrectly, he'll snap. Credits to: Stormish (He did most of code and some of the art), Me (I did almost all the art, some of the code). You can find the Steam Workshop version here:
  21. Version 1.0.0


    This is the download page for Domo's Don't Starve Character Creator tool. It is a plugin for Adobe Flash, and requires that you have Adobe Extension Manager installed. Instructions on its use can be found here. Enjoy!
  22. Version 1.2.0


    Finally finished! I'm proud to present my latest mod in the making; Dolly the Doughnut Lady! The character itself belongs to me, and wasn't originally made for Don't Starve. Health: 130 Hunger: 230 Sanity: 200 Hunger depletes 70% its normal speed. Only does 75% of average damage. Loses more sanity from rain than average. I'm a lot more proud of how this one came out, because technically it's an update. Tell me what you think! And enjoy~
  23. Version 1.6.8


    (October, 20, 2016) Dont Darken Together Version: 1.6.8 Special thanks to rezecib, DrGrammar, Lumisteria, Indie-ana Jones/Mario384, ekoneko9, and Tiniflake. Also I give credit to Farxodor, which had files stolen from rezecib to make his MOD (Good going, mate). all gamers previously mentioned contributed on inspiring me to make my MOD. ----------------------------------------READ THIS---------------------------------------- Special thanks to SuperDavid from Klei Forums for supervising me during the making of this MOD. ----------------------------------------READ THIS---------------------------------------- Hi, [h1]Darkaisa[/h1] here: Some official game updates have caused a disparity between characters PVP balance and in my opinion when Klei Entertainment releases an update nerfing or buffing a character in Don't Starve Together they execute with an overextension. A lot of details about some characters nerf or buffs were not welcome by the mayority of the gaming community, but I personally like every character's overall theme, so I took some steps to change these overextensions. I am interested in making the game more enjoyable by revising every character's attributes. I hope this MOD eventually becomes the player's "game retreat" instead of losing interest in the game by frustration, grindin, lack of friends, going to play another game, etc. I will try to keep working every character as I go, by updating this MOD on a frequent basis "At least once a year... Joking!". [h1]Important Goals[/h1] Make the game more fun for players by adding increased survivavility and diversity for every character, in a global scale, to make the game more enjoyable Running had been added to the game. To run press LEFT SHIFT while moving. Be aware, running will raise your temperature and consume quite a lot of your hunger food reserves. (After all, you need a lot of energy to run). Use it sparingly or to escape from dangerous situations. Changelog: Version: 1.6.8 - Item stack has been doubled for almost all items - Update compatibility fix Version: 1.6.7 - Hot Fix Version: 1.6.6 - Hot Fix - Tumbleweeds have a chance of providing better items - Stalagmites have a chance of dropping gems - Wendy's sister (Abigail) is not stupid anymore. Her sister ghost will actually be useful and will follow the player instead of stay fighting the enemy when Wendy retreats. This will prevent unwanted deaths. Version: 1.6.5 - Bug Fixes - Shadows drain sanity, effectively canceling Maxwell's sanity regeneration over time if abilities are used beyond moderate potential - up to a noticeable sanity drain at maximun potential. Version: 1.6.0 - Added an expensive refining recipe for gears for all characters (You know, sometimes they're REALLY hard to find) - Running had been added to the game. To run press LEFT SHIFT while moving. Be aware, running will raise your temperature and consume quite a lot of your hunger food reserves. (After all, you need a lot of energy to run). Use it sparingly or to escape from dangerous situations. - Abigail will be smarter and should resist stronger attacks compensating her slow speed. - Maxwell total sanity penalties are reduced to make the player interested in other sanity and health sources to compensate for the sanity drain when using magic. Version: 1.5.92 - Adjusted shadow characters ingredients to prevent infinite shadow spawns Version: 1.5.91 - Bug Fixes Version: 1.5.90 - Updated MOD main goals, extended and organized the MOD road-map - Upgraded Codex versions allow you to use stronger magic: Codex Umbra II, and Codez Umbra III respectively - Codex Umbra II allows crafting of Nightmare fuel at the cost of some sanity and health, and create the shadow warrior - Codex Umbra III allows the creation of the expensive shadow knight - Shadow Duelists come in three tiers, with increasing cost and strength: Shadow Duelist = The crappy defender. They only serve as a distraction to escape danger Shadow Warrior = You can rely on them to protect you from monsters and aid you in combat against small enemies Shadow Knight = The expensive trusty companion to aid you in real combat, like PVP combat or bosses Version: 1.5.82 -Bug Fixes Version: 1.5.81 -Bug Fixes - Maxwell's "DARK MAGIC" creates a more