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  1. Basically He was found in the game files and we know nothing about him. There is nothing to confirm that this character will ever be made (or if its even a character) It has the same sounds as Wx78 has According to Klei on twitter it was supposed to be Wx78's name but they changed since it wasn't fit for a robot. I don't know how to translate the rest
  2. Wonderful update <3 Do earthquakes still affect interiors? Or was it also changed?
  3. This ^ Im glad the updates didn't stop Thank you for doing a good job Klei
  4. Despite already being the worst chester-like creature Ro bin got nerfed :c
  5. Warbucks was removed because "he was culturaly problematic" (Shouldn't have happeed of you ask me) and because they had no idea how to rework him (which i find unnecesary, but the community had many ideas). Wagstaff just carries one of his downsides but nothing more. If anything, its Wheeler that has replaced him because explorer theme.
  6. I feel like the promised content just meant having to live in the world with no Warbucks Truly the biggest challenge of them all Overall the dlc is fun in my opinion but runs out of things to do quickly. Wormwood is a fun to play and challenging character. Wilba is strong and Werewilba is a great addition. Wagstaff could have had more things to craft but is fun . Wheeler has interesting mechanics. Im not really into her character but thats just personal opinion. Our Almighty Lord and Saviour Warbucks was the 2nd best character of Hamlet and its a shame he was removed (Its not a meme, its a legitimate problem). The seasons feel just like a nuisance with no award except for tuber trees growing (god how much i love this one) which can't believe replanted, wormwood getting excited and nettles which practically serve only to deal with hay fever. And the promised seasonal content we got was just bramble bulbs. Pogs die out quickly and feel like they are just discount catcoons. Roc is dissapointing , since she was hyped up so much but all she does is bringing you to his island and making giant poop Ro bin still has no transformations Some items bought from the stores serve no purpouse (im looking at you bamboo O.O ) Giant larvas in mant hills still don't drop anything at all City building and merged crafting are great additions, but i do wonder why can't we build decorations, academy or farmer/miner houses Aporkalypse feels rushed. And its only reward are nightmare fuel, vortex cloak (which is going to be used only by like 3 people on the world since its downsides might be annoying to deal with) and a pig party. Soundtrack is really good, i like it way more than shipwrecked's one. No treeguards at all. Except for the ocasional birchut ones in the city when they somehow get triggered by player chopping TEA TREES Thats all i had to say. Time to wait for another home sea home update.
  7. Im glad she is finally nerfed , but its a shame her looks were changed since i prefered her sad face. Anyway how much dmg does the gun deal now?
  8. When Wheeler tries to examine cormorant no quote appears Not even "it's a...thing"
  9. Hope they will do the same *never* thing with Warbucks
  10. Ranged weapons such as blowdarts or Wheeler's gun don't wake up womant queen resulting in no real fight
  11. Now her gun is bugged so the last ammo sometimes stays forever making it shoot infinitely
  12. Wheeler's gun bullets seem to break the laws of physics when shoot during hurricane season (even after strong winds are gone) and they all go in one particular direction as shown in the video: (Bullets will go in that direction no matter which enemy is targeted or from what side its been shoot , but it will still do dmg if it hits anything) It can also cause infinite ammo bug (bullet count stays at 1 bullet and never goes away until you try to remove it from gun's slot)
  13. I hoped for some Wheeler bug fixes O̶r̶ ̶W̶a̶r̶b̶u̶c̶k̶s̶ ̶c̶o̶m̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶b̶a̶c̶k̶ Well atleast its better than nothing :/