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  1. Webber and wormwood
  2. wow hooo I love mant!

    But its more fun this way xD
  3. I disagree, although he's difficult because of unability to heal with food you can use other methods to heal yourself such as manure. He doesn't have to make farms so you can use every single bit of poop to heal yourself He's the easiest character to menage sanity, getting nightmare fuel and living logs therefore he can reach late game in no time. His traps are aoe so they kill many enemies in no time (although they won't work on vampire bats but you can surround yourself with flytraps to deal with those) He can use flytraps to defend himself or to farm dung beetles, glowflies,weevoles etc. without any risk and pig guards with low risk He has a movement speed buff when he's blooming (bigger hunger drain isn't a problem since has huge amount of food from seeds) Wormwood can eat monster stuff, red mushrooms etc. without health loss He's biggest downside is his tendency to catch on fire so he might struggle with his 1st dragonfly or ancient heralds but getting a scalemale removes this flaw almost completely. Personally I would swap him with Willow because she doesn't have much to offer.
  4. wow hooo I love mant!

    Just spawn the anciet guardian and make him charge into mants. Remove him after the job is done
  5. I know but its just hillarious xD
  6. Fun fact about splumonkeys : If you spawn one in hamlet, after its death instead of the usuall loot you will get spider gorilla's loot
  7. Worry not, flytraps know how to survive difficult situations
  8. I would love to have world regrowing and resource variety
  9. I have my base in the jungle so i can assure you he's not supposed to land there
  10. Well you can avoid pogs and BFB's ruining your base by living in a pig house, cave or a temple. BFB Flies away if you go to the jungle or the town. Rabid beetles are fine as they are in my opinion because you can elininate them with bug b'gone really easly.
  11. Wormwood Farming Guide

    Asparagus is the true antagonist of Hamlet.
  12. Your Wormwood tips

    Well, it's a 80% chance if you throw in a golden nugget so it might fail sometimes.
  13. Your Wormwood tips

    Personally i got myself a mod to ignore jungle ferns and i made my base there so i have a ton of food from flytraps and moleworms. Here's some tips, mainly about using somewhat friendly flytraps to your advantage: 1.You can make automatic meat farm by using flytraps and moleworms since fully grown flytraps will kill them and won't eat the drop, tho you have to be careful while taking the meat since they can attack you when you have meat in your inventory. Note that eventually small flytraps will spawn so you have to kill them or things might get out of control. 2.Fully grown flytraps also attack bats so you can use them to protect yourself, tho getting any loot might be problematic since pig skin? also counts as meat. 3.Since lowering your sanity with wormwood is really easy i recommend prioritize building few arcane shops so you can sell all the nightmare fuel, oddities emporium to sell all the chitine left from dung beetles killed by flytraps (since they will spread everywhere by chasing glowflies) and a mud spa for healing items 4.You can surround a bunch of meat left on the ground with a wall and kill all the flytraps that will try to eat it (they don't attack back if they go for the meat and they can't attack walls) thus making it a easy source of food. 5.Getting a bird in the cage will give you access to unlimited amount of seeds, so you can regain your sanity almost instantly and make a huge farm 6.Fly traps will hunt dung beetles so manure,chitin, flint and rocks can be farmed easly 7.AVOID FIGHTING PIG GUARDS AT DUSK OR AT NIGHT AND AVOID FIGHTING THE ANCIENT HERALD 8. If you use pig guards for defence, make stone walls around them since if they hit something with a torch, your sanity might get out of control in an instant due to sanity loss from destroying plants. Edit: You can also use wishing wells to heal yourself by throwing some gold into them.