diverse set of disadvantages to compensate for balance, in other words - a more diverse set of disadvantages for Maxwell instead of the current focus of fragility and battle inefficiency. Version: 1.5.8 -Added MOD support on Steam discussions and Klei Entertainment Forum Version: 1.5.6 -Fixed Maxwell's exaggerated sanity drain in some situations Version: 1.5.5 -Fixed the MOD not allowing the player to start a server Version: 1.5.4 -Fixed the game crash bug when using the MOD Version: 1.4.1 - Upgraded the synergy bonus of character abilities to encourage players to work together - Maxwell had a slight ammount of health increased Version: 1.3.4 - Fixed error that caused crash upon trying to host a game Version: 1.3.3 [h1]Stat Changes[/h1] Maxwell now has 100 health (from 75) Sanity regeneration now 10/min (from 6.67/min) Maxwell loses his sanity regeneration while wet Maxwell loses sanity regeneration per shadow beyond the first shadow Maxwell's dark magic negates some beneficial resources, so he receives only 75% of from food and healing items [h1]Shadows[/h1] Shadows no longer require weapons or tools, only requires nightmare fuel, and enough sanity. Shadows can be given hats v1.3.2 - Added purple gems to codex upgrade cost v1.3.1 - Fixed a bug with shadows wearing eyebrellas v1.3 - Shadows may be given hats - Health of higher level shadow warriors reduced, exchanged for damage reduction - Shadow damage reduction is overridden by helmet damage reduction v1.2.1 - Compatibility with latest beta release, should be backwards compatible with the base game. v1.2 - Added configuration - Reduced shadow sanity drain slightly - Reduced healing from items - Reduced file size significantly - Swapped weapon of shadow solider and knight (I guess this makes more sense, since the dark sword is technically stronger) v1.1 - Added third tier codex and duellist. - Added images. ---Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together are trademarked and are the properties of Klei Entertainment--- Dont Darken Together.rar
  24. This is a forum I am making since I have wanted to design my own "OC" for the game.Now I don't RP nor do I really write fan-fiction I still wanted to try and design a character for the game (I don't intend on making her playable as a mod) The character is still in the very early concepts and will probably have constant changes. I encourage fellow artists /designers/anyone to give input as to improvements I could make or just feedback in general. I will be adding my own bits of lore. This is all purely fake and was designed by me so please do not correct me by saying its "wrong or not how it works" My art style does not match the same look as the actual characters. Do not steal or edit my designs. So the fist bit of info you need to know is about the item I designed called the Codex Lux. I like the idea of there always being an opposite force. And what better to fight shadow then light itself. Light itself (just like shadow) in not a "good" or "bad" force. However the ancient beings or "them" that reside withing the book are very corrupting. Both forces rely on a Host. (ie. Maxwell) Without a host the power has no conduit. The Codex Lux has a damaged cover perhaps due to conflicts in the past. The Codex Lux was discovered at an ancient dig site. It found its host when one of the Archaeologists began to read the text inside. Now that that is out of the way, lets get to the character: Basic Info: Name: Wraith ( Likely an alias) Profession: Archaeologist Stats/ Attributes: Base Health: 100 Base Hunger:150 Base Sanity: 150 Movement speed and Attack increased 5% during daylight Movement speed and Attack decreased 10% during nighttime Attacks twice as fast but does significantly less damage per hit. Passive that gives higher chance of dropping fossils. Inability to use shadow items Pickaxes last longer Specalty Items/ Recipes: Starting items Codex Lux, pickaxe When close to Codex can craft: Light Retriver at cost of -50% overall hunger. Light Harvester at cost of -40% Hunger Light Retreiver: Brings items on the ground (does not include "heavy" or "special" (ie. marble sculptures, eye bone) within range to player (If player inventory full drops items next to player) Items are retrieved 1 at a time. 1 HP Aggros nearby creatures. AI does not allow it to dodge enemy attacks. Walks slower while holding item. Light Harvester: 1 HP Harvests nearby resources (not trees, rocks) item falls next to resource. And at the moment that is about all I have. XD Hopefully you enjoyed my brainstorming and the small concept sketch XD
  25. Tomoka

    Version 1.1


    Mod for Don't Starve Together: An awesome schoolgirl Tomoka. Characteristics: health - 100 hunger - 125 sanity - 100 her base damage is 0.8 of Wilson's She can regenerate her 'sanity' by standing near fashinable boys. Also she lose sanity at the day time. (this mod not quite stable at the moment) Be aware, her voice right now just a bunch of random japanese words sorry if you are somehow offended by it Also thanks to people behind Watamote and to the person who painted chibi Tomoko for the big portrait cause i just traced over it