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  1. Im the type of player who spends his time mostly at making the base so having a disease ruining my perfect farm is unacceptable, tho i leave it in the caves for no reason at all
  2. They attack wormwood only when he carries meat related items You can easly manipulate them by droping meat on the ground, which causes them to run for it (if they don't start moving just hit them, the presence of meat is more important to them than getting hit by anything) . You can make them go anywhere on the island. Their repopulation mechanic is simple. 4th stage ones spawn small ones around them every few days, the small ones grow by one stage after eating meat and they become stationary after eating 3 , which will cause them to spawn another small ones again and again until you kill them. (They can overpopulate the world really easly just by becoming stationary near a dung pile or a piko tree) As much as i would love Wormwood having the ability to spawn them, releasing those to Rog could result in insane amounts of them once they find their way to a rabbit biom by chasing a butterfly . I would prefer of he could build elder mandrake homes instead
  3. Thats weird I could hammer the natural SW seaworthy in my game
  4. Tin armor protects you better but slows you down Good for battles when you can't kite your enemies, bad for anything else
  5. It might be a place where brambles are supposed to spawn
  6. You can plant lureplants and jungle trees inside any building . According to my friend who has the same issue, pinecones can't be planted but we haven't checked other plants The eyes of a lureplant won't spawn but the meat will. This can be done both in interior beta and in a normal game. Works in any world.
  7. Aside from old bell even Wilba is better at being Woodie than Woodie She doesn't drop most of her items when she transform and she still can use a map She can do practically all the stuff werebeaver can do while also being able to pick up items and craft stuff You can transform easly with just 2 monster meat instead of chopping a lot of trees Werewilba constantly regenerates health and fills her hp upon transforming no matter how much Wilba was wounded before in exchange for bigger hunger drain and also fills her hp after returning to her normal form while woodie skips a day and lowers his stats by a huge amount They both do simmiliar dmg however Wilba runs much faster than Woodie On top of that Wilba has her necklage allowing her to control when she wants to transform in the full moon unlike Woodie . She doesn't transform on the boats so she won't destroy them And she has a better music theme xD
  8. Tis' Wilba island home (Apologies for a phone made photo, but im too lazy to login on PC)
  9. Just use skyworthy and you can access every dlc
  10. A difficult to play with character that requires you to know how the game works and keeping an eye on the moon cycle , strong in combat since he can constantly heal in werebeaver form and good at gathering but has to collect the drops in his human form. Overall interesting character but needs some attention from Klei
  11. So about that roadmap

    Doesn't mean it won't ever recive more updates But yeah, thats pretty much it Been a fun ride
  12. So about that roadmap

    We also got vortex cloak and interior beta with merged crafting and more room for your homes